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Take the Plunge


There's no one night stands here. The two of you have been involved in a relationship - what manner and definition, of course, is subjective - for a substantial (again, subjective and dependent on you) amount of time. But for whatever reasons, purposeful or not, you haven't had sex. Regardless of how that makes you feel, it changes tonight. You're taking that HUGE step and are going to sleep together. Finally, you may say. Or are you nervous, because maybe you haven't done this before and this could change everything? Are you suitably aroused? Suitably scared-oused? Ready to show them how much you love them?

Who knows, you may just be ready so sexually frustrated that you're ready to screw their brains out and break this vow of chastity that's been hanging around your little twosome. Anyway, ready or not, here you come.

Possibly literally.

  • Do I have to tell you guys? Just leave your preferences, ideas, info, the works here in the comments.
  • Reply to others, of course.
  • Enjoy!

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Kol Mikaelson | TVD | M/M

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It's the Most Wonderful Time is probably not the thing most people would be whistling right now. It's the right season and all, but between the confinement to a yard-square patch of ground and the only way to escape it, most residents of the Barge are understandably less than festive about their circumstances. Clancy, however, learned long ago that some circumstances can't be planned for, and simply have to be taken in stride and adjusted for accordingly. It does him no good to show how little he likes the game the Admiral plays with mistletoe this time of year.

The whistling stops abruptly as he hears a set of approaching footsteps, dark eyes cool and assessing and a sheepish, wry smile carefully arranged on his lips for the edification of whomever it is coming along. It looks genuine enough, too, though it's very clearly composed for the situation, and that only becomes more evident as Kol steps around a bend in the corridor and the smile on Clancy's face crooks into something more genuine, though no less calculated. Slipping hands into the pockets of his carefully pressed slacks, he arches an eyebrow at Kol and cocks his head to the side. "Fancy meeting you here. You know, I've got the strangest feeling we've been here before."
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Kol doesn't like the Admiral's mechanizations, either, but as things go this is one of the more predictable - as well as one of the more pleasant ones.

He stops when he's compelled to and looks up at the mistletoe before glancing back down at Clancy. "Should I wish you a happy anniversary, then?" Because it is the first time he met the guy, and it had been... the start of something, in some sense. "I hope you're not expecting flowers." It's... teasing though, with very little real bite.
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The laugh Clancy responds with is as charming as his smile, though it sounds a touch less practiced. Only a touch. "What would I do with flowers? You know, if remember correctly, the one time I brought you flowers on Ariel you said they were useless and pretty, just like me." That may be slightly embellished (and also about two people they never really were, only owned the memories of) but it does sound enough like them, doesn't it? The look in his eyes shifts just a little, and his next words are just as teasing as Kol's.

"I could settle for a kiss, though."

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"Put them between your teeth and tango," Kol suggests, wryly. He has... very little use for flowers, but he absolutely has an appreciation for beautiful things and certainly does not require they be functional as well. "You realize of course that was a compliment." The pretty and useless - okay, no, he knew Clancy being useless was an insult, but there was a compliment in there. Embellished or not.

A slight pause there and he inclines his head. "If I kiss you, you'll just be free to run off again, won't you? I'm not sure I want that."
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"Of course."

Of course it was. But then, neither one of them is accustomed to delivering compliments without motivation, without strings. One more so than the other, but still. The smile on Clancy's face settles into something self-assured, something almost like a smirk, as he draws his hands from his pockets and instead carefully brushes an invisible speck of dust from Kol's shoulder. "You're right," he agrees, voice serious. "I'm a very important person, with many important demands on my time. I suppose you'll have to find some way to make it worthwhile for me to stay."

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He looks toward the hand brushing the invisible bit of something off his shoulder, back to Clancy and that smirk gets one in return from him - though it isn't at all unpleasant. This is a challenge and play and by god it is a game he is entirely willing, and able, to not only play but to enjoy.

"Do I? I thought the Admiral'd taken care of that for me." Can you leave, Clancy? "Maybe I should take advantage of the opportunity, instead?"
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His lips twist a little further, and the chuckle that escapes them is a lower sound. "Point to Mikaelson. Although you know just as well as I do that the Barge can be a big place, if you know the right corners. One kiss and I could just vanish for weeks. Unless you really think you have the advantage?" It's a dare as much as it is anything else, and there's a satisfaction in the words that belies their challenging lean. It is a game. It's always a game, even when it's serious, and Kol's some of the only competition he's really found worthwhile this last year. That's half of what's kept him around.
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He traces his finger from the bridge of Clancy's nose, over his lips, across his chin and down the length of Clancy's throat to the hollow at the base. There is no force there, no edge of nails. Just the contact of skin against skin, at a single point and so light there it's barely more than imagination.

"I know I have the advantage, there." For now, in some specific way. Also, yes. It's a game. It's play. It's challenge and a dare.
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He doesn't flinch from the contact, as light and almost tickling as it is. He never backs down from anything, though he has been known to occasionally sidestep and redirect. Instead, his lips part slightly, smirk still lingering in the corners of his mouth. "Only as long as I let you," he murmurs, and his chin tilts up as much in invitation as it does defiance. There's a subtle undercurrent in his words, a thrill that carries itself along with his breath to run the length of Kol's spine at the word 'let.' They might be past those games for the most part, but as with most things and Kol, the situation is always a bit more...fluid.
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His smirk widens and warms and turns into a smile at that very real, but not at all physical... brush along his spine. No, not a game they bother with for the most part, not when there's so little point and they're both so aware.

But he throughly, fully, enjoys that.

There's no immediate return, just a rush of ... amusement in return. "Do you intend to keep letting me, you think? Or should I just wait for the inevitable attempt at resistance?"

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They both know what they are, what they can do. No point in a power struggle when they're both evenly matched, after all, but there are other ways to play. And the potential for those gifts to be used in other ways...well. They've never really done it before, but there's a first time for everything, isn't there?

"Well," he says after a moment of obvious thoughtful contemplation, "I was planning on letting you for a while yet, but..." Trailing off, he lifts a hand to Kol's, still poised at the base of his neck, long fingers intertwining with his in a caress that seems to grab more than just a hand. "Now that you mention it, resistance does sound much more interesting." Despite the words, his head is still tilted upwards at Kol, and he steps forward into what little space is left between them.

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He doesn't retreat, but he twines the fingers of their free hands together when Clancy steps forward, and keeps that faint, and faintly amused smile in place. "I wonder," he says, making and holding eye contact, "what exactly the admiral considers a kiss."

He won't say it. He won't allude to it. He won't even think it with Clancy.

But on some level part of his... restraint is more than the game of chicken. It's that it's Clancy and they're in public. Most of it, however, is a dare and a game and that's clear when, just holding Clancy's hands, there a decided, slow, warm, slide up from Clancy's ankles to his thighs, and then hips.

"I somehow doubt it includes biting."
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It is Clancy. Clancy, who always keeps his thoughts to himself unless he can use them for his own benefit, Clancy who never shows weakness in public unless it's calculated. There's always an 'unless', and in this case that 'unless' is 'Clancy never does public affection unless he's been dared to.' Unless he's comfortable, unless the alternative is stopping, and he doesn't want to do that, this time.

Touch makes his powers stronger, it always has. Kol knows that, too, and yet here he is, both hands twined with Clancy's. He can't fail to notice that other, less corporeal set of hands dragging their way up his legs, circling his hips, and he responds in turn, a sensation of fingers over Kol's chest and down his back, tracing over broad shoulders and over the hollow of his lower back. "The admiral seems like a fairly openminded omnipowered being," Clancy answers, voice thoughtful, intimate. "A kiss could be a lot of different things. It could be as simple as the touch of lips on skin." Like the sensation of lips on Kol's jawline he feels as Clancy says the words.
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"I wonder if I can bite without involving lips..." It sounds like he's talking to himself, but he's not really.

He tilts his head back toward the invisible touch, completely comfortable and confident in that, and more than a little turned on by it. He tightens his hands with careful precision and not too much force around Clancy's, and then he -

It's a warning.

He leans in and bites. It's not rough, it's not terribly painful. It's sure, and confident and almost delicate. It's also shallow, drawing blood but a cut or scratch rather than a puncture.

And it may well count as a kiss, since Kol immediately presses his lips over it and swipes away the bit of blood with his tongue.
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The noise Clancy makes isn't exactly a noise, more like a syllable half-spoken then reconsidered. Something amused but warning, sharp but warm. Only half a sound, and then there's the sharp scrape of teeth on his throat and the warmth and wet of a mouth touching places that have gone untouched for a very long time. Those invisible hands on Kol's lower back slide even lower, disregarding clothing or physics, but Clancy's physical hands move them deftly without distancing them towards the wall.

"Looks like teeth don't count," he murmurs finally, lips brushing over Kol's temple as he speaks. His tongue darts out, licks his own lips before tracing the shell of the other man's ear, finding an earlobe in his own gambit of exploration. They can find out if this counts, then. For science and all.

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He has no qualms about being backed into a wall, really, but that isn't how they work and that isn't what this is. It isn't part of the game they play. It isn't in the rules of the game, and might just be against them, to step back easily.

So he doesn't - not entirely.

He lifts his head to start with and tugs his hands free so he can grip Clancy's hair with a physical hand and growls softly as he settles back. Truth? He would no more pin Clancy down than he'd kick him - he likes (cares about) Clancy too much to casually risk a negative response. But he'll pretend and he'll play and he'll save face.

Once he's settled at the wall he slides his hand up into and through Clancy's hair, tilts his head and very, very intentionally experiments with feeding every sensation he gets from Clancy's mouth directly back into his mind - with an emphasis of how hot it feels.

Then starts working methodically to untuck Clancy's shirt.
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A hand slides into his hair, and a phantom mouth plays along his own ear, sensations feeding back into his mind in a not altogether unpleasantly dizzying rush. He experiments with the barest brush of teeth, with the hot rush of breath and tongue over skin. He's incredibly aware of the pulse pounding below his own skin, the rush of blood just below the surface, an incredible amount of life and energy trapped inside him, and he makes sure Kol's wandering hands can feel that pulse, as well as the shiver that rushes up his spine at the feeling of someone else's hands undoing his shirt. His own hands work at Kol's shirttails--after all, his abilities work better the more bare skin he can touch, and that's in everyone's best interests right now, isn't it?

"I'd prefer to keep all my buttons, if you don't mind," he murmurs, voice husky and stirring the hair by Kol's ear, one hand traveling up to brush a thumb over his jaw. Another dare, or maybe a request--he's not sure which it is, anymore.
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"Your buttons," he promises at a low murmur, hands careful and quick all at once, parting fabric and then dragging the pads of his fingers down from collarbone to hip. "are safe enough."

A sharp, but brief, nip against Clancy's pulse point. "Your throat is a bit more up in the air."
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Rey | SW: TFA | OTA

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