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A hyperlink to your heart


Finally, you're going to meet the person you've been developing feelings for. Aren't you excited?

Wait. What?

Well, it may be silly to say that, but you really never have seen them before. The two of you have communicated - extensively, actually - through means other than face to face. Typing via the internet, a sole parchment, letters, smoke signals, telepathy, words spoken through a crack in a fence, whatever your poison, you've struck up a bond through it. Companionship, definitely. Friendship, certainly...and maybe even more. Now, whether through planning or through complete accident, you're teaming up in person.

So, are you ecstatic to be around them after only talking for so long? Ready to let your emotions out and confess how they've made you feel? Hoping this meeting doesn't come to pass and they don't realize who you are because you've been fudging some details about yourself? Maybe this whole friendship started on a farce, but how you've come to think of them is absolutely real.

What to do, what to do? You have to admit, things were so much easier before you met them, despite how much you've come to lo-like them.

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[Aww, I'm still willing to play in this meme if anybody else wants to. ;w; I'll post a few of my accounts.

Info here, Yurika is a vampire-loving idol with a blog where she posts about her goth/vamp stuff, but she probably browses chatrooms/forums without her name attached too.]
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[Info here, Stocking is a jerk angel who loves sweets like candy, cake, ice cream, etc. You could probably find her on communities for gothic lolita stuff, food, and possibly a dating site or two.]
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[Info here, Yugi is a friendly cinnamon roll gamer and GDI I LOVE CUTE GOTHS. You'd most likely meet him on a gaming community or an online game, most likely an MMORPG. He's famous in his universe so he probably wouldn't have a dating profile, or at least not one that has identifying info/pictures.]