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Interspecies Love Meme

Interspecies Love Meme

Vampires and humans. Angels and demons. Ghosts and the living. The idea of "opposites attracting" is hardly a new one, but with the rise in popularity of supernatural creatures, aliens, and other sentient beings beyond our human understanding, the forbidden romance trope has been injected a shot of fresh blood- sometimes quite literally.

This meme does just that, taking the whole "not meant for each other" thing to it's most logical extreme. Of course, it's not always angst and depression. These days, mermaids and bird-people can have their relationships in peace to some degree.

  • Comment with your character, putting any preferences you have (ie, "humanoid characters only," F/M, etc). Also, be sure to note your character's "species" for others to reference (Name | Character | OTA | Human, ghost, mutant, alien, vampire, god, zombie-catgirl hybrid, etc).
  • Reply to others. If your characters aren't different species, feel free to AU or anything else like that.
  • Use the rng to determine your prompt.
  • Also I didn't think I needed to say this, but be excellent to each other. Dick comments and anon bullying are not on.
  1. Meeting: Did you know there were, I don't know, werewolves before this? Or maybe you thought all aliens were evil. Will this...thing change your perception?
  2. Falling in Love: You know you're not the same, but your feelings don't care.
  3. Self-Hate: Perhaps you're mad at the being you're in love with, yet you're more angry at yourself.
  4. Can't Be Together: Whether for self-inflicted reasons or societal rules, you can't be in love with who your heart has chosen and it's putting a strain on you.
  5. Pushing You Away: Things are getting too intense, and for both of your sake, you want to make friend/crush/lover hate you.
  6. Beauty & the Beast: One of you is beautiful, the other hideous. Maybe, though, the beautiful one is ugly in the eyes of society, depending on where you live. Whatever the case is, you don't look the same.
  7. Confession: Screw the rules, you're going to tell that sweet girl/guy/other how you feel! What can go wrong? Or this is something you've put a lot of thought into and you're scared, but you're going to do it.
  8. First Time...or Not: Finally, the two of you are taking the next step and getting physical. It may go off without a hitch, depending on know, or- OH GOD, HOW IS THAT GOING TO GO IN HERE. Wait, you have a...?
  9. The Kinky Option: Hey, maybe being different will pay off. Think about it. A long tongue? Ghost powers? Sounds like it could be fun in the bedroom.
  10. Prejudice: "What are you doing with that dirty monster?" "You know we can't be involved with humans!" "We don't take kindly to your type around here." Why can't people just leave you two be?
  11. Facing Your Instinct: It's hard to be with someone when you want to suck their blood. Or eat their brains. Or possess them.
  12. Because of Me: Your lover has been dragged into your fight or hurt by others of your kind. Now they're in the crossfire.
  13. Standing Up For You: Hey, knock it off! I don't care what you think, he's perfect in my eyes.
  14. You Don't Know You're Beautiful: The fluffy option where you're trying to make your loved one see just how much you care and how they're beautiful to you, no matter what.
  15. Gifts: Show your affection with a gift from your culture.
  16. Starting a Family: Can you even reproduce? Is it something you want to consider? Perhaps it's new ground to tread, so you'll have to be the first to think about it.
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Michael Corvin | Underworld | M/M

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[Vampire/werewolf hybrid who can change into a hybrid creature at will. Crosscanon welcome.]
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[ you down for some hybrid and demigod action? ]
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[ awesome! I'll have something ready later today ]
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It was moments like these, when Michael was recovering from the wounds inflicted by lyan and vampire alike, that Thor was tempted to whisk the man away to Asgard where he'd be safe, whether the hybrid consented or not. He felt that urge even more so when the mortal was fast asleep, looking far too peaceful to be hunted down everyday of his life. Thor would often stroke his cheek as softly as possible to avoid waking him.

Now all he wanted was to level the ground underneath those who would hunt his loved one so mercilessly. Even with Mjolnir being shattered from his last great battle, Thor could wipe Michael's enemies from the face of this realm. He wanted to. Wanted to give his lover peace. This life of his wasn't a fair one.

"You are certain you will be fine?" He must've asked that about ten times now, regardless of seeing the torn flesh slowly knit itself back together over time. His clothes had been tattered, barely hanging onto Thor as pathetic rags. There had been many of the beasts that attacked, enough that he'd gotten separated from Michael, thus, his current battered and bleeding state. "Is there anything else you need? Anything I can do?"

He'd already started cleaning the drying blood from Michael's face, neck, and chest, careful not to irritate any of his wounds.
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It almost seemed like a fairy tale, having the love of the mighty Thor, and being doted on by him. Or maybe the set-up to a bad joke. Powerful as Michael was, Thor's powers still dwarfed him, hammer or not. The man was the god of thunder, while Michael had been bitten by two non-human beings and happened to have the right genetics to live through it and get the strengths of both. But that was what Michael loved about him. Under that powerful body was a soft heart who cared about those he loved. A warrior with an inner tenderness.

His blue eyes flicked open, looking up at his lover's handsome face. "A cow?" He croaked. The hybrid managed a weak smile at his attempt at humor. He was still weak from the blood loss.
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The Thunderer suddenly paused at the facetious reply, his audible exhale was telling of his slight annoyance but otherwise amused. "You remember that, my friend, for when you are well again, I shall whack you myself." He watched Michael fondly and with a warm smile, happy that he was well enough to joke.

"While I cannot grant your wish for a cow, I'm sure I can find something on a smaller scale to appease your appetite." Another pause while wiping Michael's chest. "That is, if you are even hungry. Thirsty perhaps?" He placed the bloody towel in the bowl of water, now murky with that blood.
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Michael cracked a small smile, leaning his head back to rest it again. He was feeling a little better with most of the blood washed off him. At least some of it wasn't his own. But quite a bit of it had been his own. He was more than grateful that he got the rapid healing of both species, though he was in no hurry to test the extent of it.

He sighed as the cloth went over his chest and cleaned him up. Even more so since it was Thor doing the cleaning. "I could go for a drink, sure." His dry voice indicated as much.
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"Of course." With a warm smile and stroking Michael's hair, Thor left him alone for but a moment to retrieve a glass of water. He hated seeing the man like this-- he hated himself even more for allowing himself to be parted from his hybrid partner. Never again, he promised himself. He wouldn't allow it.

Thor returned and sat on the edge of the bed, holding the glass to Michael's mouth as long as he wanted to drink from it before setting it down. "I've been thinking... You want no part of this war, correct?"
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Michael leaned into the hand, savoring even that small touch, and didn't take his eyes off Thor when he went to get the water. He took a few small sips, not wanting to choke on the water, until his thirst was quenched. Already his dry throat felt better.

"No. I didn't ask for any of this." It was his dumb luck, if one could even call it luck, that he happened to come from a certain gene pool. The vampires wanted him dead for being an abomination, and the lycans weren't fond of him either.

That Thor, the powerful god of thunder, accepted him for what he was, and didn't call him a monster, meant more to Michael than he could hope to express.
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Thor nodded. That's what he thought. He didn't see Michael as the abomination the vampires did but a man forced into endless running lest he accept death. How an accidental meeting could lead to such a strange and inconvenient love was beyond him, but Thor rarely thought of it that way. God and lycan/vampire hybrid aside, they were lovers.

"I know of a place, well, two, actually. One of this world where you will be protected, and another that is not of this world, Asgard." The warrior stroked the side of Michael's face, brows knitted into a furrow. "This is not a life you should be made to live." And he was afraid if left alone, he'd lose Michael to his oppressors.
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Michael's eyebrows rose, even as he leaned into Thor's hand again, craving that touch. He often went far too long without his lover's touch and affection. He made sure to enjoy every second of it, before Thor would have to leave him.

"Asgard? You mean, where you live?" He had taken a class in Norse mythology once, and he was pretty sure Asgard was the home of the gods in those stories. "Now you're just pulling my leg."
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He could see how starved the other man was for his touch, he felt guilty for it; being Earth's protector made him a very busy god, even if all he wanted was to spend all his time with Michael. Thor let his fingers slide into his lover's loose strands, smiling fondly at his initial disbelief.

"You think I jest and yet I sit here in all seriousness. It seems you are put at risk each time I leave you, I cannot have that. I'd rather you be safe." Not only would it keep Michael from reoccurring harm, it would give Thor peace knowing he wasn't at risk to being slaughtered while he was away. "What do you say, my friend? Will you come when you have healed?"

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Michael looked up at the ceiling, biting his lip in thought. Here Thor was, offering him passage to a whole other world. The idea was a tempting one, though Michael couldn't help but feel a little scared of the idea too. They were talking about a world full of aliens who were like gods, where Michael would be a long-term visitor. To leave the Earth behind for Asgard.

On the other hand, he would be safe from the vampires and lycans, and Thor would protect him. What did he have to lose? Plus, thanks to his hybrid nature, Thor wouldn't have to worry about having to watch Michael age and die.

He looked back at Thor and nodded. "Yes. I would love to see your world, and live there with you."
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It would be no easy decision to make. If Michael had jumped at the opportunity Thor would have been surprised, he expected hesitance and gave the mortal the time to mull it over properly. In the end he grinned widely at the answer. Even if Michael hadn't said yes, Thor would have done his damnedest to convince him.

"I was hoping that'd be your answer," Thor said with a kiss to Michael's forehead. He took the man's hand in his own, squeezed gently. "You'll stay however long you want, forever even, with me. I just wish you to remain safe." As far as he knew, Michael didn't have much attachment to this realm, if there were any living relatives, he never mentioned them.

Asgard would welcome him with open arms because he was Thor's partner, his mate, lover, boyfriend-- everything that mattered and all despite being the 'abomination' the vampires and lycans wanted dead.
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Michael put his free hand over Thor's, his blue eyes full of love as he looked at his lover. "Moving to another world is a bigger leap than moving to another country, but I'm willing to do it."

He'd lost contact with most of the people he knew back in America after he moved, and he hadn't exactly had any real friends in Europe. He had work friends, sure, but they didn't exactly go out for drinks or other outings after work. Nobody missed him when he vanished twice, and he doubted he would be missed if he were to just vanish off the face of the Earth.

In Asgard, he could at least be with someone who loved him and cared about him.

Michael looked down at his wounds, which had healed over by now, without even a hint of scarring. "Just tell me when it's time to leave."
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Yes, moving across worlds was a bigger leap than any, no one could dispute that, and Thor imagined it would take some time and making Michael comfortable before he felt at home. Still, it was a better home than he's had in a long time.

Thor glanced down at the now vanished wounds, all that was left of the torn flesh were shredded clothing and blood staining the fabric and his skin. He nodded, a look of relief in his eyes regardless of knowing his lover would heal rapidly.

"Now. We leave now." Thor smiled lightly. "Gather whatever you wish to bring, otherwise, bid farewell to this place."
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Michael nodded, sitting up and stretching, to loosen himself up after laying down for a while. Once he was limbered up, the hybrid looked down at his clothes, and figured he might as well change. A torn up shirt and jeans didn't make for a good first impression.

Going into the next room, Michael grabbed an overnight bag and filled it with a change of clothes and a few paperback novels he had lying around. He came back out a moment later with the bag slung over his shoulder, having also changed into some clothes that weren't all torn up.

He took one last look at his apartment, aware that he was unlikely to ever see it again. It wasn't so much that he had a real attachment to the place, but more that it once again hit him that he was really leaving Earth, and getting away from it all.

Michael walked up to Thor, his blue eyes locking onto the god of thunder's. "I'm ready. Let's go." He held out his hand to his lover.
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Thor waited curiously by the door, watching the things Michael gathered and shoved into his back, and as he changed into a clean pair of clothes. Wise choice. With a faint smile, mostly a fondness lingering in his eyes, Thor took the hand being held out to him and led Michael outside is quaint apartment and the building.

For a moment they stand there in silence, Thor just staring into those brilliant blue eyes, searching for any signs of hesitation before nodding in silence to himself. He pulled the hybrid close and looked to the dark skies above them, he called for someone to open the Bifrost, and suddenly the night sky was burned open with a surge of light springing from it, and it was headed straight for them.

Thor did not flinch, even when the light seemed to tug at them just before snatching them up through time and space itself. Within seconds they were standing before a golden observatory where a towering man in golden armor waited with a large sword nearly the size of him. Underneath them, there was a multicolored, glimmering bridge. However, that was only the start of Asgard's magnificence.

"Ready?" Thor asked while clasping the back of Michael's neck.
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Michael wrapped his arms around Thor and buried his face against his chest, closing his eyes. He suddenly felt like a kid about to go on the Cyclone at Coney Island for the first time. He'd seen Thor travel by the bifrost before, and knew that it was safe, but he was still a little nervous at getting to travel this way for the first time.

His arms tightened around Thor when he heard the sky open up, and felt his stomach lurch as they were tugged up. He was relieved that it didn't last very long. When it was over, Michael opened his eyes, pulling away from his lover slightly to look at where they were. His mouth hung open in awe, gazing around, marveling at the rainbow bridge that danced with colors below them. When he saw the tall man with the sword, he gave a nervous smile, before averting his gaze and looking at the building in the distance. Was he actually going to live there now?

At Thor's question, he looked back at him and nodded. "Yeah. I want to see more."
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bleh, word vomit. so sorry

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Once they safely arrived at their destination, Thor smirked down at his lover and how tightly he'd been clinging. He didn't blame the man, this was a far unknown and strange means of travel to a human. Though he did press a kiss to the man's forehead and gently cupped his nape to ease him.

He grinned at Michael's eagerness to see more. "Excellent! Come, I'll introduce you to Heimdall. He is wise and formidable, he also keeps guard of the Bifrost." Thor led Michael to the waiting Asgardian who seemed to stand an inch or two taller than Thor himself. "Heimdall, my friend! So good to see you."

Thor introduced the two men, and stoic as Heimdall might've been, the golden-armor clad Asgardian was happy to meet Michael, nodding his greeting and wishing him the best during his stay on Asgard.

"Allow me to officially welcome you to my home, Asgard," Thor announced once they were through the observatory, the skycraping palace in the distance now in full view. More armored Asgardians stood guard, bowing their heads as their prince walked passed. Others, pedestrians it seemed, stopped what they were doing to either stare or greet Thor, and all of them were dressed as strangely as the next. Some seemed to whisper as the two made their way through the city, and others...they barely spared a second glance.

The city was large, filled with bustling districts, and variety of entertaining acts of all kinds. Magitech and blatant sorcery surrounded them and Thor hardly fazed by any of it. It sort of put things into perspective, why Thor never flinched at Michael's otherness.

"I shall give you a grand tour, later. For now, I'll show you where you are to sleep. You need rest, perhaps even long, warm bath, hm?" Grabbing onto Michael's hand, Thor towed him the rest of the way to the palace.
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Np <3

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Michael was put at ease when he was introduced to Heimdall, suddenly finding him less intimidating once they had spoken to one another.

Once the introductions were out of the way, Michael followed Thor, keeping close to his lover and looking up at the palace as it came even closer. When they passed through the crowds, he couldn't help but look at the various people they passed, glancing at what they were wearing and looking down at his own outfit. He probably looked so droll to them. Then again, he thought, it would probably be worse if he were to walk through here in his hybrid form. Here he was, a human on an alien world, where the rulers had once been worshiped as gods.

When they passed the stalls, Michael took his gaze away from Thor to look at everything. He would have stopped to watch, but he didn't want to lose track of his lover and get lost.

He finally looked back at Thor at the mention of rest and a bath. "A bath sounds pretty good, actually. I probably smell like a dog. Or a wolf."
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Yes, the Midgardian clothes stuck out sorely, unfortunately, but there was time to fix that after Michael was shown his sleeping quarters. Which, in case he'd been wondering, was Thor's own bedchamber of course. They wouldn't be sleeping separately, gods no.

"I'm glad you said it and not me," Thor teased gently with a light shoulder bump. He took them down winding corridors of marble and stone through the palace, taking the shortest distance so that they wound up at Thor's room quickly. "Here is where you'll be sleeping," he pushed the door open, "with me, of course."

The room was large, massive and his bed larger than most on Earth. There was a balcony straight ahead, and large open windows that allowed the warm breeze to flow through.
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Michael's eyes wandered around some more as they went through the palace, looking at the ornate golden walls, and giving friendly smiles when they passed by servants.

When they entered Thor's bedroom, he finally slipped away from his lover's side to look around. "My last two apartments could fit in here, and there'd still be room to get cozy," He said, running a hand along the large bed. He couldn't believe he was really going to be sleeping in his room, and in this bed, with the one he loved.

He then made his way to the balcony, looking out at the view and letting the breeze gently brush his dirty hair. "I could get used to this."

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