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1. I tried the ‘catch and release’ method to deal with the mouse problem at the club. Those little insurgents are dicks. I think it’s time to move onto napalm.

2. I think I may have sent you a naughty text meant for someone else last night. Awkward!

3. You. Me. And regret. How does that sound for Friday night?

4. Quick! Name 3 venereal diseases that you can get through bestiality. Horrible date. Need an exit.

5. Send her a text!
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Look. I'm a little pissed you came to ME for this. But I can't in good conscience leave you in that situation.

Wild guess: hoof in mouth disease. Mad cow. Shit, go with FIV.
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Re: 4

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Listen. You know stuff, ok? ALL the stuffs.

Symptoms? Need to know whether convulsing at the dinner table/foaming at the mouth is overreaching.

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Pretty sure that's racist.

Foaming's overdramatic. Try for a rash. Anything in your purse you can use to fake redness/swelling?
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Meeee-oww. M'wah?

What? Um, no. (Seriously? How do you fake swelling?) Convulsing it is.
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[personal profile] cathartesaura 2017-03-25 03:35 pm (UTC)(link)
[1/2] rabies, brucellosis, tapeworms and weil's disease

[2/2] wait, why me?!
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[1/1]Which one is contagious??

[2/2] Cause you responded, boo. Everyone else sent me laughing emoji's and wrote 'good luck'. C'mon, c'mon, hurry. I'm holed up in the bathroom.
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all of them. tapeworms have a more immediate gross factor

especially if you were just in the restroom act like you just found some.
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[ 1 of 2] That's a GREAT idea. Luv it!

5 minutes later.

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[1/2] tell him you don't see a future but you can set him up with a 23yo blonde?

[2/2] assuming he's not too terrifying
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No, you don't understand. He wants to take me to the hospital How is this my life??

He's worse. He's boring. And keeps correcting me.
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tell him you have no insurance. or that you lied because you got a text your boyfriend got out of lock up and you didn't want to hurt his feelings.

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I thought it best not to ask questions.
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LOL! Sooooo sorry. Please don't sue me for employer sexual harassment.
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Your secret is safe with me ;)
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Just FYI, I would never use club resources to do...that. ahem. Ok. thought you should know. just in case. didn't want you to feel weird around the aerial hammock equipment. cause AWKWARD!
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Can I pretend that I just didn't read that? I am a bit curious, but I feel like I should stop talking.
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Nevermind!! Ignore everything. I never sent that text! 😉🤘
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You're my favorite boss, so I don't really care about the odd text or two. I won't be staying late tonight, however.

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That sounds like EVERY Friday night.
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And it hasn't gotten old yet!
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So, the usual? Or are we looking to get kicked outta someplace new?
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[1/2]New! One place that just opened up has a mechanical bull. Yeeeeeha?

[2/2] You're typing a reverse cowgirl joke, aren't u?
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[1/2] Just make sure you face the horns, chere, and not the tail.

[1/2] I WOULD NEVER. Okay maybe. You ready to give the whole bar blue balls?
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Black and blue if they're riding the mechanical bull! We got this.

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