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i thought we could use a setting change

the ship to the afterlife meme

congratulations: you are dead! maybe you know how, maybe you don't. perhaps the memory is fuzzy, or perhaps it's crystal clear down to the look in your comrades' eyes. maybe it was your time; you've done all you wanted to. or maybe you weren't at all ready to go, maybe you went out kicking and screaming -- but none of it matters. you know you're dead, and the ship is taking you to an afterlife. perhaps an afterlife of your choice; you might've earned that heaven. or perhaps you've earned something else entirely.

it'll be a bit of a journey, though, so you might as well take your time and talk to the other people on the ship. death knows no place: most of them are strangers, even from faraway worlds. but death knows no time either, so who knows, some of them may be people you know, even if last you knew, they were alive -- or long gone.

the usual;

post with your character's name, canon, and preferences.
said character is now dead for whatever reason -- canon, au, what have you. they are on a ship with other dead people from many other times, places, and worlds.
characters don't know for a fact where they're headed -- just a general awareness that they're going to some kind of afterlife. whatever they think it is is up to the player.
tag around and play nice!

this meme obviously deals with death and may deal with other unpleasant themes as a result. please be cautious.

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Alex } Oxenfree

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Chousokabe Motochika | Sengoku Basara

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[ m/m for shipping. ]
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[he recognises him, somewhat. ]

Maybe I shouldn't be surprised. It is a ship, after all.
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ChibiUsa Tsukino | Sailor Moon | f/m | no smut

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[she's familiar with this place already]
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Eli Vanto | Star Wars | OTA

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[If there's one thing he knows right now, it's that he must've really messed up. And that feeling irritated may be weird, but if he stops now, a battalion of worse feelings will hit him.]
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Jɪᴀᴍᴇʟ | Oʀɪɢɪɴᴀʟ | M/M

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Eren Jaeger | Attack on Titan

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[Why was he here? It's not coming back to him. Something is way too creepy about this boat. It leaves a sinking feeling Eren just can't put his finger on, nor does he want to think too deeply about it just yet. But that's not exactly happening when he isn't where he should be right now.]
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Black Panther (T'Challa) | Marvel

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Ragnar Eriksson | old World of Darkness | ota

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Frisk | Undertale | OTA

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This isn't unusual.
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jyn erso | rogue one | ota

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Will Porter | Kill Switch | Open

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[ Some info. ]
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[The whole thing seems pretty strange, if you ask Atton. Why is the ship made of wood, where's it going, why is he on it? Why isn't he part of the Force now? That's supposed to be what happens- at least, he thinks so. Admittedly, there never was much time to pick up any of the less practical side of the whole Jedi thing.

Well, maybe someone else can give him a clue, if he approaches it right. He picks his first target entirely at random, stopping by him as if it's just coincidental.]

Kind of weird, right? I don't know what else I expected, but this really isn't it.

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Atton Rand / Star Wars: KotoR II

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[Jedi Sentinel version.]
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Kokichi Oma | Danganronpa V3 | No smut

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[Let me know if you want me to avoid spoilers.]
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Magnus Burnsides | The Adventure Zone | OTA

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[ All things considered, Merle wasn't expecting it to be a boat. He was kind of expecting a soul-sucking tear in reality or that reaper guy with a few pairs of astral handcuffs. Something unnecessarily horrifying and convoluted. A ship's not... so bad? He guesses? Well, maybe a little convoluted. Forget the being-dead part. Merle's irreverence strikes again.

Stinks that it's so crowded with familiar faces, in a manner of speaking. One face is definitely a crowd. ]

Well if you're here and I'm here, it sure won't take Taako too long to show up. [ Merle hops up into the seat next to Magnus without even bothering to ask permission. ]

'course, he's pretty weaselly. How long do you give him? We'll make a bet and then make him pay the winner. I'm sure I saw him loot somebody without telling us about it!

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jfc idk what the fuck happened

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bakerstreet done rioted bro

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Angus McDonald | The Adventure Zone

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voicetesting, hope you don't mind if the narrative feels awkward ;U

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[Honestly, Eliza had been waiting for a long time. She'd expected it about twenty years ago, in fact, waiting for some ailment to claim her. Instead she'd outlived everyone she knew and loved in the first half of her life, except for most of her children, successful and hoping that her efforts to preserve the family legacy had not been in vain. Fifty years she worked to make sure their name was never lost in dusty books in library corners. All she can do now is wait.

So she's on this boat waiting to enter heaven or hell; she's done her best to be... well, not a holy woman, certainly, but good and fair. She wonders where her husband and son's gone after they sailed the same boat; decides not to dwell on it, decides wait and see.

Eliza Schuyler was an old and successful woman (and yet on the boat she's fifty younger) with a life longer than most, but on board with her is a child. Now, that is simply unfair, and she knows the tragedy too well. Perhaps that's part of the reason she approaches. Too young, she thinks. Far too young. Some distant pang reminds her of her son.]

Hello, [she says, with a mother's smile.] Would you care for some company?

welcome aboard SS Sadness!

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(roll sadness check)

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nishikiyama akira | yakuza 0 | ota!!

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[ pls no spoilers ]
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[To say he's surprised to be dead would be the biggest lie of all time. It was going to happen, but it kind of is annoying how he doesn't actually remember how it happened. He could've at least had the glory of that, but no.

He doesn't feel like talking to anyone and hasn't been paying attention to people at all majority of the time except when some guy was in hysterics for a minute or two. That was a little entertaining on such a boring trip. He doesn't even have cigarettes to pass the time. He's already dead, so it's not like smoking can hurt him anymore.

After moving to a different spot out of restlessness, he notices something sort of sticking out. It's a color that looks familiar and way too much of it - at least in his opinion. In just a few seconds he realizes who it is and isn't sure whether to feel bad or find it humorous in a way that he feels it isn't surprising to see him either. They both did shady shit, so eventually it was going to bite them in the ass.

He moves over right next to that tacky suit.]

Here at the same time? Did we end up killin' each other or somethin'?

[It's a joke, but serious in the back of his mind too because of that blank space between living and suddenly here with dead folks.]

Either way it'd be better than dyin' to some regular street punk, I guess.

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constartist: do you see her, she's so short (how did that girl even get in here)

joseph joestar | jojo's bizarre adventure | ota!

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[He remembered very little about how he had died, which, from what little he could remember…Caesar knew it was probably a good thing, but it still frustrated him anyway. Things that also frustrated him: the endless voyage, the waters that were so much like home and so much not, and the feeling of unfinished business that gnawed at him.

Things that just started to frustrate him: being stuck on a boat in an endless voyage with-]
JoJo?! [What the hell.] You’re late. [More like early. More like you weren’t supposed to be here. More like what are you doing here. More like you weren’t supposed to die in general.] I never thought I’d have to see you again.



They were having an argument, weren’t they? Before it happened. In fact, the more he looks at JoJo the more he remembers, and it’s not in a good way.

[If the situation was slightly different this is the point in which he’d be seriously tempted to say fuck it and throw JoJo off of the side of the boat, tragic afterlife reunion or not.]

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Bartleby l Dogma l OTA

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(Probably wiped out of existence, but let's just say he's able to end up in this place too.)
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bucky barnes | mcu

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Revolver Ocelot | Metal Gear Solid

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beth greene | the walking dead | ota

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[Do you think death could possibly be a boat? I'm interested in canon and cross-canon CR and am happy to go with assumed or unassumed. Beth had a pretty ugly death, so there's plenty to chat about.]
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eliza schuyler | hamilton: an american musical | ota

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