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Ways to Show Affection

ways to show affection

When it comes to the way affection is shown, everyone has a different way they go about it. That means that there's a pretty good chance, with regards to couples, you could end up with two people who have two varying approaches towards how they prove they care...sometimes radically varying, which can lead to more than a little confusion or hurt feelings if there's not proper communication. But when both people are on the same page, they can tell each other how they feel with few words.

☄ Comment with your character, info, prefs, and how your character will likely show affection.
☄ Reply to others.
☄ Thread, my dears!

WORDS: Sweet affirmations, pet names, even
CUDDLES: Hugs, nuzzles, the works.
KISSING: On the check or on the lips.
KINDNESS: Always there for them.
PROVIDING: Providing care, providing protection, providing financially.
GENTLE...ER: Your only weak spot.
MEANNESS: Straight up tsundere.
GIFTS: All the pretty things.
ACTIONS: Visits, taking care of their problems, taking them out, and more.
SUBTLE: A distant sort of affection, but they know.

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