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We need to have an epiphany

the sudden realization of attraction emotions LOVE meme

In retrospect, you've probably had these feelings for this person for forever, you've just never noticed them right in front of your eyes. After all, emotions like this don't pop out of nowhere. But it seems like it, because you've just noticed you like - maybe even l.o.v.e. - this person...or at least be attracted to them in a BIG BIG way. Of course, it may have to do with the outside pushes and shoves that had led you to this conclusion; surely, though, there had been hints before. Oh, there were? You never thought about it? You repressed it? You refused to believe?

Well. Reality is here to smack you right in this face, probably at the least oppertune moments. That's how these realizations tend to work. Who this person is to you - classmate, ally, brother in arms, worst enemy, best friend - varies, and so can your reaction. You can be embarrassed, confess from the highest mountain, continue to ignore those feelings because that's completely healthy, or let your instinct run wild and kiss them right on the mouth. It's all up to you.

Don't say you didn't realize.

How to Play
♡ Comment with your character and preferences. Feel free to give information about your character or mention what kind of relationships you may enjoy playing, or leave your comment blank.
♥ There's a catch. For those who leave top comments, your character is the one having the revelation about those who respond to you.
♡ Comment to others and thread all this out.


1. You two were having fun, until...boom. Right in the fondness. Things got real.
2. Just like in kindergarden, they were mean to you.
3. They were caring for you or comforting you, showing affection or healing.
4. They were teasing you.
5. You were arguing. I hate you! I LOVE you! Oops.
6. Clumsiness can lead to embarrassment or accidental kissing.
7. They got the Hollywood makeover, and oh, no, they're hot!
8. You were staring too long and your heart started beating faster.
9. They were like a brother or sister to you until now, and you never saw them that way before.
10. Someone said that you two make/would make a great couple, and now you can't stop thinking about it.
11. You've been pretending to be together...and now the feelings are real.
12. They have to leave - forever!
13. You are heading off to battle together, and one or both of you may die.
14. You are heading off to battle them!
15. Just like the middle ages - or maybe it is the middle ages - you've learned that they're promised to someone else.
16. You've learned they're with someone else of their own will.
17. Jealousy is an ugly trait, but even though they're not with that other person, you can't help but jump to conclusions. Why do you care so much?
18. Now that you've realized your feelings for them, they will be yours. They will be.
19. They call you out on your feelings, or ask you why you are the way you are.
20. The attraction's one-sided...right? It has to be.
20. You're in denial, your life's a trial. Surely you can't be thinking this about them!
21. You're playing it off, even if you look weird in front of them.
22. RUN AWAY, you can't deal with this. Yes, literally run away.
23. You recognize your feelings, but sadly put them aside for the greater good
24. This was supposed to be just sex, yet as you're coming, you're realizing how deep this is, actually...
29. SUDDEN SEX because completing a trifecta here.
30. W I L D C A R D
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(dusting off an older muse. Don't expect canonmates so assumed cr a go.)
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[voicetesting. and a very temporary PB for icons, will change tomorrow.]
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[ Some info. ]
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ooc: I rolled 10, 19 and 20 to have options. Do you have a preference?
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[ ooc: i love all of those but maybe we could try 19 or 20? ]
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ooc: perhaps a combination of both? Chuck's pretty emotionally constipated and it'd probably take being called out for him to admit to anything, especially if he doesn't think the feelings are reciprocated because he has abandonment and attachment issues doesn't have time for relationships.
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[ ooc: that sounds good to me. will could definitely be the one doing the calling out. he's not afraid to admit that there's something happening on his end but he'd be a little reluctant if he thought it might upset chuck to talk about it. he'll still do it, just try to find the best way to do it with minimal backlash. lmao. ]
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ooc: everything upsets Chuck. He's eternally angry at the world. Best to do it quick and blunt like. Haha. Would you like me to start or were you happy to?
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[ ooc: if you can start it now, go for it but if you'd like me to I can in a few hours when im free. im good either way. lmao. im actually thinking about how easy it is to mix their canons together. ]
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ooc: I'm limited to mobile and about to crash (and also unfamiliar with Will's canon outside of what's in the trailer which I only actually knew about because Will popped up several times as I was going through memes so I decided to look it up) so if you're happy to start, I'll tag back in the a.m. :)
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[Will accepted the offered position because Jaeger pilots were dwindling faster than they could be trained. The world needed people to learn, to die, and the closer he could get to the rifts, the better. It was a small risk, manageable, simply because he was controlling as much of his surroundings as possible. Will wasn't sitting in the apartment he'd shared with his sister and nephew, waiting for Kaiju to take them out. He was doing something.

He was an ex-pilot for NASA, but he was a physicist at heart. Curious and intrigued, wanting to find out as much as he could. Space wasn't where the answers were anymore - so he went to the front lines. Discovering he wasn't drift compatible with anyone didn't bother him. They put him in a lab to study the matter and energy surrounding rifts; he couldn't have been happier. Everything was.. as normal as it could get here, fine even, until he'd met Chuck.

Three months ago he'd been sent to install new tech on the man's Jaeger and he kind of, hung around ever since. Spent less time in the lab and more time trying to figure out another human. Chuck was complicated. Will wanted to find a way in. They sort of danced around the obvious for a while, until Will couldn't take it anymore and decided to confront him. Standing just inside Chuck's quarters, Will had stepped in uninvited and shut the door behind him.]

What's wrong with you?

[The words were harsher than what he'd meant and that's one of the problems with all of this. Chuck made him stupid. He didn't think before he spoke, not as often as he used to or should.]

I sat right next to you and you got up and walked away. [Meals weren't always a shared experience, but he tried to catch Chuck for dinner when he could. They usually had a good time when they were together.] I thought you liked having me around.
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Striker had been perfect until it wasn't and Herc had announced they were sending in a new tech to upgrade the programming and sort out any glitches, ensuring that both Hansens would be as safe as possible inside the giant robot. Chuck had been his usual standoffish self, watching Will win unmasked curiousity and his standard glare, Max at his side completely oblivious and forever hoping that maybe this human had a treat.

But Will had kept at it and Chuck's walls had come down -marginally, slowly, but they still came down- and he found he actually enjoyed Will's company. In fact, he enjoyed it more than he thought he would and as soon as he'd come to that realization -in the Drift with his old man, no less- he'd immediately started closing back up again.

When he'd stood abruptly and left the table, Max at his heels, he'd felt the disappointment from Herc over the ghost drift.

He'd returned to his room and was sprawled across his bunk, staring unseeing at the tablet in his hands, and he was resolutely not hiding. Except that he was. The pilot wasn't at all surprised when the door had opened and closed with Will on this side.

The tone however was unexpected. But also not.

"What's wrong with me, mate? What's wrong with you? I wasn't hungry." Lie. "Don't get your knickers in a twist. It's nothing personal, yeah?" Except he's definitely not meeting Will's eyes and he's strung as tight as a bow.
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But you didn't say anything.

[There's a hint of something raw in his tone, vulnerability seeping through. He folds his arms over his chest, unconsciously attempting to close himself off a bit, giving himself the illusion of protection from whatever Chuck might tell him next.]

If you weren't hungry, I would have understood that.

[Everything points to Will having done something to upset him. The tension in his body, the way he won't make eye contact. There's none of the playful smirk-smile he sometimes gets to see. He sighs, taking a step forward and gesturing towards Chuck - an aborted wave, frustration palpable in his expression and body language.]

Tell me what's going on. [He'd rather know now if Chuck didn't want him around anymore. Will wants to call him out too, force him to admit that there's something between them that's more than friendly, but he waits. The risk that it'll scare the other man off is still too high.] Talk to me.

[Start something, finish it. Will wasn't leaving without knowing where he stood in all this.]
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"Talk to you about what, mate? You're the one who came barging in here." Because he'd run, he knows, but he won't admit it because if there's anything the Hansen men are good at, it's running away from anything they don't want to deal with. Chuck's feeling for Will are something he really isn't willing to deal with.

But he knows he's going to have to and everything about his demeanor shows that he knows it and knows exactly what Will wants him to talk about. Max whines and goes over to his bed, away from this tense master and the man before him and if that says anything about what Chuck's emotional state is, it's that it's unpleasant enough even Max doesn't want to be around him.

"What do you want from me?"
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[They were going around in circles. Will wanted to wait, to give Chuck time to say it when he was ready, but he felt as if Chuck would never be able to. He wasn't an impatient man, necessarily, but emotion was a heavy influence for change.]

You know what.

[Will takes another step closer, stopping when Max moves across the room. Now he's upset the dog, too. Regret and guilt color his cheeks a light pink, eyes flitting down and back up.]

This. [He motions between them.] Us. That's what I want to talk about. Is there something here or am seeing what I want to see?

[Dropping his hands to his side, he rolls his shoulders and looks away. He's never said something like that to anyone before. It gave him a sense of relief and was overwhelming at the same time. Neither were as intense as waiting for Chuck to respond.]
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He won't say it, but there's a part of Chuck that's afraid. The age gap between them has never been an issue before but now, with the potential reality of this going somewhere, Chuck's reminded of his inexperience. He's never been interested in anyone before, too busy working towards saving the world to really bother with things like relationships.

And then Will had come along and he'd made the effort to look past all the defences Chuck put up to people at arms length and the young pilot had fallen hard and fast before he even realised it.

Standing up from the bed, Chuck works hard to put those walls back up and he stares Will down.

But the words die in his throat when he takes in the other man and the walls crumble immediately.

"What do you want, Will?" There's no bite to his tone anymore. "For me to tell you that I have feelings for you and that I have no fucking idea what to do about them? That my whole life has been about this fight and piloting a Jaeger and then you come along and now I'm not sure I want to die for this cause? Is that what you want?" There's a vulnerability that shines through and serves as a reminder that despite his experience and his ego, Chuck is barely 20, a fact that is easily forgotten in the face of everything else.
Edited (I aged him back a year to allow time before Pitfall and whatnot.) 2017-05-22 20:24 (UTC)
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[Will looks up when the bed creaks but he stands his ground, doesn't move away or come closer. It's up to Chuck, then, how close they get. He digs the tips of his fingers into his palms to remind himself of this, but he can't hold out. Not when Chuck all but confirms it.]

Yes. That's what I want.

[Not the indecision or confusion that come with admission, but that he has feelings for him. Will believes that they can't do anything, make any choices, until they've at least come clean.] I have feelings for you, too.

I can't answer those questions for you. I can't tell you what to do or how to live your life, but I want to be a part of it. No matter what you decide.

[He doesn't want him to die piloting his Jaeger, but he'd never ask him to stop. They both have dangerous jobs, though Will's has a longer shelf-life, and he'd never want Chuck to ask him to stop either. He forgets, sometimes, how young the other man is, because he's taken the mantle of hero, saving the world again and again and age hardly factors in.

Crossing the room, he stops a foot away. They've touched before, casual things, but never really with any true emotion or purpose behind it. He wants to.]

Won't you let me?
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Logically, in the higher functioning part of his brain, Chuck knows that it isn't, but the closing of the distance between them accompanied by those words feels like a challenge. It feels like Will is almost daring him to let this happen, and Chuck wants to but he doesn't know how. He doesn't know what it means or what's going to be expected of him. He doesn't know how it'll change things or how those changes will affect everything else.

He isn't stupid it enough not to know that Jaeger pilots are falling faster than they can be trained and that his days are numbered. Striker Eureka might be the best they have and everyone knows Chuck is one of the best pilots they've seen but there's never a guarantee. Every trip out runs the risk of being their last.

But isn't that all the more reason to allow this to happen? It's a traitorous voice in the back of his head that sounds a lot like what he thinks he remembers Mum sounding like. There's a sigh of frustration that sounds almost like a soft growl and Chuck shoves a hand through ginger hair, leaving it sticking up in every direction.

"I've spent most of my life working to get into a Con-Pod and the rest of it in one. I'm the best there is. There's nothing I don't know about my Jaeger." He drops his gaze to the floor. "I know nothing about this. In case you missed it, mate, people aren't really rushing to spend their time with me."
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[Will feels his mouth curving up on one side, amused at the frustrated way Chuck messes up his hair. He tamps that emotion down, not wanting it to be misinterpreted as anything other than what it is. He shifts forward, unable to stay still when the thing that he wants is right in front of him, so close that he could reach out and touch. He could have it, if he's careful, if Chuck lets him in.]

That's their loss, Chuck. They don't see what I see.

[He's biased, certainly, and his feelings cloud his better judgement where the younger man is concerned, but the good qualities that Will has found in Chuck aren't skewed. He has them, they're there. If people refuse to look closely enough and miss out, that's on them.]

I know that I pretend I'm fine with all of this, but I'm not. If we agree to let this happen, we're taking the good and the bad. [Will's brow furrows.] You could die and I'd have to spend the rest of my life not having you as a part of it. We could be separated. Forever.

[The thought is already unbearable. He's willing to take the weight of that on if it means they could be happy with one another for a while.]

There is a lot that could go wrong, but the good is what makes the risk worth it. We could be together.
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The Kaiju alarm could go off at any moment and he and Herc could be deployed. He and Will could agree to do this -take this risk- and Chuck could die before the sun came up, making the entire conversation and all of it's 'what ifs' moot.

And then Chuck realises, looking at the older man before him now, that he doesn't want to say no. He doesn't want to turn Will away and miss this chance and he didn't realize how much he didn't want to do that until he's faced with the chance to do so. Charles Hansen hasn't asked for anything since he was 11-years-old with the newly open wound of a dead Mum and a destroyed home and he'd begged god and the universe and anyone else who was listening to just please give her back. And that was when he learned that the only things you were given were the things you earned and so Chuck had done everything he had to to make himself the best, for so many reasons and so that other 11-year-olds didn't know that same pain he felt.

And out of all that hard work, Chuck had become many things. He was arrogant, brash, rude and short tempered. But he wasn't selfish.

Standing here, listening to Will talk about how it could all end in a flash and they could lose it all, Chuck realises he wants, even if it's just this one time, to be selfish. He wants this.

But he doesn't know how to say it. Doesn't know if he can.

"I could die tomorrow." A beat. "I don't wanna die with regrets."
Edited 2017-05-24 12:45 (UTC)
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[Anyone could die at any time. He doesn't say it. They both know it. Simply hearing Chuck say that he wouldn't want his life to end with regrets has him closing the rest of the distance between them.]

Then don't.

[Will is making the assumption that not trying to be together would be a regret. it would be for himself, and he needs Chuck to feel the same. He reaches up, slowly, carefully. His fingertips run along the length of his jaw, hand coming to a rest at the crook where neck meets shoulder.]

We can go as slow or fast as you want us to. [His other hand moves, calculated actions, turning over right beside where Chuck's is. It's a silent question, an offer to take it, to initiate physical contact too.] I want to make you happy.

[His desires were self-serving and giving at the same time. While he wanted to be with the younger man, to have him close and shower him with affection, Will wanted to do what he wanted. If he'd be happier with space between them, Will would make himself comply.]

Anything you want. It's yours.
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For a moment, Chuck goes tense at the contact. It's nothing against Will, but he'd have to have heard the whispers that went around, people speculating that the main cause of Chuck's irritability being that he was actually starved for touch and affection. And sure, there were the occasional friendly pats on the back or the shaking of hands, but outside of Max even Chuck struggled to remember the last time he'd actually hugged anyone.

Maybe when he was a terrified 11-year-old with a dead mum and no body to bury, to say goodbye to. He shakes that thought from his head and forces himself to relax into Will's touch because this is what he wanted, isn't it?

Green eyes flicker down to that hand and, after a moment of hesitation, the pilot finally lifts his own hand and places it on top. His brow is furrowed but whether it's concentration or frustration is hard to tell. Perhaps a combination of both.

"I want you."
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[Will smiles, soft and affectionate. Relief flooding through him in palpable waves. They're, at least, at a point where they've both admitted that they want each other. It doesn't mean the road ahead will all be smooth sailing, but Will isn't looking anywhere further than right now.]

I want you, too.

[He cups the side of Chuck's face, drawing him slowly closer to catch his lower lip between his own. The kiss is light, easy and exploratory.

It's been a long time since he's kissed anyone else or stepped back from his work in order to get close to someone. Intimacy isn't necessarily difficult for him but he hardly ever prioritizes relationships over his research. It's another reason that solidifies the notion that Chuck is different. He draws him out and pulls him close without even doing anything.]
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It isn't that Chuck's never kissed anyone -he has, a handful of times back in the Academy, before it had become apparent just how good he was and he'd flown ahead and come out in front of people twice his age and with significantly more experience in everything and the resentment they felt towards him had left Chuck more or less alone. But none of those kisses had ever meant anything and from what the pilot can remember, they never felt like this.

When Will pulls back, Chuck follows, briefly, carefully in a way he usually isn't and that suggests inexperience. There's no uncertainty though, now that he's made his decision. Once Chuck puts his mind to something, thats it. It's what makes him a good pilot. After a moment, he finally pulls back enough to meet Will's eyes again.

"What now?"
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[Castmates preferred.]
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