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Knock knock it's smut picture promts

the  smut picture prompt meme



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dante | dmc | m/m

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[Yo! Nice to see ya again~ How about with run right down the line of those wonderful prompts (biting's always welcome, yes please). Any preferences on settings? Someone's place or something temporary like a hotel room or safe house, for example. Asides from that, I'll be happy to kick off a starter for us~]
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[Perhaps the pair of them had a run-in with some vampires or demons, and once they're in the clear they take refuge at a hotel room. And then have sex.]
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[that works for me; hotel room it is (of course it'll be such a swanky place, haha); let me know if you want to change anything with this starter.]

“Ugh, look at this. Fucking ruined again.” Dante picked up the end of his coat and looked at the end of it. Now almost a good two feet shorter and ending in that tell-tale scallop of a bite mark. Huge ass demon taking a chomp right out of his clothes. “I know my ass’s hot and all, but that’s not the kind of rimjob I want.” He let the coat fall down with a disgusted sound and tossed the clothing into the corner. It fell with a satisfying flump against the ground. Discarded and forgotten.

“I’d say sorry for getting you sucked into this,” the Nephilim grinned over his shoulder at the werewolf. “But I think you liked it.” Plus it was like the two of them hadn’t already warned each other that getting involved in their lives would lead to respective troubles. Vampires and werewolves, demons and … more fucking demons. Plus humans that didn’t like either of them. Dante wasn’t the kind of guy that liked hanging around other people, but Michael was like him in several ways, enough that it made reuniting and living with his past friend really comfortable. The werewolf thing was just a positive bonus.

He reached under the hem of his shirt and pulled the clothing off. Then checked himself in the mirror, watching the hole in his side—or what was left of it—close up the rest of the way. “Almost good as new,” he retorted wryly.
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"We can buy you a new one," Michael said to Dante, taking off his own jacket and hanging it on a hook on the wall. Then again, where did one get a jacket like Dante's? For that matter, where did one get a sword like Dante's? Michael had tossed his own jacket and shirt aside during the battle, finding that it was easier to just whip them off before transforming. He had grabbed both after, but had only put his jacket on, leaving him covered but with an exposed chest.

"Hey, what's a few demons when you're a target for vampires?" He asked lightly, hanging the shirt up beside the jacket. He hadn't seen anything like those things before, though. He thought the things after him were bad enough. At least vampires and lycans he knew how to deal with, and at least looked human most of the time.

The two of them would have to lay low for a bit before going back to the apartment.

The hybrid joined Dante beside the mirror, looking at his own body. The wounds he'd suffered had quickly healed over, not even leaving a scar. "Guess Nephilims don't need doctors either, huh?"
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“Yeah but I liked this one,” Dante grumped. Not like it mattered. He could just head into a store and get another one. Not of this style, obviously; the Nephilim wasn’t someone who looked in detail where he bought things. He watched as his friend began working on hanging his shirt and jacket up, letting his eyes wander around Michael’s sculpted back. They fought pretty well together, all things considering.

“Who cares; demons, vampires, whoever’s gonna get in our way or try to kill me is going to get fucking wrecked.” They were both used to all these death attempts. Not that he was “glad” to introduce his friend to his own daily dealings, but whatever. Michael handled himself out there effectively. “You looked really good out there,” he teased as he headed for the bathroom.

The hotel wasn’t too much to look at, but at least it was simple enough to not have them out in the open and noticed. As Michael said, they had to lay low. He glanced at his friend’s body when he stopped in front of the mirror and shot him a cheeky grin. “Nope. Comes with the genes,” he teased before unbuckling his pants. “I’m getting a shower. Wanna join me?” And pulled his pants down, stepping out of the pooled material around his ankles, leaving himself completely naked.

“Maybe fuck around too.”
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"For a weird werewolf hybrid, you mean," Michael teased back. Super strength and speed had been surprisingly effective against demons. He suspected the monsters weren't used to dealing with something like Michael, and had been unprepared for him. Dante had more experience in dealing with them. That Hippocratic Oath of his could be put aside when it came to being attacked by things that wanted him dead.

The hybrid smiled at the invitation. "Don't mind if I do." He untied his boots so he could easily side them off, followed by his socks, pants and underwear. Michael brushed past Dante and stepped into the shower, waving a hand for the other hybrid to come join him.
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“Didn’t mean that at all,” Dante retorted with a lazy roll of his shoulders. There were some pretty pathetic demons out there and some really strong ones. Same as vampires, he assumed. Michael was a strong fighter and Dante’d be lying if he said he didn’t like watching him. The mixture of brutality and efficiency was nice. Seeing the demons freak out about this new interloper was even more amusing. Always fun to watch them freak out.

He made a little noise when Michale pushed past him and into the shower, then smirked at the wave to join him. “Hey, I could’ve beat you there,” he taunted before walking into the shower as well. A quick reach around his friend and he pulled the knob, turning the hot water on in a blast overhead. “Fuck,” he groaned against Michael’s shoulder as he shut the sliding door behind them. It was a big enough shower they weren’t smashed together, but still not something they could stretch out in full length. (Not that he intended to get far from Michael.) “That feels good,” Dante purred as he licked Michael’s shoulder. “And the water’s nice too.”
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"And yet here I am," Michael teased. He closed his eyes as Dante's body brushed against his own, skin touching skin. The hybrid sighed as the water hit their bodies, wetting their bodies and hair. A shudder ran through him as Dante licked him. Michael's hand went to his friend's lower back, sliding along the water-slicked skin.

Taking the little bar of soap in hand, Michael began to clean Dante's chest, scrubbing off the sweat. The water at their feet turned a pale red thanks to the traces of blood washing off them both. Unable to help himself, Michael kissed Dante's neck.
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“Well damn,” Dante shot back as he tilted his head under the hot water. Damn, that really did feel good… both of those. He smiled when he heard Michael sigh like that and rolled his head to the side, free hand reaching up to rub at the side of his neck. The Nephilim closed his eyes and arched his spine slightly as Michael’s hand cupped his lower back, rolling his hips into the touch. But when they broke apart enough to move, he stepped back and let Michael work on his chest.

The grime of blood remains and dirt ended up swirling down the drain. Dante really didn’t mind being or getting dirty, just part of life and all, but he wasn’t such a punk that he didn’t enjoy cleaning off too. Ice blue eyes opened and slid to the side as the lycan hybrid kissed at the side of his neck. “Hn, hungry, puppy?” he teased, words purring as he “stole” the bar of soap and went to Michael’s chest to return the favor. “Oh wait, you’re also a vampire… Bappy?” No one said he couldn’t be a dick even to his friends.
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Michael was used to getting a little dirty by now, since fights usually involved a lot of blood and rolling around in the dirt. But the part of him that had gone through medical training stressed the importance of keeping up good hygiene. He let out a sigh as Dante worked on him, feeling that bar and those fingers glide across his chest.

He gave Dante a light slap on the shoulder at the 'bappy' comment, giving him a mock glower. "You're an ass." He took the tiny bottle of shampoo and squirted a few drops into Dante's hair, which he began to scrub, fingers digging into his scalp.
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Dante preferred to fight with his sword or his guns, wielding both his demonic powers and his naturally augmented athleticism. It was interesting to see the brutal take Michael brought to the fight. Impressive too. Not to say it wasn’t nice to get back inside and wash all that stuff off. Sheesh, where was all the rain Michael mentioned was so prominent in his previous fights?

Dante snorted at the slap and rolled his eyes at the glower. “And you like me for it,” he taunted before titling his head and letting Michael work on his hair. Dragging the soap bar down, he lazily scrawled “Fuck Me” on the man’s stomach, one letter atop the other because he could. “How’s pizza and bed all day tomorrow sound?”
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"Yeah, I do," Michael admitted, smiling at Dante. He cupped some water in his hands and ran it down his friend's hair, washing out some of the shampoo, as he felt the letters being written on his body. He couldn't help but chuckle when he realized what was being spelled. "No anchovies on my half."

He moved his head out of the way so Dante could get a spray of water in the face. The hybrid leaned in to whisper into the other man's ear, "I'll fuck you as much as you like."
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Dante closed his eyes as the water poured down his head and face; he was a Nephilim that could handle a sword through the gut no problem, but soap in his eyes? Fucking stung. Letting Michael finish up with his hair, he likewise finished up with his friend’s body and lazily tossed the bar of soap up onto the shelf. Before going for the shampoo himself.

“No anchovies at all and we got a deal.” Then gave his head a shake as the water caught him in the face and rinsed him. But in the middle of it, a certain hot bastard put his mouth right next to his ear and Dante shivered at the words. “Careful, you might not sleep tonight,” he purred as he uncapped the bottle with one hand and used his other to reach down and cup Michael’s balls, palming them a moment later.
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"Vampires are nocturnal anyway," Michael quipped. Never mind that he and Dante were both well aware that he didn't have to adhere to the vampire sleep cycle since the sun didn't hurt him.

He tilted his head a little as Dante began to shampoo his hair, a moan escaping him when his lover fondled him between the legs. It was making his groin stir and desire fill him up. "Somebody's eager." He returned the favor by reaching around to cup and squeeze Dante's ass.
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“Oh hey, that’s right. So’re wolves.” Dante replied like he just now figured it out. Obviously sarcasm. Hard to keep the snicker in afterwards, but he managed and continued winding his fingers through Michael’s hair, dragging suds along the longer locks. It was nice that Michael wasn’t confined indoors even if he was part vampire. Made hanging out and getting in trouble a lot easier.

The moan earned a light hum and Dante nuzzled at the man’s shoulder again as he felt the first stirrings of arousal between his lover’s thighs. “Hm, caught me red-handed,” he murmured against Michael’s skin. Then grunted as that hand cupped his ass and gave it a squeeze, instinctively flexing in response. “Fighting makes me horny. Or maybe it’s just you.” Giving a final slide, he tugged at his friend’s hair, pulling his head under the shower stream. “Rinse.”
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"Just don't expect me to start howling at the moon," Michael quipped. "Though I'm guessing I'll be howling anyway tonight." The beauty of being a hybrid. All the vampire and lycan strengths, and none of the weaknesses.

He put his head under the spray, letting the shampoo rinse out of his hair and trail down his back. Once he was all done, he smirked at Dante and said, "Meet me in the other room."

Michael slid out of Dante's grip, winking at him as he left the shower to dry off. He made his way to the other room and lay on the bed, still naked, for Dante.
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Dante laughed and licked up the side of his friend’s neck. “If we ever fuck outside, I’ll have you howling at the moon one way or another,” he promised. And yeah, that guess was dead on and he rewarded his lover with a lazy bite on the throat. How strange to have his past friend become a hybrid of vampire and lycan while Dante was a cross of angel and demon… Guess they really were meant to run into each other at some point.

The Nephilim drew back and stuck his tongue out. “Bleh, shampoo.” Not the best taste at all. And blinked at the sudden smirk and comment. The corner of his mouth quirked up and he nodded. “Don’t freeze out there.” Taking another minute or two to rinse off, Dante finally exited the shower and turned it off. Toweling off, he headed into the other room. Hey, even if he expected what he found, that didn’t make it any less attractive, dammit.

“Fuck, Michael. You could’ve just asked me to come to bed.” And dropped the towel on the floor before kneeling on the bed and slinking towards, and over, his friend. "Naughty dog..."
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Michael didn't really believe in fate, but it was still a pretty fortunate coincidence that Dante had come back into his life and turned out to be a supernatural creature around the same time his own life had changed for the weird. Michael was more than glad that it happened. The world was much less lonely when you found someone like you, who was also willing to stick it out.

"Where's the fun in that?" Michael teased, looking up at Dante. His fingers brushed against his friend's leg, making his nails get longer for just a second to tease the Nephilim a little. He could have easily broken the skin, yet he didn't. It was also his own little way of showing how much control he had over his transformation now.
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Ah fate’s whatever you want to make it, though there’s no sense in denying dumb luck and some people pulling strings behind the scenes cause they think they can. Dante really doubted there was anything up there or back there that thought he and Michael should go together (honestly, probably all their enemies, had they known, would’ve tried to keep the two hybrids apart). But Dante wasn’t going to complain about his reunion and relationship with Michael either. It was fucking nice.

“I dunno. Maybe I’d have come into the room with a little more attitude,” he grinned as he pressed one hand to his friend’s shoulder and smoothed over the rounded muscle and bone. Ice blue eyes lidded and Dante’s lips parted in a soft groan as sharp nails slid against his leg. Teasing him, obviously. He knew all of Michael’s other form by now, but damn was it hot to see him show off how much control he had over his changes now. “Fuckin’ cocktease,” he purred as he nipped at his friend’s lips and began to slide down his chin and throat. “Just for that, no biting until later.”
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Michael gave him a little nick on the thigh, "You're not fair." He was smiling though, and the tone was light and teasing. He watched the cut heal, since it wasn't deep or long. It was more like a papercut or being scratched by a cat.

The hybrid stood up, so he was face-to-face with his lover. He leaned in to press their lips together in a gentle kiss, just tasting Dante and letting himself enjoy the contact. His hand trailed down the Nephilim's stomach, feeling the hard muscles and tracing his abs, until he reached Dante's groin. The hybrid gently took his cock in hand, stroking along the shaft slowly.
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“Hey,” Dante laughed. “I’ve been called a lot worse than that.” He curled his fingers and pressed the tips against Michael’s chest, blunt nails biting into the curves of the man’s pectorals. The wing-like tattoo on Dante’s back glowed softly as the nick healed without a problem and the Nephilim lazily tweaked the hybrid’s nipple. But quickly arched backwards as his lover stood up. “Hm?” A dark brow arched upward and he hesitated just a second at the kiss, only to return it with a little more heat and passion than the gentle one he received. Tasting the warmth of Michael’s lips, the faint copper tang of his unique blood and warmth.

Hard abs flexed beneath his skin and Dante shivered as Michael traced the outlines of his musculature. Fuck, that wasn’t fair either. “Ah… man, missed this,” he murmured, dropping his forehead against Michael’s as fingers wrapped around his cock and stroked him. Dante spread his hand over his lover’s chest, pressing lightly against him as one foot lifted off the ground onto his toes. The sound of his breath, the beat of his strong heart in his chest, all of it was stupidly attractive as Dante traced his hand down Michael’s chest.

He took his time wandering the curve of his muscles, fingers following the contours of his abs over his stomach. Deliberately arching to the side to caress the curve of his pelvis before sliding his fingers down the V of his pelvic line. Until he finally found the base of his lover’s cock and danced his fingers from the base to his head. “My big bad wolf,” Dante purred as he took Michael’s cock into the palm of his hand. Ice blue eyes looked up into the other hybrid’s and he gave him a rare, gentle smile. Not the cocky smirks or smug grins, but something softer… affectionate.
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Michael reciprocated the kiss in kind, putting his free hand on the back of Dante's head as their lips locked together, moaning into the other hybrid's mouth. Dante's mouth tasted like that unique blend that came with being a Nephilim, which Michael had tasted on him the first time he'd tasted Dante's blood. It wasn't as strong as taking a drink of his blood, but it was still there. Michael liked it.

When the kiss broke, Michael took a moment to breath, only for the sound of his panting to be replaced with another groan as the other man's hands explored his body. He had a few scars from before he'd been bitten, but other than that he was remarkably smooth. One would never guess that they'd been in a fight just recently.

His mouth hung open in a soft moan and his eyes half-closed as the hand went to his cock. He resumed stroking Dante's cock in return, the touch gentle and loving, and he opened his eyes to see that smile. "I can hear your heartbeat," He whispered.
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A low moan vibrated in his mouth. It felt like his skin contracted against his muscles when Michael slipped his hand to the back of his head. A possessive, intimate kind of hold he really got turned on by. He dipped his chin and their lips separated again, only so he could pant softly against his lover’s mouth and playfully flick his tongue along his lips as they breathed. Shit, it wasn’t like they didn’t fuck often, but it felt like he hadn’t been with Michael in a damn long time.

That groan sounded fucking heavenly and he pressed his free hand to the lycan hybrid’s side. Dante traced over a few of the scars that flecked Michael’s skin, middle finger sliding beneath his ribs to stroke along a faded thin line. “You know how addictive it is to touch you?” he murmured, sliding touches here and there, caressing the bones of his lover’s ribs, smoothing his palm under his arm to reach his triceps. Smooth skin, only broken by those few scars…

Dante bit down on Michael’s lower lip as the man’s mouth fell open and he tightened his grip around Michael’s heavy length. Fingers spread over his shaft and the Nephilim laved up and down touches along the throbbing underside. So maybe they got a little sappy, but fuck, wasn’t that allowed every now and then? The smile turned into a little mischievous and Dante pointedly stroked the other man before gripping him firmly. “I can feel yours.”

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