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unexpected domesticity shipping meme

unexpected domesticity shipping meme.
you never thought you'd have a home, at least not one you can call completely yours, no strings attached and no one lording above you or controlling you. you may not have even known what a "home" truly is, or thought you wanted one. now, there is a touch of domesticity in your life, no matter what things are like otherwise, because you have a home, though you may not have a house proper.

most importantly, you now have someone to share this new facet of life with - a partner. similar to you or completely different, relationship unspoken or unrealized, heavily romantic or understated, they are slowly but surely becoming someone indispensable to you. you could never have seen this coming. and, of course, with domesticity comes a certain amount of intimacy, perhaps even the ultimate physical may be open to that already or you're working up to it when you'd hardly considered it before.

whether your situation is for the long term as it stands, could end at any moment, or a mere disguise you're using to lay low, you're getting comfortable. how does that make you feel? will you it accept a new lease on life - or will you sabotage yourself before someone else does?

Comment with your character, preferences, what tone you want your thread to take, and whether or not your open to smut.
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