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Absolute corruption

Corrupted, Depraved, Addicted
a smut meme

There may be a part of all of us that is both drawn towards perfection and slightly unnerved by it. A straight line of items is appealing, yet we could feel more at ease if one thing was to the side just so. If things are already ruined, we don't have to worry about doing it ourselves. But, still, there exists at the core of a good deal of us some kind of primal urge that is very simple: destroy what's perfect. Make it flawed, like us.

This meme takes this dark and fairly insignificant desire and twists it to new extremes, combining it with that other age old dichotomy of virgin/whore. Characters will want to corrupt another character, whether the latter is innocent or stoic and put together. They want to see them turned depraved, into a slut --- yet only addicted and loyal to them.

One concept that is different than other memes, however, is that the character doing the corrupting does not have to be flat out mustache twirling evil. Anyone can want to be the corrupter, from the sweetest to the most rotten, because there are tons of varying interpretations of why they'd want to do it: as a kink, perhaps a mutual one with their lover, just to see if this so-called "perfect" person really is, out of genuine adoration, or even hoping. Of course, they could also just want to watch the world burn...and be mustache twirling evil.

  • This meme is going to play somewhat into sluttification kinks, so obviously there's a problematic element here. All aspects of that kink IE dirty talk, humiliation, sexy clothing, loving depravation, etc, are welcome, but how straight or how far you take it is up to you. Disclaimer that nobody here believes in this shit, it's all kink, so on so forth.
  • Comment with your character, preferences, and what role they're likely to play. I don't want to see this meme filled with pillow queening, though, so try to be flexible and proactive.
  • Reply to others.

  1. For Love: You want to make them yours in every way possible, and they're all for it.
  2. For Curiosity: Can you really corrupt someone?
  3. For Teaching: They want to be more worldly. Things are taken far, far into the opposite direction.
  4. For Their Own Good: It would be better for them if they were more open. Much more open.
  5. For Fetish: You get off to this. Maybe they do, too?
  6. For Spite: You want to ruin their life. Nothing more, nothing less.
  7. For Benefit: More than a lover, you want a right hand man. A henchman. A Harley Quinn, if you will.
  8. Because You Can: You just like to fuck with people, and what better way to do it than this?
sacrificeyourfreedom: (Default)

Winter Soldier Steve | Marvel | OTA

[personal profile] sacrificeyourfreedom 2017-04-20 06:33 pm (UTC)(link)
[small: he goes from the golden boy of America to the correpted, used, asset of Hydra..... What did it take to make sure he followed orders? Or maybe the corruption happened earlier, before he was even Captain America?]
beastofasister: (Default)

Manaka Sajyou | Fate/Prototype | OTA

[personal profile] beastofasister 2017-04-20 11:50 pm (UTC)(link)
[ Most likely the corrupter, despite her outward innocence. "Corruption" can involve mind-altering magic, tentacles, and a number of other gross magic things, or it can be something more mundane.

On another note, Manaka's apparent age is quite young, though her mentality is closer to an inhuman monster than anything; if you're (understandably) uncomfortable with that, I also have an AU account where she appears older. ]
sorrowful_knight: (Default)

Bedivere | Fate/Grand Order | M/M

[personal profile] sorrowful_knight 2017-04-21 12:03 am (UTC)(link)
[ Corrupted for sure!]
quiddities: (pic#10750230)

Gansey (The Raven Cycle - OTA)

[personal profile] quiddities 2017-04-21 01:40 am (UTC)(link)
[ He would be the one getting corrupted. ]
photobombed: (1)

prompto argentum | ffxv

[personal profile] photobombed 2017-04-21 05:35 am (UTC)(link)
[The one corrupted]
prick: (What do I do with a boy like you?)

Jackson Whittemore | Teen Wolf

[personal profile] prick 2017-04-21 02:07 pm (UTC)(link)
[ open to either role. ]
vampiric: (Default)

Eric Northman | True Blood

[personal profile] vampiric 2017-04-21 02:11 pm (UTC)(link)
[ corrupting influence. ]
murderous: (pic#10731915)

Peter Hale | Teen Wolf

[personal profile] murderous 2017-04-21 02:12 pm (UTC)(link)
[ corrupting influence. ]
klaus: (Default)

Niklaus Mikaelson | The Originals

[personal profile] klaus 2017-04-21 02:12 pm (UTC)(link)
[ corrupting influence. ]
houseofel: (Default)

Clark Kent | DCEU | m/m

[personal profile] houseofel 2017-04-22 03:49 am (UTC)(link)
[the one being corrupted]
drehnifusbahi: (*smoulder*)

The Dragonborn | Skyrim | OTA

[personal profile] drehnifusbahi 2017-05-03 11:52 am (UTC)(link)
[A corrupter doing it for love/kink/your own good, but a corrupter all the same.]
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Re: The Dragonborn | Skyrim | OTA

[personal profile] tooperfect5 2017-05-04 01:40 am (UTC)(link)
[So first question is, do we want to go off the established we already have or do we want to toss this earlier as a first time meeting sort of thing? I do like the idea of "for your own good" or "for kink" though "for love" depends on whether we want to have them already in their relationship or if we're going to branch off. (He's going to be such a dick, you know, haha.)]
drehnifusbahi: (*total sincerity*)

[personal profile] drehnifusbahi 2017-05-10 09:49 pm (UTC)(link)
[Oh man, both options sound equally fun. I can't decide! Maybe we should flip a coin? Heads for established, tails for starting fresh?]
tooperfect5: (perfectly formless shots)

[personal profile] tooperfect5 2017-05-11 12:32 am (UTC)(link)
[I'm gonna vote for going a "start fresh" route, just to keep things fresh! We've had three huge amazing threads already, so lets go ahead and give it a nice toss~ setting it in skyrim's still good for me, but we can totally reinvent the setting as well.]
drehnifusbahi: (how can you not trust this face?)

[personal profile] drehnifusbahi 2017-05-11 03:40 am (UTC)(link)
[Starting fresh it is, then! I'm a-okay with still setting it in Skyrim, though I might bring in more headcanon re: how things like this work in other parts of Tamriel. So, some combination of "for his own good"/"for kink", and if we're keeping the teacher/student bit maybe a hair of "for teaching" as well?
tooperfect5: (i got your number...)

[personal profile] tooperfect5 2017-05-11 04:05 am (UTC)(link)
[Skyrim setting again works out well for me! And yes, bring in all the headcanon; that's the spice of life. Yes, I like the combo and we should definitely keep the teacher/student bit. After all, if he wants to be taught something, there's always something for offer... Did we want to do their meeting or handwave it to a little past or night after? Still planning on keeping Aomine as a soldier-hating mercenary for hire who thinks he's the best thing there is (with a good background of success behind him to support that opinion) as his background, so there's that to lay down.]
drehnifusbahi: (ok blades you do that)

[personal profile] drehnifusbahi 2017-05-15 02:52 am (UTC)(link)
[Cool, the background stuff works for me! I think we can handwave a little further past the first meeting, or even the first couple days - maybe some time in the first couple weeks? Gives them a little time to have gotten to know each other a *little* before Van starts putting the moves on him. xD]
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[personal profile] tooperfect5 2017-05-16 10:26 pm (UTC)(link)
[works for me! let me know if you wanna change anything in this or feel free to simply add what you like in your response! looking forward to it, as always~ <3]

Hsssk. Hsssk. Hsssk. Each quiet slide of cloth over steel seemed to draw him further into the zone. Firelight flickered in mirror-like quality in the tempered metal, cutting off sharply as the blade came to its business edge. There was no swordsmith or merchant in this land that could find a sword like this one. Katana were as alien and fantastical as the Eastern island lands where Aomine could only guess he must have come from. Honestly, he owed his life to this sword more than a few times now. Learned to fight with it, learned to kill with it, learned to be the best with it.

Until the days as a “soldier” no longer had anything for him. Until the title of “mercenary” no longer was able to completely convey his skill. He left them all behind, and good riddance too. Soldiers, he hated; they had taken everything from him. His mother, his freedom, his future, tried to make him into something he wasn’t. Mercenaries, he tolerated, since they gave him tips as to his next win. But as for that “team play” and “partnerships” that people spoke about? Hn, yeah right. What good were people that would only slow him down, people that couldn’t challenge him?

The only one who can best me is me. Aomine’s blue eyes reflected at him within the katana’s blade. Those were the words he said when he encountered Vanyel. Bored and lazy, his self-confidence wasn’t unfounded. But when the other man hadn’t backed down, Aomine felt something flicker inside him. There was no surrender, no loss of will to fight. For the first time in a long time, there was the excitement of challenge. Of something more. The cloth slipped over the blade again, polishing his sword to a brilliant shine. He’d dropped the two European-style swords he carried and drew this one… Vanyel wasn’t worth getting beaten down by some facsimile of his strength. Aomine could at least give the unflinching man that much for his defeat.

I lost.

Lying there in the dirt, eyes staring blankly up at the sky, his face a mask of quiet disbelief with his sword embedded in the ground beside his ear. It was hard to even know what to do at that moment. What a horrible feeling to remember what it was to lose. And yet… what an invigorating sensation to once again realize he could grow even stronger. That was when the soldiers came. But rather than let them take the downed mercenary, Vanyel had… well… There were a few reasons why Aomine showed up outside Vanyel’s lodging a little over two weeks ago and bluntly told the man he was traveling with him from now on. Whether he liked it or not.
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[personal profile] drehnifusbahi 2017-05-28 02:02 pm (UTC)(link)
[Works for me, and as always, apologies for the delay on my end. u.u]

Not for the first time, Vanyel considered his newfound traveling companion, glancing up caring for his own weapons to watch the flickering light of the fire play over both the blade and the younger man's face and form. An Akaviri sword, the likes of which he'd only ever seen in the hands of the Blades before... apparently belonging to a young man from Akavir, the first Vanyel had ever met.

Which was part of the reason he couldn't bring himself to mind that the prideful young mercenary had tracked him down after their first fight, and fallen in with him without so much as a by-your-leave - Vanyel had been traveling Tamriel since he was Aomine's age, had seen enough and done enough by this point that it felt like there were very few new experiences left to have, little left to see or explore or get excited over.

And then this boy had come stomping into his life, had challenged him, and their initial swordfight had been one of the most honestly difficult Vanyel had ever fought. His confidence was far from unfounded; he was very, very good. It just happened that Vanyel was, if not flat-out better than at least craftier. And though dragons typically only respected those stronger than themselves, Vanyel wasn't all dragon; he could respect Aomine's skill, regardless of the fact that it hadn't won him the fight, not to mention the determination and skill it must have taken to track him down afterward.

He lowered his eyes to his own sword, giving it a few more swipes with the cleaning cloth before sheathing it, setting it aside, and picking up his crossbow instead. He sets about polishing the metal plating it, testing the string, oiling the trigger and firing mechanisms. But even through all that, he found his gaze drawn upward again every once in a while. If he happened to get caught -and he might, he wasn't being particularly subtle- he'd simply smile, all innocence, and dip into his pack for a bottle.

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[personal profile] tooperfect5 2017-05-30 10:28 pm (UTC)(link)
[ooc: glad you like it! and not a problem; life’s life~]

Aomine felt the eyes on him, but it was only a bare acknowledgement. Something instinctive he learned while being out on his own. Be aware of his surroundings, aware of people’s attention, be ready to react at a moment’s notice. Obviously he knew such a thing wasn’t necessary here in this room with Vanyel; the man, despite still being only a few weeks into Aomine’s life, wasn’t a stranger anymore. “Trust” might not be huge, but the younger man knew he didn’t have to worry about Vanyel trying to jump him or anything. (Hell, it was more Vanyel that had to worry about his new companion’s sudden desire to spar whenever he wanted.)

Akaviri. That’s what Vanyel had called him. For lack of a better classification, considering the eastern continent was home to unrelated races. Aomine had no idea where he was from, too young when he’d been taken from his family to know where “home” was. Heh. Maybe it was as good a place as any to figure he belonged to. It gave him some ground in his wandering ways. Similar to suddenly finding himself with this strangely-accepting anchor of the dragonborn.

He wasn’t going to get over that loss until he bested Vanyel in combat. And not just once; Aomine wasn’t someone who could settle his pride on a fluke. It had to be proven, repeatedly. That’s what the best meant. To regain that level where only Aomine could beat Aomine. Luckily (or unluckily), he hadn’t been able to defeat Vanyel yet. Probably ironic, considering he what was demanding: for Vanyel to train by his own hand a swordsman that wanted to take his head.

The movement across the room broke his concentration fully and blue eyes flicked to the side. Just a sword going into a sheath. Aomine lowered his eyes to his own blade again, turning it over before going back to wiping the cloth along its length. But despite his intentions to focus on his own work, he found himself glancing back a few times, mostly because he’d been intrigued by the crossbow ever since he saw Vanyel use it. He’d never held one before, much less used one, but was still too proud to ask for lessons on it. So far. One glance, however, and he met Vanyel’s eyes. Aomine paused at the simple smile, but furrowed his brows a little when that bottle appeared in Vanyel’s hand.

“… What’s in it?”
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[personal profile] drehnifusbahi 2017-06-09 04:20 am (UTC)(link)
Vanyel had learned a measure of that himself, growing up as he had in a wretched hive of a city that put Riften to shame. So he wasn't at all surprised that Aomine seemed to be fully aware of his gaze, and was clearly also tracking his movements pretty damn closely. Given what little he knew of Aomine's past, it would have been a bigger surprise if he wasn't.

He took his time with the crossbow - even if his new student's interest hadn't been obvious, it really did need a thorough going over after the heavy use it had seen in the last few weeks. And, too, keeping his hands busy was something that had always helped him to think - which, given what was on his mind tonight, could only be to the good.

Because while he didn't mind taking on a student in theory, this one's desire to take his head was more than a little troublesome - Vanyel was rather attached to it, after all. But even if he'd turned Aomine away and hit the road again immediately, there was no guarantee that the boy wouldn't just track him down again, and again, however many times it took to wear him down into agreeing.

And, if he were honest, the more he got to see just how much fighting and violence had defined Aomine's life up to now, how little he knew of any of the other myriad pleasures life had to offer... the less Vanyel really wanted to turn him away. Someone had to do it, after all, and if it was Vanyel... well, if he was lucky, that might offset some of Aomine's apparent need to take his head.

"It's not so different from ale," he replied, "except that it's made from grains that only grow on Solstheim now." That said, he tugged the cork out of the bottle's mouth and took a swig, as if to demonstrate that it was perfectly safe to drink.
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[personal profile] tooperfect5 2017-06-12 02:20 am (UTC)(link)
Granted, Aomine had slowly, slowly, begun to lower his guard around Vanyel. After all, he had come to the guy first off and stated the man was going to train him. Being so distant would only hamper his ability to get stronger. But that didn’t mean they had to become close so suddenly. He noticed Vanyel was aware of his initial distance and that actually assuaged some of Aomine’s distrust.

The more that Vanyel worked on the crossbow, the more Aomine found his eyes jumping from his own sword to the alien weapon across the room from him. It still intrigued him, being able to fire an arrow in such a manner. He knew about archery, was extremely good with a bow and arrow himself (hand eye coordination and aiming were top notch), but that “trigger” mechanism the crossbow had, plus the more mechanical parts, was still strange.

“From ale, huh.” Aomine eyed the drink again. Young as he was, alcohol and spirits weren’t a stranger to him, even if he did drink in moderation. Simply because he didn’t want to wind up drunk in the wrong place at the wrong time. “So it’s more a mead, since it’s made from grains, right?” A small huff of amusement slipped out when Vanyel tugged the cork and took a swig. Likely to placate his student’s wonder if poison was inside. (Stupid concern, to be honest.)

“All right.” He gave a final swipe on his sword, eyed it once or twice as he flipped the blade in his hand, and stood up. With a quick snap of his hand, he swiped the lacquered ebony sheath from the wall and a moment later, the katana vanished inside with a satisfying ‘click’ and settle. Aomine set the sword on the bed and approached Vanyel, extending a hand when he reached him. “I’m game.”
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[personal profile] drehnifusbahi 2017-07-14 08:42 pm (UTC)(link)
The way Aomine was studying his crossbow didn’t escape him; that was part of the reason he was taking his time with the cleaning and maintenance of it, tonight. He’d already agreed to teach the boy more about swordfighting, teaching him how to use a crossbow as well wouldn’t be too much trouble. (Actually, that was an idea, wasn’t… find more and more things to teach Aomine, and so keep putting off the rematch that the boy seemed so sure would end in Vanyel’s death.)

This kind would take a little more training than the average crossbow, even, given that it’s mechanisms were adapted from Dwemer technology - and most Dwemer devices were complex enough that even just figuring out what they do took time and intensive study. Not that a simple little crossbow was on that level, but it had definitely taken some getting used to - and presumably, it would for his student as well.

“I suppose it is,” he agreed with a chuckle. He’d be the first to admit he didn’t honestly know much about the ingredients or the brewing process for sujamma; it was the preferred drink of the Dunmer, and there weren’t many of them in Skyrim to brew or sell it. And the few publicans who did weren’t terribly keen to share the details, in his experience. But that was neither here nor there, really.

He watched without further comment as Aomine sheathed his sword and crossed the room, unable to quite help viewing the whole process with an aesthete’s eye. It really was a shame that… but he set those thoughts aside, simply handing over the bottle as requested. Then he set his crossbow aside and slid down a little, making room for the younger man to sit down should he wish it.

(Vanyel rather hoped he did; he wasn’t about to say as much to Aomine’s face, but he was… rather intimidating, looming there.)
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[personal profile] tooperfect5 2017-07-15 04:56 pm (UTC)(link)
He was curious about it. Seeing the other man use it during battles and for hunting had been impressive (not that he’d say such). Though he didn’t carry a bow or throwing knives, Aomine knew he had extremely good hand eye coordination and his aim was uncannily sharp, fitting in dangerously with the fluid and agile style he used when he fought. He’d practiced archery in the past and generally enjoyed the feeling of letting fly with the arrow, watching it hit its mark. A crossbow, on the other hand…

How would it feel? He knew how to operate it now, having paid close attention when Vanyel used it. While he was sure he couldn’t take it apart and adjust it like the other man was currently doing, loading and firing the thing didn’t seem very difficult. Operating if, of course, didn’t include adapting to it. Aomine figured he’d have to adjust to recoil that wasn’t there when firing a bow or throwing a knife. He couldn’t learn how to cope with that simply by watching. Hn, one day. Vanyel’d either teach him or he’d take some self-taught lessons (provided he could swipe the thing from his traveling companion).

The bottle jumped from Vanyel’s fingers to Aomine’s with a quick motion. He didn’t miss the way the man’s eyes trained on him as he walked. Not that he could blame him; Aomine didn’t make it a secret he intended to go after Vanyel’s head sometime in the future. He’d be wary of himself too if he were in Vanyel’s boots. As for that slide, the younger man ignored it (noticed it, but ignored it). Not about to get so chummy with him just yet, despite sleeping nearby and traveling with him for the past few weeks. Or he was feeling petulant right now.

He tilted the bottle back, sipping at the drink first. Throwing a huge mouthful back like water was sure to knock him flat on his ass and like hell was he going to do that in front of Vanyel. The first spill immediately attacked his tongue and he jerked the bottle away from his mouth. Even if he tried not to show it, his brows furrowed, lips twitched, and his jaw and neck visibly tensed up from the strange taste. “Phwugh-huh!” Aomine coughed once or twice, maybe even gasped a little after swallowing. He held the bottle out in front of him, as if he could retreat from his own arm. “You think that’s like ale?!”

And no, he didn’t give the bottle back. First time deserved a second. In a minute.
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[personal profile] drehnifusbahi 2017-07-24 03:44 am (UTC)(link)
No swiping necessary, Vanyel would be happy to teach Aomine how to use a crossbow - after all, the more lessons the boy decided he wanted, the longer it would take to teach him everything. And as a result, the longer it would take them to get around to Aomine's second try at taking his head. It was even possible that, after enough time passed, Aomine's attitude would soften enough that he no longer even wanted Vanyel dead. Stranger things had happened.

When Aomine just took the bottle and remained standing, Vanyel simply shrugged - but didn't move back into his original spot quite yet. Depending on how big a first swig he tried to take, the boy might </>
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[personal profile] drehnifusbahi 2017-07-24 04:12 am (UTC)(link)
No swiping necessary, Vanyel would gladly teach him how to use the crossbow - after all, the more different kinds of lessons Aomine decided he wanted, the longer this little apprenticeship would take. And the longer it would be until Aomine made his next attempt to take Vanyel's head. By the time they were both satisfied that Vanyel had taught Aomine all he could, the boy might well have softened in his attitude enough to not want Vanyel's head. Stranger things had happened.

When Aomine just took the bottle and remained standing, Vanyel shrugged - but didn't move back into his original spot just yet either. Depending on how big a first swig he tried to take, the boy might need to sit down sooner rather than later; sujamma had quite a kick. So he was pleased, though not entirely surprised, to see Aomine sipping cautiously at it.

His gaze lingered for just a moment, watching the way his throat worked as he drank. It was probably the definition of a bad idea to be thinking of their arrangement as anything but an uneasy truce, at this point, but he found he couldn't help himself. Aomine wasn't unattractive, and Vanyel wasn't blind-

But his reaction to the taste of the drink drew him out of his thoughts and had him biting back a laugh. "Only inasmuch as the brewing process is somewhat similar. As far as the taste goes, I fully admit it's an acquired one. You might find the second sip has merit, though."

He paused, considering. "Or it could just be that the first taste deadens the tongue enough to make the second seems better by comparison. One of the two."
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Armand | The Vampire Chronicles | OTA

[personal profile] destenebres 2017-05-03 04:40 pm (UTC)(link)
[The corrupting influence, most likely to be doing it for spite, benefit, or just because he can but willing to discuss the lighter options.

Also note: his "corrupting" can potentially involve telepathic mindfuckery, vampiric glamours, and deliberately getting the corrupted character addicted to his blood.]