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The Bite Meme


✚ Leave a comment with your character's name, fandom and any preference.
✚ Go to ye olde RNG and roll to your heart's content. You could even skip the rolling. We won't tell.
✚ Remember, six for the location and six for the type.
✚ Tag whoever you want. Let no one go unbitten.
✚ Show us your teeth.

the LIP bite. Sometimes kissing isn't enough, or sometimes you're too nervous to even talk. Bite a lip. It doesn't even have to be yours.

the THROAT bite. You don't want to suck their blood, but you want them to know how thin this flesh is here.

the ARM bite. It's silly, but want to let them know how they're of you. Bites on the arm are usually childish and done in anger or playfulness.

the LEG bite. Know what long legs need? A nice set of teeth sunk into them. Just look at those thighs. Or you could always bring new meaning to the term "ankle biter".

the COLLAR bite. This one's for all you people who don't like turtlenecks. Bites leave marks, and well, some people don't want to show theirs off like trophies.

the HIP bite. Know what's hot? Teeth on your hip. Marks there are definitely enough to make anyone weak in the knees. If that's not what you're into, just remember there are more reasons than just sex to bite someone, especially here.

the GENTLE bite. No one said biting had to be hard. This one's meant more for lovers. Little nibbles on the earlobe or pulse are always nice.

the BRUISING bite. Don't break the skin on this one. You want to leave a nice impression of your pearly whites on the other person, enough so afterwards you can enjoy that darkened mark.

the BLOODY bite. Biting has ill repercussions. Whether it's on purpose or an accident, there's blood, and possibly lots of it.

the HARD bite. This one doesn't bruise, but it does leave a nice impression of your teeth. All that orthodontic work really paid off.

the TEASING bite. No, no, no. Don't just sink your teeth in all at once! Ease your partner into it. Bite softly again and again before letting yourself clamp. You want to let them know you might not do it.

the PINCHING bite. All front teeth. Don't let anything further than your canines feel your partner's flesh. This one's just to let them know they irritated you, or it could just be that your mouth slipped. Sorry!
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The use of his first name had been intentional. A way for him to distinguish that their night out, while friendly, had other intentions to it. Well, nothing nefarious, or wrong. Rather, this wasn't a business meeting, or one for advice. Just a meeting for them to get to know one another, and maybe explore the tension between them.

It would be so easy for them to kiss right now. Given how close they were, their foreheads nearly touching, and she could hear the warm tones in his voice....but he didn't make a move. Neither did she. They were more or less on the same wave length. Kissing, especially in the back seat of a cab, wasn't the best idea. Nor did they want the cab driver to think they were going to hook up in the backseat.

"I have no doubts about that. You've already made dinner to be very enjoyable." She let out a soft chuckle at the mention of Warden, already picking the pup waiting by the door for Hawke. "I don't think his presence will be needed much tonight, but it's always welcomed."

No, Warden wouldn't have to make up for Hawke's faults. Not right away at any rate. Rather, she was waiting to the two of them alone to see where the night would lead them. The cab ride finally came to an end with Wanda walking out to pay the cabby, and take hold of Hawke's arm once again. The building itself looked big and inside it was very polished and well kept. An exclusive place by the looks of it.

She waited for them to get inside the building and then into the elevator.
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In the elevator Hawke contemplated the idea of picking up where they had left off in the backseat of the cab. The elevator provide a bit more privacy and the elegance of the building meant it was a much nicer setting but it could stop at any floor and someone could get on, utterly ruining the moment. A little bit more patience wouldn't kill him. No matter what the basic instinct in his brain told him.

They got off on the twenty-six floor and he led her to the end of the hall where his apartment was. Hawke unlocked the door with a key and right there waiting by the door like always was Warden. His stubby tail went swish, swish, swish, across the floor but he waited like he had been trained for both humans to get inside and the door to close before he launched himself at their legs and leaned against them waiting for pets and attention and adoration.

"Alright, alright, you mutt, let Wanda get her shoes off before you knock her over," Hawke scolded gently, making sure his dog's over eager affection didn't knock her over. "Sorry, he just loves so much."
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A little bit of magic on Wanda's end would have ensured that the elevator didn't stop anywhere else. The elevator was smaller, private, and would've been fine to pick up where they left off. However, Wanda wasn't going to propose that. She didn't want to come off as too eager, even if she wanted to feel his lips pressed against hers....assuming he was still interested.

By the time they got to Hawke's apartment there was Warden, waiting for them like a precious pup. Wanda waited until they were inside the apartment and shut the door before bending down to start petting the pup. She was all smiles, enjoying the attention she was giving him.

"It's okay. You can tell he loves you very much. He was waiting by the door for you," she told him, continuing to pet Warden's head up until he moved to lay down on his back and offered up his tummy. Wanda couldn't help it, she started to give him tummy rubs until one of his hind legs started to twitch. After that, she stopped, standing at her full height again and took of her shoes.

"But I think you and I were going to have coffee? Or more cocktails..."
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Since Warden was occupied Hawke stepped around him and headed towards the kitchen. "I think coffee would be better."

The apartment was open concept with a beautiful view of the city. Hawke strolled through casually to his large kitchen which was spotless because he rarely cooked in it. He was not that great about cooking for himself. He could, however, make coffee because he could not live without coffee.

"If my dog ever lets you stop petting him come and join me," he called as he started the process of making coffee. He needed to get water, the grounds, and filter and so on. He could hear Wanda just fine from where he was and it made him smile to have her so comfortable and relaxed in his place.
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Coffee would be a fine idea. They didn't need anymore alcohol in their system. Not that Wanda was a light weight, but she would rather not have to worry about what might slip past her lips. She was taking a gamble by coming back to his place. If the tension she felt before had fizzled or if it was still there. To find out, she would have to pull herself away from his pup. Warden gave a slight whine as she pulled away, moving into Hawke's kitchen.

"Do you need help with anything?" Getting the cups or the cream and sugar? She was used to aiding in the kitchen. Either with preparing food or cooking it. She didn't want to be a rude guest and not offer to help.

"Have to say, I feel bad for pulling away from Warden. He gave me such a guilt ridden look, makes me wonder what happens when you try to head out for work. If he whines or tries to coax you into staying at home. "
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He smiled at Wanda when she joined him in the kitchen with Warden trotting behind her. Hawke shook his head as he already had two mugs out next to the coffee machine which was bubbling merrily away warming the water and would be brewing shortly. They had a few minutes to wait but it wouldn't be too long.

"He'll be fine. He bounces back." Hawke held out a hand to her and tugged her gently to stand close to him. Once again he leaned in, bringing back the sense of intimacy that they had shared in the back of the cab. His kitchen was a much better choice to test the waters on their budding romantic entanglement.

"If you don't want me to kiss you, please speak up now," he said warmly, "So I can be properly embarrassed for making out of myself and begin apologizing profusely for misreading the situation."

Hawke was perfectly fine with being rejected. It wouldn't be the first time. He would be a little embarrassed though because did look like a right asshole for this.
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Wanda looked at Hawke's offered hand before slipping hers into his. Just as she thought, her hand fit perfectly into his. She was tugged closer to him, recreating that tension that was present at the restaurant and while they were riding in the cab. How close they were, enough to where she could breathe in his scent and feel his warm breath on her cheek.

What Wanda was expecting was for Hawke to lean in and kiss her, but instead, he did the gentlemanly thing and asked her permission first. A way for him to up front and honest with her about his intentions. And of course, to make sure he was reading things correctly. That she wasn't flirting to be fun, but that she wanted it to lead somewhere.

A soft chuckle left her lips, looking into Hawke's eyes as she brought up her freehand to caress his cheek. Her fingers trailing down to his bread and stopped, letting her thumb brush over his lips.

"There isn't a need to apologize, Hawke..." the dark haired beauty murmured just before she leaned in, her lips ghosting over his. If he wanted to kiss her, well, she was giving him the perfect opportunity to do so.
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That was certainly a perfectly clear answer. Hawke chuckled under his breath for a moment before he leaned in the last little inch and kissed her firmly. There was no hesitation or holding back in the way he kissed her. He let go of her hand to wrap his arm around her and draw her close against his body while his other hand went into her hair.

After a minute Hawke drew back slowly, lingering in the kiss for as long as he could but there was a need for air and breathing and all that nonsense. "Alright then, no apologies."

Now that he had the permission and the kiss he wanted Hawke went about testing the waters, to see what he could and couldn't get away with. He leaned down and brushed his lips teasingly light against her neck, up to a spot behind her ear where he nipped lightly.

"You tell me when to stop," he whispered warmly near her ear.
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Now that was the kiss Wanda had been waiting for. The kind that made her knees weak and feel her heart skip a few beats. Her eyes fluttered shut, enjoying the feeling of his lips on hers. His arm came around her waist and she followed suit. Her arms coming over his shoulders to hold him. That was more than exciting, it was exhilarating.

By the time Hawke drew back, she found herself at a loss of breath. Breathing in through her nose and then exhaling through her mouth. Her lips brushed over her lips, tasting him there. A new yearning developed in her, wanting more kisses and his overall presence.

"No, no apologies.." she found herself murmuring back. Her grip on his shoulders tightened feeling those same lips at her neck. She shuddered from his actions, her heart beating quickly from something as simple as a light nip behind her ear. Her womanhood quivered and she was suddenly very grateful that she was holding onto him.

"I will..." Wanda murmured, leaning in slightly just for her lips to brush against his one more time. The idea of coffee didn't interest her any longer. What did interest her was finding out what Hawke wanted to do. If he wanted to keep kissing her, or give her the chance to return a few nips and kisses too.
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The scent of brewing coffee filled the air but Hawke ignored it in favor of kissing her neck again, filling his senses with the scent of her perfume. Like the rest of her it was lovely, just a hint of flowers and spice. Hawke found where her pulse beat against his lips the strongest and bit down slowly, almost gently to see how she would react. He was terribly curious to figure it out, every little thing that made her shiver in his arms.

While not always a terribly patient man sometimes he could find it within himself to wait and savor something. This first little exploration was worth taking his time with. He was the sort of man to happily jump into bed with a woman on a first date or even after an hour of conversation when he was in the right mood, with Wanda and their long friendship he wanted to treat her better than that.

"I'm afraid I've left some marks," he said when he drew back and brushed his thumb over the red marks on her pale skin. His beard was responsible for those and a little bit of his teeth. It wasn't a terrible look for her. Wanda always did look good in red. Maybe he should say scarlet.
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Hawke's scent was more earthy, more musk and spice with a hint of crispness to it. She could breathe in his scent all day. How was it that she never noticed it before? Why was she never this close to him before? More questions that didnt give way to any answers. Not that she cared much for them, only wanting more of those lips on her skin. Was it wrong that maybe she wanted his lips in different places?

The thought dissolved in her mind the moment his lips and teeth found her neck. She tried to muffle a faint hiss from that light nip. It was arousing and made her shudder. Nipping, biting, and leaving marks on her skin were a secret turn on of hers. Something that Hawke would discover soon enough.

"I don't mind, better than a bruise from a fall.." Wanda told him, not minding the faint scarlet colored marks on her pale skin. She would e loved for Hawke to keep hoping and nibbling at her, but she wanted to return a nip or two. Wanda leaned in, lips brushing his cheek and then down the side of his neck. She tapped into her magic, causing the buttons of his shift to come undone and his tie loosened. More exposed skin allowed her to lightly nip by his jaw.
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Wanda's fine control of her magic was incredibly impressive and almost painfully arousing. Hawke's magic was often a shotgun blast, raw power and a wide spread. The things she could do, so delicate and careful was a work of art. He grinned widely as his shirt opened as his tie loosened.

"It's as if I have nothing left to teach you," he murmured, tilting his head to allow her more space to kiss and nip. "Look at that, seducing me and still managing fine, delicate bits of magic." It wasn't that Hawke couldn't do that sort of magic. A little flick of his fingers and he could tug the zipper of her dress down without laying a single finger on the zipper pull but usually he didn't bother. He also liked touching a great deal.

Hawke gently tiled her head back so he could kiss her again, harder this time. He sunk his teeth into her lower lip, soothing the bite afterwards with his tongue.
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"I had a great teacher," Wanda told him softly, her tongue lapping over the spot she kissed. It wasn't her intention to arouse him with her magic, but she picked up on his teachings quickly. She had to learn how to manipulate her powers to do simple things from levitating objects to containing huge blasts of energy. She had to be delicate, especially when she went into the mind of others. Before, she could go into their minds and grab their fears and set them loose. Now, she focused on reading their thoughts if she believed it would aide their mission.

There was a part of her that wanted to peak into Hawke's mind. Just to see what other ideas were swimming around in there, but considering the look in his was clear.

"Still think there's more to teach me," she murmured just as his lips came back into contact with hers. She didn't suppress a moan as he bit her harder. His tongue out, she parted her lips, drawing his sleek muscle into her mouth. She had deepened the kiss while her hands wandered back to his shoulders, holding him tightly.
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His mind was a dirty place right now. If she took a look she might be a little shocked the things he was thinking of as Hawke had very little shame and an active imagination. He groaned against her mouth as she deepened the kiss and pulled her tighter against him so there was no space between them.

"Wanda," he breathed her name against her lips, "Do you want to spend the night?"

Hawke wanted to know what limits there was here. Could he slip his hands under her dress? Could he pick her up and carry her to his bed? Would this go further or did he need to rein himself in and stick with simply making out with her? Hawke could be enthusiastic and dive headfirst into what he wanted when others would prefer he had a little restraint.

He could wait if that was what she wanted. Hawke was a gentleman.
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The way he said her name sent shivers down Wanda's spine. She wasn't sure where she wanted tonight to go. What she did know was that she wanted to feel more of those lips on her skin; on her mouth and further down. To feel his hot breath on her skin and to taste more of him. In the back of her mind, Wanda knew she should have some control of herself. To not make herself seem easy, but fuck it. She knew what she wanted and if he perceived her to be "easy" then he truly didn't know her at all.

"Yes," she breathed, leaning in to steal another kiss from his lips. The kiss lasted a handful of seconds before she pulled back, leaning against his kitchen counter rather than him. A teasing smile danced along her lips as she took in the sight of him; shirt unbuttoned and his tie loosened, ready to fall off.

"Now, who is exactly seducing whom?" Wanda teased, considering he could have buttoned up his shirt again...or completely taken it off.
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"Oh, darling." Hawke grinned wickedly. "I'm going the seduce you."

This Hawke was confident in. He knew his skill in bed and it was quite good. She would not regret spending the evening with him, he would make sure of it. Hawke yanked off his tie and tossed it away. Warden, ever helpful, went racing after it because clearly this was a game of fetch and not Hawke trying to be sexy.

He sighed. "Let's move to the bedroom, shall we?"

Instead of waiting for her to answer like before he wrapped his arms around her and lifted her off her feet. She was a light little thing in his arms, not the least bit of a problem for him to carry. Hawke was truly tempted to toss her over his shoulder like a cave man but he would be a little more romantic this time instead of a brute. That could be fun later.

Once in the bedroom he kicked the door closed behind them so Warden wouldn't interrupt their evening. He could always come in later once they were done.
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Those words sent shivers down Wanda's spine. Goosebumps appeared on her skin, but she still had her coat, keeping her arms concealed. He didn't have to do much to seduce her, not with that confident look in his eyes. The tie was tossed to the ground with Warden trying to grab it and bring it back. It momentarily broke the mood with Wanda's attention shifting to Warden before looking back at the man in front of her.

"That sounds like a good idea," she told him, prepared to walk with him to the bedroom when he surprised her by picking her up.

"Trying to show off?" Wanda teased, letting him carry her back to his room. If he had tried to throw her over his shoulders that would've been a great way to kill the romantic, seductive atmosphere. She didn't want to be picked up and carried off by a caveman, but the gentleman who she was flirting with at the restaurant.

Taken into his room and placed down on her feet, Wanda removed her coat, letting it fall to the floor and not caring if it got wrinkled. She was still close to him, close enough to kiss, to pin to the door he just closed, but instead, she moved closer to him. Bringing up her hands to undo the rest of his buttons. Taking things slow might be a good idea, build up to that moment...and maybe tease Hawke along the way.
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"A little bit, he said as she unbuttoned his shirt. "Is it working?"

He reached behind her, found the little zipper and pulled it down with a single smooth tug. Taking great care he pulled it from her shoulders and then tugged it down, revealing her like a gift on Christmas. Her uniform was a little revealing so he wasn't totally surprised by the excellent swell of her breasts or the curve of her waist but seeing her bare before him sent a sharp bite of arousal through him.

"You are going to have me wrapped around your finger, aren't you?" he asked rhetorically when he finished looking her over slowly. He felt rather massive and hairy in comparison, a bit of a brute instead of the smooth operator the suit gave him the illusion of being but he wasn't deterred. He was just going to be a little whipped but even that could be fun.
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Wanda let out a soft chuckle, continuing to slowly undo each button, one by one.

"Maybe..." she murmured, hiking up the white undershirt he wore underneath. Her hands moved up his chest, over his shoulders to push down the jacket to his suit. Another article of clothing gone, with him laying claim to her little black dress. The zipper was easy enough to find and tug down. There wasn't a uniform underneath her gown, not exactly prepared to go into battle at a moment's notice, but that never stopped her from handling things. No, what she wore underneath was a strapless bra, perfectly fitted to show off the swell of her breasts. She wore matching lace panties with garter straps to hold up her knee high stockings. Something seductive, but still classy.

"Mmm, I'm not sure yet. Haven't used my powers like that in quite some time..." a bit of teasing, and a show of trust. She would never willingly force Hawke to do something he didn't wish to do. Yes, she had the ability to make him do as she wished, but didn't. He was acting of his own accord. Wanda ignored her lack of clothing in favor of pushing off Hawke's button up shirt, slowly peeling it off of him.

Shirt removed, she stood on her tip toes to lean in, her lips brushing over the side of his neck. Her lips traveled from his neck up to his ear, her teeth grazing over the shell of his ear and warm breath tickling his skin. Wanda was cautious, testing out the waters between them, but she couldn't stop herself from pressing her smaller form against his.
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"That might be a fun game to play another night." With a conversation beforehand and agreement on both their parts Hawke didn't see a problem with Wanda taking control and ordering him around with her powers. A little magic in the bedroom was a lot of fun in his opinion. He had yet to teach her the finer points of that but now it seemed like he would have the chance.

He ran his hands up her sides as she leaned in with lips and teeth against his neck and ear. Hawke groaned his approval, hoping to give her a bit more confidence. Being close was good, her boldness was welcome. This close to him she could not miss his growing erection pressing against the front of his slacks.

With his hands on her hips he walked them away from the door and moved her towards his bed. It was a massive thing, much to big for Hawke on his own but he did love to sprawl out and take up space. He was a large man, tall and broad and a bigger bed was much more comfortable when he had company.

"You know what I want to do first?" he spoke warmly against her ear. "I want to taste you and have you come on my tongue. Perhaps twice. I'm feeling motivated."
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"Oh, you want there to be another night? Another night of us in your room, fooling around..." Wanda whispered to him, teasing him with her low tones and warm breath on his skin. It was a subtle way to know what else he wanted out of this. If this would become a one-night stand, or if he desired something more. There was chemistry between them, but it was hard to explore when they didn't have privacy. If he wanted to continue, they would need to make time for each other--something Wanda didn't mind in the least.

It was exhilarating to hear him groan like that. To know she was making him feel good, and to know what was turning him on. It gave her the nudge she needed to do more. She ran her tongue over his ear lobe before biting slightly harder on the smooth skin. Not hard enough to mark him, but just enough to leave a faint impression of her front teeth. She could feel his growing erection and had to stifle a groan of her own. Those slacks didn't hide anything from her.

Wanda let him guide her to his bed until she felt her knees bump against the edge. She didn't have the chance to look over his room, but she had to guess the bed he had was massive. Enough for him to sleep comfortably at night. His words sent chills down her spine. Her hands hiked up his undershirt a little, just enough for her fingers to brush against his toned stomach.

"Really? Twice? So generous." More teasing, just to hear him chuckle or groan again as her fingers dipped below the waistband of his pants, teasing his skin there.

"If you think you're up for the my guest."
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"I am an ambitious man."

But he didn't push her down onto the bed right away. Hawke pulled his undershirt up over his head and tossed it away so she could touch all of him. Admittedly, he was a bit hairy but he kept it well groomed and it slightly hid the various scars he had gained in his career as a mercenary. Hawke was proud of his body and shameless about showing it off.

"You look beautiful," he said, trailing a finger over the swell of a breast. "Enough to bring a man to his knees." He winked for everything sexual that implied but he didn't drop just yet. "Am I allowed to leave marks?"

He wanted to ask because the Avengers, for all their world saving, could be like a group of nosey teenagers about personal relationships sometimes. A hickey could lead to uncomfortable questions that Wanda didn't want to answer and he wanted to respect that. He also wanted to leave little love bites all over her lovely skin as a reminder of their night together.

While waiting for her answer his fingers got busy with the clasp on her bra, which really made his fingers feel a little clumsy. No two bras seemed to operate the same way and Hawke always needed a minute to figure out where the clasp was and what to do to unhook it.
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"Ambitious is an understatement."

He was headstrong and wanted to dive into things head first. However, it was a trait she couldn't view as a flaw. It made him unique, and intriguing. When he set his mind to something, he went for it. Like tonight. There was tension between them, and he went for it--but restrained himself. He waited until they were on the same page before doing anything else.

His undershirt gone, it gave Wanda the chance to soak up his body. He was a very well built man. Broad shoulders and hard muscle that would make any woman swoon. his body hair didn't bother her, it only added to his character. She could see the scars from what she could only assume were battles and lightly brushed her fingers over them. A sly smile came over her lips noting the innuendo he slipped in.

"Depends on the mark..." she told him, knowing what he meant. Steve or Tony would want to know what might have happened whereas Vision would be concerned about healing the bruises or marks. She could confide in Steve, and Vision, but Tony she wouldn't tell him much.

"And if you'll allow me to return the favor." After all fair was fair. She tipped her head up, looking at him as he unclapsed her bra. She didn't say anything as he fumbled with it, waiting for it to finally fall off her to reveal her perky breasts. Soft, supple skin and perfect to hold in one's hand. Wanda closed the gap between them, withdrawing her hands from his pants in favor of kissing up from his collar bone to his jaw.
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He chuckled warmly as he cupped her face in his hands and drew her up for a long, slow kiss meant to leave her melting against him. "You can leave any mark you want on me, darling. Wherever you'd like."

Hawke was perfectly comfortable with answering the questions of his nosey friends. It wouldn't be the first time they joked and teased about his love life. It was practically a sport. He would gladly take their teasing as long as they were respectful towards Wanda. One wrong word about her and Hawke wouldn't be so friendly.

It wasn't that she couldn't fight her own battles. He had taught her a few things about that and he knew her skill very well. Hawke was a tad overprotective sometimes. He cared so much about her that he wouldn't stand for anyone speaking ill of her and if she wasn't there to defend herself he would step up and do so.

Very deliberately he tilted his head to the side and offered up his neck to her. "Go ahead. All yours."

His hands, meanwhile, left her face to cup her breasts. There was only so long he could resist when they looked to be the perfect size for his rough hands. Her skin was so soft when he brushed his thumbs across the round shape of them and then across her nipples. They were standing stiff and ready. If she didn't take him up on his offered neck he would dive in to marking her with his mouth.
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Hawke got the results he wanted with Wanda. A low hum leaving her lips as they kissed. her hands came over his shoulders, with one hand moving up further to tangle her fingers in his hair. The kiss left her breathless and craving more. He was tempting her, teasing her to lay down on his bed and give into the tension between them, instead of drawing it out for their enjoyment. Being called 'darling' sent her heart a flutter more than she wanted to admit. She wouldn't bring it to his attention or address, but later, when they were of calmer minds, she might.

"Anywhere I want?" she whispered back, leaning in to brush her nose against his. He tilted his head up, offering up his neck for her to mark.

"Hawke..." she murmured again, moving to kiss and lightly nip along his neck. When she got to his adam's apple, she applied more pressure with her teeth, not enough to be painful, but enough to leave a faint mark. Something that might heal in a few days, which meant she would have to redo it for him--assuming he wanted it.

His hands at her breasts made her hum faintly, dragging her tongue along the side of his neck, back to his jaw. A flick of her wrist made her power rise, gingerly undoing his belt to make it easier to strip him of his slacks. Was she getting a head of herself? A little. He was pushing her buttons, rather brushing his thumbs over her stiff nipples that made her nip at his earlobe again.

"I hope you don't have anywhere to be tomorrow." Because she could tell they would be in his bed up until mid morning. The tension between them was palpable. Another kiss, another touch would ignite that spark between them and leave them naked on his bed.

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Yes, yes he does

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