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Roommates Meme

The Roommates Meme

Whether its in the dorms at college or just because it costs too much to live alone, sometimes you just end up sharing a living space with someone else. A roommate. Or even more than one. Sometimes they're your friends and others you hate their guts. Its not always easy adjusting to living with other people.

- Post with your characters, listing name and canon in the subject line along with any prefs.
- The person that replies is now your character's roommate.
- Either set a scenario of your own or use the RNG to pick one.
- Have fun threading things out!

1. Moving In - Say hello to your brand new roomie! They're moving in today. Are you going to help them with their boxes? Hopefully you get along.

2. Moving Out - For whatever reason, you're parting ways. One of you is moving out. Will it be a tearful goodbye or are you going to tell them not to let the door hit them on the way out?

3. Best Friends - You and your roommate have been together a long while and you've become great friends. Hang out, order a pizza, watch TV. Have some fun with this great person you live with!

4. Angry! - Maybe they left the bathroom a mess. Maybe they're just way too loud at night or they ate the last of your cereal. Whatever the reason, you're angry at your roommate. Maybe they're mad too. Have a fight or try to work it out somehow.

5. Falling for them - You didn't think it would happen but it has. That roommate of yours is just your type and you've fallen for them. Will you tell them or keep it to yourself? Maybe they already know and are trying to figure out things for themselves.

6. Wildcard - Roll again or pick your own. Whatever looks fun.

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Ordinary!Dean Winchester | Supernatural | Open!

[personal profile] alifeordinary 2012-02-05 08:18 am (UTC)(link)
[Dean Winchester if there was no such thing as monsters. Open to actual canon canon-mates, or similar Ordinary!AUs, both would be awesome.]
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#1 - hope this is okay.

[personal profile] isabigdeal 2012-02-06 04:58 am (UTC)(link)
Rachel had been living alone for the last several years but thanks to losing her rent controlled apartment, she now needed a roommate. She quickly found a guy that needed a roommate and had Joey check out the place when she couldn't make it. She had no idea that Joey didn't tell Dean it was Rachel moving in instead of himself.

Having found the extra key under the mat like Dean had said, Rachel and her friends were able to get her things moved in quickly and now it was just her alone in the apartment with her bedroom filled with furniture and boxes and a few stacks of boxes in the living room. She was hoping Dean didn't mind if some of her things were placed in the other rooms, wanting it to feel like home to her, too.

She was in her bedroom unpacking her clothes and didn't hear the front door open when Dean came in.
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Ohhh, this is wonderful. You're amazing for playing her.

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He came in quietly, as people who lived alone tended to do. Boots thudded quietly on the wooden flooring, but apart from that, he didn't say anything. Mostly just out of habit- why announce himself to an empty apartment? He tossed his keys onto a table by the door, and crossed the room to the fridge to grab a beer.

Long, long, long day at work. He sighed and turned around, rested his hips against the counter-top, and that's when he noticed the changes to the apartment. They were subtle- well, subtle for anyone else, but when you're a single, manly dude, you don't have chocolate designer throw-pillows on your couch. Or little picture frames that match it.

Was that a rug?

He blinked. He didn't really take the guy for an interior decorator. Not that he was judgmental of anyone's lifestyle, it just came as a genuine surprise. Was he still here?

"Hey- you get moved in okay?" He called, friendly, through the apartment.
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I was so excited to see ordinary Dean...never seen him before. :)

[personal profile] isabigdeal 2012-02-06 08:34 am (UTC)(link)
There were a few things that Rachel just could not part with and she hoped Dean didn't mind. The rest of her things were now in a storage building since they didn't need duplicates of everything.

She was head first into her closet, organizing her many boxes of shoes when she heard somebody call out to her and she popped her head up. Setting the boxes she had in her hands down on the bed, she cautiously walked out of her bedroom, smiling a little hesitantly when she saw him leaning against the counter.

"Yeah, I'm all moved in." Her smile got warmer and she moved closer to him, offering him her hand. "I'm Rachel and you must be Dean, my new roomie."
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Haha, well, I can't take credit for the idea, there are a bunch of fics that beat me to the punch!

[personal profile] alifeordinary 2012-02-07 12:08 pm (UTC)(link)
He blinked in surprise, then glanced around as though under the impression that this was some kind of joke. Was he being punked? What happened to the dude from the other day? He took her hand uncertainly, and shook it all the same.

"Rachel- howdy, Rachel. Are you-- I thought that guy- Joey- he didn't mention he had a girlfriend. Not that I mind, nice to have a chick around, but I wasn't really expecting..."

Damn. How to phrase it without making an ass of himself?
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I'm glad you have him. I've always wanted to see him in RP. ^_^

[personal profile] isabigdeal 2012-02-07 05:58 pm (UTC)(link)
Poor Rachel had no idea that Joey didn't bother to explain thought it shouldn't have surprised her. She could tell Dean seemed hesitant and thought maybe he'd changed his mind about having a female for a room mate.

"What? Joey doesn't have a girlfriend. He..." She paused and sucked in a big gasp of air, then covered her mouth with her hand. "Oh my god. He didn't tell you." She was starting to panic and pace around. "He was looking at the apartment for me. I'm so sorry. He was supposed to ask if you minded a female room mate."

She stopped and looked up at him, "I can leave if you want me to."
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4 Couldn't not, ehehehe. Pretend he's just a garden variety stoner with ~family issues :B

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[[ooc: I dunno if you're down for shipping, but I'm definitely good either way. c: ]]

[Only Cas could pull of being irritated and stoned at the same time. His plan for the morning had been simple: roll out of bed, a little wake-n-bake, and then the second half of that truly glorious sandwich he'd had the previous night before hauling ass into work. That's all. See? Simple.

Only not simple. Because an integral part of that plan- aforementioned wonderful sandwich- is curiously, horribly, soul-crushingly missing from the fridge.]

But.. What-- ...Dean?

[Turn that stoner grin upside down and you get the most crestfallen, miserable look ever to start your morning off, Dean.]
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Words cannot express how much this pleases me.

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[[ooc: Why, hello, there, love. It's the same mun as [personal profile] hunting_trip, and yes, I'm definitely down for that.]]

[To be fair, it was unreasonable to leave a wonderful, delicious sandwich in the fridge and expect it to last through the night. If anything could be said about one Dean Winchester, it was that he fucking loved sandwiches. And that damn second-hand smoke gave him the munchies like nobody's business. He really can't be held accountable for his actions.

Dean looked up, startled, at the sound of his name, and gave the most innocent deer-in-the-headlights 'what did I do?' look his face was capable of giving.]

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Ehehehehe <333

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[[ooc: aahahah I thought it might be you! c: how do you wanna do this? together-together, UST, friends with bennies? :P Or just bros haha it's up to you. ]]

[It takes him a few seconds longer than it really should to register that Dean's responded, and to think of what he'd wanted to ask. He glances into the fridge, into the empty space where his sandwich should have been. Right. Sandwich.]

Sandwich. [Come on, Cas, be a little more specific than that, you can do it.] The one that was in here, where--

[It suddenly dawns on him where it might be. But no, he couldn't have... He wouldn't... No way.]

...Did you eat it?
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[[ooc: Let's do some good old fashioned UST, and then we can work up to together-together without missing the fun bits?]]

[Aw, damn. Damn, damn, damn, he just has the most sob, disheartened face, and Dean feels like he's thrown a kid's puppy out a seven-story window for about five seconds.]

No? [It's so hopefully innocent, it could never pass for truth, so a second later, he's already moving on to the 'making it up to you' part.]

I'm sorry- Jesus Christ, you look like your dog just died, want me to make you breakfast? Anything you want. Pizza? I could buy you pizza- don't look at me like that.
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[[ooc: toootally down for that! c: tempted to make a separate account >_>;; add another flavour of Cas to my list, you know 8'D;; ...I might actually do that, 'cause I spent the drive to class today coming up with a backstory for this ffff what is my liiiife?]]

[Oh don't mind Cas, he's just pouting like a child because he'd been so excited for that sandwich. He might have actually bought Dean's denial, given his state, but before he's even had a chance to process it fully, Dean's already apologizing and so he's forced to acknowledge that not only is it gone, but that it was Dean's doing. Dirty, man. Dirty.

...But then he catches 'breakfast' and 'pizza', in the same sentence just like they always should be, and he's well on his way to forgiving Dean this trespass. He perks visibly, closing the fridge door with the soft chink of beer bottles, and leans against the countertop behind him.]

I might be willing to forgive you if there's breakfast involved. And maybe pizza.

[Never mind that he doesn't have very long before he's supposed to be at the shop and much ass-kissing will be necessary if he's late again... He'll eat quickly.]
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[[ooc: If you do that, I will love you for all of forever. I made a musemostwanted post requesting Ordinary!Cas- as ordinary as Cas can ever get, anyway- I would shed tears of happiness if it was you, I can't even. This Dean's also on LJ under the same username. SO. Yes. Good things.]]

[Damn. He's never really good at being sneaky and getting away with things. He should have quit while he's ahead. Then again- just because Cas is baked and probably wouldn't realize it right now doesn't mean he wouldn't figure it out eventually, and then he'd be pissed at being lied to. Cas is smart. You know, when he's sober.

Which he really should be more often, he thinks, because Cas with clarity in his eyes? Cas with opinions and ideas lighting up in those beautiful baby blues? It's a sight to behold.

Not that he's going to say that. Ever.]

Then I have got the perfect solution.

[He holds up a finger and yeah, he's got this, bitch. Breakfast motherfucking pizza.

Just a shame that he... has no earthly clue how to cook it. He draws the line at bacon and eggs.

But he knows somewhere that does. He's striding across the room for his keys and jacket a second later.]

Get your hippy ass in the car, sweetheart, we're going out.
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[[ooc: aaaand bam. I had way too much fun with this. :P I've never actually been on MMW, I am such a noooob.]]

[He raises his eyebrows with a small quirk of his lips.]


[He trusts Dean's judgement, especially where food is concerned, and so he's willing to go along with whatever he has in mind. He's so busy imagining what kind of amazing food he might be enjoying soon that he misses the part about 'going out', and it's not until Dean's standing in front of him with his jacket on and keys dangling from his hand that he realizes what's going on. He makes a face at being called 'sweetheart', though he really isn't bothered; he has no comment on 'hippy', because, well...]

Huh? Right, out. Sounds like a plan.

[Being half an hour late never got anyone fired, right? He grabs his own jacket, digging around in his pocket for his sunglasses. It takes him a minute or so to find them- probably because they're on the table, not in his pocket. He sets them on his face and glances around to make sure he's not forgetting anything else obvious, like his wallet or keys, and as soon as he's satisfied that he has everything, he looks over at Dean, stuffing his hands in his pockets again.]

Let's roll.

[It occurs to him that he should probably ask where they're going, but the thought's gone almost as soon as it'd come. As long as it has food, it's all good with Cas. He's been up for maybe an hour and a half, though it seems like a lifetime; he's ravenous.]
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[[ooc: Pfft what a noob. Just kidding, you're not missing much.]]

[Dean looks just... entirely too amused by the second's delay it takes Cas to get with the program. He wasn't sure about it at first, when this crazy ass stoner moved in. He figured he'd get tired of it after about two seconds and want to shove him out a window.

All he's really felt, though, is a completely amused fondness for the guy. Maybe it's that kicked puppy look he gets whenever Dean's too much of a dick to him, or the weirdo late night hippy talks while Cas smokes out the window and Dean waffles over whether or not to join him. So far, it's been a no, though. He's got a job, and if he fails a drug test, his ass is grass.]

Any day, now. Nice glasses, Ke$ha.

[He smirks and tugs the door open, doesn't wait up for Cas to follow, trusting him to shut the door behind them as they go. He may be high as a batman kite, but he doesn't want his shit stolen, either. He mashes down on the elevator button, thanking God and a few other deities that this place is merciful enough not to play smooth jazz or lobby music in the elevator.]

Hey, aren't you gonna be late for work or something?
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[[ooc: so. I laughed for about ten minutes solid over Dean calling Cas Ke$ha. I am a huge fan and I just about died. I just thought I'd let you know ahahaha oh god. My friend was amused too, and took it upon herself to photoshop dollar signs all over stoner!Cas.]]

Hey, knocking my shades and calling me trashy isn't gonna get you back into my good graces any faster.

[Honestly? He likes the ribbing. Strict upbringing or no, he was raised with a bunch of brothers and so it's a kind of affection he can appreciate.

He makes a face anyway, though, because he's perfectly justified in the preemptive sunglasses. His eyes are beat and he keeps losing the little bottles of drops he buys because they're so damn small that he can't keep track of them, always finds them lodged in the couch or the side of his bed just a bit too late for them to be useful.

Besides, he likes his shades. They're great shades. He follows Dean out into the hallway, tugging the door closed behind him and twisting it to check the lock; it's become automatic, fortunately, he'd have to be way more out of his mind than he is right now to forget about that. He's a little bit responsible, come on.

And speaking of responsibility. Ah, work... He was wondering if and when that subject would come up. He shrugs his shoulders as he steps into the elevator, settling himself into the corner with his hands resting on the railing.]

I think Sophie can handle the droves until I get there.

[No one ever comes in until they've been open for a few hours anyway. He's pretty sure he's in the clear.]
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Dat Html

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[[ooc: That picture was the best thing I've seen in forever, oh god. Bahaha.]]

Who're you kidding? I was back in your good graces the second I said 'pizza'. Can you honestly stay mad at this face?

[And cue Dean's charming face. He circles his finger around it once- see? Too charming. Look at the winning smile. Probably doesn't hurt that Cas is two bowls in. How he manages to function at work is completely beyond Dean- then again, Dean's filed his taxes after a fifth of whiskey and six beers. It may have even been his best return. He can't... exactly remember, because it was mostly used to buy more beer.

Ah, his early twenties. The good old days, when his liver was naive.]

I don't know, man, she likes you, but she's a friggin' tiger. Told me if I didn't stop- get this- negatively influencing you, she was gonna hit me with her car. That is not professional behavior.

[He's just so thoroughly disapproving at that, shaking his head in disappointment. A little maturity in this establishment would be nice, fuck you very much.

The elevator dinged and he stepped out. Held the door open for Cas, and headed around the side of the building for the tenant parking.]
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[[ooc: I wanna frame it and set it as my album art for every ke$ha song I have.]

[He snorts, rolling his eyes even though he knows Dean can't see it. Charming face or not, he'd been so looking forward to eating that sandwich...]

...It was definitely the pizza.

[Mm, pizza. The charming face doesn't hurt though. At all. Not even a little bit.

His lips twitch, he remembers that day. He's heard about it secondhand, but to hear Sophie tell it the look on Dean's face had been priceless, and he's sorry he'd missed it. The faces he makes sometimes... Cas is having trouble keeping from dissolving into giggles just thinking about them. He's actually pretty fond of this job, if for no other reason than having a spitfire boss- whose ire is directed at everyone but him- is entertaining.]

I dunno, maybe she just likes my charming face better than yours.

[He grins slowly, because he knows for a fact that's at least one of the reasons he's in the clear with this whole being late situation. He slips out of the building behind Dean, squinting at the light even though his sunglasses, and follows him around to the car. Frowning, he pulls his shoulders in against his neck; the cold is seriously harshing his chill. Not cool.]

So where are we headed?
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[[ooc: You should make it your desktop background. And your Facebook picture.]]

[The rather blunt rebuffing of his charming face made it quickly drop into a pout. What a freaking funsucker. Sucking the fun out of everything.]


[So, there. And he'd rather stay away from that woman for as long as humanly possible. The expression on his face may have been comical, but his fear was real. She was like Cas's Ellen. God help him if the two of them ever met, he'd be eating through a straw for a week.

He tugged open the door with the shrill shriek of old metal, slammed it closed behind him, and paused with the keys mid-ignition to give Cas an incredulous look.]

Please. If anything, it's because she's got a hard-on for those damn sob eyes you flash when you're pissy. Makes me feel like I punched a kitten. You should come with a warning label.

[He cranked it up and slid them out of the parking lot, petting the dashboard affectionately. Never mind him, gorgeous, you just keep purring.]

A diner.

[Of course. Dean was like a walking directory of all of the diners in a fifty mile radius.]

Just trust me. And put on some music.
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mother of god tl;dr tag ahahahaha apologiiiies

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[[ooc: totally setting it as FB picture oh my god. It's replacing the stoner!Cas do ALL the drugs picture 8'D;;;]]

[He huffs out a laugh as he deposits himself into the passenger's side of the bench seats, shutting the door and shifting around until he's found a comfortable spot with his head tipped back against the cool leather. He'd had his doubts, the first time Dean'd 'introduced' him to his baby; the car was older than him, and although he'd had to admit she looked impressive, he couldn't imagine her driving very well.

Colour him pleasantly surprised after that first trip; he's certainly a believer now.

He catches that incredulous look and grins again with a small shrug.]

Hey, whatever works, right?

[The rumble of the engine is relaxing, already working to soothe the abrasiveness of the cold air's effect on his high. Yet another reason why he's grown fond of this car. He has his arm resting on the window and is contemplating the low vibration against his side when Dean answers his question, and he smiles.]

A diner. Why am I not surprised?

[Now that he's thinking about it, it'd probably been a stupid question. Where'd he think they'd be going? Chuck E Cheese? ...Not that he'd have complained. There's something to be said for flashing lights and terrifying anthropomorphized mice when you're baked... But he's perfectly content with a diner. He schools his face into seriousness anyway.]

My breakfast is in your hands Dean, don't disappoint me.

[He leans forward, grabbing the box of cassette tapes from under his seat and rifles through them. So many choices, Dean should know better than to ask him to think like this. It's a very serious task, picking music... After what seems to Cas to be ages of digging through the box, he pulls out Led Zeppelin II and stuffs it in the deck, totally unsurprised when it's the last minute or so of 'Ramble On'.

Predictable. He likes that. Grinning, and satisfied that he's picked a winner, he leans back again, hands folded in his lap, and relaxes into the familiar tune, tapping out the beat sluggishly with his thumbs. Being a passenger stoned? Probably one of his favourite pastimes ever; if he hadn't forgiven Dean before, he certainly has now.

He's just not going to mention that.]
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I loooove me some tl;dr. I'll eat those tags all day.

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[[ooc: Yesss. Roll in the glory while nobody else on your facebook gets it at all. \o/ ]]

[Don't think he doesn't notice that look. He checks everybody's reaction to that baby. That first trip was like a character test to determine whether or not they could be friends. It had been sketchy at first, that skeptical look make him feel offense on behalf of the car, but Cas took to it like a bird took to flying, at which point officially dubbed him My Friend. All the rest was just details.

He can tell by the way Cas relaxes into the rumble that he was meant to be, a surge of pride that went straight to his groin, and damn if he doesn't want to take him to the back seat and just fu-

Focus, Jesus Christ, focus.

He glanced over at Cas as he mashed the gas pedal, looking amused.]

I'm like the Obi Wan of breakfast pizza. Don't worry, Luke, I got this covered.

[He knows his diner food like he knows his Zeppelin. Which is another mark in Castiel's favor, god he loves this guy and his great taste in music. Of all the people to get stuck with in this asshole of a city, he could've done far worse.]

Which reminds me. We either need to get a dog, an android, or a Wookie. I've got no preference.
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I am also a fan of tl;dr tags ahaha

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[[ooc: awwwww yeah, that's exactly what I'm doing :P no regreeeets!]]

[He's a bit slow to respond, too distracted by how nice everything feels, the purr of the car, the music, the rush outside of the window as they gain speed... It's so comfortable that he can't help but focus on it, on the way his body feels heavy and relaxed and wonderful and sinking into the worn leather seat. Damn, he loves this car. He'll have to tell Dean about how much he loves the car; he can just see the pride-boner now... Hm. Probably best not to focus on that too hard. ...Heh. Hard. He snorts quietly, ridiculously grateful that Dean can't read his mind right about now.

The next song's started before he realizes with some disappointment that he hadn't actually responded, and that his hilarious 'help me Obi-Wan Kenobi' crack won't ever be appreciated for its wit and cleverness, lost forever because now he can't remember what it was. Shame. He makes a mental note to restrict his wake-n-bake session to maybe just the one bowl next time...]

Wow, I get to be Luke now? That's generous.

[He'd been expecting to be dubbed Leia. Or Chewbacca, depending on Dean's mood.

God, this song's trippy.

And speaking of Chewbacca... He frowns a bit, though it's obscured by his shades.]

Hmm, as much as I'd love a Wookie butler, I'm pretty sure there's an anti-Wookie clause somewhere in our renter's agreement... Why? You can't tell me you need to use the dog-walking thing to pick people up...?

[And then he's struck with the image of Dean walking a well-coifed poodle and has to bite his lip to keep from loosing it.]
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[Dean loves his car. Dean loves driving his car. Dean loves driving his car with the windows down and the radio turned to an unreasonable volume. Dean loves Cas being in the car beside him. For a second, he forgets about the fact that he has to be at work in an hour, that Sam's probably doped up on six kinds of drugs and his dad's dead. And he forgets about that crazy ass boss of Cas's. It's... simple.

Judging by his rather delayed response, he assumes Cas is about six kinds of gone. He's slumped bonelessly in the passenger's seat, draped and curled like the giant cat he is, looking so relaxed, Dean's almost jealous, except he can practically feel that, too.

They should go on a road trip. Just the two of them. He'd want Sam to go, he'd long for Sam to go if that weren't an impossible dream. For one, he wouldn't be able to get by with sneaking needles, and two, his dumb bitch of a whore girlfriend wouldn't let him. Manipulative. Controlling. A road trip, though... maybe the Grand Canyon. Lots of freeway and open space, maybe camping and the stars. Cas strikes him as the hippy camping type.]

Good thing that clause is anti-Wookie and not anti-Dog. Racist bastards.

[He shrugged a shoulder and glanced over.]

Hey, man, I don't need a dog to pick people up. I've got my good looks and great personality for that. And I know what you're thinking- I'll die in the flaming pits of hell before I get a purse dog. Think boxer, or husky, or... hell, I don't know, a Lab or something.
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[He grins lazily, but it falters because holy shit, what if Dean can read his mind...? That'd be just awful, considering the ridiculous- and dirty, who's he kidding?- thoughts that run through his head sometimes, like just a few minutes ago...

No. He shakes his head; if Dean could read minds he'd certainly have been tossed bodily from the car the first time he'd come along for a ride and had eyed the back seat, trying to puzzle out if two people could fit comfortably back there in a horizontal type position... Purely out of curiosity, you understand. It's just good to know these things.

Satisfied that Dean cannot, in fact, read his mind, the grin reappears as he considers the given list of breeds-- he must have imagined 'android' on that list of possible household companions, seriously, just the one bowl next time...

He hums thoughtfully, the picture of seriousness.]

Could go for a german shepherd. Bite the legs off of intruders and the landlady when she comes for the rent?

[...Is their landlady a lady? He can't even remember...]
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[personal profile] alifeordinary 2012-02-13 02:30 am (UTC)(link)
[If Dean could read minds, and had seen that particular thought involving the back seat of his Impala and to bodies shoved in it like puzzle pieces, there may have been some body tossing, but not quite in the way Castiel's thinking. It involves his favorite things. Sex? Yes. His Impala? Yes. Probably Led Zep in the background? Yes. Cas? Yes. And did he mention sex? Because he likes sex. He likes sex a lot.

But not sex with Cas. Because that would be. Just. Horrendously inappropriate, as they are friends, and also roommates, and his exposure to loving of the same sex variety, although existent, is highly limited. He prefers hour-glass shaped and bouncy, as a default, just a personal preference. Apparently, that preference doesn't apply to blue-eyed pain in the asses who smoke too much refer and talk to him about religion at three in the morning on the fire escape outside of their window.]

Cas, if Colt bites the landlady, we probably won't get to keep him.

[Yes, he's named the dog already. And the landlady has a mustache and bigger muscles than him, so the gender confusion isn't unfounded.]
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[Horribly inappropriate, yes. Which is why Cas had absolutely not been thinking about it that first trip in the Impala. And why he's absolutely not thinking about it now.

The song ends, and after a few moment's delay he moves to eject the cassette, considering flipping it to the other side but realizing that would mean rewinding, which means no music for possibly a whole minute, which is just unacceptable, he drops it carefully back into the box and picks another one out at random, stuffing it into the deck.

Metallica. It's a song he doesn't recognize, but he can work with that.]


[Hm. It has a ring to it, he has to admit, even if he doesn't have a clue where the idea had come from. He may have argued just on principle, but he's feeling good and he does actually like it, so he'll save his extremely entertaining button-pushing for another time. No need to harsh the chill right now, none at all.]

Yeah, maybe an attack dog isn't the best idea.

[So no rottweilers, dobermans, or chihuahuas, then. What? Those ankle biting bastards definitely count as attack dogs. Small and yappy and as chill-harshing as they come. No thank you.]

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For shizzle 8|

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Aww, yeah. /Sunglasses

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Re: Aww, yeah. /Sunglasses

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