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Doing it for the kids

The Single Parent Meme

Congratulations, you are now a proud parent. Whether they're driving you crazy, getting in the way of love or filling your whole world, you certainly can't ignore them.

Pick yourself a scenario and get ready for the pitter patter of tiny feet.

- Post your character, canon and preferencees
- Choose a role
- Repliers pick from the below options
- ????
- Profit

1. Parent and child - One of you is the parent and the other is their blessed offspring (or holy terror).
2. Parent and Parent - Commiserating together on the woes of parenthood
3. Parent and Other (ir)Responsible Adult - Whether they're your kid's school teacher or the new boy/girlfriend about to meet the sprog, your kid is influencing this conversation.

And the scenarios to choose from...

Parent and Child

1. Let's just get through today - it's a special occasion! Whether it's a birthday, Christmas or some other celebration, it's a big day and there's a lot going on. Control the sugar rush and avoid tears before bedtime, and you might just survive it.
2. What did you do!? - The dreaded call from the school has come, and now you've got to march down there and find out what your wayward child is up to today
3. Sick Day - Nobody's going anywhere today, call into work and notify the school, because your child is ILL.
4. Big shoes to fill - This is not your child. They're your little brother, your niece, your best friend's son, their real parents are gone and you're the only one who can step in.
5. Other - Got another idea? Fill your boots! No, not with that, oh god, who's going to clean this up?

Parent and Parent

1. Playdate - Oh my gosh you'll love my friend, he has a kid too! It's a blind date based solely on being parents, and your kids are there as well. Oh this should be fun.
2. Field Trip - You're both chaperoning for the school field trip, I hope you get on well together because that's one long bus journey.
3. Support Group - It's a lonely, difficult road, so it's nice to have somebody to talk to that understands that your sweet, adorable child gets less sweet and adorable after the fourth screaming fit.
4. Your child did WHAT? - You're both called in to the office because your kids have been fighting. Or caught making out. Or otherwise getting in trouble. Who gets the blame here?
5. Other - Go nuts. Literally, kids are hard.

Parent and other adult

1. Parent/Teacher Conference - Since he started school your child can't stop talking about their amazing/terrible teacher, and now you get to find out for yourself! (Oh no he's hot is optional)
2. Something you should know - You've been on a few dates and things are going well, it's about time to drop the child bomb before things get too serious.
3. Lost and found - Your child has run away/gotten lost, but there's a kind stranger depositing them back in your waiting arms, how do you ever repay them?
4. Over the fence - Your child has lost something in the next door neighbour's garden and they're too scared to go ask for it back themselves, you're up.
5. Other - A shocking twist in the classic options, choose your own!

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