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Sure we've got your fun interplanetary romps, your space spaghetti westerns, your xenoromance. This is none of those things. This is you getting lost in the depths of space. This is you being stuck in a silent hulking dead ship with no idea where to turn. This is you hiding in the dark and hoping the creature doesn't see you. This is you, surviving some kind of horrors. Or not. Do your best.


YOU HAVE MY SYMPATHIES Xenomorphs, facehuggers, necromorphs, predators, whatever: the threat you're up against is some kind of being you've never seen before. Perhaps they're engineered somehow, perhaps they've evolved this way. Either way, I hope you can figure out how to kill them before they kill you.
I'M AFRAID I CAN'T DO THAT Why the hell did we think building un-tethered AI was a good idea? Your threat is an android, or a ship's AI, or I don't know, a sentient race of evil ships that want to destroy all life and suck it into tubes to make a weird baby shaped ship. WHATEVER. The point is, technology is going against you. Can you beat out something with that much processing power? Maybe having bigger firepower will help.
I LOVE... ROCKS Your threat is environmental. An exploding sun, an alien planet with an inhospitable atmosphere, your ship's life support systems have failed, your shuttle has gone down in flames. Can you cobble together some way to fix the problem before you all die?
THIS IS NOT A RESCUE SHIP Screw the other problems, what you're up against are HUMANS. Or, you know, whatever species/race matches yours. We're not xeno-racist here. Anyway, you're being targeted by your own. Maybe you're in the way of a scientific development, or you've become expendable, or they want to take over your ship, or they're just plain evil.
ABOUT 15 SECONDS Holy shit. Holy... shit. You were outside your ship making repairs and you got knocked off track. Maybe your fancy magnetic boots failed. Maybe some debris from your ship took you down with it. Either way, your space walk has become a space "holy shit help I'm going to get spaced, someone get me back on board." Try not to panic.
WE'RE THE ENEMIES You've been out in space too long. Everything is going strange and everything is a threat. Is your space sickness psychological or physiological? Is it spreading? Is there a cure?


PLANETSIDE Crash landed. In an outpost. Building a new life. You're on a planet not your own and things are going horribly wrong. What can you do when you have no way home?
STATION SWEET STATION Whether you're out in your ship or in a streamlined space station, things are rotten in Denmark. You'd better fix that circuitry before you all die. Just a suggestion.
THE GAPING MAW There's nothing around you and all you can hear is your breathing. Are you calm? Panicked? What's it like floating in the vast expanse of space?
IT'S INEVITABLE You're lost in your own head. You can be anywhere, but maybe you're the threat because you've short-circuited from being in space too long. The mind can only take so much. Try to be gentle. Try to breathe. No one's after you, it's all in your head.

As always, these are just suggestions. Also, not all examples are strictly hard sci-fi but we do what we want in these parts. Make up anything you want, as long as you're having fun!

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anthy himemiya | revolutionary girl utena

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maladict(a) | discworld

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mitsuko souma | battle royale

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hermes costello | jojo's bizarre adventure

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Samantha Barnes | The Bright Sessions

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Julie Wen | Mage: the Ascension | OTA

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abraxas strange ( oc ) ota

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( he could be the monster here. )
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frank castle | mcu

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Scarecrow | Batman Arkham Knight | ota

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Michael Corvin | Underworld

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[Space vampire/werewolf hybrid, anyone?]
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katsuki yuuri | yuri!!! on ice | ota

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Kuja | Final Fantasy IX | OTA

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((id like crash landing but all the prompts sound good. open to crosscanon))
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Utsugi Lenka | God Eater

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John 'Reaper' Grimm | Doom | OTA

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Space Station or just a lab planet side? With something there?

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When they beamed into the complex, it was meant to find a team sent to investigate and figure out why they hadn't come back. It seemed so cut and dry that she didn't really think more than 'inconvenience' when Jim told them they needed her on the away team. What they found there made her want to send a message right back to Scotty and demand they beam right the hell back out of there.

But she didn't. Cause much as every nerve in her body said danger, the doctor in her saw bodies of people dead or dying. And something inside twisted to watch the barely surviving meet their end. What bothered her the most as she scanned the bodies was cause of death. "It looks like lacerations, rips to the epidermis and what appears to be bit marks around the neck area. Whatever did this, I would need to take a body back to the ship and do an autopsy." Brow furrowed, she spoke into the communicator as she read the read outs on her tricorder. "Whatever it is, it ain't human. I reckon alien or fauna of this planet."

Or lab experiment gone wrong. From some of the consoles she'd glanced at, she could tell they were doing research here. But she left that investigation for Spock. "Then mark them, doctor and I will move them into quarantine the moment medbay has it set up."

"Understood, Mr. Scott. I'll get a few more readings and mark the recent victim." After that last confirmation, she closed up the communicator and sighed as her eyes ran over the gruesome scene. They shouldn't be there and she damn well knew it. But one little detail bothered her. They had a five man team listed as having gone in... they found only four of their bodies and one still missing. And even though she felt like something was watching her as she marked the body for transport, she couldn't in good conscience pick up and leave without confirming the last member dead.

Lea just finished the task and rose to her feet with the sudden sharp sounds of metal clattering to a metal floor caused her to pivot in place quickly and seek the source. "Spock?" Maybe her tone came out a little too softly and possibly even edge with worry.
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The Rapid Response Tactical Squad had sent in their best team to find out why the research lab had seemed to go strangely quiet, but once they arrived things were going wrong. The group had been separated while hunting something that seemed to be hunting them, something that had picked off the highly trained men one by one.

John 'Reaper' Grimm had managed to survive the attacks thanks to the extra chromosome he had been given the last time something like this had happened to his previous team, he was starting to think that he was cursed as he tried to stealthily stalk his prey. A prey that now had more people to prey on itself if the people in brightly colored uniforms suddenly appearing were anything to go by.

Reaper made his way back to a room that he had already cleared, or so he thought upon hearing someone talking inside and unfortunately as he tried to silently move away he knocked a small piece of equipment onto the floor, making more noise than it should have which caused the woman inside to call out.

"I didn't mean to frightened you, ma'am." He answered walking into the room, his assault rifle held firmly against his tactical vest.
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It really was unlike her, but her hand fell to the phaser at her side. As a doctor, she preferred never have to pick it up. The idea of causing harm seemed to be completely against everything she had learned most of her adult life to be. But that didn't mean she wouldn't defend herself if she could help it. So when someone stepped out of the shadows not in the bright primary colors of Starfleet uniforms, that hand closed tighter about the handle though she left it where it was.

Breathing in slowly at his words, she eased her fingers off of the phaser and returned it to the PADD in her hand. Not that she knew she could trust him, but she felt pretty certain that the thing that killed everyone was not human and if it were humanoid, it would be varying in a great many features. "Are you with the team they sent in first to evacuate the lab?"

She asked the question carefully, hazel eyes staying on him as she shifted her weight from one foot to the other. Funny, Lea didn't like being in the room alone, but she was never the type to just trust someone either. "I can tell you're not Starfleet." So he could be the missing member of the team... After all, that was the only personnel not accounted for.
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So someone had stupidly sent more people down here to find him or at least what was left of the original team, to clean up maybe or to return their bodies for examination and/or experimentation. Either way, the woman in front of him seemed like she would respect the dead with how she was currently examining the body before her.

"The first team, yeah. Staff Sergeant Reaper of the RRTS." John removes one hand from his weapon to hold it out towards her. "I've heard of Starfleet, thought they were mainly into exploration, not rescue missions."
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She stood there a moment longer before she finally let out a sigh and moved across the room to him. Lea hesitated a moment before sliding her hand into his. "Dr. Lea McCoy, Chief Medical Officer of the U.S.S. Enterprise." She said the words carefully, not used to giving her full title, but it seemed like a necessity after his introduction. Shaking his hand firmly, she pulled it away and arched a brow at him. "Reaper, huh? Doesn't sound like the run of the mill last name, soldier."

It seemed odd and off in a lot of ways. But the most she could do was comment on it, skirting that thin line between being teasing and perhaps too blunt. "If only that was all we did." She snorted softly and moved back to collect her equipment and move away from the body so Scotty could beam it up. "We tend to broker peace, save the known galaxy, and answer distress calls if we are in the area." Pausing, she rolled her eyes a bit. "Maybe it's just our captain and his penchant for getting us into trouble every two seconds."

Then it occurred to her that she was being too conversational and not nearly talking about the things that mattered. Looking back at Reaper, she gave him a frown. "And what the hell happened here anyway? Looks like a damn mutant honey badger went an' mauled everybody."
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"Pleasure to meet ya, ma'am and it's my call sign or handle out in the field, Doctor." He explains while running the gloved hand through his dark locks. "My actual surname's Grimm and marines never were poets."

It was strange to think that he actually knew where she was coming from as it seemed that search rescue and/or destroy weren't just what his branch of the marines did anymore, sometimes they were exterminator squads or like this and last time; they were expendable. "And you just happened to hear this distress calls."

John moved closer into the room, much like he had either been their before or just that he belonged within it as he made his way right to one of the research computers, looking for anything about what was going on there. "It looks like something got loose. We were sent in to retrieve data files, kill the thing if possible and then clear the whole place out. As you can see that didn't go quite as planned." Reaper turns to her seriously. "You ever hear or read about what happened to a research station on Mars called Olduvai?"
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Angling her head, she followed his movements, but she didn't necessarily see him as a threat. Actually, she was kind of glad not everything in this place was dead. She started to ask if she could scan him just to be sure he wasn't infected with anything or contaminated by whatever it was runnin' amok in this place but he stopped her with that comment. Both brows rose and she suddenly ducked her head and laughed. "Really? That's why? Originality ain't their strong suit I take it."

Shaking her head, she started to pull out her tricorder and start to run through the readings she'd taken off the bodies. "You'd be surprised the shit Jim finds when he's bored." Rolling her eyes slightly, she looked up at him without pause. "Mind if I take a scan? Just to be sure? Don't want any contaminates goin' on the ship. Not that I think you clawed any of these people up. Intimidatin' as your name sounds, I doubt you are responsible."

Angling her gaze to follow him into the room, she waited just a moment before following him to the computer screen. "We were just sent to get survivors out. Captain's orders to figure out what happened here. Hopin' we get out of here before anyone else goes down." Particularly since Jim liked draggin' the whole damn command staff down here. Her head lifted to look at him as he turned. Lea considered his question and lightly lifted a shoulder. "Another case of trying to augment human DNA. Not too highly looked upon what with the Eugenics War... why do ya ask?"
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Marcus Holloway | Watch Dogs 2

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Lenny | Legion FX

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[ The Xenomorph, or the space call coming from inside the house. Can have sabotaged the ship or simply your mental well-being. ]
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legion, mass effect.

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( bring me the xenomorphs, predators and other such fabulous creatures. yes, Legion is a robot, but that doesn't mean he can't be destroyed by one. rogue AIs and robots in general would also be great. open to just about any and all ideas, though. c: )
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ripley! from alien3!

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[ xeno hell no. (also available in alien/s form.) ]
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wanda maximoff | aou&cw

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sarah connor | terminator: genisys

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[ t2 version also available. ]
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cassian andor | star wars: rogue one

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twelfth doctor | doctor who | ota

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[ pretty much any would work ]
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Yew Geneolgia | Bravely Second

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Elizabeth Shaw | Prometheus

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[It is an Alien prequel after all.]
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Ashley Williams | Mass Effect

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Todd the Wraith // Stargate Atlantis

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[ooc: Space vampire bug. Did you somehow convince him to fight with you? Keeping him locked up in hopes of learning more about the enemy? Or something else? PM me with any questions.]