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A meme for kisses. Lots of kisses.

The Lots of Kisses Meme

It started with a simple four panel template on PIXIV where artists would draw their favorite characters kissing in different ways. From there, it became a DeviantArt sensation, spawning several permutations. But you want to know the truth? The challenges above each box can be used by RPers as prompts, too! That's where this meme comes in. Each of the prompts comes from one of the kiss meme templates or the many other related ones - including one bonus section of odds and ends!

Instead of using lines to draw a scene of two characters enjoying a cute smooch, use lines of prose. And have fun, most of all.

How to Play
  • Comment with your character and preferences.
  • Tag others.
  • Use the RNG to determine what you'll be playing or just wing it.

  1. Reconciliation kiss after an argument
  2. Surprise kiss
  3. Goodbye kiss
  4. A storm of kisses
  5. First kiss
  6. Kiss out of jealousy
  7. Cheek kiss
  8. Eskimo kiss (rubbing noses)
  9. Nose kiss
  10. Ear kiss
  11. Eyelid kiss
  12. Forehead kiss
  13. Neck kiss
  14. Shoulder kiss
  15. Kiss on the back
  16. Kiss on the stomach
  17. Kiss on the lips
  18. Nipping kiss
  19. Wake up kiss
  20. Behind the ear
  21. Kiss from above
  22. Lick
  23. Mistletoe
  24. Lower lip kiss
  25. Hickey
  26. French kiss
  27. Rough kiss
  28. Bloody kiss

Bonus: Almost Kissing! Why did it not happen?
  1. Not on the lips. Missed!
  2. Interrupted - cockblocked
  3. Rejected
  4. False alarm...they weren't going in for a kiss.
  5. It's the wrong atmosphere.
  6. Lost courage

Bonus Round 2: Couples Night In
  1. Goodnight kiss
  2. Watching their sleeping face
  3. Fast asleep together
  4. Waking up

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