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Extreme Kink Meme


For many of those kinks that aren't covered by the other kink memes. WARNING: WILL CONTAIN TRIGGERS, READ WITH CAUTION.


- Post with your character/canon in the subject line. Be sure to include preferences in either the subject line or comment, detailing what you are or are not interested in playing.

- Tag other people by hitting up the RNG, rolling to pick a category and then a relevant prompt below.

- There will be absolutely no kink-shaming. Do not tag a player with a kink they've said they don't like. No abuse or harassment (unless it's the sexy IC kind) is tolerated.

- This meme is guaranteed to include triggers, squicks, and adult times. Be conscientious of yourself and of your fellow roleplayers.


1. Forced orgasm/orgasm denial - Maybe making your partner beg for it. Maybe making them beg you to stop.

2. Breathplay - When you control even how they breathe.

3. Sensory deprivation - So they perceive nothing but your touch.

4. Dub-con - Whether they like it or not.

5. Non-con - They definitely don’t like it. You don’t care.

6. Somnophilia - While you were sleeping...

7. Fisting - Inside them past the wrist.

8. Mind Control - Congratulations: you have powers of hypnosis, or telepathy. All the better to subdue your partner.

9. Master/slave or master/pet dynamics - You own them, and everything they are.

10. Piercings/tattoos/branding/scarification - Leaving a permanent mark.

11. Humiliation - Someone deserves to be taken down a peg or two.

12. Aftercare - You’ve exhausted them. Time to bathe, cuddle, and put them back together again.


1. Forced feminization/masculinization - Who’s a good little girl?

2. Pegging/Femdom - because guys aren’t the only ones who can bend someone over a desk and fuck ‘em.

3. Breast expansion - Hmm, let’s make a few adjustments here...

4. Pregnancy, fertilization, breeding - You just can’t wait to have a child.

5. Human cattle/livestock - Milking, feeding, mucking ‘em out.

6. Bimbo/slut transformation - They only exist to fuck. Preferably to fuck you.


1. Bloodplay - Mmmm. Tastes like pennies.

2. Vore - Who’s hungry?

3. Mutilation - including castration, amputation, evisceration


1. Watersports - A golden shower.

2. Xenophilia, tentacles - Maybe you’re a little too fond of alien anatomy. Or maybe aliens are a little too fond of you...

3. Inflation - You’ve taken so much that you’re swollen.

4. Sounding - Slide it right down the center of his cock.

5. Medical kink - Oh, doctor, I have a terrible problem...

6. Enemas - To clean you out everywhere.

7. Extreme size difference - possibly even anatomically impossible sex

8. Multiple penetration - As many as you can take.


1. Age difference - May-December

2. Extreme age difference - ...February-December?

3. Underage sex - They might not know what they’re doing, but they’ll try.

4. Virginity - Time to deflower one partner or another.


1. Fucking machines - When human stamina just isn’t enough

2. Ritualistic sex - a religious sacrifice, a cult demand.

3. Gangbang - They’re all here, and they all want you.

4. Multiple - Pick two of the above.

5. Multiple multiple - pick 3-5 of the above.

6. Challenge - Include 5+ of the above.

7. Wild card - Don’t like any of the options? Come up with your own!

(Originally composed by [personal profile] cerebel.)

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