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( playing house smut meme )

Ah, home sweet home. There's nothing quite like it, whether your place is a roomy house in suburbia with a white picket fence, a little shack, a space station outside Jupiter's orbit, or a cold stone castle. It's yours, where you feel safest (...hopefully) and most, well, at home! Here, in your own kingdom, you can do what you want: take your shirt off, get rid of your shoes, and eat the grossest food available just because you can.

...and also have lots and lots of sex, for there's someone here you can always fuck.

Not only has your character found themselves in the home they want - not the one they were born into, forced to live in, or otherwise - they're also, as much as certain people can be, which is perhaps not at all. But worry not, the meme has options that can make it make sense for even the most homicidal yet strangely nonchalant half-god alien demon hunter giant slayer to settle down. Oooor something like that. Like banging the cleaning lady or using his partner so he cans teal their energy to get stronger.

Isn't domesticity grand?

You'll be have tons of time for a special sort of togetherness, but don't let all that steam cloud up your mind. There are still other things involved in having a home! You have to do chores, visit others, and take care of business. Nothing says you can't combine a bit of play into all that, though. Just hope that the two of you don't get mad at each other! Unless you're ready for hot angry sex or even more fulfilling make up make outs, that is.

There's one important thing to remember about being all homey and cozy: when the house is a rockin', don't come a knockin'.

How to Play 
  • Comment with your character and preferences. You can leave your comment blank OR you can put a bit more information about what prompts you like, info about your character, what have you.
  • Comment to others.
  • Play out domestic sex.
  • "But my character wouldn't...!" NOPE. There are plenty of options for those who are less inclined for being sweet or settling down. If all else fails, just handwave how they got here and focus on the now.

  1. In the Beginning: You've moved in together and are learning the boundaries, both sexual and non, of living with a partner.
  2. Not Mom's House Anymore: You're young and starting out; it's crazy to live by yourself instead of with your family! Luckily, your lover can give you things mother never gave you.
  3. Sweep It Under the Rug: Chores can be boring, but you can make them fun, right? After all, you look so good bent over the table while you're dusting.
  4. Naked Apron: Nothing's better than breakfast in bed. Except when you're served it with your baby wearing nothing but the apron they used to make all that bounty.
  5. Letting It All Hang Out: Benefit of being in your own house? Running around naked. This doesn't have to change when you're living with someone.
  6. There's Someone Else...for Both of Us: Three's a crowd, except when two agreed on it.
  7. Spicing Things Up: Sometimes, constantly seeing someone can rub you the wrong way, and intimacy can get rote and boring. That's why slipping a new kink in every now and again isn't a bad idea, especially if it's something that one of you has really wanted to try.
  8. I'll Take Care of You: Everyone deserves to be pampered, and you're letting your partner soak up the best of your home and the best of you.
  9. Proving Your Love: You want to show your lover that you care for them like no one else. After all, you're living with them, not anyone else!
  10. Becoming Comfortable With You: After a while, they've become like another part of you, one you can show or tell anything to, even about how hard you want them to thrust into you or how you want them to suck your -
  11. Suspicious Minds: Jealousy brought from the outside is making one of you antsy. Can a serious fucking session prove that there's no roaming minds here?
  12. Christening the New Place: You've moved into a new home. Unpacked everything? Good! Now it's time to have sex on every surface so it's all totally yours.
  13. Welcome Home: One half of the household has been away - on a trip, at war, at an anime convention, whatever. Now, it's up to the other half to make their welcome wagon the best there ever was.
  14. Cultural Differences: Different cultures have different ideas about home, about coupling, and about the stuff that goes on between the sheets. Can you work it out?
  15. Home-Cooked Meal: Believe it or not, there are even better uses for apple pie than eating it.
  16. I'm Not Used to This: This is your first time in a "committed" relationship, having a home, or both. How are you adjusting? Is it still hard to be touched, be loved, or use a proper bed?
  17. Here Out of Convenience: It's not like you really like them or anything! This is only a roof over your head and a warm hole to fuck.
  18. You're Just Being Used: You're getting a benefit from your relationship that isn't purely sexual, like wealth, power, or control. But in order to keep things in line, you have to keep your partner happy and sexually fufilled.
  19. Keeping You Here: You can't let them slip away, so you'll use your body to keep them ensnared.
  20. Territorial: Your house, your things - they belong to you, and that can give you a rush. Maybe you want to show your lover that they're yours, too.
  21. I Have to Stay: You don't want to be caught up in this, but you're making yourself stay and keeping yourself in bed with the "enemy."
  22. Now I Only Want You Gone: You want this person out of your life, and there are few stronger ways to send this message than make a cuckold of them. Preferably when they know it.
  23. Tell Me More: You want to know if this whole "playing house" thing is all it's cut out to be.
  24. Proving them All Wrong: They said you'd never, ever find someone. Now, you're showing them just what kind of catch you've got yourself by not taking your hands off what you've earned.
  25. Forced Together: Be it expectations or arranged marriage, you two are stuck together. Of course, such contracts involve a certain amount of physical action, like producing heirs.
  26. Keeping Up Appearances: You want to look successful in life, and part of that involves being in a sexual relationship. Or perhaps you want to hide something about yourself.
  27. Argument: Ugh, they put their feet on the table! They broke your favorite vase! They're when they're mad!
  28. Making Up: You feel sorry for what you've said or done and will do anything to prove that. You just want to shower them with your affection (or not), or show them how much they're wanted.
  29. Like Melted Butter: You want something, and the best way to get it is to butter them up and get under their skin - in a good way.
  30. Starting a Family: Both of you are taking the next step and bringing a new life into this world, and there's one old fashioned way to do it.
  31. Absolutely Glowing: So, one of you is pregnant. How has your sex life been affected by changing bodies and mood swings?
  32. Kids Will Be Kids: Now you guys have rugrats to take care of, but don't forget to make time for the two of you. Alone adult time is important.
  33. At-home Date: Break out the wine and the frozen pizza, it's time for a date at the house! Who says you need to go to a fancy dinner to get in the mood?
  34. Lazy Day: Today we're not doing anything, we're just gonna stay in our bed. And all that entails.
  35. Newlyweds: You two are more than committed. You've said your vows, for better or for worse. Hopefully, things will stay better, especially when you take things to the privacy of your room.
  36. Mr. and Mrs. Smith: The relationship is forbidden for some reason, and to have it, you all had to run away and start a new life. Maybe you even have assumed identities! Is it painful that you can only be your true selves in the bedroom?
  37. Tie Me to the Bed Post: The great thing about a well-furnished place is all the cool things you can find lying around that can be repurposed for other tasks. Like tying someone's arms or teasing someone's genitals.
  38. Out of My Closet: Speaking of things lying around, how about a sexy show with those underused items in your wardrobe?
  39. At Another Person's Home: Who cares that you're guests at somebody's house and they can hear you through the walls? Go for it!
  40. With Another Person at Home: Who cares that you have a guest at your house and they can hear you through the walls? Go for it!
  41. Way Down in Kokomo: You're on vacation. Sun, sand, surf, and 24/7 sex.
  42. Finally Tamed: No one, including you, thought you'd ever be domestic. But this person and their sexual attention have brought you to your knees.
  1. The Help: A home can run more smoothly with hired help like maids and cooks. It's beneficial to show that help some well-deserved love now and then, too.
  2. The Babysitter: Whether live-in or not, a babysitter goes through a lot and develops a bond with the kids. He or she may develop a bond with the parent(s), as well.
  3. The Guest: You've been invited to this person's house - and their bed - and they're showing you the ultimate hospitality.
  4. Siblings...or More: The two of you are related, but you live together like a couple. There are whispers...are they true?
  5. Roommates with Benefits: You're not committed or exclusive, but it's nice to have somebody in the same house with you that you can be with when you need it.
  6. Mister Fix-It: All homes sometimes need repairs. Maybe a qualified repair person can make other repairs, as well.

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