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Mod post: Rules Update

We decided on a few changes to Bakerstreet rules.

1) From now on, you can repost a meme once a week. The previous rule of "memes need to fall off the first two pages" is not valid any more.

This doesn't mean every meme should be made a weekly thing! Not all of them warrant that requent a posting. Everyone still needs to consider what is already there and not abuse the rule by putting up memes that are almost the same but with a minor twist.

2) Texts From Last Night will have rotating timeslots but no dedicated posters. That means AM hours and PM hours on alternating weeks.

Next week, on September 1st, it can be posted early on Friday morning EST time.

Hopefully this decision satisfies most of the players.

Also we want to make clear what the posting times for the Midnight Texting meme are. I've listed the third Sundays of the month on the Rules post in order to avoid confusion. For the rest of the 2017 these days are: Sept 17, Oct 15, Nov 19 and Dec 17.