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He's a tramp, but I love him

Lady & the Tramp Meme

You know the story. It's a love story.
Our lovers are from different worlds — one wealthy, one not. The poor girl has fallen in love with the Gentleman Snarker, or the Unlucky Everydude secretly courts the daughter of the richest man in town. And she loves him too. Maybe it was Love at First Sight. Maybe she has a habit of slipping out to the seedier side of town for a night of fun. Maybe they've been friends their whole lives and the difference in status never really mattered. Will their love be enough to let them be happy together?

Note that the roles aren't locked by gender: a working-class girl who loves a rich boy also fits this trope, as do two lovers of the same gender.

How To Play
- Comment with your character, putting the standard information somewhere in it. You also may want to specify your preferences or where your character would fall on the spectrum.
- Tag others! Feel free to use the RNG.
- Have fun and be respectful to others.

  1. The poor guy and rich girl mutually fall in love, and neither one cares about their differences in wealth. People around them, however, do, and conspire to interfere with true love.
  2. The poor guy falls for the rich girl, even though he knows that she's out of his league. Undaunted, our hero engages in some zany scheme to get her to notice him or be impressed by him. This usually ends with the girl revealing that she doesn't care if he's rich or poor, and that she loves him for who he is.
  3. The poor guy and the rich girl fall for one another, but he doesn't know she's rich at first. When he finds out, he's either intimidated by her wealth once he finds out, or else doesn't think he's good enough for her. As before, she doesn't care about such things, and has to convince him that he's the one she wants.

( Adapted from here. )
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[Lady/rich girl]
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Shiro | Voltron: Legendary Defender

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some column A and some column B...

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The ideal was that Allura finds five Paladins, form Voltron, defeat Zarkon, and free the known universe from Galra rein. It looked pretty easy on paper, it even sounded easy, like a grocery list to be checked off and then she could call it a day.

It would have been perhaps easier for them to just hop onto one captive planet to the next one and liberate it. It was work intensive but doable. One could suppose they could get used to the routine until every single planet glowed blue and not red on the castleship's maps.

Of course, nothing was so easy. There were times for battlefield maneuvers, and there were times for diplomatic ones. The latter required knowing a particular civilization's quirks and idiosyncrasies so as to court their favor and to secure a working alliance. Such a skill prove to be useful in dealing with the Nodos.

The Nodos was one of the few civilizations who have survived the last ten millenia unscathed. They controlled an entire cluster and had enough resources to be self-sustaining and clearly had no need to be part of the Galra empire's network to be able to flourish. They were such a rich and proud civilization that there was nearly nothing they could be offered. The Galra had courted them many times and and were turned down just as much. The last head of state who had the pleasure of being Alfor's friend had long passed away, and old affections were never passed down with the seat of command.

Which was why Allura, with Shiro as her escort, both dressed to the nines, had found themselves in a desperate bid to gain the favor of the Nodos monarch. Voltron was a powerful weapon -- but an ancient one, nonetheless. With more and more peoples freed from Galra rule, she had to find a way to make sure that they stayed that way. For that, she needed an army; and for an army, she needed resources; and resources can only be obtained through allies. She had nothing -- as far as the eyes of the Nodos were concerned, and she had nothing of real value to offer them.

But she knew the words to use so as to make 'Black Paladin and Head of Voltron' sound far bigger and far more burdensome than it already was. It was the skill of convincing someone that a handful of dust was actually gold with painfully flowery words... when she knew deep in her heart that Shiro was more precious to her than all the diamonds the universe can produce. Even standing at attention, Allura could swear she could feel discomfort rippling from Shiro who stood half a step behind her. Each high falutin praise that she used to describe his achievements with Voltron and his station on Earth were so distorted that they sounded like lies. Even the gala uniforms they were wearing suddenly felt unnecessarily heavy. Soon as their allotted time for their audience was over, they were soon dismissed to a royal guest suite while waiting for the queen to deliberate on her offer and tell them her answer.

Soon as the door slid shut, Allura took to the nearest armchair and kicked off her shoes. "I am so glad that's over. I really hope we wouldn't have to do that again."
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Dressed to the nines was already a state that Shiro wasn't used to, feeling slightly disadvantaged to begin with because of it, having been so long since he had even worn his uniform at the Garrison. He had agreed to come with Allura as the leader of Voltron to show a united front to the Nodos, that they did have a resource even if it was the protection that Voltron offered.

He had also gone to protect Allura in case things went wrong. He cared too much about her to let something happen to her simply because he hadn't been there. He'd lost too much of a normal life and he felt safe around her, not wanting to let that go.

But the words she was spouting off to impress the Nodos... the more she spoke, the more fake it sounded. It made him uncomfortable. That wasn't him. He kept that discomfort from his face and his posture, letting her say it despite becoming increasingly agitated.

By the end, he was more than glad to leave the room, following Allura out of the room where they had been meeting the queen and back to the room that they had been given until a decision was made.

Almost immediately after the door closed, Shiro was starting to take off the coat he'd been wearing. It hid his Galra arm, something that potentially was necessary depending on their thoughts on the Galra. He still had a shirt tucked into the metal, making the support structure of the arm more comfortable.

"Any reason you were saying all of that?"
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Allura had just leaned back on her seat and just about closed her eyes when Shiro asked his question. Opening her eyes, she took a deep breath in and out. Coran had of course briefed the Paladins as to what kind of people they were dealing with this time, but it was just that, a 'brief'. It was something else to be completely immersed in the Nodos culture.

She sat back up, and looked at Shiro with apology in her eyes. "It's the only way to talk to Nodos, specially their royalty. The use of flattery is the norm for them, specially if we're to get what we want from them."

Eyes studying, alert for any visual cue that could confirm her suspicions with regards to his current mood, she asked. "Shiro... are you alright?"
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Flattery was not something usually applied to him, even in their relationship. They were themselves with each other. Those words might have made Nodos think better of him, but they had made him feel lower. If she had to say those words about him just to impress someone....

Visual cues about his mood? They were definitely there. He was tense as he stood there, staring at his arm for a long moment. It once again made him feel separated from her. What did she really see in him, someone who had been a prisoner of the Galra?

"No, not really."
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At Shiro's answer, Allura got back up on her feet, blue and gold fabrics trailing behind her. She stepped up to Shiro and reached to enclose his right hand in both of hers. Things were different, ever since they had agreed upon an exclusivity with each other -- 'dating', in Earth terms. She realized that she had to be more careful around him. Emotions were involved, now. Voice gentle as she tried to look him in the eye --

"I'm sorry if there was something I said that upset you. I-- I suppose I got carried away."

It was a tough act to balance, and Allura realized that she had a lot to learn.
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To be fair, Shiro's emotions didn't always operate on normal tracks, especially when it came to something so personal. What may have flattered anyone else had a different effect on him. He liked Allura; he liked her a lot, but he frequently had to deal with the thoughts of "why me?" and flattery, especially to that degree, sounded like something he couldn't live up to.

As her hands cupped his, he brought his left hand to over her hand as well, feeling the warmth of her skin against his hand. He did lift his eyes to meet her gaze.

"I know I can be difficult."

He wasn't even sure what part of it had made him feel this way. It had just started. They were both trying to understand each other, though sometimes it felt like from two different places.
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Quickly, Allura shook her head. "No, please." She looked to him with a smile full of apology. "It's the Nodos who can be exceedingly difficult."

She then lifted their hands, to place a kiss on top of his knuckles -- Galra hand or flesh hand, she didn't care. Diplomat that she was, she knew what to say to appease any kind of person, but Shiro wasn't "any kind of person" that she can placate with platitudes. He was one whom she can -- and should -- show affection to.

Voice gentle, the cadence and tone that she uses just for them. "You don't need fancy titles for me to love you. You know that."
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It was the Galra hand, but he didn't really care. Actually that did bring a faint smile to his face. It reminded him that she didn't care how damaged he was. He had his problems and she knew about them and still stood there with him.

He leaned closer to her when she used that tone. It was one he had never heard any time other than when she was talking to him. "I know I don't. It's good to be reminded sometimes."

He brought his human hand up to brush along the side of her face, careful not to mess up her hair. They were still here for a meeting after all. "I love you too."
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Allura briefly closed her eyes at Shiro's touch, soaking up the sensation as a sponge would to water. He had only been a mere half step behind her in that throne room, and yet she felt as if he were beyond the reach of a wormhole jump.

Soon as she opened her eyes, she was drawn back to reality that Shiro was here with her, in front of her, and she could touch him and hear him and see him. She then tried for a little humor. "Then I will remind you until you get sick of it." And as if to deliver, barely a breath later: "I love you, Shiro. The Nodos can refuse our offer, but not at the price of losing your heart."
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That was a place Shiro always wanted to be, by her side, protecting her. She was important to him. He had felt it too in the throne room. Like they were suddenly separated by galaxies.

She was different than him, more diplomatic, more cultured. But for all of his questioning, wondering why him, she still was there for him.

He smiled. "I don't think it will be possible for me to ever be sick of it, but you are welcome to try." He leaned down a little closer to her. "Thank you."

Still it would be better than they didn't refuse the offer, but he appreciated that she felt this way.
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That close, and Allura took her liberties in tilting her head up to kiss him. There was no one to scrutinize their power imbalanced relationship, no one to tell her, 'No.', and no one to tell her whom she could kiss and hold and disproportionately worry about.

She pulled away just enough to say, "Challenge accepted." -- quiet and teasing --
only to reclaim Shiro's lips just as soon as if pausing in the first place was an unacceptable notion.
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As Allura tilted her head up, Shiro met her efforts to kiss him, pressing his lips to hers. He liked when they were alone. There were too many eyes on them in public, both from the other Paladins - some of whom were insanely overprotective him - and others who looked at them, seeing a princess and her knight.

He didn't worry about that, but others did.

"Good." Shiro leaned back back in and kissed her again, needing to be close to her yet again. He slid his hand gently down from her cheek to let it rest by her neck.
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Soon her own fingers unlaced from his just so she can clutch at his shirt, to further press into the kiss. It was true that she wanted him, but Allura wanted to make sure Shiro wouldn't forget that fact, anytime soon -- or at least until they finished their audience with the Nodos Queen, after which she would be glad to remind him again.

Away from prying eyes, away from the rest of the world.

Pulling away for breath, she brought up a hand to trace at his chin. "If there is anything bothering you, you know you can tell me."

Despite the statement, there was question in Allura's eyes. She wanted to make sure Shiro knew that -- that he could tell her anything and everything, from dreams to nightmares, from hopes to fears.
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He pressed closer as her fingers tangled in his shirt, holding onto him. Yes, her lips against his reminded him that she wanted to be him, she had picked him even knowing what she was getting into. And he wanted her, knowing that she was technically out of his league.

When they were alone, they could remember it fully, but for the moment, they still had to maintain some decorum just in case they were interrupted. Eventually at some point they were going to interrupted.

"I know... I know I can tell you."

Sometimes that was the hardest part for him, knowing he could trust someone so completely with things that hurt him, things that he had suppressed. But he was getting better. He knew she would listen and try to understand him rather than writing it off. He was allowed to be weak in front of her when he needed to be.
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The question in her face remained, but Allura made no sign of pulling away from being close to Shiro just yet.

"But you haven't told me yet what it was exactly that bothered you earlier."

There was no accusation in her tone, but there was worry. If anything, Allura wanted to avoid having to repeat that process again and risk saying something that would truly hurt him. She had asked if he was alright and he had said, 'no'. Granted, she had gone ahead with her reassurances, but she supposed she should've asked more directly and truly let him speak.
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In some way, Shiro had almost hoped to not have to say the exact reason it had bothered him, but now she had asked and there wasn't fair to her to back down. They had to work together right? That's what dating was.

He took a deep breath, looking into her eyes. She had such beautiful eyes. It had been one of the first things he'd noticed when he'd started to care for her more. Not that he hadn't noticed before but more so when they had started becoming more serious.

"Those sorts of things... they make me feel like I can't live up to those expectations. I'm not perfect. I once told you 'you have eyes' when I meant to say 'I like your eyes'."

He'd caught his mistake quickly, but he'd still told her 'you have eyes'.
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And even before they had started dating, there was always that implicit trust. Granted, Allura hadn't pried, even if she had started having her observations -- when Shiro was up for longer than normal, when dark circles appeared below his eyes, or when his voice had a slip to it. For the longest time she simply chose to leave him be. She wouldn't do or say anything in front of the other Paladins to place doubt over their leader. So long as he was carrying out his duties, he would be okay, she thought.

Allura smiled fondly at the memory. Her own reply was... well, an oddly apt, 'Yes, I do.' But at Shiro's answer to her query, however...

She reached up to place her hands on either side of his face to pull him and touch her forehead to his, closing her eyes. "You're not perfect, and neither am I. That is why we are a team. There's Team Voltron, and then... there's us. We work together. I apologize if I had hurt you with my words."
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He had realized she knew about the fact that he had trouble sleeping or he sat up too late training to exhaust himself that he could sleep. He had seen it in her eyes, but she had never said anything him when the other Paladins were around. She had been considerate that way.

He smiled in response to her smile at the memory, leaning in to touch his forehead to hers when she put her hands on his face. He would have made the joke about 'are you sure you're not perfect' but this wasn't the time for that.

"Thank you. That is good to hear... that we are a team. Because I feel the same way."
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For a few more breaths, pulling away, Allura looked at Shiro's face, looking for anything she could make better. But taking that moment to look at him, without anyone from the ship interrupting, or a sudden distress alarm. She ran a thumb on his cheek, brushing the end of the scar across his face.

He was imperfect, and that made him all the more beautiful to her. Soon she lowered her hands, and pulled away, the better to speak to him.

"There are times that I, too feel... inadequate, you know. Altea was so great -- a renowned civilization, and my father was its king. Voltron meant something. All we had to do was invite ourselves into the next kingdom, smile and share some drinks, and alliances were formed over dinner." Her gaze shift briefly to the side and down. The memory made her smile some, but it didn't reach her eyes. "They would -- roll out the purple carpet for us, and offer all kinds of riches for trade. Altea and its allies were rich and prosperous. 'Altea' and 'Alfor' were synonymous and well-loved."

She swallowed, shoulders tense as she squared them, tilting her chin up, looking like she had just gone through etiquette training, and that the circlet around her head had become dead weight.

"And here I am, a princess without a kingdom, a figurehead fighting a war without an army, and an Altean without a planet to call 'home'." Her eyes glistened, but she willed herself not to cry, lips drawn in a tight line. Shiro wasn't the only who hated what they had to do in the face of their demanding hosts. "I shouldn't have to bow and beg for scraps, but it needs to be done. Because no one else will."
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His scar was another thing that he wondered about. How did people see him when they saw that scar across that face? But he rarely felt that when he was around Allura. She had never said anything about it, likely because she already understood it, but he never felt she was judging him based on that scar.

Shiro listened quietly as she spoke. It was true. Everything he knew about the Altean past was that they had been a well off kingdom and well respected. Now, she had to try and do this without her father, without a world, and without others who could vouch for her.

The look on her face made him frown. He didn't like seeing that. He reached over and brushed his hand along her cheek. "No, you shouldn't have to do that. No one should. But you're not alone. I'm here. You have the other Paladins. And you have the lions and Voltron. And we're all going to stand beside you. No matter what happens."
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A tiny part of Allura wished she didn't pry over Shiro's fears and insecurities, as it lead her to look at her own and realize that they were real. She spent most of the time beating her inner demons and doubts down as she needed to be strong for Voltron, and for the cause she inherited from her father.

She leaned into Shiro's touch, and she took that hand in both of hers, as if to prolong the contact and to draw a semblance of comfort from it. Tears tracked down her cheeks as more of a release of negative tension than a need to mourn. Voice hushed, she said, "Thank you."

All things being equal they can leave. Voltron's cause offered no rewards of fame and fortune, but Shiro and the four other Paladins chose to stay, and she couldn't be more grateful. She soon managed a smile, and opened her eyes still glistening with tears, looking at Shiro with gratitude. Much clearly, she repeated her, "Thank you."
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Shiro let her take his hand, holding it in hers. She could hold his hand for as long as she needed, for as long as she wanted. The only place he needed to be right now was with her.

He wasn't going to leave her. As long as there was breath in his body, he was going to stay and help her with her cause, a cause he also supported. It would be silly for him not to.

As she opened her eyes again to look at him, he leaned in closer to her as though he were trying to obscure her tears if someone were to open the door. Which, in a way, he was. The other was to be closer to her.

"You're welcome."
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The exchange helped clear Allura's mind some, and she became aware of the fact that the Nodos queen could be calling for them any minute. Soon, she released Shiro's hand and dabbed at any trace of her tears, but she remained close to him, body angled in such a way that if anyone suddenly barged in, it would only look like he was fussing over her hair or something in her eye or something like that.

After a calming breath, a small smile returned to her face. "I think we should take a moment to relax while we can. We'll be in that stuffy court again soon enough." And hoping to inspire optimism for the bot of them, "Then we'll bring good news back to the ship. How does that sound?"
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Shiro said nothing as she released his hand and moved slightly to hide their true positions. Well, he would help a little with that image, tucking a few strands of hair that had started to fly away with their exchange back into place. He was the knight after all; he had to held maintain illusion even if that meant doing her hair for her.

"That's a good idea. We definitely need to be ready for when they come back for us." He'll be positive if she is going to be.
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The subtler contact drew Allura to close her eyes and smile contentedly, lines of stress disappearing from her face. Once she reopened her eyes, her smile came easier.

And just as well, one of the Nodos attendants came knocking, given Allura enough time to take one step back and fold her hands over her front, looking as if she and her Paladin had just finished discussing business-like matters.

With a courteous bow, the attendant stated his purpose. "The Queen wishes to see you both, now."

Allura then looked to Shiro meaningfully, her game face on, and nodded before she stepped ahead of him. While there were times like these where one look sufficed, times came when words needed to be exchanged to bring clarity. In addition to their mission, their hearts were on the line, after all.
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Well, they had been discussing something, but it wasn't very business like. But Shiro wouldn't disrupt that image of only a professional relationship when the Nodos came back into the room, turning to look at him. Any concern or worry in his face had been replaced by that calm seriousness that he displayed as a Paladin of Voltron, as the leader.

Shiro noticed that look - it was kind of hard not to. He nodded as well. Their talk had helped both of them. Even just the short exchanged had brought them back to being on the same page when somehow they had gotten off of it.

As Allura stepped in front of him to lead the way, he took his place just behind her, following her out]