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Age of Sail

Age of Sail

Welcome to the high seas and the Caribbean, in the Golden Age of Sail—and Piracy! Hoist anchors and set sail, because there’s adventure—and treasure—on the horizon.

A. Ship captain, of course, would you be found anywhere else? Command and the sea, those are your callings. Along with, of course, plunder.
B. Quartermaster, elected representative of the crew’s interests, and with power to veto the Captain’s decisions whenever the ship is not engaged in battle.
C. Crew. You’re in it for the plunder, and can’t be bothered with those pesky decisions. Unless, just maybe, you’ve got a mutiny in mind.
D. Cabin boy. Lowest in rank and newest on the ship, without any sailing experience of your own, but you’ll work your way up.
E. Stowaway. Whatever ship you’re on, whatever reason you have for running, you’d better hope you aren’t found.

The Law
F. Pirate-hunter. Maybe you’re working freelance, taking bounties where you find them, or maybe you are an officer of a royal navy, but either way, you’re tasked with bringing those lawless pirates to justice. There’s money in it, and glory for you.
G. Governor. You are the law, in your little corner of the Caribbean. Troops from the homeland, money and resources are yours, but anarchy is just one mistake away, and the pirates are always threatening your ships and those of your traders.
H. Honest sailor. You follow orders and don’t ask too many questions about them. Or the cargo.
I. Innocent Passenger. Honestly, you were just trying to get home, or to your new home in the new world. But now? Pirates.

J. Innkeeper or Brothel Madam. When the pirates and sailors come into town, they’re going to need food, drink, and companionship. You’re here to provide that.
K. Shipwright. Ships and repairs, it’s all your business. You’re willing to serve any customer, and you don’t ask too many questions.

L. Wildcard! Who would your character be in the Golden Age of Sail?

Mix and match, pirates and pirate hunters, raid a ship or follow a map to treasure. Go get that horizon!

Reposted from here, credit to [personal profile] marlowe_tops.

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