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[Being of noble birth meant that his safety often were compromised. If it had to do with people wanting to kidnap him for a nice ransom or hurt him to teach his father a lesson after he had done something they did not like mattered little. What it all boiled down to was that he wasn't allowed to move around outside of the mansion on his own. For that reason he had Cain. A personal guard to keep him safe.

Jeile however was of the mindset that he did not need to be watched all of the time. He had combat training after all and could take care of himself. So he had developed the skill to sneak away from home. Often he didn't go that far as to not worry anyone too much, but this day he had gone all the way into town.

For once he wanted to see the world without thick windows separating him from everything. So he had sneaked into town and was actually enjoying himself quite a lot just by taking everything in. Well until he felt how the air around him changed. Being so absorbed with the surroundings he had not noticed that he had arrived into a less populated part of town. What was clear to him now was that someone or someones were following him. Not good. He let out a silent curse, but otherwise pretended like nothing. If he threaded carefully then a conflict might be avoided.]

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