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Got them wrapped around your finger

wrapped around your finger
selectively sweet shipping meme
You might be the biggest curmudgeon in the known universe, just as prickly as a porcupine. Perhaps you're on the other end of the spectrum, cool like a cucumber and never letting anyone get to you. They're not worthy of your time. Still, despite what the case may be, you have one little weak spot. The person you love gets all the sweetness and kindness you have, which admittedly may not be too much, and in your rare moments together, many would be shocked at how you behave. In fact, your special person might not even know that you can be grumpy outside of your encounters!

Well, goes to show that everyone doen't know everything about you, do they?

  • This meme is pretty shamelessly for fluff, opening up, dokis, and also more dokis.
  • Respond with your character, preferences, what role you'd like to play if it matters, and any other info.
  • Then, respond to others.
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Houou Maniwa | Katanagatari | ota

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[ooc: He's got 200+ years of personal baggage, but assuming cr and that he's in love, he's indulgent and doting. On the flip side, he could charm you out of your clothes, so, wrapping people he's in lust with around his finger is p much par for the course. So have at it! ]
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[gaSPS a katanagatari charaCTER I MEAN. yes hi, would you be interested in doing something with sakura here? ]
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[personal profile] musubitori 2017-03-22 05:01 am (UTC)(link)
[ooc: yes hello, we are a rare breed ;u; aND! I am canon blind but yes good, I would very much! We can assume cr? If you have any ideas! ]
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[ incredIBLE /takes pictures. assuming is always the way to go. But we could also go with a meeting cute fiance/early engagement scenario? ]
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[ Yes, oh gosh that's cute. Like, arranged marriage/promised to each other? I could see something like that for the sake of families/clans. Houou would def be smitten. ]
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[ IT'S MY WEAKNESS making a promise to the Matous ten years earlier until one day he wakes up and someone mentions him that YO, THE GIRL'S LIKE. READY! His tiny purple bride.

I'll leave it as vague as possible re: timeline, to let you fit in whatever you want. But if there's something you'd like me to change, pls let me know! ]


[ Two promises were made.

The secret arts of the Matou family will die with the death of its Master; one son ran away from the village, and the remaining one was useless and unable to produce an heir fit to be taught their secrets. It was as regretful as inevitable, that the moment an untalented grandson was born, their family was finally doomed to vanish.


From this day forward, you will be a daughter of the Matou. The Tohsakas were blessed with two healthy, talented daughters. And for a family that could only pass on their secrets to one daughter, the diminishing of the Matou was a blessing. Cutting ties was of no importance if a future could be secured for the girl's talent.

(Her body was tortured and broken and reshaped, but her mind remained whole, because she's strong, because she can't quite bring herself to lose hope–)

And just like that, she was stained with new colors. She became property of others, and the second promise made... was made to a man with an ageless face, boldly sporting the colors of sunset, of an oozing wound. She remembers Grandfather's ugly laugh as he spoke and told him, wouldn't it be a waste not to see what could come out of something like this? And then she remembers staying behind, watching the back of the retreating man hidden behind closed doors, a dead-like little girl on her way to hell, wondering if she'll survive carrying more new colors on her skin. ]

... Houou-sama?

[ The lovely girl by his side, pale hands grabbing a teapot full of freshly made tea, is not dead-like. Her eyes are not empty and there's a healthy, deepening blush spreading over her face as she offers to refill his cup, still unsure of how to behave around him.

She was presented to Maniwa Houou, and accepted. And now they sit together, facing the garden and the dying day, without Nii-san's glares and Grandfather's interference, finally allowed a little bit of peace. ]

Will you stay for dinner?

[ The way his name falls from her mouth is not unpleasant. Drinking tea with him is not unpleasant.

... But she's still nervous. ]
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this is perf /rubs hands together/

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Of course, Sakura-dono. It would be my pleasure.

[ His tone is smooth, but there's a teasing pull to his smile, though not unkind, no not to this one.

The scars, he is not aware of, but the treatment of a worthless brother and scheming patriarch are clear to see, have been for some time and marriage seemed the gentler course of the many he could have taken. The Maniwa are a makeshift bunch, blood being of less importance than skill and bearing, but other clans have always lagged behind in that regard and so it had been with no amount of distress that Houou had offered his hand.

As a husband, after all, he has more sway and less likely hood of sparking a war to see happiness brought to this one - as he has dearly wished for some time.]

..Though 'Houou' is name and title enough between us in privacy...If you would grant me the same leave of course.

[ He accepts the fresh tea with an inclination of his head, sipping gratefully and with his gaze not leaving her for a moment. ]
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[ She relaxes at that, smiling with clear satisfaction.

Sakura may hate herself and the skills the Matous made her learn, and she may be unsure of a great many things, but as far as her skills as a wife go, she can be at ease - even a little proud. Her needlework is superb and her cooking makes even Nii-san smile, and... and...! And she's sure that... even with small, insignificant things like those, she can please him. Yes, as a wife, she can... she will work hard. She'll do her best.

... It wouldn't be so bad to make a home with this man, she thinks.

She hopes. ]

Of course, you may call me however you want, but... [ Her smile is hidden behind a sleeve, her blush deepening. A part of her is feeling mortified, while the other feels oddly happy. She repeats the name without the honorific inside her head, and it's... it's tingly. ] Uhm... if that's what you want...

[ ... A tingly feeling... ]

... Houou-san?
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[ It's a good thing he's finished drinking by the time Sakura attempts his name, otherwise that endearingly uncertain honorific would have him spluttering around a mouthful of tea. As it is, he startles with soft laughter and his smile turns sympathetic. ]

Forgive me my dear, I'm making you uncomfortable..

[ It's something to work on, and he's certainly not skirting around her name for the same reasons, no sir, nope. By way of silent apology or perhaps compromise? Huouou offers his hand, palm up, on the table - drawing just short of where Sakura's are folded - as none threatening as his long fingered hands ever are. ]
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she likes this dumb chicken and i cry

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You haven't! I'm fine! I'm completely fine!

[ She's just... tingly. Because she's once again being traded for another family. Because she's not watching his back anymore, but his face. Because she'll be his soon, and a bride. Because she'll leave this dark house behind.

Her hand goes to his, small and soft. ]

I'm just nervous, and... and I...

[ Nervous and a little bit embarrassed and out of breath and...! ]

I was just wondering if it's okay to feel this happy.

[ If it's safe. If he won't disappear.

If, if, if. ]
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he's the dumbest chicken aw jeez sakura

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[ That...strikes a chord. Somewhere in the cobbled together mess that is Houou's heart, something throbs, sore and resonating with her tone and words. His fingers fold around hers firmly; grounding in a way he himself ever really feels, but his reply is as immovable as bedrock. ]

I promise you, no matter what transpires between the two of us, till your final days, you will always have a place among the Maniwa.

[ Clan lore is sacrosanct on this, something that Sakura will be detailed on later of course, but it feels important to say so himself; Houou would keep her safe regardless, but, given their current arrangement, he would not see such hope held to ransom should they ever clash. ]

Of course.. [ His tone and expression lighten and there may just be the barest, delighted flush under the markings across his face. ] ..I hope to ensure that happiness more charming as my kinsmen are.

[ He has the good grace to look away a little bashfully at least.]
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she has a lot of emotions okAY

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[ A place for her with them.

The thought feels a little like the first sightings of spring, colorful and hopeful and still a little too far away to reach. But it's real. Just like the warmth of his hand; gently, her free one covers them, fingers tracing the marks on his skin.

Safe. Warm. Hers. ]

It's alright. I promise I won't let myself be charmed by others.

[ Her face softens, and - yes, it feels like springs. This here, between them, barely blooming but surely growing, is definitely spring. ]
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RL ATE ME - HI have an awkward birb <3

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Oh, I wouldn't hold it again'st you, my dear.. they are all incorrigible.

[ Houou drops his chin, fighting off a self depreciating smile, but catches sight of their joined hands mid way and relaxes instead. He's been understandably tense through most of this, but he's truly pleased with this arrangement and heartened at the possibility of being looked on kindly by this woman and making her happy.

Pleasing those around him has lead to many ills - too many that Houou will never be proud of - but this, at least, feels selfless; or at least the soft cast of Sakura's features makes it seem that way. ]

Ah, speaking of which - I have taken the liberty of making a few arrangements - [ He sips his tea one handed, unwilling to untangle from her touch ] Our clan holdings are modest, but there is room enough should you wish to settle in to your own space before the wedding..

[ It occurs to Houou that this could be taken as presumptuous, or even scandalous by her own clan, come to think of it. Maniwa lore is purposely ambiguous in regards to marriage, though they are very much the exception not the rule and he rallies with a cough masked with his free hand. ]

Of course it is your choice entirely - you may remain here - there is no expectation either way.
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I do!

[ Her eyes widened, and for a moment she looked horrified by her own eagerness, a furious red tint spreading over her cheeks and ears; ashamed, she looks away, the back of her free hand pressed firmly against her cheek.

Happiness is scary. It makes her forget herself too easily, makes her want too much and for too many little things and that's still dangerous. She was given to him, so it should be fine, but- ]

I... Please forgive my... outburst.

[ -but Matou Sakura can't forget herself as long as Matou Zouken is near her. ]

I... I still belong to Grandfather, so I can't... go to you before the ceremony. Please... Please forgive me.
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/sock slides in/ yoooo <3

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[ His eyebrows raise at her tone and then the clear disappointment that follows it. Houou is more than aware of Zouken's iron grasp over his own kin and it's so distasteful that he struggles to keep the emotion registering on his usually unreadable features. Still, this is about Sakura, not his own feelings and Houou reaches out carefully with his free hand to brush her soft cheek; expression turned earnest. ]

..Hush, there is no conceivable thing for you to be sorry for..

[ He presses callused knuckles to her still burning skin and leans closer to offer her a small smile, lowering his voice least he be overhead - the level of privacy offered to them may be dubious after all. ]

..It seems I must encourage haste in the preparations both our clan are making then, hmm?

[ Everything Houou says can be misconstrued in some way or another, but no smirk accompanies his words. Instead, he blinks - a rare show of trust - and catches her gaze properly, with the pale gold of his own. ]
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[ It is unfair.

This closeness. The warmth of his hand. If he were a pray, there are... many things that she could do; the things Grandparent forced her to learned... the things Nii-san imposed on her. But he's not a prey, nor an enemy, and so all her arts and charms are lost, leaving her instead with her simple heartache, an earnestness that scares her, and something she's scared to put a name on.

His eyes are beautiful. ]


[ What would it be like, to tell him so? If she were more confident, more radiant... Ah, if she were like Tohsaka-san, she would be able to charm him for sure. She'd be able to secure her own happiness firmly, and... this tin distance now between them... if she were better, she... ]

I'm sorry for causing any inconvenience.

[ A cowardly retreat. ]

Please... I... should check on dinner.
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Ah, that was not--[ A rush to be sure she has not been given the wrong impression, but the look on Sakura's face stops him. ]...Of course.

[ A tactful retreat in response to her own, but Houou is not one to be dissuaded so easily and he brings her small hand to his lips before she can slip away. ]

Do tell me if you require my assistance-- otherwise, I will wistfully await your return, Sakura-chan..

[ A kiss to her soft skin and the release of her hand with all the reluctance that would be shown to a parting of years, and not just one of merely a hallway - but he's making a point; she is no bother, no weight to him, but a joy, something to anticipate, not shoulder. if he could spirit her away this very evening without causing an uproar, Houou would; but there is the future to consider and Sakura's safety, neither of which he wishes to gamble so carelessly. ]
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Re: \o/

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[ She holds her hand firmly against her chest, excusing herself before fleeing with silent steps. Sakura-chan. Warmly, softly, gently. She did told him to call her however he liked, didn't she? But still...

It's just too wonderful.

The kitchen is familiar grounds, a little sanctuary she made for herself in the middle of her endless battlefield. Familiar scents and colors, and the simple warmth of the boiling pots. Even her poisons and herbs take a gentler look just by virtue of being here.

.. In truth, she's been preparing for this since yesterday, carefully picking each dish. Grandfather wants his weapon to be a frugal one, but even Grandfather seems to enjoy her dishes, so no real effort was made to stop her from making this her workshop. And... will be the first time she cooks for Houou-sama. So of course she'd want everything to be perfect.

She only retreats once she's made sure everything is right, tunning off to check on her relatives before returning to her guest, some of the kitchen's scent still clinging to her. She looks more composed now, and perhaps even a bit happy. ]

I'm sorry for the delay. And... please excuse them, but both Grandfather and Nii-san have been called away. So it will only be us for the evening. [ She bows, taking her place by his side, still a little unwilling to face him for too long. ] Dinner will be served when you desire it.
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slayed by this week bUT HEY, Sakura's a cutie <3

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[ Houou has his chin propped on one hand and has finished the tea in her absence, but he visibly straightens at her return - smile bright and endearingly similar to a pleased canine wagging it's tail. He's certainly not bothered about the reduced attendance for dinner either..]

Just the two of us? I can think of no more pleasant an evening..

[ Houou's free hand is still palm up there on the table, as if patiently waiting for the return of Sakura's touch, but he doesn't reach for her; their contact will be on her terms or not at all, if Houou has anything to say about it and instead he follows her lead. ]

Then shall we, my dear?