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In Your Lap


Some things don't need explanations. Chicken wings. Wonderful weather. Guilty pleasures like Michael Bay movies. This meme is one of those things. It's simple: one character is in another's lap, and eventually the two get hot and heavy. Whether it's a friend sitting on a lap because there's no room, couples cuddling, or a stripper giving a lap dance, one thing will lead to another...after all, the loss of personal space can certainly set actions (and more) in motion.

  1. Innocent Lap Sitting: It's just a friendly gesture. Maybe you're enjoying a movie or a dinner together. Nothing wrong with that!
  2. Romantic Canoodling: You two are spending some time together, and there's no way to be closer than to snuggle up in your lover's lap.
  3. Out of Necessity: No more room on the bench, in the booth, or on the couch? There's a place on their lap.
  4. Amateur Lap Dance: Just something sexy between lovers. Or maybe more silly than sexy.
  5. Professional Lap Dance: Better break out the ones. This lap dance will cost you.
  6. Dare: Nobody ever thought you'd get this close and personal, so they pushed you into doing it.
  7. Pointed: They said you couldn't turn them on so easily. Challenge accepted.
  8. Accidental: Oops, you've fallen! Good thing this lap was there.
  9. Step Back I Feel a Little Poke: Wait. What's this? Maybe you should wiggle your hips a little to find out.
  10. Lovemaking Lapsitting: Riding someone while they're sitting up can make the rider feel powerful, since they're on top, but the one being ridden may notice just how soft and small they are...and embrace them out of instinct.

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