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Forced to kill

This meme could be triggery, so be warned

It's simple you see...
1 : Post as your character; include name and canon of course!
2 : Respond to other people; you are now forced to kill that person
3 : Reasons for being forced can be anything, threat, duty, whatever.
4 : How you kill them, be it knife, poison, strangulation, is up to you.
5 : Profit..?

Inspired by a plurk meme floating around
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Genderswap Liam Lunettes| Pandora Hearts| PHDR or OTA

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Liam levels his gun at her, his eyes wide. He looks a bit unhinged.

"I can't let you hurt her."
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Her hands go up, clearly empty, clearly not a threat.

"Liam…" she says is slowly, trying to keep her voice as calming as possible, "I don't know what you're talking about… but think about what you're doing."
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"You don't understand!"

He keeps the weapon trained on her. She's not armed at the moment, but...

"It was the Mansion. The Will made her. She would never have hurt me otherwise! I can't let you harm her."
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There are at least three weapons in easy reach from where her hands are, not including using her hands themselves, but she doesn't want to use any of them on him unless she has to. This Liam has gone through enough already.

"Y-you told me that." her voice is a little unsteady, she doesn't like the look in his face. "But you never told me who it was. I can't hurt this person… if I don't know who they are."
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His expression goes uncertain for a moment, but then that eases into determination.

"You found out--you're a spy, after all! You're going to hurt her!"

Liam's hand shakes slightly.

"It was the Will. And Jack. Even with the Will, if he hadn't directed her..."
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The shaking of his hand makes her step ever so slightly back, perhaps if she puts enough distance between them she can duck if he fires. Which is looking more likely by the moment. She knows that even if he does manage to kill her she'll come back… but there's Aiden to think of. For his sake she can't afford to die.

"Liam… I won't hurt her… I don't even know who she is. Do you want me to swear that I'll leave this person alone? I-I will."
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"I don't believe you! You demanded to know, so you could make sure they were stopped!"

He takes a step closer, the hand holding the gun steady.

"I won't let you hurt Lady Shelly. The Will has hurt her enough!"
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The look on her face is pure shock. "It was Lady Shelly? Lady Shelly?" she can hardly believe that even under the influence of the Will that such a lady would hurt anyone.

"I… I had no idea, you have to believe me, I didn't know! I thought there was a random murderer on the streets not… please, I'd never hurt… not her."

Not Lady Shelly, who had been so kind to her when she was young, who had let her know, in a thousand small ways that she would have a home in Rainsworth should anything happen.
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He would so like to believe her, and that's clear on his face.

"I can't risk her. I can't."

Liam looks and feels so very vulnerable. This is worse even than shooting a child--pointing a gun at a version of himself.

"It will be quick," he promises. "I-- I'll make sure Aiden doesn't see. Tell him you went on a mission. Just-- just until you come back, until Shelly knows you know and knows you might hurt her. I'm sorry. I just can't... can't lose her."
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Her eyes are wide, afraid, as she sees how serious he is. He really intends to go through with this --he's thought out the ramifications! He even came up with a plan to hide this from her son! But what if she didn't come back to life, what if the Mansion sent her home instead? What if it brought her back but without her memories? What if… what if dying hurt?

And then the spark of anger, flares and her voice rises in anger.

"I'm not just going to die because it's more convenient for you! I have a right to live! I don't care how quick you promise it will be, dead is dead!"

She has no intention of simply standing there and letting him do it. One hand dips in to a sleeve, she knows exactly what strike she was going to go for, exactly how she was going to disarm him, she only hopes she's throwing herself forward fast enough to take him by surprise.
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He expected this, and he lets his finger squeeze the trigger. At point-blank range, it's unlikely he'll miss.

Liam closes his eyes, unable to watch this, what he caused.

"I know," he whispers. "I'm so sorry."

He knows how horrid being dead is, knows there is no way to make up for this.

But it was necessary to protect Shelly.
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She isn't fast enough. That's the simple truth. There's no way she could dodge a shot fired that close. The impact in her chest hurts, more than any other injury she's had, the spreading heat is followed by more pain. But thankfully, thankfully darkness follows right on the heels of the pain to take it all away.

The half drawn blade falls from her fingers though the momentum for her forward lunge carries her forward to fall onto him. Her expression is not serene, her eyes aren't even closed, instead she looks surprised, as if she didn't expect him to really do it.
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He catches her against him, holding her body gently until it's clear she's gone.

Then he sinks to the floor with a soft sob. He can't believe he did this, either.

After a while, Liam gathers himself, closes her eyes, and lifts her into his arms to take her body somewhere safe.