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When a writer loves you, you can never die.

Romance Prompts

  • Comment with your character and preferences.
  • Comment to others.


  1. School Romance: Oh, I hope senpai notices me...or the cute class president, or the head of cooking club, or -
  2. Childhood Crush: You've known each other for a long time, but one of you had to leave when you were kids. Now you're back together, and the dynamic is totally different. This also often involves a "childhood marriage proposal," where the naive party promises marriage and the other takes it seriously.
  3. Love Note: The note you left the object of your affection might be a bit passive, but you can't confess face to face!
  4. You're Like Family to Me: The two of you have been close forever, so you've never seen each other like that...until now.
  5. Tsundere: G-geez, idiot, it's not like I like you or anything! I was just worried...worried, okay? Don't make me slap you!
  6. Kuudere/Ice Queen (King): I have no interest in things like "love" or "romance." They are the least important things in this world.
  7. Yandere: You don't like me anymore? How...? Oh, that's alright. I'll make you LiKe Me.
  8. Unlucky Friend: You lost the person of your dreams to someone else, perhaps because of their allure or perhaps because you never spoke up. What can you do now?
  9. Red String of Fate: That person? You know you're totally meant for them! So what if you've never talked? You have the red string of fate!
  10. I'll Cheer You On: Always supportive, always by your side, they're the person you can count on. Why do they care so much, though?
  11. Harem: One guy. Lots of girls. Craziness ensues.
  12. Reverse Harem: One girl. Lots of guys. Craziness ensues.
  13. Head Patting: Apparently a great way to show you care, both for dogs and for humans.
  14. Indirect Kiss: Your lips touched that. Their lips touched that. OH MY GOD IT'S LIKE YOU KISSED.
  15. Slap-Slap-Kiss: I could kill you for what you just did! I could - I could KISS YOU.
  16. Confession in the Heat of the Moment: You're about to go defeat the ultimate baddie. How about confessing your feelings to the person you love? Seems legit.
  17. Food for Thought: I made you lunch. Want to share?
  18. Repaying a Debt: You broke a vase, ruined somebody's priceless something-or-another, and now you have to be their servant until you pay it off!
  19. I'll Be Your Dog: Or you don't owe that person anything, you just wait on them hand and foot and hope they'll appreciate you one day.
  20. The Kind of ____ You Like: You want to change yourself to the type that the object of your desire wants.
  21. One-Sided Love: Sadly, still a trope here. As always, a heart will be broken. But maybe, just maybe, the love isn't unrequited. Maybe the other person isn't aware!
  22. Jerk/Sweetheart: The pairing of a stoic jackass and a manic pixie dream.
  23. Misunderstood Delinquent: You're not what you seem. You just want to give flowers to that cute girl, not run her over with your motorcycle!
  24. Fight for You: I won't lose the hand of my girl/guy to the likes of you!
  25. Sudden Kiss: Kiss from nowhere! There are lots of reasons for this: to stop someone from crying, to make them be quiet, or just to explain yourself when words can't.
  26. Kiss on the Forehead: It's a sweet way to say "I love you."
  27. Physical Difference: Usually size difference - and then, it's usually big guy/tiny girl, though big girl/tiny guy is explored as well - though this is present in a lot of different ways.
  28. Class Difference: You live in a culture that is still greatly stratified by class, whether it be wealth or power structures.
  29. Oh, My Goddess!: Uh-oh, you accidentally summoned an angel/demon/alien/god/goddess. And now they're bound to you forever! But at least you can stay just friends...or something like that.
  30. Teach Me To Become Human: A robot, an alien, a god, a demon, or anything beyond our human knowledge wants to know more about our emotions - from you and your love.
  31. Single-Gender School: For all the yaoi and yuri fans out there, don your uniforms and remember that Maria is watching.
  32. The Silent Protector: In love with his/her charge, but never able to act on it.
  33. The Perfect Waifu/Husbando: They are so graceful, so lovely, so kind, you've really lucked out!
  34. To Make My Beloved Happy: You will do anything for the person you love, even if that means not being with them.
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april o'neil ; tmnt 2k14!high school au ; f/m

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[ the most adorably grumpy, gumption-filled teen reporter you ever did see.

comparably aged characters preferred. special love for fellow teen sleuths, reporters, photographers, heroes, meddlers, etc. ]
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Gabriel Starling | OC | OTA

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[ He's a shy werewolf with more anxiety than experience. Not keen on 5, 6, 7, 11 or 12. ]
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barry allen | cw flash

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oikawa tooru | hq

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iz | oc

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Eren Jaeger | Shingeki no Kyojin | M/M

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Yuto | Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V

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pendulumofmysoul: ([06] but I haven't moved.)


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[Yuya's heard the stories, heard about how a red string would suddenly appear around a person's finger, signifying just what kind of fate the two would share. It was supposed to be something along the lines of soulmates, but he knew it wasn't the case. There were different symbols for soulmates, but a red string could mean anything.



It depends on the finger it wounds itself around.

To Yuya's surprise, he found a red string tied around his ring finger, the symbol for love, and he can't help but gently tug on it, wondering if his other half is supposed to be out there. It makes him follow it, wincing when he accidentally crashes into someone.]

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[Yuto didn't notice when exactly the red string appeared around his finger. He only felt a gentle tug and that was what made him look at his hand. He stares at it for a moment. The red string of fate. He's heard about it, but what will it bring to him? Is the person he's supposed to love at the end of this string?

He's not sure how to feel about it, but then he doesn't get a lot of time to ponders this further. Somebody crashes into him, an apology reaches his ears.]

It's okay...

[Yuto looks at the person in front of him, stunned. The face so similar to his own.

The shock passes seconds later and Yuto's gaze drifts to the stranger's hand. The red string is around the finger and it takes Yuto an extra moment to figure out this is the same string that it tied to his own finger.

Yuto looks at the other boy.]

You are...

[He's met his destiny and he's not sure what to do now.]
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[He's briefly stunned when he sees a face similar to his own.

Who is this person? It could be easy enough to mistake them as twins, but then he notices the red string attached to the stranger's finger. He blinks a few times as he follows the string to his own, eyes widening.]


[Odd, he thought he'd be more excited about this, but he's at a loss.

But looking at the other boy, he feels that might be moving too fast. They're meant for each other, but--]

R-Right, my name is Yuya. And yours?
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["Yuya". Even their names are similar to each other and that surprises Yuto even more. Is the fate playing some game with them? Did somebody thought it would be funny if two similar people found love with each other?

Yuto frowns and takes a step back.]

I'm Yuto.

[He doesn't want to trust fate. He glances at the red string around his finger almost glaring at it.]
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Kyle Spencer | AHS: Coven

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34-ish; post-show

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[ The scars had faded over time but she could still trace her fingers over them. Still look at his body and remember the day she and Madison sewed them together and cast the spell to bring him back. Does she regret it? At first, yes. She had thought it was wrong. So wrong. Kyle was like some kind of zombie and Zoe felt like she had taken away so much from him by bringing him back (even if she wasn't the one that killed him).

Over time, she grew to love him, become more and more grateful to have him in her life.

But there were times... Is it selfish for her not to use all her powers to help him more? What if she could help him go back to how he used to be, before the accident. Before meeting her. Because that's where it all stemmed from, right? His life ended after meeting her.

That night, when she finds him in their shared room, on the bed they sleep in every night, reading one of the new chapter books she got him, Zoe feels that familiar guilt twisting in her heart. She begins the process of undressing, silent and trying to keep her eyes averted. She goes to the bathroom to take her shower like she usually does after a long day of teaching young witches. She ends up opting for a bath, instead. Her hand drifts down to her own scars. The ones she got after dying.

Kyle will find her sitting in the tub, arms wrapped around her knees, silent and still lost in thoughts she should've stopped entertaining ages ago. Quietly, ]

Kyle... Are you happy?
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[Kyle's made quite a bit of progress, most of which is still indebted to Fiona. He has his good days and his bad, still struggling to process the changes that accompany both mind and body after such a vicious reanimation. Unlike others, his body wasn't all his to start with, and still feels foreign at times. But if it weren't for Zoe, he's not sure where he'd be.

On good days he feels happy, or happier at least, working around the coven mansion doing whatever tasks need be done. With the resurgence of new witches it's never quite dull, but he's more aware now of gossiping whispers and glances he might get. The new witches can be perceptive, sensing something isn't 'right' about him and... it's unpleasant. Leading to those worser days.

At least they feel few and farther in between now. The sight of Zoe tends to wash the ill thoughts away, acting like an anchor for him that feeds in light to battle away the darker corners of his inner self.

He bookmarks his page, sitting up on the bed to greet her with a nod - she always showers and he tends to give her space but it's not wholly unlike him to poke his head in after her and see if she'll mind him there. But he never wants to cross any boundaries against her will, so when he doesn't hear the shower running he knocks on the door as it moves ajar.

She's the love of his life but he still purposely darts his eyes away at first, slowly returning them to her figure in the water when she speaks. He takes a few steps into the bathroom, hesitating tub-side as his answer rests on his tongue. He doesn't really have to think too hard on it.]

Yeah. When I'm with you.
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[ Ever since she got her powers - or whenever they decided to wake up - she's felt like she has been cursed, to an extent. Even now, after everything that's happened, she still feels that way some days. Like she is doomed to keep making mistakes. And doomed to keep hurting people she cared about.

She had a second chance with Kyle. Why can't she just stay happy with that? She hears those whispers, too, and all it does is feed into her own guilt. Even if she tries to bury it under anger or indignation on Kyle's behalf. For even when she feels worse about what happened to him, she still feels protective of him, not wanting any further harm to come to him.

His answer, however, doesn't make her feel much better. ]

...are you sure?
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Yes. [He affirms, confused and approaching the side of the tub. He doesn't know what it is but something in the room feels tense, and so he drops down to his knees at the edge of the tub and reaches out to touch at her hair. He smooths it back and out of her face, cupping her cheek and softly suggesting she tilt her head to look at him with the gentlest of motions.

It's not a lie to say he feels the best in her company. Maybe it's because she accepts him, but there's more to it than that. It's strange how a connection can be made so easily, so truly, but he knows he loves her. Is he happy when he's not with her? Well, that really just depends...]

Are you happy, Zoe? [Did he answer wrong?]
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[ She squeezes her eyes shut at the touch, feeling tears sting her eyes. God, she hates being like this in front of him. She leans into his hand, unable to stop herself. A hand reaches up out of the water to cover his. ]

I want to be.

[ Her voice breaks. ]

I love you so much.
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[He doesn't care about the water when he immediately reaches for her, sleeves dipping in as he wraps both arms around her to anchor her to his chest. He doesn't know what to say at first, kissing her temple and then her cheek as he holds her to him in an attempt to comfort her.]

I love you too. [She wants to be happy - does that mean she's not? His eyes stare off at the tiled walls behind her, blank with thought. If she's not happy, how can he change any of that? He remembers what it was like when they ran away, before returning to Robichaux's Academy. How happy they were then, before being drawn back in.]

Is something... wrong? You can tell me.
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[ A part of her tells herself to resist this. It's only going to make it harder. "It" she doesn't even know what; she can't bring herself to leave him. She can't tell him to leave, either. It would break her heart. So, she leans into him, wet hands gripping at wet sleeves and breathing in harshly through her nose as she tries not to cry. ]

I keep thinking how I fucked up your life. If you had never met me, you'd be doing what you were planning to do. You wouldn't... have such a hard time with things.

[ Not playing butler to a school of witches that make faces behind his back and whisper about him. Not struggle some days to do basic tasks and communicate like everyone else. ]
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[It's him. He's the thing that's making her sad. It's kind of a really shitty thing to realize, that even though they love each other dearly - he's the reason she's so distressed. He holds her to his chest, knees sliding on the floor as he scrambles a bit for a more solid grip of her. He wants to rock her and soothe her but he also doesn't want to hurt her, so he tries to restrain himself from holding on to her too tightly.

What's he supposed to say? It's true that his life drastically changed and the dream of being an engineer fell through the cracks when he became a husk that could barely open a jam jar. Things fell out of reach and some things seem truly impossible now. It all changed when he died, though. Not when he came back to life.]

You didn't fuck up my life. I still... I still remember seeing you at that party. That was meant to be, Zoe. You didn't fuck up anything about me. You weren't... You weren't the person who killed me. [To be fair, even if he hadn't met Zoe he might've still died. It was the frat, it was Madison, it was a goddamn bus accident.]

You just wanted to help me.
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[ She pulls away some, enough to look at him. Eyes red from trying to suppress the tears. ]

You remember that night?
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A... A little. [He remembers the feeling of being lost in the packed room, floating in a heady sort of trace as it plays like a dream in his head sometimes. Those sometimes being only after Fiona 'fixed' him up. Little snippets of the night before everything changed, before his body was no longer his own. He remembers the light illuminating her face and he knows they talked, he knows he liked her but their conversation is hard to remember. It hurts his head to think about it too hard, the more he tries the more it slips away.

Something else happened that night. Something bad, something that made him mad and - he doesn't remember much after that. He looks at her and his eyes have a look of confliction to them, because he doesn't remember dying. Only the panic that came from rising from the dead.]

It was... Madison, right? Something - Something happened and... [He shakes his head, unable to grasp it. He pulls his arm back, water dripping all over as he rubs his hands against his face. Why can't he just remember things properly, why must it always be a struggle?] I don't know. I don't know.

[He bangs his fist against the side of the tub, angrily repeating it for a third time as he rocks in place:] I don't know.
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Gong-gil (The King and the Clown ) OTA

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Morgana | Merlin / Arthurian | OTA

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Aqua || Kingdom Hearts || F/M

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sonofdracula: sonoғdracula. (pic#11662597)


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[ Vampires are capable of love, this much, he knows. What his father felt for his mother was so real that her death drove him mad to the point of wanting to kill every last human that ever existed. The love that his mother, a mere human woman, felt for his father and even for himself- her dear Adrian, a dhampir who was not vampire nor human but something in between... he knew love, what it felt like to have in his life. And just as quickly as it had come into his life, it had been torn from it, becoming nothing more than a puff of smoke and ash in the darkening sky. He was there when his mother had been killed and unlike his father, he did not seek revenge upon humanity as whole. Perhaps that's why he's able to walk among them and not feel the desire to throttle each and every one of them as his father so mercilessly tried to do.

Vampires are capable of love and yet, he keeps himself at a certain distance to the humans he's come to feel fond towards- those he can even consider to be friends. Because while he is capable, perhaps more so than his father, of feeling such love and devotion toward the human kind in ways that his mother always taught and showed him... he is still not one of them, still tainted as some like to claim. A child born from a vampire and a human... while his strength serves humanity well in protecting them, he's still considered one of them and so, he often refrains from joining them in their festivities, their shared moments, their... happiness.

Vampires are capable of love and he finds it so difficult to stand back and watch this dear lady of his go about her daily life. Hair so blue it reminds him of the summer skies and eyes just as deep as though he were looking into the very ocean itself, he keeps their interactions pleasant and always brief much to his dismay... perhaps even to hers.

Because while vampires are capable of love and to feel the very fondness that he does feel for Auqa... he is immortal and he will never die, not for a very very long time and so this time here is finite and something that will one day leave him much as his mother had from his life. ]

I think the red suits you.

[ He adds his own thoughts to the flowers she's looking over as they stand there in the market, the bunches so colourful and full of warmth that he finds himself almost needing to squint at them even with the sunlight not bothering him as much as it might full-blooded vampires. ]

Perhaps even purple.
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Things I didn't know I needed: This

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Red? [ Aqua asks, turning her head towards him then back at the flowers she's intending to buy. The bunch she has right now; daisies, baby's breath, and small yellow flowers she can't quite name. But red? It would add a nice hue to the mix. ] I think you're right, red would be perfect.

[ Its odd that something so simple could bring such joy to Aqua. She tried not to take the smallest things for granted. Especially when she knew how little time she may have. A warrior skilled with magic, a keyblade weirder meant to protect the worlds from darkness. She had given her all; her armor and weapon to save herfriends. She was lost to Darkness, dwelling within that realm for so long, no one to talk to and having no clue what was happening.

Until she found herself in a new world seemingly untouched by the events that she recalled so vividly. She had to hide her magical abilities, for it was greatly frowned upon in this world. Magic had a connection to dark forces, the devil and his minions, but that didn't sit well with Aqua. She didn't look to the divine when it came to her magic. She was drawing upon the forces that were in place, that had no alligence to good or bad.

The bluentte had to blend in and as luck would have it, her path crossed Alucard's and she found a friend in him. What he was didn't bother her. He had given her no reason to fear him or to distrust him. As human as she was, not even her own kind would accept her. She looked the part of a human, but her magic would view her as cursed, a witch who needed to be put down. Though they have spent time together, it's always brief...much to her dislike. But, Aqua couldn't force her presence on him. She didn't want to become a thorn in his side.

Flowers picked, she paid the merchant and looked back up at her companion. ]
These are quite lovely. They'll look wonderful in a case or even when left to dry.

Did you want to stay here or return home?
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[personal profile] sonofdracula 2017-09-15 04:08 am (UTC)(link)
[ It was part of the reason why he remained so close by her side when they were like this. For what had happened to his mother... for her to be accused of being a witch- one who worked for the Devil himself and to be burned at the stake as she had... he couldn't allow that sort of injustice to befall her of all people, not when she had slowly become someone so... dear to him, strangely enough.

She was free to do as she pleased when it was only the two of them and in the privacy of his own place. If she wished to play with the very magic that was bottled up inside her, he let her, sometimes even smiling at the different sorts of patterns and displays she would create... sometimes for herself, sometimes for him.

But he was always by her side, always with his sword close, always watching her and everything that was around her. Because to be a vampire- a dhampir, that is, the world was viewed in such a different way than what humans saw... the very beauty of the world itself was enough to bring one to their knees were they not accustomed to it. For him, he grew up surrounded by such beauty and magic and the very things that humans missed with their own disbelief. Aqua, funnily enough, was part of that magic and beauty within this world and she drew him to her in ways he wasn't even fully aware she knew. How could she when he made sure to remain so careful around her? ]

If you wish to stay a little longer, we can. Or else... [ A pause, he looks to her. ] ...was there somewhere else you wished to be?
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[ Aqua had given up arguing that a sword wasn't needed, because this wasn't her world. This was a place where magic was frowned upon and beasts or monsters caused great harm to the humans who lived there. Women, she noticed, didn't have as much free reign as she had been accustomed to. When she was alone and wandering the market, there were a few men whose eyes she could feel on her body. Their stares and hungry looks. She didn't want to draw attention to herself and fighting be it with her own weapon or magic, would do the opposite.

The sword her companion had was for both of their sakes. In case someone decided to make a fool of themselves, or felt the need to make a complete ass of themselves. If push came to shove, she would defend both of them, her secret be damned. She already received looks for her blue hair. ]

No, there wasn't another place I wanted to visit. Returning home would be fine. [ With him specially. At least behind closed doors their guard didn't need to be up. In the privacy of his home she could practice her craft, and simply be herself. The flowers were purchase more for Alucard's benefit than her own. She wanted to bring some of the beauty of the outside world into his home...and maybe something to remind him of their time together.

She wasn't naive to think things like this would last forever. One day she would die, or be brought back to the Darkness from when she escaped. One day, she would be forced to leave or die and all she would have would be these precious moments. These memories to keep her warm at night.

Her eyes drifted to the red flowers in her bunch. ]

I never thought red suited me before. It's a color I don't pick often.
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[ If she wished to leave the market, then leave they shall. Their time spent together in the privacy of his own home was often better suited for the both of them lest curious eyes constantly be watching their every move, wondering just what it was that she could possibly be to be around such a creature as himself. Of course, his kind- dhampirs, were often looked at as ones who could be used in defeating vampires and other supernatural creatures given their own strengths and immunity to various things that they possessed. But, as always, they were not human, not one of them, and so they were still held with a touch of fear or uncertainty around them... something that he has grown accustomed to over the years.

It's mostly for Aqua that he doesn't wish to linger within the market if they have no need to. For the stares to fall upon her, both from men and women... even children... he wishes to keep her from that, to allow her to simply enjoy her time here that she has been granted where darkness does not cling to her so tightly and where she is free to go wherever it is that she pleases without conflict trailing along behind her so closely.

It's with walking alongside her that he glances down then, his eyes that were so warm like amber, looking to the bouquet that she's picked for herself. ]

Why do you not often pick it? Red is usually the colour most choose for such flowers.

[ Roses especially. ]
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Ahh, it's for a silly reason.

[ One that she's had since she was a child. She felt a bit embarrassed to tell him, but he may find it funny. When it was just the two of them, the rest of the world faded away. She knew the states the others gave her. Wondering why she was with a dhampir, why she stayed close to him with no other human male around her. She wasn't ensnared by him or bewitched. No, she had come to enjoy his company. She...enjoyed his company a lot. Enough to where she displayed her magic for his enjoyment. A spiral of bubbles to pop, or snow flakes that held different patterns and that weren't freezing to the touch.

Whenever he looked at her with his warm eyes, her heart fluttered and she told herself she was lucky. So lucky to have met him. She could've been dragged back into the darkness, swallowed up until she became the creatures she fought against, but she had t. She had been granted this unique gift, one she wouldn't waste. ]

Red isn't something you pick for yourself. It's something given to you instead, because of the symbolism. [ Red, deep rich tones usually implied love. A romance between her and someone else. Which wasn't the case between her and Alucard, right? No, he...was a friend, and possibly saw her as such...

But that didn't stop her from harboring feelings about him.]

It's a bit silly, but it's a novel idea. And, well...

[ She looked a bit embarrassed.] I was told blue and red clashed. So I've stayed away from combining the two. [ Because her hair, her eyes, it wouldn't compliment red flowers. A silly, albeit shallow reason. ]
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Jyn Erso | Rogue One | OTA

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