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Hooker AU Meme with a twist

The Court of the Night-Blooming Flowers Meme

The Night Court is the casual name for the 13 houses of Mont Nuit in the City of Elua where the Servants of Naamah worship and ply their trade.  Elua's blessed principle is 'Love as thou wilt' but love can take many forms.  These houses see to each and every shade and color of Elua's principle.  Pay a house fee and take your pick, but remember to leave a patron gift if you have been well pleased by Naamah's servants.

How it Works

1.  Comment with your character/s.  Put their name and canon along with preferences in the subject space.
2.  Others will tag with their character and the house they have chosen from the list. 
3.  Your character can either be visiting the house or working as one of Naamah's servants.
4.  Play nice!  Or naughtily, if you happen to be in Valerian or Mandrake house.

The 13 houses are essentially brothels, although religiously affiliated ones, so sexual situations are to expected.  Also some houses lend themselves to more triggering fare so please be respectful of each other and talk it out with your RP partner if there are problems with a scenario.

.The 13 Houses of the Night Court

1. Alyssum - The House canon is modesty.  Their motto is "with eyes averted", and the servants here are well suited to acting shy, modest, and slightly uncomfortable with their own desires.  If you wish your lover to tremble and blush with shame when you reveal their nakedness, this is your destination.

2.  Balm - The House canon is compassion.  Their motto is "rest and be soothed".  Those who need healing and soothing through gentle touch and companionship may come here.  These adepts are also the most skilled at massage of all the houses.

3. Bryony - The House canon is cupidity and the desire for money.  Their house is more of a carnival of wonders, where you may gamble with your desires in a game of will and wits.  Be careful what favors you gamble with though, for the adepts who work here are said to rarely lose.

4. Camellia - The House canon is perfection.  Those who work here are physically perfect, without flaw, and as such they are considerably more proud of their station.  Perhaps haughty and brilliant would best describe the adepts who reside here.

5.  Cereus - The House canon is fragility, their motto "all lovliness fades".   The youthful and delicate serve here, those who hold their beauty for a fleeting moment.  Cereus also has the distinction of being the oldest of all the houses.  The adepts here are ones who know the value of living for the present and making each moment count.

6.  Dahlia - The House canon is dignity and regality.  All those who serve in Dahlia house conduct themselves as royalty, with the proper mannerisms, decorum, and attitude.

7.  Eglantine -  The House canon is performance.  Those who serve here are skilled in the arts of singing, dancing, and poetry and can perform together or privately for their patrons.

8.  Gentian - The House canon is purity of spirit.  The adepts here can read visions and dreams, and may reveal things that hold great meaning to those they share their knowledge with.

9.  Heliotrope - The House canon is love and devotion.  Their motto is "thou and no other".  It is said that when one lies with an adept from Heliotrope, they shall make you feel as if you are the only one who has ever touched their hearts.

10.  Jasmine - The House canon is sensuality.  Their motto is "for pleasure's sake" and the experience is pure hedonism.  Adepts are said to be the most exotic of all the houses, and they emphasize this in their dress.

11.  Mandrake - The House canon is sadism and dominance.  The motto is "yield all".  Adepts are Mandrake are trained to dominate those who come seeking such release, using skills and tools to bestow plain and pleasure.  A signale is arranged beforehand that patrons can use should they ever wish to stop their session.

12.  Orchis - The House canon is mirth, it's motto "joy in laughter".  Adepts from this house are joyful people who believe in fun above all else.  They are quick with a grin and a game, and skilled in making their patrons smile.

13.  Valerian - The House canon is submission, the motto "I yield".  Adepts are trained from childhood to experience pain with all pleasure and pleasure with all pain.  They also have a signale they can use if they need to stop.

Premise is based on Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel's Legacy series.

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