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the old man is snoring.

caught in the rain.
( mood )

It started out quietly—and then, out of nowhere, you're caught in a storm. Time to find cover. Nothing much to do but to wait it out.

Scenarios listed below for those who want 'em.

001 PLAYGROUND - Well, you can try to hide under the slide or maybe in the jungle gym ... at least you're somewhere fun?
002 PARK - You try and take advantage of the weather and it ends up pulling a fast one on you. Happens every time.
003 STORE FRONT - Better hope they have an awning.
004 THE BEACH - Not exactly the best place to be during a rainstorm, don't you think?
005 WILD CARD - Anywhere you want it.

ii HOW:
001 TREE - Not the best cover, but it'll have to do, stay close to the roots and you won't get too wet.
002 UMBRELLA - Most conventional ... kinda boring. But it works.
003 NEWSPAPER - Not permanent, but it'll have to do. Good luck.
004 BAG - Well ... y'gotta do what you gotta do.
005 NONE - You know what. Colds are for the weak and the boring. You're a rebel. You don't need cover.
006 WILD CARD - If that's the way you need it.

iii WHY:
001 REJECTED - You're not crying. It's just raining on your face.
002 WAITING - For the bus? For someone else? For some revelation?
003 MELANCHOLY - Sometimes the best place to feel a bit down is out in the rain.
004 HAPPINESS - Is everything going your way? Are you singing a refrain while walking down the lane? Just singing. Singin' in the rain.
006 WILD CARD - Think fast.
POST with your character .
TAG others, use RNG if you need to, or just make up your own scenario!
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