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Now’s your chance, campers! It’s time to become the action movie hero you always wanted to be! In the wrong place at the wrong time, going on an adventure, being the sidekick, the femme fatale, whatever. THE POINT IS: you’re going to wreck shit on the way to fixing shit.


1. CAR CHASE Roll out, motherfuckers. Drive on and chase the villain, or run from the villain, or chase the hero, or whatever. Try not to run into any helicopters with your car.
2. GUN FIGHT Don’t run out of bullets, it’s time for a battle! Whatever you can hide behind you better go for it. Shoot an exploding barrel, use a fire...extinguisher?? As a distraction, whatever. Just do it. Don’t get shot!!
3. ESCAPE THE TEMPLE YOU BETTER RUN. You got the treasure but you angered the local god or set off some traps or something. Don’t get murdered or run over by a giant boulder. Watch out for snakes!
4. PUNCH NAZIS This one is what it says on the tin. Go out and be the hero. Punch some nazis in the face.
5. ACCIDENTAL SIDEKICK Your family or loved one or some stranger off the street has fallen in line with you when shit is going down. There’s no way out of it so you just have to grin and bear it and keep going. Protect them if you can!
6. COOL GUYS DON’T LOOK AT EXPLOSIONS SHIT’S EXPLODING!!! Get away, but don’t look back at it. How much collateral damage is there?
7. LAST SHOWDOWN It’s time for the last toe-to-toe with the big bad and you’ve got to win. How injured are you, how injured are they, is your companion okay? Do you have bullets left? WHO WILL WIN?
8. WHATEVER Make up your own shit, I’m not your boss.

As always, these are just suggestions. Make up anything you want, as long as you're having fun!

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Frank Castle | MCU

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[3 is unlikely]
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{ ever used an ambulance as a getaway car/vehicle to give chase? 'cause the temptation is there, my friend. sound alright with you? }
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Re: 1?

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[he definitely wouldn't be above it, go for it!]
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potential for mayhem = high

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[Someone once told her that life was going to roll her city living was city living just at different temperatures. It might have been Old Mike who, when he could get away with it, slept his way around every park in Chicago.

That man was a liar because Shay sure as hell doesn't remember there being Superheroes or costumed weirdos running the streets of Chicago. Well, unless a kid was tweaking and thought he was Superman or someone escaped from a mental hospital. And even then most of them were harmless.

These guys? Not so harmless. Also not targeting her bus but the city wasn't going to be happy if their emergency vehicle was turned into collateral damage. If her partner wasn't stuck in the alleyway with half a building covering the entrance then maybe they could have gotten the hell out of Dodge but that's not happening. Jordi's still stuck on the other side of the wreckage with a dead end for company, complaining to her over the walkie that there's no way he's climbing his way out.

And what's she doing? Well she's keeping her head low and sneaking peaks over the dash while arguing with Jordi and dispatch about how to not only keep from getting shot up and also to get them both out of here safely.

It's going as well as to be expected which is not at all.

She regrets moving here, really she does.]
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[The territory dispute up in the south Bronx was a long standing one between the established family in the area and the up and coming gangbangers. A robbery framing here, a heroin planting there, all over the rights to peddle shit to people trying to cope with what life in the neighborhood had become. The old heads had their money grubbing kids to do the dirty work, while the new blood had street connections and ambition to spare.

The shootout just after sunset on their made up borderline was inevitable, so naturally there wasn't a cop in sight. Only after a few gunmen pinned down an ambulance did both parties start to realize that a third party was firing on them. The ensuing panic made it easy for someone to climb in through the back of the ambulance. At first, only the white of the skull on his chest can be seen under the flickering overhead lights. No superheroes got the call about this particular dilemma-- just Frank Castle.]

If you wanna stay alive I suggest you start drivin'. Now.

[Threatening as that sounds, Frank's gun is pointed back out the door, not at the driver. He nods to the men approaching from the front.]
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[Jordi has gone quiet on the walkie which is frightening in and of itself but mostly likely it was because Shay's hand automatically clamped down on the trigger for her mic and not because he wasn't able to respond otherwise.

Now, see, it's fucked up but life is full of uncertainty and difficult decisions, the hardest of which dictates and defines, and ultimately defies the differences between what's right and wrong for someone in a particularly precarious or unwanted situation. It pits rational thought against gut reaction, self-preservation instincts against good conscious ideals. It forces you to ask the question of whether or not you sacrifice yourself for the greater good or take yourself out of the equation altogether if you can contribute nothing concrete.

Shay's pushed right up against that proverbial rock and hard place because some guy with a gun climbed into her transport and offered her a terrible choice.]

I-I want to live, don't get me wrong but my partner is in an alleyway across from us. [Relatively safe if only for the fact that the area was inaccessible and the wreckage hiding anything beyond the threshold from immediate view. The assholes currently shooting at each other probably didn't even know he was there. Unlike her and mystery guy with the big ass gun.]
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[Frank tries his best to not lose his patience. He's already commandeering her ambulance while it's under fire, and EMTs aren't soldiers. That doesn't keep the edge of irritation out of his voice.]

That's the most secure spot on the block right now. This ain't.

[He glares past her at the encroaching shooters. One summons up the guts to lift his gun, and Frank dives past the gurney in the back to push the driver's head down. Glass shatters out a hole in the windshield. Frank scowls, turns the key in the ignition and barks--]

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[Shay bucked against the bulk hovering over her to grab a hold of the wheel then wriggled just enough to jam a foot against the gas pedal. The sudden lurch of acceleration bounced her head off the edge of the steering wheel and sent more glass flying into the cab. There were a couple of loud thumps against the hood and rear siding as the ambulance skid across the pavement, trying to straighten out, that could have been bodies getting hit or the dull impact of bullets bouncing off the metal, but she thought about neither as she clambered upright in the driver's seat.]

Are they going to follow us? Where the hell am I driving to?! [The windshield was a mess of cracks and what looked like half a dozen holes that peppered the screen but was mostly intact. Seeing through it, though, was going to be an issue sooner or later. Hell, driving in general was going to be an issue if any of those bullets that didn't make it to the glass went through the engine block or hit a tire. Jesus.] Fuck!

[After a second her hand groped for the mic that was supposed to be secured to the middle console; dispatch needed to know what the hell was going on.]
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Luke Cage | Marvel 616/MCU | ota

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Carl Grimes | The Walking Dead

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john wick.

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It's not every day you see a woman in a partially tattered dress wielding a massive dual-bladed weapon against men in armor.

Welcome to your Thursday.
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Not the weirdest Thursday he's ever had.

(Though it's up there.)

"Excuse me." John is tugging an extended magazine out of the holster trapped around his middle to fit into his H&K P30L; a mere pistol, but very effective for hunting humans. There's blood flecked on his face and hands, but he's calm soft-spoken. "Have you seen any of the officers?"
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Both the men in armor and the girl pause in their battle to look over at him and it's clear enough that the woman in question is more than a little confused at the random stranger pulling out a pistol. But she uses the moment to let the large blade rest on the ground.

"These men are part of a clandestine arm of the government operating outside of the bounds of regulated arms development, handing their guns to the highest bidder to act as tests against live combatants. If you would assist me, I would be willing to wait on the question of whether or not you have a license for that firearm."

...they're waiting to see what he does. After all, he looks like he's just as likely to help them as her, in their estimation.
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He's absolutely just as likely to help them as her, and given what she says, he either has to bail or side with them. Because John, too, sells his services to the highest bidder, and he's not about to waste time getting into a fight with anyone he doesn't have to. He's got a moral code, but he is what he is.

"I'm just looking for the officers," he says, not unkind.
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Yew Geneolgia | Bravely Second | OTA

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Kara Danvers • Supergirl

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Ethan Winters ⇒ Resident Evil 7 ⇒ OTA

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Merida | Brave | ota

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Matt Farrell | Live Free or Die Hard

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[The gif pretty much made this need to happen.]
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Bobbi Morse | Agents of SHIELD

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[ota; honestly, any of these could be canon for her, but she's mostly here to punch Nazis]
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Nymeria Sand | GOT/ASOIAF

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[ota with f/f preference for shipping; modern also available and necessary for some options]
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Shosanna Dreyfus | Inglourious Basterds

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[ota; modern also available and necessary for some options, mostly here to punch (and shoot and explode) Nazis]
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Dorcas Meadowes | Harry Potter

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[ota, f/f for shipping; magic-related adaptations also very much welcome]
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Cable - Marvel Comics - M/F

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[[All of these are great. Fine with going a shipping and/or smut type route during or post-situation.]]
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Thane Krios | Mass Effect

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Jason Lee Scott | Power Rangers (2017)

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