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( the display of affection meme )

Suddenly you have this urge to display your affection to that one person you care about, or perhaps a friend....or maybe that random guy on the corner. Either way you just have to let them know how you feel! Well, SHOW them how you feel. Maybe they'll like it or it'll just be that much awkward, but you probably don't mind embarrassing them.
The Rules:
1) Post with your characters name, fandom and any preferences you might have in the subject line.
2) Roll the RNG from numbers 1-16 (or not depending on the preferences of you or the person you're responding to), or just pick your favorite from the list below.
3) Whatever number you get/choose is a display of affection that your character suddenly feels compelled to perform upon the character they're replying too. Maybe your character legitimately wants to perform this action, or maybe they'll be just as horrified as the person they're about to shower affection upon will be. Whatever the case, play out the resulting scene and have fun!
4) Numbers 1-10 are light and fluffy interactions rated G to PG-13.
5) Numbers 11-16 are sexier and sometimes outright smutty scenarios rated PG-13 to NC-17. If these aren't your cup of tea, please make a note of it. Please respect each other's preferences.
Fluffy Affection:
1. Shoulder punch: This person needs to seriously buck up. Maybe a playful punch in the shoulder will help them cheer up. Just make sure you watch your strength... and your aim. You don't want to accidentally punch this person really hard in the face... do you?
2. Tickle: It's time to see this person smile and hear them laugh, whether they want to or not. Grab a feather or use your fingers and go to town on their most sensitive spots. Don't worry, I'm sure they'll forgive you... probably.
3. Hug: Come on now, don't be shy. Everyone needs one of these every so often. Go up to this person and hug them like you've never hugged before!
4. Tackle Glomp: You love this person so much that a normal hug just isn't gonna cut it. You need to launch yourself at this person at full force and just wrap your arms around them until they pop! Don't worry, they can take it! Just... try not to do this around any staircases.
5. Pinch Cheeks: Look at that face! It's so cute you just wanna pinch those cheeks. Please note that we are not responsible for any violent repercussions that may arise from this action.
6. Kiss on the Cheek: Exactly what it says on the kiss. Go right on up to this lucky person and give them a nice peck on the cheek.
7. Kiss on the Lips: Wow. This person must really mean a lot to you. After all, it's not like you would just go around and kiss anyone on the lips right? What's that? You've never met this person before? Oh well, I'm sure they'll understand.
8. Flirty Compliment: Damn this person looks good. Even if you're not the kind to do so, you suddenly feel the need to compliment him or her on their appearance, and maybe even flirt a bit.
9. Just say it: Physical displays are nice, but words from the heart mean everything. From a heartfelt confession, to a casual "I love you man", to those three little words accidentally slipping out, it's time to let this person know how you feel... or not.
10. Holding hands: Sometimes you don't need to say anything. Sometimes all you need to do is put your hand in theirs for them to know exactly how you feel about them.
Sexy Affection:
11. Grope: This person looks so good you just can't seem to help yourself. Whether it's their crotch, ass, or bust, you suddenly have an urge to grab a naughty place on this person.
12. Strip: What's the best way to show you care about someone. How about dragging them off to nice private place and taking off your clothes for them? ... Okay, that's a terrible way of showing you care, but you're gonna do it anyway! Besides, maybe something else can happen once your clothes are off...
13. Lick: This person looks good enough to eat, and you're feeling particularly naughty today. So? Go ahead and lick them in the spot of your choice. It's not creepy it's... okay, maybe it is a little creepy, but their reactions are guaranteed to be priceless.
14. Sweet Loving: Definitely the most extreme expression of your undying affection for this person. Take them to a bedroom and show them just how much you care about them. Or, maybe you're just kinky. I'm not gonna judge you.
15. Covert Loving: Or, maybe you can't wait to get to a bedroom. In that case, take this person somewhere out of sight and make love to them right then and there. Just make sure they keep quiet. It would be bad if someone heard you.
16. All tied up: Is there any better way of showing how much you care about this person than tying them up before you have sex? Probably, but you're just in one of those dominating moods today. So this person is going to receive your love and adoration whether they want to or not.
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Moving into Danielle's house was surprisingly easy. Of course, a big part of that was due to Annie. She helped move and organize, sliding furniture around until the walking pathway was clear and easy to navigate. So far, it'd been the best decision he'd made in a long time. It was nice how quickly this place went from 'new' to home. He knew that had to do with Annie as well. They often spent their free evenings together watching tv and he rode to work with her in the mornings. Since she had her own space in the guest house, they were rarely in each other's way. The only thing he ever worried about was her feeling as if he were intruding on her sister's home. So far, she hadn't shown any signs of feeling that way.

Tonight, he had a surprise for her. He's in the kitchen of the main house chopping up vegetables, the tips of his fingers sliding along the vegetables, the blade of the knife just past his fingertips. The vegetables go in the wok as he chops them. There's a beer at his elbow that he pauses every now and then to take a swig from. It's meant to be a thank you dinner.
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After helping Auggie move into Danielle's house, Annie had spent a few days out of town working hard for Joan. Her second day back and she was still filling out paperwork and filing reports. It was because of that that she was home an hour after Auggie, but she'd gotten the text to come over to the main house for dinner.

It had been nice having someone there, especially since it was her best friend. Driving to work had the added perk of the carpool lane where needed and she appreciated it on top of the company in traffic. Truth be told, it felt like he just belonged there, but she hadn't quite known how to express it.

Once she'd changed into jeans and a button down, she headed over to the house, walking in through the back kitchen door. Her jaw dropped when she saw the effort he'd gone to.

"Wow," she said, the word coming out on a laugh. "This is impressive. What'd I do to deserve this?"
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He loves the way she says wow. Surprising her with dinner was worth that alone. He shrugs a little as he tosses some more vegetables into the wok, finds the soy sauce and adds a little of that.

"Absolutely nothing. This is for the friend that helped me move in. I can save you some leftovers though."
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"Then I'll be sure not to disturb your evening," she says, still grinning as she opens the fridge and pulls out a beer for herself. "Looks really good. I'm sure your friend will appreciate it greatly."

She leaned back against the counter, opening the bottle and taking a long drink.
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"Thanks." He added chicken back to the wok and lifted a lid on a pot that had some noodles in it. He checked a braille timer then put the lid back on the pot.

"I have the feeling that she's going to be late. I wouldn't mind the company if you want to stay."
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"Oh, you mean you'll allow me to be your second choice until some other woman arrives?" She bumped his hip with hers and made a mock-derisive noise. "As if I'd stoop so low."

She was clearly teasing but it was fun to go back and forth with him on just about any topic under the sun. He was a good sport about all of it and Annie felt the days tension fade from her body just standing there next to him.
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Auggie grinned a little and shrugged one shoulder up. "It's a long list, but I figure putting up with me all the time as a room mate earns you a few benefits, like being moved up on the list of women I'd pick to have dinner with."

He loved the back and forth they had. It always made his day brighter and had become something he looked forward to at the end of the day. He was surprised by how acutely he missed her at night when she was gone on a mission. Most of the time, if Annie was gone, he ended up staying at work an ungodly number of hours, in part, to avoid coming back to an empty house.
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"I'm honored," she said, her tone suddenly dry. She bumped him again, then stepped away to check on the handiwork and to pick a stray vegetable off the sideboard.

Popping it in her mouth, she said, "Is there anything I can do to help? I know I've been a little absent, what with all the extra stuff going on at work." She reached out with a foot and ran it up his calf to get his attention and let him know where she was in the kitchen. "If you want something stronger than beer, I think I still have that Patron you gave me in the guest house."

Even though she slept there, she spent a good deal of her off time in the house with Auggie. She'd programmed the DVR so that her shows got recorded and he was nice enough to keep her company while she watched. It was the little things, but it made her feel better about living not-so-alone.
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He chuckled when she bumped him. "You can get a couple of plates down. I think this is about ready."

He drained the noodles. He already had a sauce waiting to toss them in. He gave the wok a little bit of a toss, the vegetables turning and sliding in the pan.

"And the Patron would be good. I'll slice up some limes."

He liked living with Annie. It kept him from rattling around in an empty apartment and had helped him deal with his broken engagement much quicker than he would have if he'd been left to wallow alone.
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"Plates are at your three o'clock," she told him after she'd gotten them down, then patted his arm before turning for the kitchen door. "And I'll be right back."

How Auggie managed to be such an expert in the kitchen, she didn't know. All she knew was that she was grateful for it. It made Saturday mornings when neither of them were working a good place to be. She made the coffee and he did everything else.

The thought made her smile as she lifted the Patron off the shelf in her room and then hurried back. "You know," she said as she put the bottle down on the counter. "We could really do some damage with this."
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It was a matter of knowing where everything was more than anything. That extended to knowing where his fingers and the knife blade were. It'd taken a lot of practice, a lot of dishes gone wrong, plates dropped and fingers sliced, but he'd been determined not to live on take out and cold cuts.

He did have to be careful with bacon. It could be over cooked or under cooked easily and all the grease popping in the skillet made it difficult to gauge the bacon's doneness. He managed fairly well though, particularly after the coffee was brewed.

By the time she came back, he was spooning food onto plates and carrying them over to the dining room table. "Good thing we've both got tomorrow off?"
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"Tomorrow off means that the bottle will probably be gone before the night's over," she admitted as she carried the glasses and followed him to the table. She went back for ice to put into them and then poured enough for a good drink. "I'll grab soda to go with, just in case."

Annie wasn't normally one for chases, but she also wasn't one for hard liquor unless it was in the form of scotch. But since they had it, why not drink it?

"I plan on spending this weekend in the most relaxing clothes possible and, if I can, maybe not getting out of bed. There's a book I've been dying to finish and with nothing else going on..." She took a bite and moaned her appreciation. "Oh, my God. Auggie. You're amazing."
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"It does, and yet I'm not finding a problem with that."

Soda was good. Tequila was nice to sip, but they would need something to really wash down dinner. He sliced up some limes quickly, adding the small plate to the table.

"What would you say to changing that to spending the weekend on the couch in here? I've got a book or two I need to get through as well."

Of course his were braille, but it still sounded like a nice way to spend a day. He smiled when she complimented his cooking.

"Thank you. I keep telling people this."
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"I can do that. I can even do that in my pajamas since you won't be able to see just how mundane I look," she teased. Since her regular pajamas consisted of a pair of yoga pants and a tank top, she didn't think he'd mind too much. Normally, she dressed for comfort and she could be comfortable around Auggie.

She took another bite, then grinned. "I'm sure that when you say it, you're not talking about just your cooking."
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He laughed at that. "The benefits of having a blind room mate. I'll have to warn you, I'll probably wear my pajamas too." Okay, so not really. He usually slept naked. He'd put on sweats and a tee shirt for watching movies.

"There is a lot that awesome can be applied to." He said with with a teasing grin then took a sip of tequila before digging into his own food.
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"I don't object to your pajamas, Auggie. Whatever you sleep in." She, of course, had no idea that he slept naked, but if he wanted to walk around in the buff... she'd simply get a video camera.

And though her mind went into the gutter with his follow-up comment, she bit her lip before she added coyly, "I'm curious as to what else you're referring to."
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That scenario was still a bit in the future. Not that he'd actually thought about walking around in the nude around Annie. It was more just nude and Annie in the same space that he'd thought about. And now, whether he wanted to or not, he was thinking about it again. He was a guy after all with a huge crush.

He stammered for a moment, taken by surprise by her tone of voice more than her words. "Uh--Uhm, I'm...I've got amazing taste in music."

There's modern Jazz playing in the background to illustrate his point.
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The burst of laughter was quick and not at all unkind. "I already knew that. Mingus."

His stammer was entirely endearing and though he couldn't see her, she watched him with a fondness that she could never admit to out loud. Part of her was extremely grateful that he couldn't see her facial expressions when it came to the things he said and did sometimes. "But having awesome taste in music doesn't mean that you're amazing. Rather than cause you embarrassment, we can move on."

Leaning over, she tapped his glass with the bottle of vodka and gave him a refill. Now it was more of a goal for her; being drunk enough for this conversation seemed to be a necessity.
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He took a long sip of the vodka then smiled and shook his head. "It's not embarrassing. You just caught me off guard." He waggled his eyebrows at her and held up one hand, wiggling his fingers.

"I'm told, I'm amazing with my hands."

Overtly flirtatious? Yup. It was the only way he knew how to handle this without embarrassing himself.
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Now it was Annie's turn to be a little speechless. She knew for a fact Auggie had amazing hands - she'd paid enough attention to them as they'd flown over the various keyboards he had at work, but there was absolutely no way he was referring to that. Not with that tone.

It took her a moment to catch her breath with the images that had gone through her mind and she nodded to herself before she said, "Who told you that and what're their qualifications?"

Nipping it all in the bud was the best way to end the flirtatiousness, otherwise she was going to end up saying something she couldn't take back. She just knew it.
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Well, no. He wasn't exactly referring to that. He'd take that as acceptable answers to ways he was amazing with his hands. It's not what he's thinking of though and it's obvious in both his tone of voice and the expression on his face.

"I don't really think you're going to want references, Annie. They were qualified enough. Mostly nights spent in bars."

He wasn't sure if he was pushing it too far or not. Concern replaces flirtatiousness on hsi face. "I didn't mean...I'm sorry."
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"No, I don't really want references."

She was teasing, too, but she couldn't help the spike of jealousy that raced through her at the thought of all those references that he could send her way... if she'd wanted them. Because they were qualified enough and she, well. She was his best friend.

The concern caught her off-guard and she laughed a little, determined not to make it awkward between them. "Oh, I know what you meant. You should hear what they say about you in line for coffee. Those that aren't qualified? Want to be."

It was light, it was still teasing, and it was her best attempt at letting him know that he could talk about those things with her.
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He chuckled and shook his head before taking another sip of vodka. "The line for coffee is a little much for me. I try to get there early before there's a line."

He took a bite of food then washed it down with more vodka. "And that's enough about my love life."
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"You're a smart man. I'm just glad my days of running coffee are over," she told him with a laugh of her own.

It was easier to get out of the awkward territory than she'd imagined and she followed his example and picked at her food. "Exactly. At this point, it's practically bragging. But this dinner? This is excellent. I hereby designate you cook of the house."

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