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Sasuke Uchiha | OTA | will match format | OU [or] Modern AU but still shitty and traumatized

((ooc: Can play OU on request; prompt is for modern AU with a similar power concept to Heroes of Olympus. "Villages" are secret factions similar to yakuza more than they are locations. Sasuke's returned to allegiance with Konoha but is on a Leave of Absence to go to college (US because Japanese weed laws are not conducive to this meme) because Fuck This Shit. Open to switching this up, or ask me for more detail if you like!))

Sasuke had spent most of his life not touching anything mind-altering. A shinobi worth their salt needed to be on their toes all the time, and anything that might slow reaction time or numb inhibitions regarding using chakra around normals was not in anyone's best interest. And Sasuke personally abhorred the idea of letting his guard down, not just for what he might miss on the outside but for what he might let out from behind all the walls and locks and failsafes inside.

But after the second time he'd broken something (first, a lamp; second, a fist-shaped section of wall) when Ibiki had called him out of nowhere about "special interest missions" despite Tsunade's assurance he wouldn't be disturbed... Naruto and Sakura had informed him he needed to manage his anxiety, now. (He'd protested that it wasn't anxiety, it was fury, but he hadn't had an intelligent rebuttal to Sakura's matter-of-fact reading of a list of symptoms of anxiety-rooted anger attacks.)

Naruto had a medical card because of course he did. He was if anything worse than Sasuke about managing his neuroses - his just tended to result in a lack of self preservation instead of property damage. Sakura, straight-A med student that she was, promised to help Sasuke with getting one if it turned out to work for him.

So here he sat, in the upper-floor common room of the apartment building they shared with a variety of neighbors they as a group mostly got along with, with all the windows open and the coffee table covered in candles and incense, slowly breathing out his first pull of indica.

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