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A time-honored tradition

sloppy makeouts: the meme
  • comment with your character.
  • respond to others
  • write starters or whatever you writing people do!
  • have a grand ol' time
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Viktor Nikiforov | Yuri!!! on Ice | m/m

[personal profile] fivetimeworldchampion 2017-04-08 12:01 am (UTC)(link)
(( Open to cross-canon. For characters other than Yuuri, Viktor will be pre-canon or AU. ))
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[ The medal had felt like a chain around his neck since he'd won it. So, of course, through the remainder of the night, Yuuri had somehow managed to slip it off and tuck it somewhere else for safekeeping, promising himself not to get too crazy this year when it came time to celebrate. And still somehow, hours later, it had gotten worse. Much worse. He'd went from sipping champagne to more, and after that, so much more that Yuuri had to slip away to get some air so he could breathe and try to settle already scattered thoughts. There wouldn't have been much point to forgetting anything, pressing his hands to his cheeks and glancing down at his chest. He's still wearing all of his clothes, a great accomplishment considering the way the party's progressing, and it's the last real thing he actually recalls before it's followed with the distinct memory of being too warm and grabbing Viktor by his tie to lead him away from the others.

A glance, and they're somewhere sort of private, though Yuuri can still hear the beat of the music through the door he's kicked shut with his foot. It gives him something to focus on besides the feel of his own heart pounding in his chest, fingers hooking into the knot of the tie and loosening the material even as he guides him backwards with a light sway of his body. There's a sofa shoved up against the wall, which is what he aims for, and in the dim light of someone's office, he leans up those scant few inches and kisses Viktor firm on the mouth. It's not an elegant kiss, a bit unsteady as he tries to maneuver him to sit, and by the time he manages that, he wants to climb into his lap rather than follow through with what he's originally (drunkenly) planned.

Yuuri braces his hands on Viktor's knees, pressing close. ]
I want to dance. [ He means to finish with for you, but it's the distraction of that mouth that pulls him to kiss him again rather than explain what he'd meant, a careful nip of his bottom lip before he's pulling away and letting the fabric of Viktor's tie slip between his fingers. ] Don't move. [ The words are solemn, expression determined, and his palms slide to part Viktor's thighs. He's never given a lap dance before, but how hard could it really be? ]

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patty spivot - the flash

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( not caught up with s3. spoilers are ok )
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caroline forbes » the vampire diaries

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karen page - daredevil/mcu

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jyn erso. rogue one.

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[ f/m ]
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john steinbeck | bungou stray dogs | ota

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Jack Benjamin → Kings → m/m

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(( Willing to handwave CR if we haven't any. ))
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It's been a really long month. Kenny's missed Jack even more than all the other times he's gone away. There's still a fear that Jack won't come back, he'll change his mind and realize he doesn't want to give all those things up. There's no way that Kenny's worth all that after all. Kenny keeps waiting for that message, or for the time Jack's supposed to return to come and pass.

But, the time had come and now he Jack was picking him up after arriving from the airport. It hardly feels real, getting to see him again. Kenny waits outside of the Gold's house for the car and he wonders what all Jack has set up. He can't imagine that he chose the hotel again. That would be awfully expensive and if he really was leaving his family then wouldn't his funds be limited?

Kenny worries about that. How can Jack manage like that after all. He checks his phone, no more texts but Jack can't be far out. Hopefully Jack is ready to be assaulted with affection and kisses and clinging hugs for quite a while.
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katsuki yuuri | yuri!!! on ice | ota

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[Naturally there was a celebration once they returned to Japan. Even while only including the Katsuki family and their closest friends, they really pulled out all the stops with it. Great food, plenty of alcohol, and the best company one could ever ask for. Personally, Viktor found himself enjoying it more than he had the banquet, but then again, it's hard to really compare the two in the end. The one in the here and now was all about Yuuri, alone.

Viktor couldn't possibly be any more proud of him, too. No, Yuuri hadn't placed first, but in the end he had still succeeded, and Viktor was positively elated for him. With him returning to the ice, yet continuing to be his coach, there's a lot of unknowns ahead of them. They'll figure all of that out as things come, though. For now? It's all about tonight.

Granted, at some point later on, retreating from the main living area to somewhere much more quiet sounded the most appealing.

At the moment they're just outside of Viktor's room. He's close enough to loosely tangle his fingers with Yuuri's right hand, brushing his thumb over the golden ring. He takes another small step nearer, speaking warm and low, as if they weren't already a fair bit away from the others.]

You'll come in, right?

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Matt Murdock || Marvel

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Joy Meachum / MCU

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Michael Corvin | Underworld | M/M

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Uchiha Itachi | Naruto | F/M

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Tessa | OC | Tales of Legendia | OTA

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crowcrafting: Thank you. (96 Your brave shine.)

Sajyou Ayaka | Fate/Prototype | F/*

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pepper potts | mcu | f/m

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Cecil Harvey | Final Fantaay IV (AU)

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( OOC ; F/M preferred, but not opposed to F/F! )
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Bellamy Blake | the 100 | m/m

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draco malfoy | harry potter | m/m

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ronan lynch | trc | m/m

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Sousuke Yamazaki | free! | ota castmates

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aoba seragaki || dramatical murder || m/m

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maxxie oliver | skins | m/m

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jyn erso || rogue one || ota

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hermione granger | hp | m/f

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[ assumed cr preferred! ]

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