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My heart, it aches

will they, won't they?

Oh my god, there is nothing more frustrating than when you want to kiss someone and press them against a wall, but for some reason, you can’t—or when you see two people who are obviously in love and you want to shove them into a room already. What is preventing you two from getting together? Can anyone end this?


1. Comment with your character, series, preferences, etc. in the subject.
2. Roll a number between 1-15 for a prompt.
3. Reply to others and play the scenario out!


1. BOSS ✖ A romance with a higher up or your boss is taboo for many good reasons, but you’re finding yourself falling in love with them anyways. Will others approve? Will one of you have to quit your job to not get the other into trouble?

2. JUST FRIENDS ✖ Talk about one of the biggest roadblocks to love ever! You want to kiss them, but you don’t want to ruin your current relationship. What are you going to do? Will you get the guts to confess and hope for the best?

3. GOALS ✖ You want to tear down a building to build an apartment complex, they want to make it a historical landmark. Opposing dreams and goals are huge roadblocks, especially if you happen to want to ‘sleep with the enemy’… literally.

4. TEAMMATES ✖ You work well together, you can depend on them no matter what, and you get along outside of the office or game. What you feel is just that happy camaraderie, not any mushy feelings of love or romantic affection! Is it?

5. DENIAL ✖ No, no way. You do not love that other person. They are stupid or just too prideful or you’re not interested in them at all. Ha, admit it, you totally are. Now go over there and admit your feelings before everyone around you goes insane.

6. COWORKERS ✖ Oh, this is awful. You really, really like your coworker, but there is a no dating policy, or they don’t date coworkers under any circumstances. Dare you make a move after hours or in the break room? It could be worse; you could have the hots for your boss.

7. POLITICS ✖ Clashing beliefs and heated debates always gets the blood pumping, and even though you have sworn to defeat them and get your bill pushed through, their eyes make your heart jump and makes you reconsider your ideals… Can you find a compromise or let bygones be bygones?

8. TAKEN ✖ Oh god. How can you confess to someone who is already taken? Why are you even feeling like this? You must never let them know. Ignore everyone who is encouraging you to take a leap of faith anyways. They are taken and that is that.

9. SOCIAL CLASS ✖ She is a princess, you are a stable boy, he is a rich lord, you are the scullery maid… Money is an important factor to any relationship, and sometimes, it can be one of the barriers. But how long are you going to let positions and titles keep you apart?

10. PRIDE ✖ You? Be in love with someone like that? Ha! No way. You are far above them, and you deserve only the best love. But… what if they are the best love and you just don’t realize it yet?

11. FAMILY FEUD ✖ One of the most famous of all the situations, for some reason, your families are fighting and as much as you like the other person, you can’t betray your family this way. But is there a good reason for the feud? Or a misunderstanding? Will true love conquer all without the abundance of death?

12. OBLIVIOUS ✖ This is the most frustrating one ever. It’s not that they hate each other or someone else is making a barrier, it’s just that they you have no idea how good of a couple you would make or how you always flirt with each other. Will one of you realize it, or does someone need to give you a push?

13. DUTY ✖ Bound by honor and loyalty, you can never cross the line that divides you and your love, be it that you swore to protect them or they serve you. Or will you? How will others react to this? Might it be considered forbidden?

14. FRIEND-ZONED ✖ Oh no, it's not what you think. You see, your best friend likes the person you like, and they are trying to go on a date with them (or get into their bed). But you can't let either of them know, because that is not what good friends do. But what do you do if your mutual crush is interested in you anyways?

15. WILDCARD ✖ Is there something we missed? Is there another scenario you want to play out, or would you like to roll the dice again? Go for it!

(credit to [community profile] allmymemes)
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John Watson | Sherlock

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belle. beauty and the beast (2017). ota

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[ I love assumed CR, crossovers (♥ ♥ ♥), convoluted scenarios, combustive attraction, bickering, culture differences, ingenue/gruff, worldly man, wrong places and wrong times, inhuman characters, Beauty and the Beast dynamics because duh, arranged marriage AU, fairy tale/fantasy settings, magic, passionate reunions, emotions spilling out in private, and much, much more.

Ridiculously into Tolkienverse (dwarves yes pls), the HP Wizarding World, ASOIAF/GOT, and MCU right now and equally into AUing Belle to fit in any of them, but check out my slightly embarrassing dream list of shit I'd like to play. ]
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[ how do you feel about 7, 8, or 12? ]
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Leonard L. Church | Red vs. Blue

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legolas, lord of the rings (novels)

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( not interested in anything based on 7, 8 & 14, but everything else is good. feel free to PM to discuss ideas and the like. cross-canon is cool! )
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Sherlock Holmes || Sherlock BBC || m/m

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[What do you think about a teammates/coworkers type thing?]

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Janet van Dyne ; Marvel 616

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[ open to all, cross-canon + assumed cr welcome. i won't say no to any of the prompts upfront, but there's always the chance something might not work out, so ask? i'd love some avenger-types because lbr jan would do a smooch on most of them, but always down to see how jan plays off interesting characters from all over. pls forgive any slow. ]
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brienne of tarth | GOT

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(No Heroes of Ferelden, please.)
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(OOC: Interested in a little AU of Nat helping Buck regain control post CW?)

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Hope this is okay!

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it totally is <3

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[ooc: still super voice-testing. tentatively ota canonmates.]

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