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A new life together

Being with someone can change your life. But what if you can't have your old life back? For your own sake, the sake of your relationship, or by no choice of your own, you have to leave the old you behind. It can go from anything to changing a behavior to changing your whole identity, and all of it can be difficult. One thing is clear, however; to continue where or as you'd lived before is not an option if you want to keep this person you care for in your life.

how to play;
  • Comment with your character and preferences.
  • Respond to others.
  • THERE WILL BE QUESTIONABLE CONTENT. Just because it's a shipping meme doesn't means everything's fluffy; in fact, more options than not have some unfortunate implications.

  1. Open Secret: You two have never specifically said who you are in this new place, though you've never denied it.
  2. Witness Protection: To protect your lives, you must live under assumed identities.
  3. Your Real Life: What you knew before was false. This is the actuality.
  4. After a Tragedy: All your friends are dead. Your group is shaken. You saw someone you love murdered. The only other person you have left is the one you're with.
  5. Second Chance at Life: After a brush with death, you've decided to do things right and actually live.
  6. I Don't Want this Life, Dean: You don't want to continue in the family business - er, in your old ways set up by someone else, so you cling to someone who can give you a normal life.
  7. Criminal: You did a bad thing and are wanted. For your protection and the safety of the one you lo...that person, you have to hide.

  8. Turning Over a New Leaf: You're genuinely trying to become a better person and you can't do that with the reminders of your old home and old life.
  9. Rehabilitation: Your lover is helping you get over your wounds, your traumas, or your flaws.
  10. Blank Slate: You have to have a new life because you don't know your old one! All you know is the person you're with and the things they can tell you.
  11. Partners in Crime: You two are rough around the edges, but you're reformed. Really, you just want a peaceful life!

  12. Old Habits Die Hard: No matter what your life is now, you can't shake the need to double check the locks or hold your magic wand tight.
  13. Guilt: You're guilty about your relationship, so you have to reside in hiding.
  14. Through Elicit Means: You got with your partner through cheating and you want to keep that fact on the low.
  15. Stolen Away: You stole your partner - from a bad situation or from someone cruel - so you have to keep your heads down
  16. Taboo:
    1. Incest: It's better for you to live where no one know's you're related.
    2. Age Difference: You can always fake IDs and birth certificates.
    3. Interspecies: There has to be somewhere that doesn't have the prejudices of your home.
  17. Tyrannical Government: You're political enemies drawn together. Perhaps you're working to undermine the government, or maybe you've escaped from that place and are living in peace.
  18. Pulled from the Darkness: Your previous life was so terrible, you don't want to even ponder it any more. End of story, it doesn't matter.
  19. Dependent: You don't know anyone else in this new world of yours, or you don't know how to navigate it, making you dependent on your partner.
  20. Protecting Them: You're with them and hiding them for their own benefit.
  21. They Don't About Your Past:
    1. Secret Monster: If they knew about who you used to be, they'd be disgusted and want nothing to do with you.
    2. For Them: You're dangerous to be around, so you can't clue them in lest an old enemy or your own abilities come back and harm them.
    3. Florence Nightingale: They found you and took you in to help you, no questions asked. You couldn't help but fall for them.
  22. Using Them: This new life is just a sham. You want them to be your camouflage, maybe even getting others to believe you've changed.
  23. Faked Turned Real:
  24. Both of you were using each other for cover, but're not sure.
  25. Brainwashing:
    1. One-Sided: You love them and want them to believe that things have always been like this. Can you be blamed for going about it this way?
    2. Mutual: Both of you think you've always lived this life, thanks to outside forces.
  26. Who Am I, Really?: You love your partner, but you feel like you're losing yourself.
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Hana "D.Va" Song ☆ Overwatch ☆ OTA

[personal profile] apms 2017-04-09 12:35 am (UTC)(link)
( maybe escaping her fame/the military/overwatch? maybe after a great loss? all prompts welcome )
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adora ➞ original character ➞ OTA

[personal profile] metades 2017-04-09 12:37 am (UTC)(link)
( esp. interested in tragedy, second chances, maybe something to do with #22? )
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Re: adora ➞ original character ➞ OTA

[personal profile] for_redemption 2017-04-09 05:46 am (UTC)(link)
[Care for a thread between OC's? My character is duty bound to a city which he himself put into peril, so starting over isn't very easy for him to do. If not outright impossible, so he can take her in.]
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[personal profile] metades 2017-04-09 06:21 pm (UTC)(link)
( Hello! Yes, please I would love it; it sounds like a fun idea and I'm all for it - maybe she's running way from something, or maybe she's the result of an experiment and is trying to hide/seeking freedom? I was reading your app and his world sounds so interesting. ♥ I also have another account for her with a 2D pb over at [personal profile] dividida if you have any preference. )
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Re: !!

[personal profile] for_redemption 2017-04-09 06:58 pm (UTC)(link)
[I don't have a particular preference so any account is fine :). Do you want me to start us off or do you?]
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[personal profile] dividida 2017-04-09 07:00 pm (UTC)(link)
( this one has more smiles, muhuhu. could you please start? So I get a feel of how he might handle the new gal :> )
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[Pain. A feeling that Richter is used to. He has a lot of it, caused it, suffered it. Pain. It was that very feeling that made him into what he is, and it was that that motivated him to fight. His fight was never ending, and with every new criminal he stopped, two more appeared. With every new scar that healed, ten more wounds would be inflicted. Does he hate it? No. He deserved it. Does he want to save others from it? Of course. Does he want to be free of it?

...Yes, but the question was always 'how'.

The answer appeared in a curious form on one night. A girl. A strange girl, but one that carried the same look on her face. Pain. He could tell, after all, it takes one to know one. The sigh of her sparked something deep inside, a part of him he thought long dead. He wanted to shelter her, to save heal. He knew it was against every logical thought in his head, his body even seemed to reject the idea, but his heart had won in the end and he took her in.

A few days had passed since then, and he's still a little conflicted over his decision but mostly settled and prepared for whatever may come.]

It's only been a few days but, have you manged to settle down? Even just a little?
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( She had been stripped of everything. Her name, her face, the kind smile she'd offered to more than one passerby. Even her bright eyes were different - redder, not hazel; her hair was black when it had once been a light blonde. And the scars, oh, the scars were new and absolutely terrifying, like she'd been taken apart and put back together. Red scars, pulled skin, shaky fingers. Her eyes were redder from her tears, her voice choked back by quiet sobs, though if asked, Adora hardly knew why she was crying. There was a void in her heart, a part of her ripped out by the same people who had changed her.

She'd come across the young man just a few nights before, grizzly and dirtied by dust, rust and all kinds of particles. Initially she'd have thought to keep running but the words had left her mouth before her feet could move: please, help me.

And he had. If there was such a thing as an angel, he had been hers.

... But the tears hadn't stopped. At night, when she hoped he was asleep, the memories were still fresh in her mind and she spent hours sobbing into her sweater despite the smile she tried to offer to his face. He'd been all too kind... She could only hope her presence wasn't a burden. )

I'm... I think so. My feet aren't hurting anymore.

( Her voice is soft and low, the tears forgotten for the day somewhere in the back of her heart. She's been curled up reading some slightly crumpled ad of some sort - nothing important, but good enough to keep her mind busy. All in all, trying to keep out of the way really. )

Please... Tell me if there is anything I can do? I don't want to burden you for much longer.
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[The night he took her in, the scars he saw on her, it sparked a strange primordial fear in him, along with black anger.

Something unnatural happened, and she was the unfortunate victim. How she's alive, he doesn't know and he won't pry. Not now. But whoever was responsible will eventually feel the sting of his blade. He pushed aside the thoughts with a promise of 'eventually', since the girl took priority.]

You're not burden. I decided to take you in, remember?

[His voice slightly mirroring hers, albeit a little harder. He is a fighter after all. It was early morning and Richter had decided to take today off to make sure Adora was well. He'd had light breakfast, buttered toast and coffee, and was seated across from her on the table. The white noise of an early morning program on the tv in the back.]

Also, I noticed you reading something and thought you might be bored. So, here.

[He places a book on the table, a hard bound book with a leather cover.]

It's one from my collection. Detective novel. Classic. 'The Long Goodbye'. Not sure if it's your kind of read but, my stuff is about eighty percent this genre.
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( Truth be told, Adora couldn't help but to keep planning where to go next. It wasn't that she didn't believe him when he promised to take care of her– but her reasoning was clouded with pain and fear and part of her felt as if all she could do from now on was to keep running. These little bits of routine were making it better though. Even when her hands still shook while holding a fork or a spoon, or she had to pick up an object with both hands thinking she might drop it, it felt marginally more normal than being out there on the streets again. )

I know... It's just. Difficult. ( She offered the smallest glimpse of a smile, taking in a deep breath. He was kind and that alone was like sunlight for her. Warm and safe. It's funny how a near-stranger's voice could feel so comforting.

When he pushes the book towards her, Adora's eyes widen in surprise. Her fingers rest on the cover gently, tracing the title while he speaks. It's such a small thing to be surprised about, but it still prompts her to look up at him with an expectant look. )

... You're lending me this? ( Adora eyes the book again albeit briefly - as if to make sure it's still there, that it's real. She even tugs it a little closer to herself before her eyes dart back to him. Despite her still somewhat shabby appearance, she looks genuinely grateful. ) Thank you- oh, I don't know what to say! It's been so long since I got to read a book... Thank you, I really mean it.
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[personal profile] for_redemption 2017-04-09 08:54 pm (UTC)(link)
[He held his breath a little when she was studying the book, a strange concern building in him. 'How much damage was done to this poor girl?' we wonders to himself, but the fear vanished when she spoke again.]

You're welcome. I'm glad you like it. Feel free to pick up any of the other books once you're done with that, my study is always open.

[He takes a sip of coffee to drown his nerves. Taking care of someone was incredibly new to him, who knew it could be so worrying.]

On that note, if you need anything else, don't be afraid to ask me Adora.
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( So far she's been doing her best to conceal the biggest of her scars - her torso, from below her shoulders down right in thr middle of her chest is lined with a y-shaped incision and it hurts the most out of all, both physically and emotionally. It makes her feel exposed, like an animal caught in a science experiment.

But she's been doing all she can to mask it. Pretending it's just a bad cough or a symptom of the fear and stress that still loom over her shoulders. Besides - he's being gentle to her, helping her get her mess together. It's... It's a start. )

I won't - thank you. For everything.

( She hitches in a breath, going over the words in her mind a second time. )

You... Have been kinder to me than anyone else. Before you found me, I didn't know where to turn. I just kept running and running - until I ran into you.

Maybe-- Maybe that was meant to happen. Do you believe in fate?
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[personal profile] for_redemption 2017-04-09 09:25 pm (UTC)(link)
[He listens to her quietly, but he's already contemplating the weight of her words. Running, in particular.]

....I'll be honest. For my entire life I didn't know what to believe in. I couldn't believe in God, I couldn't believe in people, I couldn't.....I couldn't believe in anything but myself, my skills, and the experiences that shaped me. And most of that is....unhealthy. So to say if I believe in fate....I don't know.

[He takes a sip of coffee again, taking a moment to let his words linger.]

But the funny thing about beliefs is, they change. So I can start believing in it, I mean. Most would call our encounter a coincidence but....I felt something else that night. If it was fate, then...then I can welcome it.
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[personal profile] dividida 2017-04-09 09:38 pm (UTC)(link)
I see. That's... One way to face the world.

( Adora, on the other hand, though not religious has always believed something out there must be twisting the strings of fate. It didn't help her previous situation at all, that much is true, but it provides her some comfort. What if things aren't completely random? What if there's some good to be taken of the situation? That's something she clings to. Fear can only last for so long, isn't that so? )

I don't want to be afraid. When I saw you, I, um... ( her eyes dart down to the cover of the book, once again tracing the letters with her fingers ) I felt safe.

But- then it wasn't just me, was it? ( Sick, running and scared - and probably crazy. She probably sounds crazy. She probably looks crazy, all lowkey confusion and expectant gaze. But if his words are any indication then... Maybe he understands. ) There was something- you felt something too. I can't explain it but-- can you? It made me stop running. Like I was supposed to- to find you...
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[Does he understand? More than she knows. That day in the blizzard, he was supposed to die that day. But then his mentor found him though, what came back wasn't necessarily living.]

I did feel something. A strange kind of pull that seems to go beyond reasoning. I felt that. [But he wasn't running, or at least he'd like to believe so.] I still feel it.

For me, it made me....It made me start to think that...that even I should have peace. A place to rest, and I mean really rest. When I found you, I felt that you could help me.

[A beat.]

Sorry that sounded incredibly selfish. I dunno. It's a strange feeling. Maybe we were both running from something, or towards something. Maybe it was fate that brought us together. Maybe it's even telling us we....we have to stay together.
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It didn't!

( she glancs up at him, eyebrows arched in a manner akin to surprise and concern mixed together - what he says seems to make sense in her mind and, just as she felt protected by a near-stranger, apparently so did he... In some way.

It didn't sound selfish to her at all.

She settles down very quickly, but this time she manages to keep her gaze on him and not the table. She's curious - uncertain, but curious to know what he thinks. )

It's... ( ... What she feels is hard to put into words, though. The way he concludes his reasoning leaves her speechless and she chews at her bottom lip for a while, considering the affirmation. )

Do you... Do you really think that's what it really meant? ( there's a hint of hope somewhere in her voice. Even despite the uncertainty. ) That you and I...
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[He chuckles. A little surprised by her sudden outburst, if he could call it that, but pleased to know that she feels this strongly about their situation.]

Well, what else could it mean? Our meeting, the way we felt. It's....well, it not normal. It's not bad either. If we were fated to meet, if I was meant to find you, then the only way we'll know is by staying together. I mean, call me crazy but, I-I like being around you.
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( His affirmative response prompts Adora to fall into silence- not a bad one, however, but one of actual consideration. Her gaze is averted for only a moment, possibly when she's deeper in thought, but soon she glances back at him and hesitantly reaches across the table with her hands outstretched. Pale and cold, as she seems to be in her normal state, but inviting. )

I like being around you too. ( It's more than him being nice to her. It's something more - the same feeling he seems to be describing a lot better than her. ) And if you believe it too, then I... I will stay by your side. I-if you want.
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[Her silence worries him for a bit, but he can tell she's deep in thought. She's been through a lot of terrible things, things that left a permanent mark on her that others can see. He understands how she'd want to hide them, how she'd like to just go back to a normal life, and the prospect of a stranger offering to take her in, permanently, would be crazy.

He meets her gaze when she comes back to reality. The way she reached out her hand to him shook him to the core, her words rattled him in a way he never thought possible. He stared at her hand, speechless, and somewhere in the back of his mind he swears he heard someone one tell him it's time for him to heal.

He stood up, picking up his chair a few seconds later, and took a breath. He placed it closer to Adora before sitting down and taking her hand in his.]

I'd like that. I'd like that very much.

[Is all he says before he smiles at her. A sincere smile he thought was not possible for someone like him.]
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( The way he remains silent and stands after she speaks seems to worry her as well - for a split-second she is forced to wonder if her talk was just that crazy that he suddenly wouldn't want to humour her any further, yet her doubt seems to fade when he brings the chair to sit close to her.

It's complicated, isn't it? They're hardly more than strangers and yet it feels as if they were meant to meet... And he seems to agree as well. Her once blank expression seems to light up for one of the first times and there's a different sparkle in her eyes when he takes her hand. Her smile, it is small but incredibly warm and she inhales deeply, fondly, cupping his hand with her other one. )

... Good. ( She is at a loss for words all of a sudden. None seem good enough to respond with. ) Good- I'm... I will do my best to look out for you.
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[He squeezes her hand gently, returning her smile as a space in his chest opens. It's a strange feeling, like he can breathe a little easier.]

Hey, isn't that my line?

[He chuckles.]

I guess we'll just to take care of each other then, Adora.
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I think... ( she leans into the touch, sort-of observing how their hands link together so oddly well. ) I think it applies to us both, yeah.

I want to be part of the place where you can rest. The place where Richter can forget about the troubles of the world beyond these walls for a few more hours every day.

I don't know if I can do that- ( there's a small bit of hesitation; she bites her lip ) But I will endeavour to do my best.
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( ooc: will not give you doom!len because the writers murdered his characterization && it's just a whole fucking mess. )
Edited 2017-04-09 01:35 (UTC)
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Yelena Belova | MCU | F/M

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Winter Schnee|RWBY|ota

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((No 1, 2, only 3 under 16))
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spock | star trek aos

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( ooc: open to everything but one-sided brainwashing. canonmates or cross-canon, assumed cr okay. )
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Yoon Tae Min | At The End Of The Road

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Vanessa Ives | Penny Dreadful | OTA

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[ BRING IT. But expect a clusterfuck. ]
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Castiel | Supernatural | OTA

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Rey | SW: TFA | OTA

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