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10 Things I Hate About You

The "10 Things I Hate About You" Meme

You know the story. Two people who are completely adverse to each other end up together under false pretenses. But what was supposed to be a simple deal gets more complicated when feelings become genuine.

Here's your chance to enjoy a little slice of Shakespearean romantic comedy.

...also can be a high school AU shipping meme. Just sayin'

  • Comment with your character. Be sure to include any preferences.
  • Comment to others, using the RNG or not.
  • Thread!

  1. "Heinous Bitch" is the Term Most Often Used: You know what they say about first impressions, and you've just given this person a really bad one. The two of you just don't seem to get along!
  2. Instant Attraction: The inverse of the first. Instead of being put off by this person, you're totally in to them, but...
  3. Any Takers: For some reason, they can't be won, and you have to think of an elaborate plot to change all that.
  4. Take On the Challenge: Whether it be for a bet, a promise, a challenge, or just because you can, you've decided to woo the guy or gal who wants nothing more than to see you leave forever.
  5. I'd Rather Run You Over: This person, who you dislike immensely, is trying to get with you
  6. Or Be Won Over: Okay, so they were a little more charming than you thought. Maybe a date or two won't hurt. Just to get them to leave you alone...
  7. Can't Take My Eyes Off of You: You've almost got them - better give a big show of your affection! Maybe a great gift...or a musical number!
  8. Chemical Reaction: Though the two of you are complete opposites (or maybe even exactly the same), your chemistry is making sparks fly. Maybe things are getting a bit deeper.
  9. What Did You Call Her?: Someone insults your [insert gender here]friend? Don't let that stand! Punch them in the face, even it's at a crowded party.
  10. I Screwed Up: You didn't mean to fall in love. It was just a game.
  11. The Liar Revealed: The person who was the subject of the challenge/bet/what have you learns the nature of their partner's interest. It's surely a heartbreaking situation to learn that the person you've grown so fond of may only be interested in you for ulterior motives.
  12. "But mostly I hate the way I don't hate you:" The big climax, where the person who's been hurt in all this reveals that they actually have grown to love the person they thought they disliked, even after the truth is revealed.
  13. I Want You to Want Me: The happy ending...or not. Can you both realize how much you mean to each other, or will the betrayal remain?

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