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Awkward boners as far as the eye can see

The Adolescent Sexual Exploration Meme

Though the concept of "adolescence" is a relatively new one, the nebulous age between the onset of puberty and the age of majority has almost always been a time for changes. A young person's body as well as their mind is changing, but most importantly, they are on their way to becoming a sexually mature adult. Often times, these adolescents may feel the desire to express themselves in this intimate way and experiment with others their own age. This may happen in a safe environment, but not always. Depending on the time and place, these sort of activities may be viewed as harmless or the ultimate taboos, especially if the desired person or act is otherwise "deviant." Still, that doesn't change the fact that the urge, more likely than not, is very, very present.

How to Play
-This meme is for sexual exploration between inexperienced, underaged characters. The point is for character growth, awkwardness, sweetness, or fluff, not necessarily sexiness.
-All characters should be 18 and under or taken from a canon point where they are (ie, canon!Dean Winchester isn't applicable to this meme, but pre-canon teen!Dean is).
-All characters, human or not, within the correct age range are welcome.
-When commenting, please include your preferences.
-Comment to other characters.

1. Sneaking out
2. Planned First Time/Dating
3. Arranged Marriage/Married Young
4. Tradition (IE, boys being taken to brothels to "become men")
5. Kids Alone Together in the Cruel World
6. Non-Consensual
7. Sheltered and Naive
8. Incest
9. Attempting to Be More "Adult" or Mature
10. Playfulness or Roughhousing Turns Into Something More
11. The Sibling of my Friend
12. Childhood Best Friends
13. The Girl/Boy Next Door
14. Always Had a Crush on You
15. You're Something New to Try, I've Never Seen Someone Like You
16. Freestyle

1. Party/Drunk
2. Dare or Seven Minutes in Heaven Gone Awry
3. Sleepover
4. Under the Bleachers at a School Event
5. The Classic Back Seat of a Car
6. Getting Too Close at the Haunted House
7. On the Bus for a School Trip
8. Beach or Mountain Vacation - Uh Oh, You're in the Same Hotel Room!
9. Empty Classroom After School Hours
10. In the Shower After Sports
11. At the Movies
12. Overnight Field Trip
21. Freestyle

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