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Through all the pain

the self-indulgent hurt/comfort shipping kink* masterpost meme
* "kink" here being used very loosely and not necessarily involving sex

In order to avoid long extrapolation, I'll say one thing: I've noticed that people like what I call "h/c shipping kink." Kink may not be the right word - sex need not be involved - but essentially, crappy things happen to our characters in their crapsack worlds in canon all the time. Sometimes, we like to see them happy. Or relatively happier. And less evil and more adjusted, for those of us who play those types. It's all very self-indulgent.

And, as you can tell from my username, I'm going to be compiling memes that have, for some reason, got micromanaged into ridiculous niches when they should all be under one umbrella. This first project is to wrangle up all the "caretaking" themed shipping memes. Basically, one character cares for the other, be it physically, emotionally, or otherwise. There is also shipping.

The end goal is to weed down redundant memes and, maybe, make this an all-purpose post!

  • You know the protocol.
  • Comment with your characters and preferences. Also, be sure to include whether your character would be the caretaker, the cared for, or if you can play either.
  • Reply to others.

  1. Physically Hurt: The traditional h/c scenario. Your partner is hurt, and you break out the bandages to patch them up and give them a shoulder to lean on. May also come with the Florence Nightingale effect, where the "patient" falls in love with the "nurse" thanks to their care.
  2. Emotionally Hurt: You can't put bandages on wounded egos and souls, but you can try your best.
  3. Illness: You're with someone who's sick - maybe even with a long-term, chronic, or mortal illness.
  4. Trauma: Like emotional hurt, this is not an easy cure, and it's even deeper. There will also be blowback on the one trying to care for their traumatized loved one.
  5. Mortality: You're struggling with the fact that one partner may die sooner than the other because of lifestyle or species reasons.
  6. The One Left Behind: One side of the ship is the person left at home to wait and worry.
  7. Triumphant Return: They're finally back and in one piece! Celebrate in the way you two deem best.
  8. Changed by Your Love: You're finding yourself a better person now that you're with them.
  9. Pulled from Depression: You saw no reason to live before you met them.
  10. Physical Protector/Bodyguard: It started out as protection. It became more.
  11. Pure/Impure: You two have varying alignments and varying experiences. Does this affect your relationship?
  12. Remember: Or actually, you can't. You've lost everything about your identity, including your past memories. Needless to say, you may cling to the one person who's helping you. You also may not want to remember your old life.
  13. In a Bad Situation: You're in a dangerous scenario - being hunted, prisoners, bruised and beaten and brought to a strange place - and all you have to rely on is each other. You've been thrown into the fire together and you have to survive.
  14. Inexperienced: Whether it be in romance, sex, or the world in general, one part of the pairing is teaching the other part the ropes. This can encompass so-called "innocence kinks" or age differences.
  15. I Thought I Lost You: Their injuries were so substantial that you thought they were done for. Now, you have to deal with your own emotional
  16. Gentle, Loving Smut: AKA sexual healing and all gentle smut memes or memes that focus on emotional attachment.
  17. Bad Sexual Experience: Similar to the above option, but including sexual baggage that one partner must prove does not always apply.
  18. Trust Issues: One of you has a hard time trusting the other. There may be jealousy involved here.
  19. Unexpected Caretaker: You'd think the sweet one would take care of the dour one, but it's the opposite way around. This is the "surly badasses take care of the one they love" option.
  20. Unwillingly Cared For: You don't need to be coddled. They should leave you alone!
  21. Hurt by You: You have to pick up the pieces of what you've done, thanks to an argument or your temper.
  22. Draining: Caring for them is damaging you and your relationship with them.
  23. Mutually Beneficial: There's not one set "caretaker." You both look out for each other.

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