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trapped in the middle with you! -- no, wait.

(expanded edition; originally from memebells @ lj)

Your character has been trapped somewhere -- and they're not alone. Pick your poison when it comes to scenario(s) and genre(s), and/or post with your character's information in the subject line. Feel free to use the random number generator or your own discretion to reply to others' posts.


1. TRAPPED IN AN ELEVATOR The old standby. You're stuck until someone can rescue you, or until one or both of you can get this box moving again.

2. TRAPPED IN AN UNDERGROUND BUNKER Maybe there's a nuclear winter, or maybe you were just exploring and wandered in here. Either way? Right now, you're stuck.

3. TRAPPED IN A CAR You were driving long-distance when your ride broke down, so now you're stuck in the middle of nowhere until else someone happens by.

4. TRAPPED IN A MALL AFTER HOURS Somehow, you managed to get stuck in the mall after closing. Maybe you fell asleep in the bathroom, or were hiding in the back of the bookstore, but now the doors are locked, and you've got the whole place almost to yourself.

5. TRAPPED IN A MAZE Entering that maze seemed like such a good idea, didn't it? Only now you can't find your way out, and you're pretty sure you're not alone in here...

6. TRAPPED ON AN ISLAND You should have known better than to trust any three hour cruise or any last minute flight over the ocean. In the chaos you've gotten stuck on a different island from the rest of the survivors (there are others, right?), but you'll probably still be close enough for rescuers to find you if you build a big enough fire. At least you have the island to yourselves... don't you?

7. TRAPPED IN THE WILDERNESS It was a great idea to go trekking out into the wilderness until you got separated from the group you were on, or you lost your map in a mad escape from something... unfortunate. If you're lucky there's a cabin to stay in. If you're less lucky, one of you brought a tent. If not... then you better get trekking home in a hurry. There're animals out there, you know.

8. OTHER/COMBO Any other scenarios that tickle your fancy.


i. Survival Horror
ii. Smut
iii. Gen
iv. Fluff
v. Crack
vi. Action
vii. Other/Combo

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