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[With the assortment of worldwide incidents regarding amusement park rides accidentally maiming patrons, crashing or breaking and full on collapsing mid-ride (which really falls under the crashing/breaking category), it's only natural that Akira would lead Ryuji to the swan boats. The water's shallow, there's a fixed, slow course -- it's not even that Akira has an underlying fear of eating shit here via some freak accident, but in reality: he's not so keen on barfing the overpriced junkfood-lunch they've just eaten.

Regarding the actual boat ride: the traditional swans have been replaced by oversized "rubber" ducks. It's still meant to be romantic and coupley, however. Maybe they're being repainted or restored? Maybe they carnival itself is trying to pull away from any specific/romantic themes. He's not really concerned one way or another; the replacements suit the place a bit better, he thinks. The whole place is embellished with obnoxious bold colors, a lot of the attractions have some goofy facet to them.]

I did something like this with Yusuke once.

[Namedropping that dude 2/2. The circumstances weren't exact, and Akira wasn't so ambitious about subjecting himself to that particular instance as he's lowkey, purposefully luring Ryuji into the short line of people waiting for a boat, feigning nonchalance all the while, stuffing a pinch of lilac-colored cotton candy into his mouth.]

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