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get that murderboner on


    It's practically everywhere, so you should know the drill by now: take a few characters, put them in a brand new setting, whether it be a city, a prison, a school, you name it, and then suddenly get told that there's only one way to escape, and that's by one thing alone: murder.

    Because you know, that's definitely a good idea, right?

    But it's not that simple, of course. Each time a murder happens, there's going to be an investigation, and then a trial. Naturally, more often than not, you have to find the culprit or else. However, there are some games where the culprit can get off scot free... but that's only for you to figure out.

      1. Investigative. This type of murdergame relies on having specific culprits per trial, each one handpicked as a culprit or victim.
      2. Mafia. Specific characters are chosen to be either a group of killers or a single killer from the very beginning. Other roles may also be given to other characters, such as Doctor, Gunsmith, etc.

      1. School. The type of setting that you would see in Dangan Ronpa, your mastermind has kidnapped you and forced you to go to school! You may or may not have some special "titles" to go along with it. Sure, you might be trapped, but at least it's a nice place to stay.
      2. Island. Have you seen Survivor? Basically, you're trapped on an island meant to survive; of course, the essentials may or may not be given to you, depending.
      3. Prison. No wonder you're in a murder game! You've done something really, really bad, haven't you? The rooms in this setting will most likely not be as comfortable, but hey, it's better than having to sleep on the cold hard ground.
      4. City. You're trapped in a rather spacious city where some rather strange happenings are going on. You somehow can't leave, but at least there's a lot of buildings to go and visit and you can actually see the sky! Too bad murder is still a thing.
      5. Wildcard. Hit me with your best shot, I'm sure there's some setting out there that can make for a good murder grounds.

      1. Welcome to Hell, Enjoy Your Stay! You've only just woken up, so you don't exactly know what's the situation. But you don't seem to be alone; there are others who are with you; maybe they might know the answers?
      2. So How About that Murder? You've just been told by your Mysterious Mastermind that "hey, you've got to kill to survive" and that... can't possibly be right, can it? Can it?
      3. MOOOOOOTIVE! It's been quite some time and your mastermind is pretty much sick and tired of all of this fluffy and sweetness to the point that they've put their hands down and decided that they've got to do something about it. But what's it going to be this week?
      4. So Do You Want To Be A Mole? Probably not, but it seems that whoever is overseeing your game thinks that you'd be great to be the game's spy.
      5. Roles, Roles, Roles! Specific to the Mafia set up, sometimes you're given a specific role. Maybe you can pass out weapons or guns to people. Or perhaps you can speak to the dead. Maybe you can block someone from killing for the evening. Whatever it is, you're special. Just make sure not to get killed. (For ideas on roles, feel free to utilize this list here!)
      6. So you're Mafia now, eh? You are one of the elite. The ones chosen to vote for who dies each week. Whether it's by choice or by chance, you've got a dirty job to do and you have to do it... or else. But hey, at least you're not alone! You've got some buddies to help you do the work with you.
      7. What's that? Somehow, somewhere, you've managed to find some sort of machine that takes a special kind of coin and pops out some sort of item? Who knows.
      8. Free Time Events Throughout the week, you're free to do as you please, so what are you going to do, even with the threat of murder hanging over your heads? Might as well get to know your fellow captives, right?
      9. Kill or Be Killed Whether you're mafia or just a solo killer, it's time to start your murder on! There's plenty of ways to do it. So how's it gonna be done this time?
      10. IT'S INVESTIGATION TIME! Ding dong bing bong, a body has been discovered! Whether or not you'll actually find any clues, however, to who did it might be a bit of a toughie.
      11. Let's figure this out The trial starts and everyone's eyes are on everyone else. Whether you're given a list of suspects or not, there's a killer to catch! But will you catch the right one? Or scapegoat someone else entirely innocent?
      12. I remember...! In some murder games, memories are key. Every Sunday, you remember something from your past that you've somehow forgotten. But why was it lost in the first place? And why are you remembering it now, all of a sudden? It is a mystery, truly.
      13. And the mastermind is-? Is it truly someone outside of the group? Or perhaps it was one of your friends after all? It's time to finally finish this, solve all the mysteries, defeat the evil twisted things, maybe get the Golden End and go home.
      14. WILDCARD Anything else that I'm missing? JUST JAM AND PLAY IT OUT!

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