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No judgement, only tentacles.
Come one, come all, and bring your non-humans, your aliens and furries
and monsters and angels; if you have none, bring those who would love to
approach those who are inhuman in shape and mind; if you have neither, be free
to alter your characters so they may fit one side, or both. Love knows no boundaries,
after all, nor does attraction; why should species deter one from pleasure and joy?

1. Post your character, with preferences and suggestions for those who wish to tag you. Include any information that you think will be relevant and help you find a partner!
2. Tag out to others! A thread takes two, and so does a horizontal tango. You can pick out one of the scenarios suggested below, or do your own thing, whatever. The prompts are mostly there to kick off ideas, not to bind creativity!
3. Be excellent to each other, dudes.

  1. First Meetings: Don't you know it's the tradition of their homeland to have a tryst after introductions.
  2. Long Awaited: You've been involved for a while now, and the shoe's about to drop. You have to get physical at some point.
  3. Putting It Off: ...don't you? Actually, you don't want them to see just what you've got going on, so you've been coming up with outlandish excuses not to have sex. That ends now.
  4. Love: Being in love makes everyone - and everything - beautiful.
  5. Stranger in a Strange Land: You only have one ally in this new, weird place. Better make those bonds tight.
  6. Different Expectations: To you, sex is just a casual game. To them? You're now good as married.
  7. Not Wanted: They want you, but you want nothing to do with them.
  8. See What You've Got: Is it bad you're excited to see what a real life [insert species here] has in their pants?
  9. Just Friendly Curiosity: You're bros, honestly! You just want to see what the big deal is. Surely you can't be that different...
  10. How Will it Fit?: No, seriously. How is that going to fit? You two aren't made to go together in that way.
  11. You Do What?: That doesn't sound like sex at all. Are you sure they're not challenging you to battle.
  12. Not What I Have in Mind: Huh. You really pictured something wildly different.
  13. Unique Quirk: They have extra sensitive horns or wings or the like that can be used for extra fun.
  14. Arcane Magic or Science: They have to get your help to perform some kind of ritual. It also has to be done naked.
  15. Alliance and Marriage, Same Thing: To negotiate peace between your species and theirs, you've got to put a ring on it.
  16. It's for an Experiment!: You two just want to see if your kind can ever be together.
  17. Changed: Somehow, you've been morphed into whatever they are. They're going to be a pal and show you around in your new body.
  18. Difficulties: Okay, there's going to have to be some thought about the logistics here. It's not going to be an easy wham-bam-thank-you-m'am.
  19. Modification: Maybe you can't do the classic penetration, but there are other ways to get off.
  20. Power Up: There are interesting ways you can put abilities to use.
  21. Hurt: You didn't mean to, but you hurt them physically.
  22. Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder: They're actually the most gorgeous specimen back home. You're the ugly one! Well, not exactly to them, but you do look a little funny.
  23. Grossed Out: You tried to be open minded. Yeah, it's not working out. You're turned off.
  24. Take It Slow: Don't rush things along in general is good advice, especially for this mismatched coupling.
  25. More Human than Human: Wait. That's it? You expected - and wanted - something a little more bizarre and exotic.
  26. Unconfident: Wouldn't they like someone of their own kind better? You can't help but feel a bit insecure and unloved.
  27. Did You Know: Some species have a heat cycle! You've volunteered to help out a lover or friend with theirs.

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