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Sneaking Around

SNEAKING around shipping meme

Not everyone has the luxury of letting their romance be public. So you've had to keep everything subdued, secret, maybe even behind closed door. Of course, you may just enjoy the cloak and dagger of it all that comes with sneaking around with each other.

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Santa | Zero Escape | OTA

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[ anything is okay by me except cheating threads! ]
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Adam Parrish | The Raven Cycle | OTA

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Delia Battista | Star Trek OC | OTA

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Prompto Argentum || Final Fantasy XV

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[ a/b/o AU version for [personal profile] dilucesco! Normal version for others lmao. ♥ ]
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Re: Prompto Argentum || Final Fantasy XV

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[Noctis leaned back into his seat, chin resting in his hand as he stared out into the distance. There wasn't anything in particular to see out there, just the typical dusty expanses of Liede, stretching on. They hadn't been on the road for long, but a few of the novelties had begun to wear off.
The proximity, for one thing. He hadn't realized what a solitary life he'd actually been leading until it came down to spending almost every waking moment in a group. Made it hard to keep secrets.
His gaze wandered over to where Prompto was engaged in some overly-animated conversation with Gladio, perched over the back of his seat in open defiance of "common sense," "car safety," and "Ignis' rules he's only going to say once."

It was almost unbelievable that Prompto was here at all. It was, probably, the only request Noctis had made about the trip that was actually granted to him. Everyone knew they'd been inseparable for almost five years now, but they'd done a pretty admirable job of completely hiding the fact that they'd been dating for the last two. It had been easy to keep it to themselves when days could slip by with just the two of them moving through their own private world. Obviously everyone knew he was an alpha, but it had been surprisingly easy to hide that Prompto was an omega. It was sheer luck that Gladio and Ignis were both betas- it was a lot harder to keep their relationship a secret from anyone who could pick up on the signs.

Noctis smiled as he watched Prompto's bright eyes widen with excitement as he reached, by his account, the best part of the story, although Noctis had no idea what exactly was being recounted he appropriately scoffed with disbelief and leaned in to join the conversation.]

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[ Car safety shmar shafety. When you get to the best part of the story-- in this case, how he'd definitely, 100% gotten a photo of the supposed ghost haunting the back alleys near the school they'd attended, but his camera deleted the picture on its own-- you really can't just speak forward. You have to face your captive audience. You have to wildly gesticulate. You have to--

You have to turn around sometimes, just to be those few inches closer to the person you've spent almost every single day of the past five years with, two of those more intimately than the first three, now suddenly unable to do exactly what you want, when you want to. It's like a physical itching on his skin, how much the necessary distance between the two of them around Gladio and Ignis sucks-- something that genuinely seems to get worse the further apart they are. So sometimes... you just have to turn around.

He gets it. He does. It had been very nearly a scandal that Noct was an alpha in the first place; it's partially for his own protection (and public opinion towards him as royalty) that they'd insisted he marry Luna-- not only the Oracle, but a beta, someone that would not throw him out of balance. His 'mating' with an omega would be out of the question.

Not that it had ever stopped them. They'd been drawn to each other like magnets. It had all just been a matter of keeping it under wraps-- which had been its own sort of game they'd gotten plenty of enjoyment out of, honestly-- but now. Now... it doesn't seem as fun. He misses the casual affection. The privacy of the bubble they'd retreat into when it was too much to stay apart. (Not to mention how, underneath the smiles and feigned excitement, he dreads the upcoming marriage, even despite Noctis swearing to him-- over and over, swearing against his lips and his skin-- that it would change nothing between them.) Not that the trip isn't fun! It is, almost ridiculously so-- but. Hiding is harder with two other people always around.

Regardless, he lights up further when Noctis turns to pay attention to his story, smiling-- a silly sort of flutter in his chest he's pretty sure he'll never be able to shake, no matter how long they're at this. Gladio's laughing and calling bullshit on the story, to which Prompto gasps in mock offense, gesturing at Noctis for backup. ]

You believe me, don't you? I'd never make up a story like that!

[ He grins, leaning in a bit over the seat-- unintentionally catching the faintest hint of Noctis' alpha scent, familiar and warm and smoky. Suddenly the distance is unbearable; the temptation streaks through him to push into the backseat here and now, laughing, just to be pressed against him. Not... exactly stealthy.

So, instead: plan B. ]

Oh! Hey, we're coming up on a high point here, I bet you can see Galdin Quay if you get high enough. I bet it'd make a great shot-- what'd'ya say, Noct? Can I?
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Yeah, I don't see why not.

[Noctis shrugged his way through the words, relishing Prompto's bounce of celebration. It was clearly a little too enthusiastic for photography to be the only aim. He thumped his fist against the seat in front of him.]

C'mon, Iggy, let us check it out. Maybe we can eat too?

[It was a loose ploy to keep Ignis busy, but it was the best Noctis could think of on the fly. Whatever it was Prompto had in mind, it was bound to be worth the delay. Really, the longer they took the better. "Escort Luna from Accordo back to Insomnia" followed by "Huge public wedding" and ultimately "Begin transitioning into kingship" were all tasks that, honestly, Noctis would rather put off forever. Even if it meant spending an eternity driving from campsite to campsite.

At least it could be fun. At least he could be sure Prompto would always be there. He had no intention of ever giving Prompto up, but the fallout was going to be intense when it came to fighting that fight. He swallowed, a heavy lump of anxiety clenching in his throat.]

Why don't we see if there's somewhere to set up camp? I bet there'll be great sunset, huh, Prompto? That'd be a cool shot.

[He really hoped it wasn't overplaying his hand. He wasn't exactly the most likely to suggest camping, and it was still early- maybe only 3 in the afternoon. He was fully prepared to whine if he had to, but Ignis seemed to consider the suggestion at least. ]
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[ (At the least, even if suggesting camping isn't something Noctis would normally do, suggesting stopping to rest and eat certainly is, so the way he figures it, they're safe.) ]

Ooh, I like the way you think. Nice wide shot-- something big for the portfolio. I vote stopping!

[ Prompto had been fully ready to join in on the whining if Noctis had started, ready to claim a sudden bout of fatigue, or maybe that he's just tired of being in the car-- but he catches a sidelong glance out of the corner of Ignis' eye (to which he fires a too-wide grin), and the slight, defeated sigh makes him give another triumphant bounce.

As it turns out, there's a turn-out at the crest of the hill, and Ignis does in fact pull the car over. Prompto gets out with a luxurious stretch of his limbs, running his hands back through the sides of his hair to fix whatever the wind had swept out of place. A quick glance around confirms that it's a bit of a hike yet to get to the highest point, and the flatter, campable ground is in the other direction. Perfect. ]

Okay! I'm headed up. Ah-- oh, hm. [ He taps his lips, as though something had just occurred to him (at least, he hopes it comes off that way). ] I could use some help, though. A, uh... second opinion. Noct, come with me? [ (What was that about overplaying your hand...?)

Fortunately, the other two don't seem to make a big deal of it (outside of Gladio grumbling about them ditching on setting up the camp), parting ways with the two of them with agreements to meet back up after whatever point Prompto is done with taking his photos, and agreements not to wander too far off. There's a moment of silence once they're alone, and it feels like a huge weight being lifted off of Prompto's shoulders.

The smile he gives Noct is easier, warmer. ]

Come on. [ He does still want to get somewhere a little bit more private than the side of the road, after all. Fighting the urge to reach out and take Noctis by the hand-- at least for now-- he heads up into the hills a bit, just until he feels a little bit disconnected from the road, a little bit lost. He pauses amidst a cluster of small, dense trees, turning in place to face Noctis.

...He's fairly sure he'll also never really shake that first instant of shyness that always flashes through him when they're alone like this. It brings a little color to his face, making his freckles stand out all the sharper on his face. ]

Is it bad that I'm actually kind of surprised that worked? [ He grins a little, glancing to the ground, ostensibly to watch his footing as he takes a step closer. ] ...Feels like it's been forever.
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Karen Page | MCU/Daredevil

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Ayumu Yamazaki | Peacemaker Kurogane

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