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Fooling Around (⊙‿⊙)


Somewhere further than making out yet not quite going all the way, "fooling around" is a time honored tradition. It's easy, low-pressure, and there are no real parameters - above the clothes or not. Sound good? Maybe you're young and want to try but not commit to anything too carnal. Similarly, you could want to explore somebody's, well, body because they're so different than you. There's also the possibility that you want to make them happy or see how they react to feeling beyond great. Could it be that you're a tease, even?

Or you could just be bored. There's nothing on TV, anyway.

  • Comment with your character, info, preferences (gender, age appropriate characters only, etc), and hard limits (no smut, fade to black, graphic smut a-okay, etc.).
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matou sakura; fate/stay night ; m/f

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/slides this across the table/

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[ ooc: I'm thinking maybe wedding night?? I can see Houou being pretty tentative with her like, not wanting to push until he gets an enthusiastic green light :3 so gentle affection until then! lemme know if you want anything changed~ ]

[ The day has been a whirlwind of mixing clans and ceremony and honestly, Houou is glad to finally find some quiet away from it all. That this peace so happens to be in Sakura's - his wife - new rooms, just makes it all that more relaxing and, he's not ashamed to admit it, exciting.

His - Their he must get used to that - clan will continue to celebrate until the early hours, but with a gold chain at his throat and a matching one glinting and fine against the skin of the woman before him, Houou is happy to leave them to it.

He supposes it's cheating, using his considerable skills in stealth to enter her rooms and steal close enough to embrace Sakura from behind, but there's a thread of mischief running through him tonight and it's behaviour that she will no doubt have to acclimatise to given the rest of the Maniwa. There's been enough time to allow the removal of their finery and Houou is dressed in a simple robe, hair tied loosely at his neck and side swept fringe long enough to brush Sakura's shoulder where he's resting his chin - a smile pressed to her jaw. ]

I trust I'm not intruding, Sakura-chan?
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look at this filTH /clutches it firmlY

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[ Sakura likes the Maniwa. They are loud and colorful and so alive that containing their mirth may be the only thing they can't manage, drinking and singing and constantly teasing without any of the edge or malice she has grown accustomed to during her years with the Matou. As warriors and individuals, Sakura can't help but to admire them, and truly, she can only hope to one day be half as magnificent as Oshidori-sama is.

Nevertheless, she's glad to escape the party under the excuse of changing. She's not used to being surrounded by so many when it's outside of a mission's requirements; shadows and solitude suit her better, or at least that's what she was taught to feel. That's why... even if she's no longer Grandfather's tool, even if that is no longer her life... it's hard. Sharing in their joy is something she'll have to grow into, little by little, bur for now, the chance to hide and change in the safety of her new quarters is a comfort.

Kamakiri-sama told her she looked very beautiful in it, but it's also a relief to take off her wedding kimono and put on a simple cotton yukata, hair down and make-up removed. The moon looks beautiful from her window, and for the first time today she can relax a little, fingers tracing the chain adorning her throat. Maniwa Houou has been a fixed point in her mind, a presence following her every single from the moment she wakes up and until she goes to bed, and now-- ]

It's not an intrusion at all!

[ --now her husband comes to her like a thief, catching her between gentle arms. It sets her aflame, heart beating like a bird, but she refuses to tense up or stutter or do anything that will make him back away, because she-- this is-- it's fine with her, if he always comes to her like this. If he's a little playful, if he teases her, if he's... close. It' s fine. ]

And-- And I'm sorry for leaving you unattended for so long.
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[He noses at the soft curve of her throat, lips catching at the chain in a kiss of endearment and breathing in her sweet scent as he chuckles. Houou's pleased with Sakura's reaction and charmed by her concern, rewarding it with a gentle squeeze of his arms about her waist. ]

Nonsense, my dear.. This is your night as well, especially after today, you may spend it as you see fit -- Though.. I would not object to the indulgence of your attention..

[ Somehow Houou's trying to strike the balance between being careful with Sakura and being forward enough to not hide his intentions. Though which path they follow tonight is entirely up to her; he is her willing husband regardless and doesn't that thought just make him so uncharacteristically giddy. ]
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[ She blushes fiercely, mortified not only by her enjoyment, but by the fact that oh so subtly, she moves to offer more of her throat. It's the first time in her life she can act freely upon her own wants, and it half terrifies, half excites her to no end, leaning comfortably against the solid support of his body.

He could hurt her, if he wanted to. As long as he keeps her by his side, the girl would endure anything. ]

I... I want us to stay here, alone.

[ But he won't hurt her. Turning around in his embrace just enough so that she can cup his cheek, her hand soft. She is his now, and from the bottom of her heart, the girl chooses to believe he will never do it. ]

... If it's alright with you.
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[ Houou presses his cheek into her touch and nods. ]

Of course. We'll not be called upon until tomorrow- The night is ours.

[ There's a twist of a smile on his lips, before Houou leans the small distance to kiss the corner of Sakura's mouth; if he's a thief then he must at least steal a kiss right?

..And another, against her smooth cheek and perhaps just one more - the space below her ear - and before Houou knows it, his lips are against her throat. He can feel the tempo of her pulse, fluttering rabbit quick under her skin and it's alarmingly difficult to resist the urge to bite - no doubt Kyouken is laughing at him somewhere, taunting of their nature - though instead, he grips Sakura's waist with his hands.

The curves of her body fits comfortably under Houou fingers, fits against his own and it's a marvel that this is the first time he's known this feeling; know's what it's like to hold Sakura close and to want her, like an ache of a wound under his ribs. ]
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[ It's too frightening.

She could loosen up her collar, let the fabric come undone to offer him more skin to taste and mark, and she wants to, she does, with a strength and sincerity that shame her. Would he dislike her if he knew? Does he prefer her to remain modest? She wants to be the kind of woman he enjoys, but...

Her body trembles at the touch on his lips on her throat, and caught between her want and reservations, the young girl still manages to let her hands wander, gentle fingers letting his hair come undone, carefully pulling it away from his face. His heart marks a steady rhythm beneath her palm; facing him properly now, Sakura presses herself as tightly as she can, eager to bask in his warmth, eager to keep him close.

She wants him to enjoy her presence. She wants to be loved by him. The hand on his hair settles on his nape, barely pushing down on it as an invitation to meet her lips. She's unsure, and she's scared, but in the end, her desires win over. ]

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[ He goes, of course he does, slanting his mouth against her own with little ceremony, but infinite tenderness. She'll learn that to give Houou an inch, is to allow a mile, but later, when Sakura's boy arches for his touch, not trembles at it.

Still, the kiss stays chaste for only a moment longer, before he's leading her into something deeper; the brush of his tongue against her lips and the gentle encouragement of a hand against her cheek, her jaw, to open for him as Houou licks smoothly into her mouth.

He shudders despite himself, aroused by her simple presence as much as the thought of finally having the freedom to explore each other and catches Sakura close in the crook of his arm, as if he'll never let her go.

It's honestly the furthest action from his mind. ]
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[ Her mouth is honey-sweet, lips parting obediently, tongue meeting his with less trepidation and a more honest drive, love-starved and eager. She could get drunk from the taste of his mouth alone, the knowledge that he takes her willingly something that sets with a pleasant weight around her heart, a similar chain to the one adorning her neck.

She is his wife, and this is were she belongs now.

A sigh melts into a moan, soft and low and for his ears only. ]
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[ That sound sets him alight and there's an answering groan in the the back of Houou's throat as he kisses her; slow burn turning passionate as she meets him half way with her affections and he's just as eager with his touch. One arm still about her waist, his free hand slips from Sakura's chin to ghost the front of her robe; from shoulder to waist, to hip, tracing her curves and the inviting line of her thigh.

Houou's hand stops just short of where he could steal touches of soft skin through the fold of her yukata and he pulls away, panting in the scant space between their mouths to see her face. ]

Would you permit me the honour of taking you to bed, my dear?

[He doesn't have to ask, could just sweep Sakura off her feet, quite literally, but he wants to hear it, wants to hear her say yes and makes it his personal mission to draw every other sound from her before the night is through.]
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[ Dark eyes, flushed cheeks. And lips as red as a cherry. The girl tries to catch her breath to no avail, and so she leans again him once more, unwilling to part even a little. She's trembling with something that has nothing to do with fear now, greedy for the things he brings forth.

I want him. He has a very broad back. I love him. Her hands trace it slowly, carefully, lips looking for the space where his pulse is, a mirror to his previous attentions.]

... Yes.

[ It's all the answer she can manage (and perhaps all that she needs to say), her voice so lost to the taste of his skin when she allows her tongue to have it, shy and brief. ]
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[ Houou shivers, seduced by the slow overcoming of something he's discovering has been nurtured and not the true nature of the woman in his arms. It's barely two steps to the low futon behind her and Houou breaks away for only the barest moment it takes to draw Sakura down among the covers; arm still about her waist and her slim legs across his lap.

Where his hand had paused before, it explores now; tracing the skin of her bare calf with light fingers, before running the flat of his palm from her knee to mid thigh - encouraging the fabric of her robe to split higher up. Sakura's skin is soft under his calloused touch and Houou strokes the tender insdie of her thigh with his thumb appreciatively and infinitely teasing. ]

How lovely you are, Sakura-chan..
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[ She should look away. Close her eyes and hide her face, the rising heat too unbearable, too dizzying– there's drumming in her ears that she recognizes as her own wild heart, and it feels like too much, all of this, too much for her poor soul to bear. ]

Ah... you're so mean.

[ Instead she looks on with a steady gaze, and speaks up with a clear voice, face only half hidden behind her sleeve. There's a chill in the air that sends goosebumps to her skin in all the places his hand is not touching, and the girl– the young woman trembles, legs spreading just enough to allow his hand to wander on and let more of her skin to come into view, like he desires. ]

Please don't tease me.
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[ His breath catches at the look, the tone and more importantly the request and if Houou was a praying man, he'd probably be stopping at the local shrine, immediately, to give thanks for the sheer good fortune of the woman in his arms. ]

As you wish.

[ There's the barest tremor to his voice, to his hands, full of anticipation and excitement. Houou leans in to take her mouth once more and slides his hand up to cup Sakura's hip; thumb pressing into the crease of her thigh and stroking the skin appreciatively. He's already half hard against the warmth of her thighs across his lap and Houou's not shy in letting Sakura feel exactly how much he wants her. ]
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[ A moan is drowned and hidden by the press of his lips, and the more he gives to her of himself, the more restless she grows; her lips part, her tongue sure and wanting and shameless in her enjoymentoh him.

Her body aches.

The rustle of fabric is the only sound her ears can pick. She only needs to pull a little to let her sash fall undone to the bed, and without it—

(Her whole heart aches)

— a pale strip of skin. Her robes fall open just so, a wordless invitation constructed not by words, but by the small peek of what's his because she wants it to be. She's a clumsy thing by nature, after all, and actions come easier than words. That's why she can pull away, lips red and wet, offering the pale column of her neck next, the sight of her. Such a clumsy, wanting creature. How could she not suit him? ]
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dW HID THIS REPLY FROM ME?! plz forgive this awful birb sakura-chan ;n;

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[ Who is he to refuse any invitation from this woman?

Houou's gaze is caught by the tug of her sash and then by that stripe of newly flushed skin. He practically purrs as he kisses away from Sakura's mouth, following the line of her throat and manoeuvring them both enough to allow Houou to trail lower; licking and kissing at petal soft skin.

His hands pet across her thighs and it's with infinite care that he bares more of Sakura's skin to the warm night air and murmurs between wet kisses. ]

You are a wonder, my dear..

[ Houou means it most sincerely and he's more than pushed past the point of amicable teasing.

He's mouthing at the swell of one of her breasts, seemingly distracted with the rest of her that's on show, but Houou's gaze flickers up, held captive by her face again as he laps curiously at a rosy nipple and gauges her reactions. ]

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... and gmail sent this to my spam folder HOw DARE

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[ The softness of the futon on her back is grounding; laying properly spread for him, she only needs to worry about the warmth of his mouth first, and then his hands, branding her body with invisible chains to match the one at her throat.

It's not enough.

His name falls so sweetly from her lips when she moans and cries out, her back arching to offer herself more fully, shameless in her want. You're a wonder, he says, and like this she can almost believe it. Her hands move over his shoulders, pulling the fabric of his robe, hands greedily looking to feel the skin hidden under, and she wants to be good for him, she does, she wants to melt into his moment, she wants— ]

I want to feel you. Even more than this—
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ohohohoho surprise!

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[ His robe slips under her hands and Houou grins against her skin as he offers his assistance; shrugging the fabric down and off and casting the weight of it aside.

In his full regalia, Houou seems taller, broader, intimidating and a little ridiculous in such stark colours and so many feathers. But like this - naked and flushed - on his knees beside Sakura, he's compact and pale; riddled with faded scars and completely at ease in his own skin, as if even the idea of shame doesn't even occur to him.

He's also clearly very aroused, but ignores it in favour of Sakura; kissing and nipping at the skin of her belly and hips as he makes room for himself between her thighs. If his lady wife wants, she'll have whatever is in his power to give - and that includes as much pleasure as she can stand.

Houou's kisses turn dragging and wet across the skin of Sakura's thighs, red marks blossoming under the pull of his teeth, until he's spreading her thighs wider and, without any preamble, licking into the slick heat of her.

Of course she'll have whatever she wants of him, but Houou will have her trembling first. ]
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gentle gASP. a birb!!!

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[ She's being a selfish girl, she know, she knows, but oh, the heat— ]

Houou-sama— !

[ —it's an exquisite pain, the most painful of joys. Her back arches and her legs tremble, and his name has become the only thing her mind can hold unto, a prayer that falls from her mouth with each helpless sigh and cry.

Tasted, branded— so long as it is him, Sakura cares not about what it's done to her. So long as they are joined... ah, so long as she remains his, she is willing willing to accept everything.

A hand find perch on his hair, combing through it before taking hold, gently pressing him down and towards her to urge him on.

Her lord, her gentle, teasing lord, with his wicked, wicked tongue. ]
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[ Houou really doesn't need the encouragement, but it's appreciated and may well as be a flame to dry tinder for all it does to his libido. He relishes the tremble in her thighs, the taste of Sakura on his tongue and holds her open for his ministrations.

She's more responsive and passionate than Houou could have ever hoped for and he moans softly against the heat of her; tongue working in maddening flicks and swirls, before he frees a hand from it's grip on Sakura's soft thigh, to press two fingers slowly into her.

Without the steel claws he habitually wears, Houou's hands are long fingered and callused - nails dark and short - indicative of life times handling weapons. But with Sakura at the mercy of those same hands, every movement is measured, as if he won't risk her trust for a moment, no matter how resilient she's shown herself to be. ]
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[ Hips are lifted from the futon, and her legs fight against his grip in their desperate effort to alleviate the jolt his fingers create; to indulge in this because she desires the one to be her partner is a new thing, wonderful and exciting.

To mewl freely, a broken, higher note muffled against the back of a hand without having to pretend, without hating herself— ]

Noo, if you do that, I'll—! I'll—!

[ —how can he not want him, and react accordingly? Soaking wet and warm and tight, crying out without any restrain... really, isn't she a hopelessly honest girl like this? Getting excited so easily, just from this. ]
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/arrives late with a starbucks/ I think i'm back now?? omg I'm sorry

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[ Houou chuckles, dark and pleased and muffled by her thighs as he keeps Sakura prone, delighting in her mewls and the buck of her hips. His fingers press deep and merciless into her heat and he pulls back enough to trace the flush of Sakura's skin with his gaze and lick his lips around a clearly pleased smirk. ]

Yes you will, dearheart-- again and again, as many times as you can stand it..

[Houou watches her squirm on his fingers and can't help but palm his straining erection, clearly eager, but distracted by how Sakura's falling apart under his touch. ]
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are you real, aparition? ARE YOU REAL?

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P-Please— !

[ Her body tenses and trembles, hips shaking from the force of her release; were she by herself, this is the moment when the spell would begin to break, the pleasant warmth of her pleasure seeping away from her bed, leaving her cold and lonely.

But I'm not alone anymore. And her lord is as wicked as he's relentless, his breath as warm as the signs of her arousal against her folds, and she squirms and moans and arches helplessly, the feel of his fingers too much and too little to handle all at once. More than his hand, he should be thinking about using her body, shouldn't he? Her wicked, helpless lord. ]


[ Her body is kept on the edge, but she's lucid enough to catch sight of a hand slipping far from her heat, and that's— that's not to be allowed. She lets of a long, shaky breath, her own small hands resting upon her inner thighs, ghosting over her folds and the digits he keeps buried between them. ]

Not with your hand, but here...
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indeed I'm real! *v*

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[ A breath shudders in his chest,trapped by her soft command, before Houou exhales in a rush. ]

Yes, but not like this..

[ The removal of his fingers is clearly reluctant, but the way he licks up the mess Sakura's made of them is anything but. He cleans up each digit like it would be sinful to waste and reaches for one of Sakura's small hands with his free one - encouraging her to sit up. ]

..You'll have as little or as much as you wish.

[ The comment sounds enigmatic, until Houou take's her place against the sheets; stretching out on his back before her and encouraging Sakura's thigh over his hips with gentle hands. They're close enough that his erection brushes the inside of her thigh and he shudders with appreciation, with want - so very close indeed.]
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[ Were she a man, the sight of his tongue on his fingers would be enough to drive her to madness, all semblance of restrain forgotten. But perhaps I'm already mad.

She lower herself with a low moan, and he feels wonderful, he does, trapped between her folds and his own body, so hard and warm; Sakura rolls her hips once, then twice, gliding over his length, already enamored by its shape.

She would like to tease him like this at length in the future; see him come undone from the feel of her alone, selfish girl that she is, but tonight— ]


[—tonight she raises her hips again, like so, her hand ghosting over his flesh to guide him gently pass her folds and inside, palms now resting over his chest for support as she takes him in and in and in, all the way to the base, and it is so tight, such a tight fit, and he's everywhere, and she feels so happy she could cry.

Instead she smiles, blushing and shaking, willing her hips to forget about the pain and seek the pleasure he's been bestowing upon her, a careful, steady pace that makes her breasts tremble. ]

Now... Now I'm truly yours. Only yours...
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Michael Corvin | Underworld | M/M

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victor nikiforov • yuri!!! on ice • m/m

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himeko inaba ♡ kokoro connect ( m/f pref; ask about first about f/f! )

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Rey | SW: TFA | OTA

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