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The Tarot Meme

The Tarot Meme

This meme is pretty basic. You post in, put any specifics you'd like (or not like) in your header and entry, ???, and RP. For the prompts, however, you've got two methods for ideas.

1. LUCK OF THE DRAW! Click here to get a randomly chosen card and use it to prompt your scenario. Utilize the picture, the person in it, the colors: anything you like.


2. CHOOSE YOUR PROMPT! from the list of Major Arcana:
  • 00. The Fool - the beginning of a relationship; one character helping another to avoid a mistake they didn't notice; a character starting a new journey
  • 01. The Magician - a character takes action; a character is putting on a performance for another
  • 02. The High Priestess - characters met in a dream; a character is trusting their intuition and how does the other one feel about that? one character goes to another for guidance
  • 03. The Empress - one character playing mom-friend to another; a character is pregnant
  • 04. The Emperor - one character is playing dad-friend to another; a character is taking charge, one character is being overbearing, a character is trying to get a handle on their life
  • 05. The Hierophant - one character is questioning the status quo; one character is questioning their values; one character is coming to another as someone who knows their business
  • 06. The Lovers - two characters decide to get together, two characters make a choice together, two characters make choices to keep their relationship
  • 07. The Chariot - a character is going on a trip; a character is triumphant; a character wants to GET GOING on something; a character is impatient or headstrong;
  • 08. Strength - a character has to reach into a well of inner strength; a character has to find a work smarter instead of harder; a character has to find a way to deal with their inner conflicts
  • 09. The Hermit - a character has been going off on their own a lot lately; a character has been feeling lonely; a character is doing something on their own and it may be a good idea but it may not
  • 10. The Wheel of Fortune - fate has just thrown the character(s) for a loop; what goes around comes around
  • 11. Justice - a character is facing legal trouble; a character has broken the law and has to deal with the consequences; a character is seeking justice for someone else
  • 12. The Hanged Man - a character is going through a period of self-chosen change; a character is going through a period of reflection; a character knowingly sacrifices themselves for another character willingly
  • 13. Death - character death; a character goes through a painful transition
  • 14. Temperence - characters have to work together to get what they need done; character needs to learn moderation; a character needs to chill the hell out
  • 15. The Devil - one character has a hold over the other; one character is bad for the other but they just can't let go; one character is hording something/someone even though they know they shouldn't
  • 16. The Tower - a character has a catastrophic change in their life; a character makes a world-shattering decision; a character's whole world came tumbling down so what now?
  • 17. The Star - a character gets their wish; a character gives another hope; a character leads another through the darkness
  • 18. The Moon - a character is deceiving another character; a character is deceiving themselves; a character's mind is clouded; a character is going slowly mad
  • 19. The Sun - a character is feeling GREAT; a character is here to brighten another character's day; a character is revitalized after a period of slump
  • 20. Judgement - a reckoning is at hand for a character; a reckoning is at hand between characters; a character is transitioning from one thing into another
  • 21. The World - a character finds that they've found their place; a character gets some peace and now wonders what's coming next

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