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Hey, I'm first!

A Meme of FIRSTS!

You're in right smack in the middle of exciting times, perhaps even the peak of your life so far, and you're not alone. For you and your companion, it's all about firsts: first crush, first love, first fight, first confession, first kiss, first time, first adventure to certain death together - you know, as you do. There is a first time for everything, after all, and they say you never forget your first.


  • It's what it says on the tin.
  • Your character can be at the right place and time for all these firsts, you can age them down, they're starting late, they never had the chance, it's an AU I DON'T EVEN CARE just play.
  • Set up your top comment with your preferences, limits, info, and all that.
  • Reply to other people.
  • Prompts are amalgamations of many, many different memes.

  1. First Kiss: Is there anything sweeter?

  2. First Date: Are you super awkward and nervous or getting on like a house on fire?

  3. First Meeting: Dropped your groceries? Bump into them on the subway? Party? Fender bender? The options are endless!

  4. First Anniversary: You've made it an entire year without killing one another! Time to break open the bubbly.

  5. First Pet: Dog or cat? Fish tank? Rhinoceros?

  6. First House: Apartment in the city, or perfect white picket fenced home! Either way, better make the best of it.

  7. What is this...Love Thing?: I don't understand love. What is love, baby don't hurt me ---

  8. Love at First Sight...or, at least, Interest: Hey little mama, let me holla at you.

  9. Gradual: Your interest in this person is growing after getting to know them.

  10. Excitement and FREAKING OUT: Oh my gosh, there's absolutely nothing you'd rather do than spend time with this person you want everything to be perfect oh gosh oh gosh.

  11. Hormonal: Girls are so weird but they look so nice.

  12. Sloppy Makeouts: Put on "Stairway to Heaven" and go to town.

  13. Arguments: You jerk! Look what you've done! I never want to see you again.

  14. School Romance: Oh, I hope senpai notices me...or the cute class president, or the head of cooking club, or -

  15. You're Like Family to Me: The two of you have been close forever, so you've never seen each other like that...until now.

  16. Unlucky Friend: You lost the person of your dreams to someone else, perhaps because of their allure or perhaps because you never spoke up. What can you do now?

  17. I'll Cheer You On: Always supportive, always by your side, they're the person you can count on. Why do they care so much, though?

  18. Slap-Slap-Kiss: I could kill you for what you just did! I could - I could KISS YOU.

  19. Confession in the Heat of the Moment: You're about to go defeat the ultimate baddie. How about confessing your feelings to the person you love? Seems legit.

  20. Sudden Kiss: Kiss from nowhere! There are lots of reasons for this: to stop someone from crying, to make them be quiet, or just to explain yourself when words can't.

  1. First Time: A little awkward, a little exciting, always memorable. ( Unless you had to get drunk to get up the nerve.)

  2. Hey, Can We Try...: You've been together, or at least doing it, for awhile, but one of you wants to try something new.

  3. Childhood Sweethearts: You've loved them what seems like forever, ever since you were little.

  4. Wedding Night: Have fun, newlyweds! Maybe one of you cut off the sex a couple months ago, just for tonight to be extra special.

  5. With Nature: In a forest or a field, how could you not be happy with the sun or moon shining down and the beauty of nature around you?

  6. Waking Up: Fluffy, sleepy, giggly morning sex.

  7. Protected/Safe: You always feel safe with them. How can you thank them?

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Yuta Aoi | Ensemble Stars | M/M

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Joaquin DeSantos | Riverdale | m/m

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nazuna nito | ensemble stars!

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KATSUKI YUURI | yuri on ice

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I don't even know just throwing this out there. If it's no good just let me know!

[personal profile] angryrussiankitten 2017-07-16 02:37 pm (UTC)(link)
This felt like the worst idea, now that he was standing there in the doorway, with one hand clutching his luggage and the other tight on Potya's carrier. The place looked surprisingly... homey (and he briefly wondered who's touch it was because neither of them seemed like the domestic type. Probably Katsudon) but it was that homey-ness that made him want to turn right the heck back around and go find a hotel to stay in instead, with all of its clean, sterile comforts.

When they'd offered him someplace to stay when he needed it, he'd accepted only because Victor kept doing that voice at him with those stupid big puppy eyes, and he didn't really think about it until the time actually came. Now it was here and he was ten seconds from saying это пиздец and going back to the cab-

That just pulled away. Hell. He heard Potya rumble unhappily in her carrier - and he didn't blame her, just sort of agreed with her.
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it's good!! let me know if you want me to change anything :'D

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Yuuri has spent most of his life living away from home in unfamiliar dormitories, in hotels, and for one memorable month, at Celestino's place -- now that's one memory he'd like to forever strike out of his brain, thank you. To have a place of his (or rather, more accurately, of their) own was a nice change of pace, and Yuuri's done accordingly to make it as comfortable as possible.

"Ah, you're here!"

He's probably heard the sound of the cab pulling away outside, and Yuuri is holding an oven mitt in one hand as he pulls the door open with the other. He glances at Yuri, giving him a quick look up and down, before his smile grows even wider and he pulls the door open further, taking a step backwards.

"Come in. You can let her out for now, if you want - Victor's taken Makkachin out for a walk."
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Works for me! ^_^ Also just- sorry for Yuri. In every way. XD

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Yuuri is also getting the look up and down thanks to that oven mitt, but Yuri's face speaks of almost confused disgust because as far as he can tell Yuuri can barely keep his feet under his ass (except on the ice, how was it possible to be so ungainly off it and be like that on it?) so the idea of the other cooking... well, maybe he's picked up something from his family (he misses that food, suddenly).

"Where am I sleeping?" He'll let her out there so she has a space to get familiar with and hide from Makkachin in, but also so she doesn't completely freak out. Sure, she's used to traveling, but one room is better than a whole place. "You get the food I shipped?" He'd had two cases of her pricey food shipped from home to here to make sure she'd be all set here because in no way is she going to get an upset stomach from some cheap crap somewhere else.

Dragging his luggage inside, he does look it over better and begrudgingly admits (only in his head) that it looks... nice. Like someplace he wouldn't mind staying for a while. Not going to tell them that, though.
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never be sorry!!

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Hey, he's just cooking something completely harmless... like a quiche. That's totally harmless, right? There's nothing that could go wrong with it! Probably. It's probably one of two things he can cook that's within the calorie plan.

"We've got a spare bedroom. I've set it up for you already."

Yuuri lays down the mitt on the kitchen counter as they move further into the apartment, and he almost reaches down to take the luggage from the other before he thinks better of it; Yuri could be touchy about a lot of weird things, and he didn't want to push him any further than he could help it. Maybe when Victor got back home ...

"--And yes, the food is in the room too."

The bedroom is slightly on the small side, because Victor's apartment isn't huge, but it's enough to fit all the necessities in along with a fairly sizeable bed. Yuuri stands at the doorway, shifting his weight from foot to foot. The smile on his face is a little awkward, just a fraction nervous.

"How.. How do you like it? I hope you'll be comfortable here."
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There's only about half a dozen things Yuri can 'cook' and by 'cook' that means 'not burn', but he's fine with the same old stuff and mostly deals with food by shoveling it in if it's delicious and picking at it if it's anything outside of that. He's already expecting vaguely to smell something burning at some point because it's really hard to imagine either of them cooking.

Also damn right you don't touch his luggage, Katsudon. He's capable of his own luggage, thanks.

From just inside, Yuri surveys the bedroom and is honestly relieved it looks fine - not overly made up or a hovel - but he shrugs in answer to the question. "It's fine." That's all he's giving Yuuri right now as he puts down the carrier and kneels down in front of it, peering inside. "Ready to come out?" he murmurs to the feline inside in his mother tongue, then on getting an answering sound, he opens the carrier and lets her out into the room. All bright eyes and perked, curious ears before she starts sniffing and investigating.

"If she doesn't like it, I'm going to a hotel." Flat out. Looks like Potya is going to be the judge of the room.
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Yuuri just lets out a weak laughter in response, but nevertheless finds himself holding his breath as Potya decides to investigate the room thoroughly — he's spent the past two days cleaning the entire place again after-practice, until Victor finally made him stop and sit down. It's not that big a deal, he said. Don't worry, Yurio will stay!

Well, what if he decided that he would rather not, after all?

He doesn't remember being half as difficult as this when he had been Yuri's age — just even thinking that made him feel so old, all of a sudden.
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Almost no one was as difficult as Yuri was at any age. Also, Yuri would argue Yuuri is old and Victor is ancient, and fun, in their world, that was true. Given that most skaters would be done in their career before the age of thirty, it was very true. Sometimes, the whole notion could be disturbing, and it often meant that either you left on the high note of a win, the low note of a loss, or the unthinkable note of an injury.

When Potya jumps up on the bed and settles herself there? Yuri gives a grunt that might be approval and shucks his jacket, dropping it on the end of the bed, then pulls his suitcase in and sets it up tucked against the wall. "We'll stay." He turns and looks at Yuuri, then gives a sniff at the air. "Is something burning?"

Nothing's burning. He's being a total ass, but mostly so he can tease the older skater. While he's still not sure this had been the best decision, it's fine, like the room. It's not forever and he lived with Katsudon and Victor for some time already and knows he can do it again. Then again, they weren't a thing then. They better not get gooey on him while he can see them.
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Yuuri tries to hide the relieved smile that comes to his face by turning it away from Yuri, but maybe he's still seen it. Of course, he would probably be more comfortable at a hotel than here, subject to Makkachin and worse, Victor, when both of them descend on Yuri later on after their long walk. Hotel has room service, and unlimited wifi, and a great view. The only thing Yuuri could offer him is probably a dinner that's unburnt.

Which doesn't seem like it, from the question directed at him.


A look of panicked surprise crosses his face and Yuuri nearly jumps out of his skin, hastily turning towards the kitchen. "I'll -- I'll be right back!"
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[personal profile] angryrussiankitten 2017-07-18 07:44 pm (UTC)(link)
Snicker. Yuri watches as Yuuri bolts out of the room, feeling distinctly pleased at that reaction before he goes for his suitcase. He's a slob at the best of times, but he'll be here long enough that he actually bothers to dump clothing into drawers and drop all the expensive skin care up onto the top of the dresser (there's an amazing amount of it. Damn right he takes care of his skin when he spends most of his time out on the cold, drying ice or on hot, drying airplanes!) and ignores pretty much everything else. His costume pieces are in a carefully folded garment bag.

These are the things he treats as well as his cat, hanging them neatly in the closet (in neat plastic bags, knotted at the bottom) and smoothing them out to make sure they won't wrinkle when they're in there. Closet gets immediately shut. All protection against Potya's fur.

Only when does he saunter out of the bedroom and start nosily poking about, seeing the apartment before coming back into the kitchen, watching Yuuri from the doorway.
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sorry i'm so late with this!

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He lets the door swing shut behind him, and slows down his steps as he glances back at the door - Yuuri smiles a little to himself, as he carefully walks the rest of the way over back to the kitchen. He'd conveniently 'fallen' for the trap, knowing that the quiche won't be done for another ten minutes. That time he spends cleaning up a little bit, tidying the counter and the sink, before letting the quiche out of the oven to cool on the rack.

When Yuri comes back, he's probably elbow-deep in the sink doing some serious washing up. Having a third person around meant there will be even more of a shortage of cups and teaspoons, knowing how Victor tended to just leave his everywhere, so he'd better get caught up on it now.
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Don't be! It happens! ^_^

[personal profile] angryrussiankitten 2017-07-23 01:38 am (UTC)(link)
Yuri would be miffed if he knew that Yuuri got one up on him. Still, for now, he gets himself comfortable and makes his baby girl happy in this new place that smells of D-O-G.

It's so... domestic, watching Yuuri scrubbing away at dishes. He's definitely not the kind of guest to offer help, so instead he pads over to the table and pulls out a chair, settling himself in and unconsciously enjoying that rare sound of domesticity he hasn't experienced since he left his grandfather's home. It's not like Lilia is very homey.

His toes curl around the rungs of the chair, one currently bearing a bandage over a blister and the rest of his feet showing the typical signs of years of abuse all professional skaters and dancers end up with, but he doesn't exactly care in a house full of them. His phone is in hand as he smirks slightly at something on Otabek's Instagram (oh yeah, he's got access to that private account now after Barcelona) before looking up as he hears a figure call into the house, then-

"Hello to you, too," Yuri grumbles as Makkachin comes racing over happily to greet him, dropping that big dopey head in his lap before he can even shove him off.
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Mitama | Fire Emblem Fates

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[no smut prompts, please!!]
Edited 2017-07-14 22:47 (UTC)
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rei sakuma | ensemble stars (m/m)

[personal profile] hydrangeas 2017-07-15 01:48 am (UTC)(link)
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( i rolled 19? maybe it could apply to post rei graduation or something like that? )
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( sounds good to me! post- or even during is a-ok! )
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The whole matter of the forbidden word has approached and that's that. Things are more than fine like this. Natsume is going to survive the whole ordeal and think nothing of it. Just like everything else. There's not much to ponder on considering his fellow Oddballs and That Guy are no longer Yumenosaki students. It's not confusing or emotion inducing. If that were the case, he'd have some trouble. Natsume's totally not lingering outside the meeting place of where the Oddballs just had supper and parted ways.

There's a reason he's loitering but it isn't anything deep.

It's not that he's been thinking about... things. Perhaps he may have taken something into consideration but it's really nothing serious. That's why he has to take a few steps away from the restaurant as he lets out an even breath.

"Rei-niisan, I'm able to see YOU."
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god yes hello im not dead i promise

[personal profile] hydrangeas 2017-07-24 02:08 pm (UTC)(link)
"Hm? Ah, Sakasaki-kun...?" Pulling on his nice grandpa sweater to stave off the cool, fresh breeze, Rei tilts his head at Natsume's presence. It's a pleasant surprise, mind you, knowing that Rei, with his old-man tendencies, is prone to being the last to leave their meetings when he doesn't need to — but it's a surprise nonetheless. He even glances left and right, wondering if perhaps Natsume's favourite nii-san is around, and growing even more curious at his absence.

Nope, all various shades of blue and pink have disappeared and he's definitely the only one here.

"Kukuku, what a surprise ♪ Was there something you needed before we parted ways? It seems everyone else has left us, and I'm sure you're expected home soon." Your cats are hungry, Natsume, but Rei is willing to listen to anything you need.
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( i got 20 on the first roll and then 6 on the other, please choose your poison! )
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[ is 6 the right answer? i'm gonna go with that ]
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666 anija

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Aaa ~

( ritsu isn't pressed for time, never is considering his bad sleeping habits. awake during the night, sleep during the day and just rest whenever he has the time but this day is different. his legs are sore, back aches and probably broke a nail or two by digging them in the sheets and catching a nail.

he has an excuse to be tired today, reason why he won't leave for school nor will his brother next to him. the night was a little wilder than usual, affectionate than other days but he doesn't have much of a complaint. maybe, maybe he wishes the other works on his technique of being rough — he's so fucking tired hearing about rei's back but what's new?

his face is hidden in the pillow, covering any expression he's probably making in case rei is awake. better yet, maybe he should slide out of his brother's bed and move to his own, that's extra work but it'll save him from the bombarding affectionate gestures heading his way.

but... will rei make it that easy for him. )
Edited 2017-07-15 14:00 (UTC)
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thats our number

[personal profile] hydrangeas 2017-07-24 02:14 pm (UTC)(link)
[ i mean, no. when has rei ever made anything easy for anybody? if there's ever an idol who decides to make things unnecessarily convoluted and difficult not only for himself, but others as well, it's rei. well — in the end, it always ends up in closer bonds and better understanding, right? that's why it should be fine when he shifts, bothered by the way the morning sunlight streams through his window and right into his eyes, to turn away and face his younger brother instead.

he's not nearly awake enough to truly bother ritsu and make his life dark, and his eyes are still closed to shut out the light, but you know, just being around rei for long enough accomplishes that task well enough anyway. instead, in his sleepy mindset, he notes the nearest source of warmth and hopes to pull it closer to him. reaching out so that his fingers trace against ritsu's bare skin, he wraps his arms around the younger, pulling him near.

well, whether he ends up pressed against rei's chest, or with rei nestled into the crook of his neck is really up to him, but either way one thing is clear: rei certainly doesn't seem to be letting go any time soon. sorry ritsu; this morning, as every morning, is hard mode. ]

~ ♪
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Re: rei sakuma | ensemble stars (m/m)

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{ I rolled protected/safe, are you up for a Yuta?)
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[personal profile] hydrangeas 2017-07-15 12:52 pm (UTC)(link)
[ sure, sure! ]
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Let me know if you want me to change anything!

[personal profile] halfaheartbeat 2017-07-15 02:02 pm (UTC)(link)
[There's something to be said about Rei Sakuma's relationship with the twins Yuta and Hinata Aoi, all three boys got along great and for the most part Rei was some of the few people who could easily tell them apart and even offered Yuta a perspective of a big brother, which led to the mending of the twins strained relationship.

And Yuta grew even more fond of him when he came to his aid when Izumi started bullying him. Helping him understand his aniki and protecting him from Sena-senpai were two acts that definitely warranted a big reward. Which was why after practice and assuring his big brother he'd be home before nine, he caught up with the older Sakuma brother on their way back.

Sakuma-senpai~ Wait for me! I have something I want to ask you!
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all good, ty!

[personal profile] hydrangeas 2017-07-24 02:29 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh, Aoi-kun, what a surprise it is to see you. [ alone. a surprise to see him alone, really. well, it's a pleasant one, mind you, and rei's expression softens when he sees yuta approach. turning to glance at the younger of the twins, he draws to a stop with a smile, tilting his head curiously as the distance closes between them. ] Of course, of course — what do you need child? I shall see what I can do.

[ it's a simple, but sincere response. while he may be oblivious to any growing attachment from yuta, as he is the admiration of many of his beloved children, it doesn't make the affection he feels towards them any less. already, should yuta be close enough, rei will reach out to pat his head in reassurance. ]

Surely, it must be something troubling if it couldn't wait for the next light music club meeting, yes?
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Sorry for the slow reply! things have been going on!

[personal profile] halfaheartbeat 2017-08-27 03:44 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh! It's not something troubling!

[How to go about asking though? Especially now that he had come off as he was in trouble again. Come to think of it, a lot of the time he was usually in a jam when Sakuma came along.

He quickly shook that thought away before speaking up again.

I wanted to thank you... For helping me understand Aniki and help me with Sena-senpai too and I want to reward you!

[But the trouble was, he didn't know what would be a big enough reward for everything he had done for himself and his brother. ]
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cloud strife | ffvii

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[ voice testing, please be gentle. ]
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Gabriel Reyes // Overwatch

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[ooc: New muse, info is in the journal. Open to most prompts but need a lot of CR before anything smutty.]
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Roland Deschain | The Dark Tower Series | OTA

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ikki ( amnesia ) m/m

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viktor nikiforov ( yuri!!! on ice ) m/m

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Alistair Theirin | Dragon Age | OTA

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[Stick with shippy, please.]
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Dr. Angela 'Mercy' Ziegler ⛨ Overwatch ⛨ OTA

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( pre-cnon ) crowe altius | ff:kg | ota

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Cremisius "Krem" Aclassi || DA:I || ota

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Rin Tohsaka | Fate Stay Night | ota

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