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Ways to Show Affection

ways to show affection

When it comes to the way affection is shown, everyone has a different way they go about it. That means that there's a pretty good chance, with regards to couples, you could end up with two people who have two varying approaches towards how they prove they care...sometimes radically varying, which can lead to more than a little confusion or hurt feelings if there's not proper communication. But when both people are on the same page, they can tell each other how they feel with few words.

☄ Comment with your character, info, prefs, and how your character will likely show affection.
☄ Reply to others.
☄ Thread, my dears!

WORDS: Sweet affirmations, pet names, even
CUDDLES: Hugs, nuzzles, the works.
KISSING: On the check or on the lips.
KINDNESS: Always there for them.
PROVIDING: Providing care, providing protection, providing financially.
GENTLE...ER: Your only weak spot.
MEANNESS: Straight up tsundere.
GIFTS: All the pretty things.
ACTIONS: Visits, taking care of their problems, taking them out, and more.
SUBTLE: A distant sort of affection, but they know.
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max rockatansky | mad max

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Adam Parrish | The Raven Cycle | OTA

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Amy Santiago | Brooklyn Nine-Nine | OTA

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Rey | Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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anabel | pokemon sun & moon | ota

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[ Prefer gen, but M/F if it leans towards shipping. ]
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Ororo Munroe/Storm | X-men (films) | ota

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[ Very open to non-shippy displays of affection. ]
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(almost) all of the above...?

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It's the way his hand finds hers when they pass each other, when his wrist turns out and his thumb whispers soft across her knuckles. The way there's always tea for her on those drippy spring afternoons, or amber whiskey in the slanting orange sunset of a long, shitty day.

If his love for her had once been a blazing inferno, it's since burned down into glowing coals, quiet now but no less scorching. He'll never say 'I'd die for you' because it's a given, uttered wordlessly in his white-knuckled grip of her hips, in his worshipful kisses; the way he hums a hymn of pleasure against her slender throat. He loves her through their deep, long talks and passionate arguments, when she's so frustrated the static sparks up his skin; he loves her through the nightmares and her quiet assurance in the darkness; he loves her through the days that are rough and those that bloom better and brighter, through the growing tally of his pains.

He loves her as he's dying, inescapable and inexorable, but he's lived for her these last few weeks; ally, confidant, friend, and lover.

Today, it's raining. He can smell it while still groggy from sleep. Days like this wear on him the most; they make his joints ache and his bad hip untrustworthy, a burn like cold fire that dissuades him from getting out of bed. But Storm is there beside him, and it's her bare back that proves too tempting, the perfect canvas for a slow and sleepy kiss.
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The temptation to give him nothing but warm and sunny days is a constant weight on her mind, growing heavier with every passing day as each night she falls asleep cursing the fact that there is nothing she can do.

Sometimes, when memories of all she has lost already clash too violently with what she knows she is about to lose, her grip slips and she goes out into the storm created by her sorrow to let the howling winds drown out her screams.

Lightning spreads across the sky like the jagged scars that nowadays mark his skin, and she wishes that it could burn away the poison in his blood.

But there is gratitude in the rain as it washes her tears away, because she gets to love him.

It's in how she keeps the air in whatever room he is in dry, and the way she always knows where he put his glasses. It's in the way she clings to him when they make love, holding on to how unquestionably alive they both are in those moments.

She kisses his scars to tell him that she accepts this. That she loves him the way he is, that he doesn't have to try to live up to the past. This is enough.

The rain is not her doing this time, but she can feel it, just like she can feel his lips on her skin. Both make her smile. She hates that the rain brings him pain, but it has been her friend for so many years that she can't help but feel its presence as something comforting, at least right now when both she and Logan are still only half awake, with nowhere to go and nothing in particular to be doing.

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Charlotte Wells | Harlots | ota

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Tauriel | The Hobbit

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otabek altin | yuri!!! on ice | ota

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james t. kirk • star trek (aos)

[personal profile] caelus 2017-04-18 01:08 am (UTC)(link)
[ ota. please note if you want him from a particular film. ]
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[personal profile] poolhall_killer 2017-04-18 03:47 am (UTC)(link)
[Before meeting Jim, Venom had little experience with affection. Being raised the way he was, he rarely touched anyone outside of a professional handshake. Now here he is, waiting to greet his partner as he comes home from a long trip into space.]


[Yeah, he still stands at attention. Old habits and all.]
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[ Venom had little, and Jim had plenty to start. Despite the environment that influenced his childhood, he had kept some small tokens of affection to be given to those most deserving. He had never expected to rub off on the other man in the way that he has, but it warms his heart to see the change in him. ]

You know, I stopped being Captain Kirk a while ago, right?

[ It is, however, teasing when he says it. He moves over to him, reaching out to greet him with a kiss, and his hand sliding around to rest at the small of his back. ]

You can relax.
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[personal profile] poolhall_killer 2017-04-20 02:00 am (UTC)(link)
[Venom's about ready to scoff at Jim's teasing, but then that hand settles on his lower back. It sends quite the shiver up his spine as he's instantly moving closer to his partner.

The kiss just makes it all the sweeter.]

You're already helping me relax, Jim.
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[ Despite the span of time that separated them, which now feels like a dim memory that aches in his chest, Jim likes to think that he'd gotten to know Venom well in the time before it.

It's easy the read the quiet way he melts at a touch, and Jim keeps his hand where it is as he deepens the kiss, and reaches up with the other to cup his face gently. When he breaks the kiss, it's with an amused huff, and mirth in his eyes. ]

Am I? Hadn't noticed.
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[personal profile] poolhall_killer 2017-04-21 03:40 am (UTC)(link)
[Venom's never been good at hiding his emotions, hence why he grew his hair out. Then he tried to retain a stoic face, and then Jim broke past that. Not that he can complain, really. Jim's worth it. He lets his guard down even further with a little smile and a matched huff.

Soon he's kissing Jim again, curling up gently.]
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[ Jim's incredibly glad to have broken past the overly stern exterior Venom had cultivated. He can't help the chuckle at the matching huff, and leans in to kiss him again. It's a slow and exploratory kind of kiss.

It isn't as if he doesn't know the other man, but that he finds more and more each day. Little ticks and nuances and more to fall in love with. He wraps his arm around him a little more securely, relishing in the shared contact between them as the other man relaxes further. ]

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[ Once upon a time, she was struck with a supposedly incurable virus and doomed to live out the rest of her life on an unpopulated world in hopes that her condition didn't worsen. She fought hard against the hand that fate had dealt her, until a storm took away those last strands of hope that she'd been clinging to, forcing her to deal with the probability that she'd never leave. Had Tuvok not disobeyed her orders and avoided contacting the Vidiians, she likely would have.

Much like then, a lack of resources is starting to force her hand. Every attempt at finding her way back is met with complete and utter failure. She's unwilling to contaminate this alternate timeline further with her knowledge of the future Ambassador Spock hailed from, as adherent to the Temporal Prime Directive in this era as she was in her own, and is gradually allowing herself to toy with the idea that she might be stuck here for good. That if even Q isn't responding to her requests for an audience, that there might be some purpose in her remaining here.

(But might is a broad word, and she'll fight tooth and nail against it for as long as humanly possible.)

Fortunately for her, all things — good, bad, the in between — eventually come to an end. Whatever inexplicable force brought her to the past, without warning, returns her to the future. Unfortunately, it does so with her unwitting suitor in tow.

Yorktown's busy streets are replaced by the familiar dulcet grays of her ready room, the cup of coffee she replicated for herself months ago still sitting on her desk. It's steaming, as if she's only been gone for a few minutes, not a few months. ]
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[ Jim, himself, has never experienced anything of that kind. He has fought against fate, however, in other ways. Fought against the "rules" that said he was a man he had never had occasion to meet. His other self from a timeline that only one man knew. Of course, he had learned much from Spock Prime, and he owes so much to him.

But he is not that Jim Kirk, nor will he ever be. There may be similarities, but they will never be carbon copies of each other.

His life, recently, had been turned upside down by one Kathryn Janeway, and the whirlwind that came with her. A storm in space that he'd never encountered before and couldn't turn away from. Only in the blink of an eye, everything he thought he knew is gone. Literally. He's not on the Yorktown with her, wandering through the busy streets, he's on a ship of some kind. Quick eyes roam over the space as he lets go of her hand where he'd been holding it, in order to gauge the possible danger of the situation.

A panel with specs makes it seem as though it is a Federation vessel. A class he doesn't recognize, then. If that's really what it is, and this isn't some trick. For the first time in a while, he wishes he'd been in his uniform, had a communicator on him, something. Amazingly, he doesn't feel disoriented. It isn't even like a transport. It's just a change from here to wherever the hell, and he turns to his companion. ]

Kathryn, you okay?
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[ that's when tuvok arrives, flanked by harry and tom, phasers drawn. but before the words "intruder alert" can leave the vulcan's mouth, kathryn turns to him and holds up a hand. ]

Stand down, [ she issues, regrettably shifting back into command mode. ] I'll address this matter shortly, but there's a few things I need to get sorted out first. [ she dares to spare a glance over at him, whom tom is squinting at and will likely recognize soon enough. ] Tom, maintain our position. Harry, I want you and Seven to head down to astrometrics and use the long range sensors to scan for chronometric radiation.

[ customary "yes ma'am"s and "aye captain"s are issued as she dismisses them back to their posts, leaving her alone in her ready room once again with a man who's out of time. ]

Looks like the shoe's now on the other foot, Mister Kirk. [ not jim. command mode won't allow for it, and she's selfishly clinging to it like she always does, a mask for what lies beneath. ] Welcome to the 24th Century.
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[ No sooner had the words left his mouth, do people rush the room, two look human and the other is clearly Vulcan but--- Jim feels like he's suddenly been doused with ice-water, and the shock has left him internally gasping. He's incredibly grateful for the poker face he's learned to master while facing down everything from Romulans to itty bitty Teenaxians.

His face has gone from concerned, to stern, and the only flicker of displeasure that is obvious is from the slight narrowing of his eyes. He's no idiot, and he's whirling to make sense of what information he's been given already. Starship. Starfleet. Kathryn. Captain. The easy way the orders fall from her, and the way they are rushed to be carried out. He's still tense at nearly being rushed, and while his fists unclench, he doesn't relax.

He's not sure what irks him more. The fact that he was lied to, or the easy way she shrugs off whatever the hell they'd been enjoying for however long she was in his time. ]

It's captain last I checked. [ His tone is icy, cold as the space they travel in currently. His jaw is set and clenched. ] Charmed.

[ His expression turns rueful, with a bitter tinge. ] You were right about those secrets.
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[ if his words hurt (and they do), she doesn't show it. kathryn's faced her fair share of brutal adversaries, from misogynistic kazon majes to the borg to the snobbish, controlling likes of the bomar. if standing alone on a borg cube, completely at the collective's mercy doesn't make her bend, then the fury in jim kirk's eyes won't.

she moves to her desk, reaching for that coffee mug and taking a much needed sip of it's rich, bitter taste. it soothes some of her nerves. only some. ]

I apologize for the deception. The Temporal Prime Directive forbid me from divulging that information. If I could have told you I was a Starfleet Captain from the future, I would have.

[ except not all of it was a deception. he may not know it, but he's seen more shades of kathryn janeway than most of her crew combined. ]

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Stephen Strange | Marvel | OTA

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[Let's be real he's too much of a disaster to be someone's bright spot. If he is? He will be SUPER BEWILDERED because are you sure friend?]
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Rey | SW: TFA | OTA

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