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The Opposites Attract Meme

Sure, complimenting personalities bring people together. It's always good to get along with your significant other or friends, so "birds of a feather flock together," as they say. But let's be honest. That doesn't make for good entertainment. Readers and viewers love a good odd couple, where the two are diametrically different. This can be in personality (good girls and bad boys), appearance (Beauty & the Beast, anyone?), species (ALIEN AND HUMAN LOVE IS REAL!!!1), and so on.

This meme is inspired by this concept and a certain song that probably shows your age if you recognize it. According to Wikipedia, "the lyrics are about a couple who love each other despite being different in just about every way possible." And...that pretty much summarizes the meme, too! (Though, it doesn't have to be love. Hate can be an option.)

- Comment with your character. In the subject, put info & preferences.
- In the comment, describe your character in a few key words. This is so that people who don't know your canon can see if your character would be a good opposite to theirs.

EX: Outspoken, strong-willed, funloving

- Reply to characters who are opposite (interpret that as you will) to yours.
- Enjoy the shippy antics!

1. Our Friends Are Saying We Ain't Gonna Last: How did you guys get together? Where did you meet? Was their attraction

2. You Like the Movies / And I Like TV: So, you guys' ideas of fun aren't exactly compatible, huh. Well, one of you is a happy magical girl and the other is a murderous psychopath.

3. Who'd a Thought That We Could Be Lovers: I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT, MARK. HOW'S YOUR SEX LIFE?

...but really. How do you guys get on in bed? Surely, your kinks are different, too.

4. Baby, Seems Like We Never, Ever Agree: Oh, the fights. Naturally, with differences come disagreements. Are they passive agressive snarkfests or knock-down-drag-outs?

5. We Come Together: The one good thing about fighting is how you get to make up after. Better remember what gets you on your sweetie's good side.

6. Don't Think We'll Ever Get Our Differences Patched: That's it. You're done. This dance is over. You should both just leave before you lose it. But will either of you let that happen?

7. Don't Really Matter Cuz We're Perfectly Matched: Okay, so you're nothing alike. But you're going to make this work, damn it!

8. How We Lasted This Long: You've defied all odds. Despite your differences, you're still together. Maybe it's not the best (or maybe it is), but it's still something.
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Annie Walker → Covert Affairs

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[Persistent, headstrong, compassionate, stubborn & a CIA agent.]
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7 | He's new bear with me

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[He knows it's her the moment she walks in the room. She's got a particular way of walking even when she's not wearing heels, but really it's her scent that gives her away every time; more than her perfume or the soap she uses in the shower.]

Didn't anyone tell you it's rude to keep someone waiting?

[He's teasing though and it's clear from the tone of his voice.]
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Aww, Auggie!

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[No matter how many times he pulls that trick on her, it still blows her mind. She doesn't think it's as creepy as Joan does - and boy, is it funny to see that go down - but still. She prefers to think he just knows when she's arrived from some sixth sense he's developed over the last couple of years.]

Next time I'll just tell the traffic that I'm in a hurry and they all need to pull over to the side of the road and let me pass.

[His teasing sets off that smart-ass tone she uses, every time. Her smile, the one she can't hide whenever she sees him, is audible.]
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[He does it to Joan because she thinks it's creepy, besides it entertains the entire office. Really, it's not any different from her knowing someone by sight. He's simply had to figure out different ways to know who's walked into a room.]

Sounds logical to me. Or you can borrow my cane and wave it out the window. People tend to pull over for you.

[He hears that smile. That's his favorite smile.]
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Tend to pull over when they see someone waving the cane of a blind man out the driver's side window of a car? [Her tone is wry.] I can't imagine why they'd want to get out of the way of that.

[Slipping her arm through his, she hip-checks him lightly.]
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And everyone complains that people are stupid.

[He ducks his head and grins, bumping her back with his hip.]
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Just the stupid ones.

[He makes her smile on a regular basis and now is no different. She's learned to hide the happy sighs that she gives whenever he's around, and she's certainly grateful that he can't see the expressions on her face when she looks at him sometimes, but right now? She's just glad they're (somewhat) back under the same roof - as it were. A trip to Allen's has been long overdue.] How's it been?

[She already told him she knew about Parker, and she knows he knows about her return to the DPD. What she's doing now, even she's not sure.]
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Which is why no one listens to them.

[It's wonderful to be able to walk and talk with her. He misses Annie when she's gone, though he wouldn't say that to her. He spent a long while when she first arrived hung up on Annie, carefully schooling his features and his reactions so that she wouldn't know he had a crush on her. He has to take a moment to decide whether he blusters past the concern and brushes aside how hard things have been or he's more honest.]

All right. Days are good. I'm here. Nights are...more challenging. It's funny the number of bars that have asked if I've got someone to drive me home.

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What? Nothing.

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[When he says it, she feels a stab of guilt right in her stomach and she's once again so glad he can't see her face. This time it is concern and she slides to a stop near a nearly empty corridor, her hand sliding from his arm to his hand. Fingers curling around his, she squeezes gently.]

Auggie? I know I haven't been around much, but I'm gonna do better, I promise. [Worst. Best Friend. Ever.] Tonight, anywhere you want. Just you and me... and no one else'll have to drive you home.
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Absolutely nothing

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[Oh. He hadn't meant to do that. He'd just meant to not lie to her.]

I didn't mean that, Annie. I just--[He pauses and takes a deep breath before exhaling.] I didn't want to lie to you the way I do everyone else here. If they find out I'm handling it poorly, I'll be sent home.

[And he can't spend hours with nothing to do.]

I won't turn down a night out with you though. That Mexican place with the great beer?
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You're not wrong though.

[And he's not. She's been out of town and out of touch for weeks; first with Lena's operations, then being distracted with Simon. Even after coming back to the DPD, she had to put everything on hold to deal with what had happened with Auggie's pirate fiasco. It had scared her to death, but she hadn't wanted to interfere with Parker, so she'd just let it go.

She hugs his arm to her side as her smile returns and she nods, even though he can't see it.]
Sounds perfect. Six o'clock and we're outta here.
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[The little side hug and the sound of her smile in her voice makes him smile in return.] Six o' clock can't come quickly enough.

[ooc: Did you want to time skip to their outing?]
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[OOC: We can do that. :D]

[He was right, the end of the work day couldn't come fast enough. By five-thirty, Annie found herself looking at the clock in the corner of her computer screen nearly every two minutes. The way time was moving was driving her crazy.

Ten minutes to six, she logged out of her computer, turned it off, and pulled her purse out of the bottom drawer of her desk. Then she went looking for Auggie. Leaning in his doorway, she knocked lightly.]
I'm ready to skip out of here. Please tell me you're done for the day.
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[He's felt the hands on his braille watch dozens of times during the day. Generally Auggie is content to be at work. He loves his job. Lately, he hasn't bothered with checking time; he's just stayed until someone kicked him out.

He looks up a split second before she knocks, a smile spreading across his lips. He shut down twenty minutes ago and has been playing with a set of bucky balls. He shoves those in the top drawer of his desk, stands up and grabs his jacket off the back of the chair. He unfolds his cane and steps around the desk.]

I think I can get away. [He cocks his elbow toward her a bit, giving her a chance to take his arm if she wants.]
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[Annie will always take his arm if given the chance and she uses the opportunity to re-familiarize herself with the way he feels against her side. Earlier just hadn't been long enough, but tonight? She's just going to enjoy his company and catch up on everything she's missed.

As they head for the exit, she has to make a confession.]
The weather's been so nice lately that, I might have brought the 'Vette. I wanted to put the top down. You game?
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Ride around in a hot car with a beautiful woman? I think I can be persuaded.

[He likes the way her hand feels tucked against his arm, the way her hip bumps his a bit as they walk. He loves the way she smells and the way she sounds.]

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First we have to navigate the parking lot. Unless you want to wait here while I go get the car?

[She's missed this - the closeness that they always shared. Being around Auggie just makes her a happier person on a daily basis and the tension from the last few weeks is already leaving her body.

Leaning up to kiss his cheek, she lets go of his arm.]
I'll be right back.
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[He knows it's practical that she go get the car. He can't walk beside her in the parking lot because they have to walk between cars. He has to rely on his cane and her to guide him down the rows and between things. It's just quicker for her to retrieve the car. He hates it thought.]

See, I've missed this. The valet parking. I don't get this sort of service when you're gone.

[The truth is, he's missed Annie: talking to her, having her near, sparring with her, eating out with her. There is nothing about Annie that he hasn't missed.]
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You're just spoiled.

[It doesn't take long before she's back with the car and the top is down, like she's promised. Because of that, she calls directions from the drivers seat, rather than get out of the car to open the door for him.] Directly at your twelve, Auggie.

[Seeing him there makes her heart swell with more than fondness, but she doesn't want to examine her feelings too closely; she knows he's still getting over his broken engagement and to say something that's anything other than pure support would just be wrong, wouldn't it? Once he's in the car, she reaches over and squeezes his hand.] Good beer and Mexican food coming right up.
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[With her directions and his cane, it's not difficult to get around the car and into the passenger seat. He's a bit surprised when she squeezes his hand. It's not a bad thing at all, but it does make him wonder if he was a little too honest about how he's handling the broken engagement. Auggie hates pity.]

The beginning of an ideal night. [He pauses a moment.] I will be all right, Annie. It's not the first time my heart's been broken.

[It got stomped on a little by you, Miss Walker.]
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[The last thing Annie would ever do is pity August Anderson, least of all about his broken engagement. If she were honest with herself, she would have had to say that no woman around would be good enough for Auggie, least of all a woman he'd been dating for four or five months.]

I don't like to think of your heart being broken, that's all. We don't have to talk about it. You can pick any topic you want. [And that's a lie, Mr. Anderson. In fact, she'd argue that it's the other way around.]
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[Auggie wouldn't mind that train of thought. It'd make him feel special.]

Funny, I don't like to think of it either. [he smirks a bit] Tell me what you've been doing besides work.
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[Again, she's so glad he can't see the longing looks she gives him, because he's earned another one. Parker is a lucky woman - lucky that Annie's not around to practice her hand-to-hand combat because the girl would be lucky to escape with a black eye.]

Besides work? Moving back into the guest house. Danielle's moved to California, so I've moved back. What about you?

[A moment later, she's pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant in question and turned off the ignition.]
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[Some part of Auggie would appreciate that. He would like to be the bigger man and say he doesn't blame Parker, but he thinks they could have worked things out if Parker had been willing to try at all. ]

How is that? You're not used to being there alone.

[He chuckles and shrugs.] The usual. A little jazz, a little whiskey, a police arrest, some sight seeing.

[He opens the door, extends his cane and walks around to the front of the car, pausing there to wait for Annie.]
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It's lonely. [Annie didn't want to admit it; mostly she didn't want to make Auggie feel bad on their big night. Taking his arm again, she walked them slowly to the door.]

Why don't we just have a good night, just the two of us. A little food, the beer and... see where it takes us? [She opens the door to the restaurant and lets him go first.]

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