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Forced to kill

This meme could be triggery, so be warned

It's simple you see...
1 : Post as your character; include name and canon of course!
2 : Respond to other people; you are now forced to kill that person
3 : Reasons for being forced can be anything, threat, duty, whatever.
4 : How you kill them, be it knife, poison, strangulation, is up to you.
5 : Profit..?

Inspired by a plurk meme floating around
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Oh ho ho.

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Mr. Liam, could I interest you in a spot of tea?
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[Liam glances up from his book, startled at the request.

He doesn't particularly trust Vincent, but he doesn't want to insult him, certainly! He has the feeling that would be dangerous.]

Ah... Certainly, Lord Vincent. Was there something you wished to discuss?
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Oh, only a few business matters. [He gesture for Liam to follow him out of the door, to his personal quarters.]
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[Liam frowns slightly. He does not want to enter Vincent's quarters.]

No one is here. Can we not have tea and talk here?
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They may come in however and there's no lock on this door. [He turns to look at Liam with a certain wry grin.]

Do you perhaps not trust me?
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[Liam cringes just slightly.]

It's not-- I mean--

[He thinks up something vague.]

It's just that there's rumor of a traitor in Pandora. I'm not sure who to trust, so I'm afraid I'm quite... suspicious of everyone.
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Heh, everyone, even the Hatter?
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[Liam answers that honestly, without thinking.]

He is one of the few I trust.
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Heh, heh. [Vincent chuckles with a smirk.]

The things I could tell you...
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[Liam's frown deepens. He highly doubts that, given how much he knows about Break.

Instead he stands. He wants to escape.]

Please excuse me. I have some work to get done.
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[Vincent puts an arm out to prevent Liam from walking through the door. He leans forward and beams.]

Did I hit a nerve?
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[Liam stops, leaning slightly back.]

Xerxes has the right to his secrets.
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Even at the price of your safety? [He reaches for Liam's chin so he doesn't see the revolver being drawn. He had meant to this quietly, but it can't be helped. The quicker the better.]
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[Liam steps back to avoid Vincent's hand, missing seeing the gun entirely.]

I trust Xerxes.

[He refuses to say more than that. He won't tell Vincent anything about Break.]
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Oh? [Vincent lunges to grab the back of Liam's head with one hand, and press the gun barrel against his throat with the other.]

You can thank him for this then.
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[Liam immediately goes for his own gun, though he knows if Vincent is going to kill him the act is futile.

But if he can keep him distracted...]

I'll b-blame you, and so will he. He'll respond in kind.
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[Vincent eyes narrow, but he laughs. He certainly like to see that rotting old man try to kill a Baskerville. Especially a Baskerville contracted to Raven. Gilbert is viciously dedicated to his master enough that he let no one kill him, whatever his regret.]

You really do know nothing. [For the threat however, he'll fire at Liam's abdomen, a far more painful death than the original head wound.]
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[The delay gives Liam enough time to draw, but not to fire. He makes s choked sound as the bullet hits, his eyes widening. His finger squeezes the trigger of the derringer, setting it off without aiming before it falls from his hand. His knees buckle.]
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[He misses entirely and Vincent walks up to grind a heel into the man's chest.]

So sorry, but you never were much of a fighter, were you?
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[The foot on his chest drives air from his lungs and he coughs weakly. It just makes the piercing pain in his gut worse. He pushes weakly at Vincent's foot with one hand and gropes for his derringer with the other.]


[He feels he deserves to know why he's dying.]
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[Vincent can't draw this out, he knows people have surely heard the gun shots already. The Nightrays will cover up the assassination of course, but he still needs to at least create some doubt. It's just another game after all.]

To push him over the edge. ["He" being Barma, but he'll let Liam interpret that however he desires. He pulls the trigger for a final shot between the eyes.]
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[Liam does, indeed, misinterpret that, and his eyes widen.]


[His body spasms for a moment before going still and limp, his still-open eyes going dim. The close-range blast knocks his glasses askew.

There is certainly no way Hare's talent would have helped here.]
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[So, it's all over then. How lovely the man died with much less fuss than he often made in life. Vincent does him the dignity however of closing his eyes, so his face will not look quite so horrific to his loved ones.]

Perhaps it will drive him over the edge, too. [Vincent smirks as he stands and makes to exit through the window. The Hatter's revenge would also just be another game.

To play and win.

How abdominal good men should be left dead on the battlefield but they were the kind who could not survive this vicious sort of world.]