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Forced to kill

This meme could be triggery, so be warned

It's simple you see...
1 : Post as your character; include name and canon of course!
2 : Respond to other people; you are now forced to kill that person
3 : Reasons for being forced can be anything, threat, duty, whatever.
4 : How you kill them, be it knife, poison, strangulation, is up to you.
5 : Profit..?

Inspired by a plurk meme floating around
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[It's quiet, unsure… maybe a little scared.]
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[Liam looks over, concerned by his tone, and stands in case he needs assistance.]

Yes? Are you alright?
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[He looks notably more nervous and the hand buried in his pocket twists.]

N-no… no. There's something…

[And now he wishes it had been anyone, anyone but this Liam. But the order had been very specific and there was another life resting on this. It had to be him.]

I need your h-help.
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[Liam immediately comes over. His counterpart seems so nervous.]

With what? What's wrong?
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[When Liam comes close the hand in his pocket shifts, like he's about to take it out but he doesn't. He can't simply… he has to say something, try to explain.]

Liam… just… I'm sorry. I'm really s-sorry. There isn't any other way to--to… they'll die if I don't.
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[Liam blinks at him, confused. He doesn't even suspect anything from this Liam, and he doesn't notice the hand in his pocket.]

If you don't what? Who? How can I help?
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[In a way, Liam wishes this had been more difficult, that the other Liam had been suspicious or refused to come over. Because now he had no choice but to take the derringer from his pocket and aim it at the other Liam's chest around where he thought the heart would be.]

I… I have to kill you. Or… o-or--

[His voice breaks,]

They'll kill her!
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[Liam stops, staring at the gun in shocked horror. He's too startled to speak for a moment.]

S-surely we can find another way, working together?
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I can't, Liam, th-they're watching now, if I don't do this…

[He should have just shot right away --that would have been what she would have done-- now that he's hesitated it's going to be that much harder.]

I-I'm so sorry. But I have to.
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Who? Who's in trouble? And who's watching?

[He holds his hand out, in a stop gesture, pleadingly. He doesn't want to die, especially not at the hands of another version of himself.]
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It's h-her. They have her, but I-I can't tell you who they are… that was p-part of the deal.

[Liam knows he shouldn't be talking, should just shoot and get it over with. But somehow he can't get his finger to pull the trigger.]

They say th-they'll take her son next… after they hurt her.

[And there's not much he can do to protect the boy, aside from hiding and they would find him eventually, the Will was helping, after all.]
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[Her... son. That leaves only one person he knows of. Another Liam. And he does not want a child to get hurt. Especially not one that is technically genetically his offspring.

He lets his hand fall and closes his eyes. Really, it sounds as though there isn't much choice. If the culprits honor their word, anyway...

There's a child involved.]

If you think they will truly... truly honor their end of the deal...

Just... make it quick, and please put my body somewhere safe.

[It's soft, resigned.]
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[In a way, this is going to be easier without him looking at him and with what amounted to his permission.]

Th-thank you. I'll do my best.

[He aims between the eyes instead, that would be faster, right? And there was no chance of missing something vital.]

I'm sorry.

[Before he can hesitate anymore he closes his own eyes --this just isn't something he can watch-- and squeezes the trigger.]
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[The shot is true.

Liam's upper body jerks back with the impact, and then crumples to the ground.

The look on his face is too serious for sleep, beyond the bloody hole in his forehead.]
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[Liam returns the gun to his pocket with shaking hands. Forcing himself to not look around for the watchers he knew were there he kneels to gather the body up. He's careful not to look at the other Liam's face, he just… can't know. Doesn't want to know what expression is his face.

He'll take the body somewhere safe before he checks on her son.]