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So you wanna go on an adventure? Let's help you out. It's time to save the world! Or not. Something's gone horribly wrong and it's your job to fix it! Or, you know, make it worse. We're not the cops. You could fight a dragon, cure a disease, or rule with an iron fist. The world's your oyster. Tag in with your name and series, post your preferences, and play away! We're running out of time, adventurers!


1. FANTASY Sorcery, demons, monsters, knights in shining armor, magic rings you need to throw into a volcano...
2. FUTURE Technology is rampant. Maybe you have to overthrow your dystopian government or learn how to feel again.
3. SPACE Will you explore the final frontier or are you in a galaxy far far away? Those synthetics don't look very friendly.
4. MODERN Sometimes the scariest things are right outside our front door.
5. SUPERHEROES So you wanna be a superhero? Do you have what it takes to save the day?
6. APOCALYPSE The world's already ended. You're just picking up the pieces.


1. OVERTHROW An evil empire is calling the shots. A corrupt government is making your friends disappear. Fix it.
2. CONSPIRACY No one believes you but your best friend, but things are going wrong and someone in particular is behind it.
3. MEDICAL A disease is killing off people at a horrifying rate and you're trying to find a cure.
4. ZOMBIES Holy shit, is that person EATING someone? You have to escape the zombies, and FAST. Remember: aim for the head.
5. EXPLORATION There's nothing pressing about to kill everything, but you're exploring new territories. Maybe you'll find a new threat.
6. DOWN TIME A break between missions. Heal, regroup, and take care of yourselves.
7. WE NEED WHAT? You're looking for the item to end everything. The BFG, the one ring, the conduit. Whatever it is, you have to find it first.
8. WE MIGHT DIE TOMORROW It's time for the final battle. Are you ready? Are your friends, troops, loved ones? Make your speech or find someone to spend your last night with.
9. MY ARCH NEMESIS You know who the villain is. So does everyone else. They're the Ganon, the Sauron, it doesn't matter. You have to win.
10. THE WORLD WE'RE SAVING HATES US You're trying to save the world but everyone hates you; you're doing it anyway because you need to, it's the right thing to do even if no one cares if you live or die.
11. WE HATE THE WORLD WE'RE SAVING You hate EVERYONE. You hate the world and wish it would go down in flames but you live here too, or you have to because nothing you do to stop trying works. Whatever.
12. WHY WOULD I SAVE IT? You're the villain in any of the above scenarios and then some! Go wild!

As always, these are just suggestions. Make up anything you want, as long as you're having fun!

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erik lehnsherr | xmen movieverse | ota

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[ crosscanon or castmates. any of the scenarios, really. ]
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[Care for a vampire/werewolf hybrid? I know at least some versions of Marvel have vampires as canon, but Michael here can easily be AU'ed into a mutant.]
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[ Sure! :> I'm not really up to date on comics, but we can wing it, whether you want to spin his vampire/werewolfy-ness as a mutant ability, or just keep him the way he is and write it off as canon. ]
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[That's okay, I'm not either. I should note that I've seen First Class and DOFP, but not Apocalypse. RNG turned out 5-7. If you'd rather do something else, I can rewrite the starter.]

This looked like the place. Otherwise it was back on the road for Michael Corvin. The vampire-werewolf hybrid approached the rather nondescript dwelling and knocked twice.

It hadn't been easy trying to figure out where Magneto was hiding. For one thing, he'd had to prove that he wasn't a cop, CIA, or belonged to some anti-mutant group, whenever he'd managed to track down any mutants who might know where he was. Michael wasn't even a mutant himself.

Kind of ironic that humanity was worrying about mutants, and didn't see the real threat that was brewing down below.
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That's fine! I'll set him post-DOFP

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Hiding is a despicable term. It suggests he has something to fear, to cower away from, when in actuality, he's biding his time as he always has. Following his jailbreak from the Pentagon, he had no desire to be thrown back into a metal-less cell--though he has given humanity plenty of reasons now to want him in one.

With the knock on his door, Erik is up on his feet, the metal around him shivering under his anticipation for--what, a pursuer? He'd made sure his trail ran cold before settling, as he always has. Still, one cannot be too careful.

It's why the gun cocks itself, floating in the air, hidden from direct view when he opens the door enough to peep through.

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Michael thinks he hears a gun cocking, but his human ears aren't as strong as his hybrid ones. Still, best to tread carefully.

"Erik Lehnsherr? My name's Michael Corvin, and I need to talk to you." He takes a step back to show that he's unarmed. He even opens his jacket to show that he's also not hiding anything. "It's a matter of life and death."