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Get the adrenaline pumping and your best game plan in motion, because you've got to be sneaky about your sexcapades. Whether you just like to take advantage of inopportune moments, like fucking before battles or in tight spaceship cockpits or when you have company, your relationship is...not opportune, or you two simply like to abscond during the in-between moments you have together, you'll soon learn to appreciate the fine art of intrigue and being covert.

  • Information, preferences, limits, ideas, you know all the drills.
  • Do a thread.
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Archie Andrews | Riverdale

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Dia Starfall | Star Wars OC | F/M

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Re: Dia Starfall | Star Wars OC | F/M

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[ooc:'ve just read the profile and now I want to play this video game like right now, where before I was more curious about Force Unleashed and similar stuff.

If you don't mind that I'm only freshly voicetesting (few days old account here, heh), I'll write a starter in the afternoon /evening (aka in several hours' time), ok? /ooc.]
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(Dia's very loosely based on the storyline for the Sith Inquisitor character from the Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO. Set thousands of years in the past, etc etc. Although according to Bioware and Lucasarts, it's like. Double-not canon (Like not even Legends canon), so I tend to adapt her to the era of whomever I'm playing her off of when I drop her in memes.

That said, I don't mind waiting! :D If you wanna hash something out first, I'm totes okay with doing that, too!)
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Ooc: I have unexpected break in work, 's how it goes in translation business. Particular timeline

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(thinking a week or two at most after season 3 finale, so speculations on shortly after thatidk), vague setting that either of us can elaborate on, feel free to alter scenario somewhat if you like, also: spoilers, because you said you're familiar with the show. Real tag incoming right below in few minutes / ooc]
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a start of future for some reason that we'll make up become sneaky meetings? gotta begin somehow

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[It was an infiltration mission. Not a very complicated one at that. In other words, Thrawn wasn't on this planet and probably had no plans of coming there. Which was an instant relief and automatic... blessing, was the word, maybe? for this mission. So he volonteered. So did Ezra (some things couldn't be helped, 'Jabba's' apparent constant egerness to play with helmets being one of them). Bridger was in the other part of the building right now, 'being' a construction worker thanks to handwavy force tricks.]

[Meanwhile, Kallus had no Force and fortunately no need for it. Pretending to be an imperial soldier on a planet where his face wasn't really known yet - very easy. Familiar.]

[And then he saw her and at once felt glad the stolen stormtrooper helmet did nicely in obscuring his face.]

[Her - he knew her face. They worked together once, briefly.]
[Kanan Jarrus would say that the Force flowed even through non-Jedi people. Or some other such nonsense. Kallus very much hoped that wasn't the case. That, or that if it did, it had long decided he's too ordinary to touch. Because otherwise-- would this Inquisitor (or almost one, all files and briefings on those ones were scarce and half empty)... would she recognise him?]

[Doing his best not to think of cut heads or eyes, he passed her on a corridor, pretending to be a newbie stormtrooper who had even no idea who she was]

[ Now he only hoped she wasn't interested in beheading new stormtoopers, didn't have that or similar as a hobby. And then, maybe she would ignore him.]
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[To be completely fair, she's not difficult to recognize even in the slightest respect. Sure, all Inquisitors wore the same uniform, but each of them had their own unique variant either because of species, or simply personal taste.

Such was the case with this one: She was human, that much was obvious, as she wasn't wearing the typical helmet they had, but her version of the uniform included a long, ankle-length kilt to compliment the tight upper-bodysuit with the Imperial Insignia.

Plus she was one of the ones who used to be Jedi. As such, her Lightsabers weren't the ones attached to the spinning rings.

It also helped there weren't many left. The Inquisitors had their numbers cut, largely by the Lothal Rebel Cell, and the former Sith Lord known as Maul.

For the moment, as far as Kallus was concerned, she hadn't seemed to have noticed him, instead, she was taking advantage of her position and giving orders--nobody dared question what or why, the Inquisitors were given freedom in the Empire that was unrivaled. They possessed no rank, yet outranked nearly everyone else.

Nobody may have heard of this desolate rock, but there was a reason they were here, and it was obvious in her orders. There were rumors that a Jedi Temple was hidden somewhere on this world.

But that wasn't his concern for now, was it. She, flanked by two others in uniform (not stormtroopers), passed Kallus in the hallway, enraptured in her discussion with the two soldiers with her--after they passed, there was a pause on her part.]

You two, continue to the command center. There's something I need to check.

[Her voice was commanding, her accent thickly Imperial (or closest to British-English, if you want to go from the Earth equivalent), and her two 'friends' replied in an affirmative as she turned, and moved with that eerie silence.]

You. Stormtrooper. Where are you going, and what are your current orders?

[To be fair, again, she hadn't attacked him--as she was fortunately one of the Inquisitors not super prone to random outbursts violence or force choking reactions to paranoia. She tempered her emotions with compartmentalization and training--but something was off. And it's probably fortunate she's caught Kallus and not the young Mr. Bridger.]
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[The first panicked thought is she'll recongise my voice. I would, so why wouldn't she?

Calm down.

Voices aren't completely set in stone. Even without equipment. So calm down, remember being very imperial, very young and very enthusiastic, before On--don't go there. Calm down. Try to sound like a fresh meat, eager to serve the galaxy.. And actually, he was that man still. He wanted to do good for the galaxy, but he know believed, without a doubt, that only now he was finally in the right organisation (slowly getting more organised, so he could call it that) to do so.]

Sir! That is! Madam! My orders are to secure this perimeter against any potential intruders. My colonel has ordered- I'm to guard this corridor with my life!

[aka my face annoyed my superior, so he gave me a meaningless but properly sounding order in order to make me go away. That hadn't often happened, back then, to young Kallus, but it had to other boys, once upon a time. It was-- plausible, if she knew anything about stormtroopers.]
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[Kallus might be amused to notice and-or remember: He stands taller than her. Though she does her best with the height she's got, standing up relatively straight, hands behind her back, holding one wrist in the other hand.

Her eyes, faintly lit and colored yellow, rather than the blue they used to be in a time long past, narrowed as she regarded him thoughtfully. Then she slowly stalked around him in a circle, watching him and his reaction to her.

Whether she recognized his voice--at least for the moment, she gave no outward sign other than this. At least, not yet.

It certainly was a plausible order--and certainly along the lines of punishments she'd doled out herself. An Inquisitor she may be, and fear she should spread, but everyone had their use. Everyone had their purpose, even failures.

Sometimes failures could learn from their mistakes.

A decapitated corpse, however, could not.

Eventually, her circling path ended with her in front of him again, somehow, despite the helmet, her eyes were almost certainly looking straight at his. A likely unnerving thing, given that Kallus was probably hoping on blending into the faceless, ever repeating masses of the Stormtroopers]

I see. Walk with me.

[Kallus would remember from his earlier days as an Agent and a lower rank before--you don't question the Inquisitors. They say jump, you do so while asking if that was sufficiently high enough.

Said Inquisitor made a 'follow me' gesture with one hand as she turned on the ball of one foot, and headed down the opposite direction she was initially going, arms returning to their position behind her back, and her moving with that silent walk--after all, Inquisitors, among other things, were Assassins, and she was almost certainly assassin-like even before her days as one.

Several turns down the nondescript, Imperial corridors later, and they're in the room she's claimed as her office. Alone. She gestures with the Force and the door locks behind them--and what happens next happens all at once with an almost terrifying speed and fluid efficiency. Kallus feels the familiar pressure of the telekinetic power of the Force on him as he's shoved roughly backwards and against the wall, lifted off of the ground lightly, and rifle knocked free of his hand as she turned around and did this all at the same time.

What happened next? Well. She didn't draw her blades, so he was perhaps fortunate in that respect, but he wasn't so fortunate otherwise.]

Let's try this again. With a little more truth to the matter this time.

[She gestured with her other hand, two fingers pointed upwards, and knocked the helmet off of him.]

Agent Kallus. This is a pleasant surprise. To what do I owe the honor of this visit?

[Despite obviously recognizing him, or perhaps because of it, she doesn't let him down. Not yet.]
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[He could say 'to say hello to you, it's been a while' or 'I'm flattered you remember me' but he's: 1. Being held up by the Force and that's honestly a bit scary, he can't lie to himself there; 2. Not sure of her temper. They've only worked together briefly]

I hear it's a great tourist destination. Good for holidays when one's homeless.

[Damn. He was dead, wasn't he? Let's hope he remember right that her temper isn't- well, like Fifth Brother's, for example, or, hmm.. well. The Grand Inquisitor usually wasn't too petty, for example. Usually.]

I-- can just see myself out if I'm so unwelcome.

[or maybe it's better not to. As long as she's focused on him, maybe, just maybe, she won't 'feel' (or whatever these Force types do) Bridger nearby. Now he's torn between trying to escape (well, probably not while held) and trying not to, while still trying to survive - because since he survived even Thrawn, he'd be pretty annoyed with himself if he couldn't live through one encounter with a small-time (well, she wasn't a grand admiral) Force lady]
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[If he's going to get caught by any remaining Inquisitor after his betrayal of the Empire, this woman's the one to be caught by. Her rage is a precision instrument, stored and compartmentalized away to be used in laser guided precision, rather than an explosive force to constantly draw on.

So, yes, he's remembering her temperament fairly well.]

Ah, yes, that's right. You're a bloody traitor to the Empire now.

[Honestly, she sounds more amused by this fact than really angered by it. She draws her hand back, letting it rest on her hip.

This has the apparently intended side effect of letting him drop the short distance to the floor. His rifle, alas, is all the way across the room from the way she flung it, and it's highly unlikely he could guess the unlocking code for the door before she could recapture him.

So she has no need to keep, shall we say, a hold on him.

For now. It might prove entertaining to do so later.

She gives him a playful pout.]

But you just got here, I'd hate for you to have to leave after you just arrive at our wonderful facility, particularly without stopping by our local gift shop.

[From there, as it was clear she was joking, she shrugged and leaned back against her desk, folding her arms low and quirking an eyebrow at him curiously. Whether she knows about Bridger or not, she currently gives no sign, instead, she's got this curiosity in front of her after months of boring searching on this desolate rock of a planet.]

And you don't remember me, Kallus? I'm hurt. Really. Truly. After the wonderful, if brief, mission we had together?

[They'd gotten along well enough at the time, certainly. At least, they didn't try to kill each other, and lord knows she probably flirted a little since she seemed to enjoy doing so to make him squirm.]
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[Kriff, did she have to talk about that mission? Back then, he even]

[it didn't seem she knew Ezra was here, good]

[Back then, karabast, he even considered her, for some few moments, fairly attractive, in somewhat unsettling way]

[And if she told him he's a curiosity to her, he wouldn't believe her at all. Because one of the things everybody in ISB had drilled into them was that the Inquisitors were no rival agency, not at all, because Inquisitors were a weapon against all things Jedi and all things Jedi only, and so, Inquisitors were disinterested in any ordinary people. And if one happened to be interrogating someone you could, that was no reason to feel robbed of achievements, because again, Inquisitors cared about catching Jedi only. Any ordinary person? They'd just get the information on any potential Jedi from them, and that's it, no reason to feel as if they're stealing one's prisoners. Inquisitors? Jedi matters only, so no rival faction.]

[Well, when it came to that, he didn't exactly have any reason to disbelieve that. So Dia'ndria were to tell him she's personally in any way finding his case interesting, Kallus would think she's mocking him. Slightly attractively, though he'd rather flirt without humiliation, so he'd rather not flirt with her.]

[Anyway, she really was only waiting for him to tell her where the two Jedi are. Well, let's see how she is when she's waiting and waiting with no results.]

[Hopefully not too stab-happy.]

[anyway. if she was still here, then she still didn't know 'Jabba' was here. Also, she hasn't beheaded Kallus or blinded him, so overall, this was going as well as it could be - with her here.]

I remember, miss Dia'ndra. [ISB knew names of Inquisitors, at least, though really not much else. He had no idea even what her surname was, or where she came from.]

[alright, let's maybe keep talking. Though it made him feel slightly pathetic, all this talking with barely any purpose (well, there was one, keeping Dia'ndra here, how else was he to do it, certainly not flirt with her) and no idea what to do yet. And meanwhile, think what to do. And how to reach any weapon or how to kick her without losing a leg.]

I just didn't want to offend your- well, your sensibilities by implying you ever worked with a future traitor and the Force didn't even tell you. Or something of the kind.

[at least he's not held up by weird abilities now. That makes him feel slightly more confident already. He can act - he just has to wait for an opportunate moment. That much Kallus is certain of.]
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[Honestly he was a curiosity because frankly, thus far in her experience, this place as a barren rock in the dead edge of nowhere space in the outer rim. Sure there were rumors that there was a temple here, but even as a former Jedi, she has yet to find any evidence of it. Just abandoned settlements and ghost towns, and crashed ships thus far.

The fact that the, of all people, traitor was here, was interesting. And something that was relieving her boredom. There was a million and one things she'd rather be doing than being here, poking through rocks with the Imperial Science division and a bunch of Stormtroopers who were pretty much as bored as she was.

Still, if Kallus was here, it was likely he wasn't alone. She had her suspicions, but rather than be direct and blunt about them, Dia prefers to simply play around with her new toy in front of her. Because why not? Even if he tries something, she's certainly curious enough to see what it is he does when given the chance.]

Ah, good, you do remember me. I was worried I didn't leave much of an impression back then.

[Indeed, he's not being held up by her Force devilry, but Stars only know what she's capable of now.]

And you didn't want to offend me, Kallus? [Hand to chest, a mocking, shocked expression before she pushes off the desk to walk towards him.] I'm not sure if I should be flattered or surprised you took that into consideration.

Most of the ISB sees us as rivals. Or annoyances since we tend to hijack their resources.

[She stopped, just, and only just outside of arms reach, her hands on her hips as she shifted her weight to one leg, jutting her hip out a little as she regarded him thoughtfully.] Or you know. Distrusting of all of the bloody 'force devilry'.

[Cue an oh-so-menecing finger-wiggle in his direction with one hand. Admittedly, even if he's expecting it, nothing actually, y'know. Happens.]
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[well, for now he's just relieved nothing happens. But he really's had enough of Dia'ndra's company right now.]

Shouldn't you be elsewhere, hunting some Jedi right now? And while some rivalry doesn't hurt - well, our interests differ. For example - aren't you busy finding that 'Maul'? Or perhaps that's too difficult.

[glances at her lightsaber. Still turned off, good. If she slowly lets her guard down, there's a chance to take it. And run.]

[But she's, he remembers, a tricky one when it comes to distractions. That had been his impression, at least.]

[As for this place, it were Kanan and Ezra that first thought there may be something here. Feeling, or vision, or premonition, he didn't understand Jedi stuff anyway. Still, it was to be such a simple infiltration, others thought, to check it... Apparently nothing was ever simple now. At least Bridger haven't felt her yet, thank Force, as evidenced by lack of sudden, clumsy, endearing rescue attempts. Good.]
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If you must know, [Cue a roll of her eyes] there's rumors of a Jedi Temple on this bloody desolate rock. I've been searching for it for weeks, but it's either better hidden than I've been lead to believe, or the bloody information's bad.

Which of course leads me to wonder what you are doing here. [He'll be waiting a while if he's waiting on her to let her guard down--the 'culture', such as it was, between the Inquisitors tended to create a bit of a paranoid attitude between them. Someone who was an ally could suddenly become an enemy wanting to advance within the next moment. Still, while she's guarded, she's also relaxed.]

I suspect the same rumors drew you here as well? Or was it something else? [She playfully pokes his chest, leather gloved finger tapping against the smooth Stormtrooper armor he was still wearing.] Perhaps you heard I was here and decided to see if that was true. If so, I might just be flattered indeed.
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[So that's what they saw! Alright, let's get Ezra to that decrepit temple and then let's go home to Yavin at least.

Funny, home. Coruscant was home, but that was like some fairytale or previous life now.]

[Also, while, to him, Dia'ndra's jokes are just in a bad taste, there is no getting when she's infuriatingly alive and armed and too, too close, here.]

[But that was it! If he wanted to 'borrow' that lightsaber so that she wouldn't behead neither him nor 'Jabba'. Accidental side benefit - never imagining closeness to her again, as it would have already been achieved.]

You saw right through me. In fact, you're one of the people who - let's say - intrigue me.

[with no supernatural shenenigans, he would spring for her sabre now. Then, marginally safer, he could run and rendesvous with the boy who would know what to do with it.]

[But being who she is - she would probably read any sudden movements.]

[And so, even though this one now modus operandi, while acceptable in ISB, has never much been his, he decided to try it now. To get away from her later, but slowly and carefullu and hopefully after disarming her.]

Dia'ndra, does talking to criminals actually interest you? I wish I had-

[lean even closer, hoping it doesn't lead to being choked or beheaded, but hopefully to a very violent magic - sorry, Force - push instead, pushes are mostly fine,just a broken bone at most.]

-known earlier. Maybe then, we wouldn't have slept apart, back then.]

[and now, let's try this surely awful idea of lightly touching her leg. ]
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[The worst part? She totally knows it is in bad taste. She just doesn't care.

Still, she's curious enough to see what he'll attempt with her standing as close to him as she is. It's a risk, but again, it's a bit of excitement after months upon months of boredom.

But indeed, she would probably be aware of his sudden movements. As it was, she's probably aware he's going for her saber, and she dares to thus far let him think he's going to.

As even if he gets his hand on it, she's still very fast, and has the Force on her side.

Although to also be truthful, while she enjoyed the power she was given, she hasn't yet been betrayed by the Empire she currently works for--as she undoubtedly will be eventually. Particularly one as gifted in the Force and the Blade as she. (And she Will Not take it well, either, but to be fair, who does?)]

It's more... I suppose it's the fact that it's you, Kallus. Some common Rebel rabble wouldn't quite require a personal touch like this.

[Unless of course, she implies, they were one of those rumored Jedi running around--particularly the ones involved in the deaths of her fellow Inquisitors. If nothing else, she wants to know who they are--how they compare.

And how exhilarating they'd be to fight, even if briefly.]

After all, if you're here, that may mean there's something to this bloody abandoned little rock of a world.

[And then she smiles, it's simultaneously flirty, dangerous, and playful] And I have my doubts you're alone, either. After all, that's why I'm here. To help find the Temple.

[She may not know where your Jedi friend is, former Agent Kallus, but she's survived this long in this newly chaotic, Imperial driven world because she's smart. And a former young Jedi to boot--so she knows there has to be one here. Kallus wouldn't be able to access the temple otherwise.

Not without some seriously impressive drilling equipment.

Or liberal use of explosives.

Her leg flexes lightly at the touch, as he can feel that beneath the loose kilt she wears, and in addition to the smile, that earns a raised, curious eyebrow. Dare you try, Kallus? Or dare you not?]
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1/2 (btw, I'm already loving Dia. 'm certainly gonna play the game you based her on someday :D

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[the worst part to him is that he doesn't believe, can't really believe, she doesn't know that he's going for her sabre. She can't not know, can she? Still, it seems she's intent on - mocking? humouring? - him, apparently certain he can't do anything.

Which makes him want to prove her wrong. Because if nothing else, Kallus is stubborn.
(He's pretty sure he'd have gone insane long ago, was he not.)]

[If he- if he desired, if only briefly, would he be able to fool her senses with that? This really wasn't his way of doing things, but he had considered her (dangerously) attractive, and in a way, he still did. So--]

[He tried to lean closer, to almost kiss her if she let him---
-and remembered Grint and Aresco, and the burn over what used to be Kanan's perfectly well working eyes, the burn surely from a certain kind of weapon, though Kallus never inquired, and he
-leaned away for a moment, fingers now instinctively going slightly further away from sabre instead of closer as he planned, and he was hoping the sudden wave of almost nausea, of course held back and hidden, hopefully, didn't show in his eyes.]

[This. Wasn't very easy, he suddenly realised. Let's even say he were to behead her (what was up with that almost nausea?), what if she choked him before he could?]

[And for some reason, all the physical desire, that had been slightly reawakened, suddenly evaporated faster than running lothcats. He blamed that on that almost nauseous feeling as well.]

[And then, she started speaking-]


[personal touch]

[So she knew, karabast, she knew, and now she had to suspect that either Ezra or Kanan was with him!]

Are you insane? If you mean that crew, I'm never going on missions with them again. Today, I'm working solo.

You don't even know anything, do you? Such incompetence. There's not one person there who'd call me a friend. They don't even really trust me. And it's mutual. The Twi'lek is still pretty sure I'm with the Empire. The Lasat broke my leg and almost fed me to monsters and then left me for dead in the freezing night, the boy has been a pain since the beginning, and the blind guy? He already said he wanted to push me into glass, as painfully as possible.

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate whole rebellion, but usually, I work solo now, and with a good reason! Otherwise, they may yet backstab me.

[with his most offended and put upon face expression - somehow, nausea makes it easier to pull that off, he thinks]
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[and he hope that the fact that there's some genuine twinge of annoyence to his words might help. Annoyance from imagining the aformentioned people stupidly trying to help him now if they knew an Inquisitor caught him, for example. So if he was genuinely annoyed, maybe Diawhatever would believe his performance. Force users. Who the kriff even knows with them.]
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agent Kallus | Star Wars: Rebels | OTA

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[ooc: I'm good with pretty much anything, also, if for any reason you want the thread to be completely spoiler-free, tell me and I'll make sure it is, no problems there.]
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