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He's a tramp, but I love him

Lady & the Tramp Meme

You know the story. It's a love story.
Our lovers are from different worlds — one wealthy, one not. The poor girl has fallen in love with the Gentleman Snarker, or the Unlucky Everydude secretly courts the daughter of the richest man in town. And she loves him too. Maybe it was Love at First Sight. Maybe she has a habit of slipping out to the seedier side of town for a night of fun. Maybe they've been friends their whole lives and the difference in status never really mattered. Will their love be enough to let them be happy together?

Note that the roles aren't locked by gender: a working-class girl who loves a rich boy also fits this trope, as do two lovers of the same gender.

How To Play
- Comment with your character, putting the standard information somewhere in it. You also may want to specify your preferences or where your character would fall on the spectrum.
- Tag others! Feel free to use the RNG.
- Have fun and be respectful to others.

  1. The poor guy and rich girl mutually fall in love, and neither one cares about their differences in wealth. People around them, however, do, and conspire to interfere with true love.
  2. The poor guy falls for the rich girl, even though he knows that she's out of his league. Undaunted, our hero engages in some zany scheme to get her to notice him or be impressed by him. This usually ends with the girl revealing that she doesn't care if he's rich or poor, and that she loves him for who he is.
  3. The poor guy and the rich girl fall for one another, but he doesn't know she's rich at first. When he finds out, he's either intimidated by her wealth once he finds out, or else doesn't think he's good enough for her. As before, she doesn't care about such things, and has to convince him that he's the one she wants.

( Adapted from here. )
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[Lady/rich girl]
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Shiro | Voltron: Legendary Defender

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The ideal was that Allura finds five Paladins, form Voltron, defeat Zarkon, and free the known universe from Galra rein. It looked pretty easy on paper, it even sounded easy, like a grocery list to be checked off and then she could call it a day.

It would have been perhaps easier for them to just hop onto one captive planet to the next one and liberate it. It was work intensive but doable. One could suppose they could get used to the routine until every single planet glowed blue and not red on the castleship's maps.

Of course, nothing was so easy. There were times for battlefield maneuvers, and there were times for diplomatic ones. The latter required knowing a particular civilization's quirks and idiosyncrasies so as to court their favor and to secure a working alliance. Such a skill prove to be useful in dealing with the Nodos.

The Nodos was one of the few civilizations who have survived the last ten millenia unscathed. They controlled an entire cluster and had enough resources to be self-sustaining and clearly had no need to be part of the Galra empire's network to be able to flourish. They were such a rich and proud civilization that there was nearly nothing they could be offered. The Galra had courted them many times and and were turned down just as much. The last head of state who had the pleasure of being Alfor's friend had long passed away, and old affections were never passed down with the seat of command.

Which was why Allura, with Shiro as her escort, both dressed to the nines, had found themselves in a desperate bid to gain the favor of the Nodos monarch. Voltron was a powerful weapon -- but an ancient one, nonetheless. With more and more peoples freed from Galra rule, she had to find a way to make sure that they stayed that way. For that, she needed an army; and for an army, she needed resources; and resources can only be obtained through allies. She had nothing -- as far as the eyes of the Nodos were concerned, and she had nothing of real value to offer them.

But she knew the words to use so as to make 'Black Paladin and Head of Voltron' sound far bigger and far more burdensome than it already was. It was the skill of convincing someone that a handful of dust was actually gold with painfully flowery words... when she knew deep in her heart that Shiro was more precious to her than all the diamonds the universe can produce. Even standing at attention, Allura could swear she could feel discomfort rippling from Shiro who stood half a step behind her. Each high falutin praise that she used to describe his achievements with Voltron and his station on Earth were so distorted that they sounded like lies. Even the gala uniforms they were wearing suddenly felt unnecessarily heavy. Soon as their allotted time for their audience was over, they were soon dismissed to a royal guest suite while waiting for the queen to deliberate on her offer and tell them her answer.

Soon as the door slid shut, Allura took to the nearest armchair and kicked off her shoes. "I am so glad that's over. I really hope we wouldn't have to do that again."